The .357 Magnum has been used in rifles ever since guys started rechambering shot-out Model 92 Winchesters way back when. Up to now it’s been pretty much of a lever-action thing. But with the recent introduction of Ruger’s M77 .357, we now have an 18.5-inch barreled, stainless/synthetic-stocked bolt action that incorporates two of the company’s signature innovations.

Specifically, the integral base/ring scope mounting system and the bombproof detachable rotary magazine (a five-round unit in this case). All this comes in a very handy 5.5-pound package.

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Ruger’s excellent ring/base system was used to mount a Weaver Grand Slam 1.5-5X variable on the M77 .357.

Ruger, of course, isn’t new to the pistol cartridge/bolt-action carbine concept. But in terms of versatility and potential ammo diet, this one’s something else. After all, we’re talking about a range of bullet weights in varying configurations from (roughly) 90 to 200 grains over a (more or less) 1,000 fps velocity span.

When you stop to consider that the increase in some of the more energetic .357 commercial loadings is on the order of several hundred fps, it isn’t a stretch to note that the M77 .357, for all practical purposes, boosts magnum loadings to approach the performance of the almost-defunct .357 Maximum (from a 14-inch pressure barrel, no less).

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