Back in business: The classic assault rifle has returned. But the SIG 551A1 isn’t just a copy of the original.

Remake is Right On Target

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I shot Black Hills 77 grain and Federal’s Gold Medal 69 grain. With these heavier bullets, I got 2 MOA accuracy. Conversely, I managed to print an .84-inch five-shot group with standard American Eagle 55-grain and a very respectable 1.1-inch group with Remington 62-grain Premier Match. Although the rifle uses a thin, chrome-lined hammer-forged barrel with a 1:7 twist, I left the bench dumbfounded that the rifle did not shoot heavier bullets better than the lighter ones.

If you want one of the most historically significant, reliable, and advanced service rifles ever developed, look no further than the SIG 551A1.

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