Keeping with the Naval Special Warfare (NSW) influence, the Tricon encourages proper cheekweld utilizing the battle-proven Crane L7A2B SOPMOD stock from LMT. Created by Dave Armstrong of NSWC-Crane, this retractable buttstock is sought after for its angled cheekweld and two storage compartments, sometimes used by troops to keep spare batteries.

Folded and waiting for deployment is a pair of Troy Industries’ backup iron sights. The A4-style rear sight is low profile, and its design eliminates elevation adjustments, which are often superfluous in close combat. The dual peep permits a wide sight picture and can be adjusted to shift target impact .33 MOA on any M4-style carbine. Troy’s folding backup iron sights are simply the best solution for any rifle in this category.

Like most things, Stoner’s design has evolved based on field experience and user feedback. Bravo Company USA offers the Gunfighter charging handle developed in conjunction with Vltor to address two significant issues. The tiny roll pin on the original M16 charging handle is considered a weak point, and the body is redesigned so that when the TRICON’s charging handle is pulled, it moves straight and to the rear without movement to the outboard side. This translates into smoother and more reliable operation while providing more surface area to manipulate the handle.

Gonzales trains students to put maximum rounds on target in a compressed time frame, and there are a few features on the TRICON designed to facilitate this. Magpul’s Mission Adaptable grip allows a choked-up hold so operators can manhandle the rifle while positioning it into the shoulder. The MIAD also has interchangeable front and rear straps while possessing storage options in its core.

A stubby TangoDown vertical grip comes fixed to the free-floated quad rail for muzzle control. Whether it’s a single-round drill or a multiple-magazine exercise, the grip helps to keep the rifle on target and allows the shooter to suck the rifle into his shoulder.

This is not the average production AR. The TRICON crest engraved on the right side of the magazine well complements the Latin phrase, which translates, “It is worth the effort.”

Each rifle is delivered with a certificate that states that each rifle is part of a limited run of 500. It’s delivered with a case and sling that were also inspired by Gonzales’ shooting philosophy. MSRP is $3,100. For more information, visit
LWRC International’s TRICON rifle is the ultimate 5.56-chambered combat carbine. Teaming with Jeff Gonzales, former U.S. Navy SEAL and president of Trident Concepts, LWRC presents a piston-driven M6 featuring mission-critical accessories and wearing Flat Dark Earth.

“Using LWRC M6 rifles in our training, we were achieving high round counts,” says Gonzales. “After 12,000 rounds without cleaning, one of these rifles had a small spring break. We replaced it and decided to keep the round count going, again without cleaning it. By 19,000 rounds we were very impressed…at that point we actually performed our first precision shooting evaluations. With the same rifle, we were shooting sub-MOA groups.”

In developing the M6A2 TRICON, the staff at Trident Concepts wanted to see the same quality, but also something that the end user could just grab and go.

“There is such a variety of aftermarket accessories, many shooters don’t understand what they need,” Gonzales says. “With the TRICON, all you have to do is choose an optic.”

Part of the project involved reducing weight. The solution spiral fluting. Piston guns are usually weighted toward the muzzle, but spiral fluting negates this.

Glancing at the M6 TRICON, you can’t miss its appearance. The receivers are finished with a protective FDE Cerekote, and the rifle is outfitted with FDE-colored furniture.

“One of the things I was adamant about is that I didn’t want a black rifle,” says Gonzales. “I wanted something that was a little less obvious in the terrain I was in and didn’t burn my hand. And the Cerekote is a tough finish. We beat the crap out of our rifles.”

The TRICON utilizes a 14.7-inch cold-hammer-forged barrel with a pinned flash-hider (to meet barrel-length requirements) that visually stands apart with unique spiral fluting that cuts 20 percent from the weight of a standard barrel without compromising rigidity.

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