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Game Gun: Stag 3G Review

by Patrick Sweeney   |  December 5th, 2011 20

In some circles, Stag is known as either the left-handed AR maker or the plain-jane AR maker. Well, that isn’t the case anymore. Stag has unveiled a top-end AR that is meant for a particular market—the 3-Gun shooter. However, it’s more than just that. The evolution of the AR has brought us to a realization: top-end ARs are very versatile rifles and can do a lot more than you might think.


    What about a bit of information on the scope? I.E. 4 X 10 X 40 , M.S.R.P. , ect. ect.

    • Neil Shattles

      The Leupold CQBSS–military approved–is a 1.1-8×24 FFP dynamo…

      • Mark

        True, but picture 1 is a Nikon. Not enough of the thing to ID.

        • Mark

          I meant picture #2.

  • Brother-in-Law

    I'm really tired of the "brother-in-law's reloads" comments. At the same time, I note that this gunzine probably gets more advertising bucks from ammo makers than it does from from the manufacturers of reloading equipment. If Sweeney were a bit more even-handed, his copy should reference his own reloads, rather than cast aspersions on the competency of others who prefer to reload for any of a dozen reasons. His comment added nothing to the article, and was completely unnecessary in evaluating the potential accuracy of this rifle. The only thing it may have done is alienated a segment of the shooting population, which isn't something that that's good for the fraternity.

  • Gary Chenett

    I hate to break your heart but the "Mad Minute" was invented in 1967/68 and probably before in The Nam…..
    Almost every morning and evening was started and finished with a "Mad Minute" when every weapon on a perimeter in the boonies was opened and closed with every weapon firing as many rounds as possible…all 360 degrees opened up for a minute or two..
    This included tanks, APC's, dusters, quad 50's and many times gun ships and more…….
    We wanted Charlie to know we were awake and ready…

    Many times it worked and got some rookie VC or NVA dude to fire back and cause the field of fire to switch their fire to his position and send him home to his maker most often in small pieces..

    Thanks for a good review…..
    .I'll take a piston driven AR over these old gas babies anytime though ! Sorry
    Adios is all I can say…… I remember looking at hundreds of smoking red hot barrels surrounded by piles of spent brass.

    • don

      You are right Gary! Those 'mad minutes' were a real trip!
      1970 101st air mobile I corp RVN

    • Snkypete

      Gee, mad minute. That's great if you have a platoon or better. But, when it's you, three Nungs and four Yards the idea is…sshhh, silence, 'til they're in your sights.

  • Brian

    It might be because I'm new to AR's but I expected better accuracy than that at 25 yards. Very nice looking gun though.

    • Brian

      If Stag can't guarantee a 1 MOA I think I'll keep looking.

  • Vern

    Glad someone else noticed that. I wonder if Stag noticed?

  • Tom

    I see the 3G has a new SureFire 60 (also available in a 100 round version) round magazine. They are great additions to any AR15.


    I don't understand, Why didn't STAG make this AR with there PISTON. My Model 8 is great. Don't have to worry about that HOT BOLT and GAS gettin in and fowling everything up. STAG ya got to go back to the drawin board and rethink it. Well maybe the piston rod might be to long. Well just a suggestion.

  • Zee

    @ Big Mike – A piston AR is going to have a larger recoil impulse. The whole point of the rifle length gas and building a 3gun rifle is to keep the gun as flat as possible so your splits are fast. Piston AR's create more problems then they solve. IMHO

    @ Brian – I sure hope the range was a misprint, because on the last page the writer claims it to be a 1 MOA rifle. 1MOA is about .25" at 25 yds and 1.047" at 100yds. 25 yds is really close to be testing group size. Should be at least 100 yds, and it would be nice to see how it did at 300. I can hold those kind of groups with a stock M16A2 shooting training ammo prone unsupported.

    • Rich Iseler

      I was about to bring up the same thing. $1500 for a rifle that cant shoot better than an inch at 25 yards? I have a DPMS Sportical that will shoot better than that at 100 Yards and it was about half the price. My Ruger 10/22lr will put them in the same hole at 50 yards with my 9 year old son shooting it.

  • Aaron J

    I got the 3g about 2 weeks before deer hunting and only have about a hundred rounds through it. It is my first AR and with a 4x scope I can shoot 1" at 100yds. It makes me look like I know something. A nice gun.

  • Eric

    After having eaten tons of brass from other ARs, I love my leftie model 3. Easy to accessorize, easy on the wallet, and accuracy, for me at least is no problem.

  • gunguyds


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