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CZ P-09 Duty Review

by James Tarr   |  February 14th, 2014   |   24

CZ P-09 ReviewBack in 2009, Patrick Sweeney and I were wandering around a shooting event when Angus Hobdell from CZ-USA pulled us aside to show us a “cool new pistol.” That pistol turned out to be the then-new polymer-frame P-07. Not only was it a sharp-looking gun, Hobdell, himself a professional shooter, was excited by how nice of a trigger it had and how well it shot.

All three of us were and are inveterate competitors and very snobby about trigger pulls, so Angus’ praise really meant something. “This is with factory springs,” he told us.

Considering that the factory trigger pull on the P-07 was better than some competition triggers I’ve felt, thanks to the then-new Omega Trigger System, Angus’ comments were on par.

Big enough for a duty gun, yet small enough to be concealed under the right garments, that first P-07 held an amazing 16 rounds of 9mm. As nice as that was, I yearned for more. Well, the new CZ-USA P-09 just hit the streets, and it carries 19+1 rounds of 9mm. And it’s available on a Flat Dark Earth frame. Color me excited. For those who prefer a larger bullet, the P-09 is also available in .40 caliber holding 15+1.

The P-09 is virtually the same pistol as the P-07 but enlarged in all the dimensions that make a difference. The barrel and slide assembly is about three-quarters of an inch longer, giving you a longer sight radius. The grip is .7 inch longer than the P-07, which means that instead of 16 rounds, CZ managed to reliably squeeze an impressive 19 rounds of 9mm into the magwell.

Whether comparing the P-09 in 9mm or .40, there are not many pistols out there that can hold this many without an extended magazine.

A polymer-framed pistol with an external hammer is a bit of an anomaly in this striker-fired era, but in some ways it is a more robust design. Unlike striker-fired guns, if you pull the double-action trigger on the P-09 and the gun doesn’t go off due to a stubborn primer, you can simply pull the trigger again. Try doing that with most striker-fired guns.

Everything in the guts of the P-09, from the trigger to the hammer, is steel, which means you’ll get a consistent and crisp pull.

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