CZ_75_Tactical_Sport_FEvery pistol has a defined purpose. Whether intended for concealed carry, law enforcement, hunting or, in this case, competition, handguns are built for specific tasks.

The pedigree of CZ’s Tactical Sport 9mm comes from the CZ 75 bloodline, which has an athlete’s genes with a dose of adrenaline. Designed around specific parameters defined by the IPSC Standard Division and USPSA Limited Division, it’s clear that this pistol was conceived with winning intentions.

While it’s common for manufacturers to tailor full-size pistols to competition and then market them to shooting enthusiasts, often those enhancements include a few simple drop-in parts that yield little in the way of improved performance. Those simple plug-and-play designs weren’t the answer for ˇCeská Zbrojovka when it strove to target the true enthusiast. Instead, CZ has completely re-engineered the popular CZ 75 into a purpose-built IPSC workhorse.

Bred for Competition
Like a traditional target pistol, the CZ 75 Tactical Sport boasts a substantial weight (2¾ pounds unloaded) for added rigidity and reduced muzzle rise. Don’t let the added weight intimidate you; the extra heft results in a balanced handgun that points where you want to deliver firepower and stays on target for quick follow-up shots that stay in the “A” zone.

The Tactical Sport and its traditional CZ 75 brethren differ in a few key areas. First, the Tactical Sport’s matte stainless steel frame includes a full-length dustcover, adding weight up front and rigidity to help keep rounds on target while reducing vibration during recoil. The frame offers solid control with checkering on the front and rear straps, as well as at the front of the triggerguard. A beveled magazine well also invites quick reloading of generous 20-round magazines to keep shooters from fumbling when the clock is ticking.

With an oversize frame comes oversize controls for deliberate operation while under the stress of competition. An extended magazine release with a textured engagement surface ejects magazines from the mag well with purpose, ensuring an open space to cleanly accept fresh mags. Ambidextrous safety levers are interchangeable with three different-size levers (included) for a personalized fit. The selectors have a very short throw with positive response in the Safe and Fire positions. The slide-release lever is also swappable with three different sizes (included), allowing shooters the choice of which best fits their requirements.

Competition-inspired hardware continues into the upper components of the CZ 75 Tactical Sport with a 5.4-inch stainless steel barrel that is .7 inch longer than the standard CZ 75B. The longer barrel invites an extended slide and a sight radius of 7 3/8 inches. With the combination of target-style sights and a low bore axis, the CZ 75 Tactical Sport will make average handgunners shoot like experienced marksmen.

Race-Ready Workhorse
CZ designed the Tactical Sport as a pistol that can be taken right out of the box and run in IPSC by shooters of all skill levels.

Like the standard CZ 75, the Tactical Sport’s slide reciprocates on rails that are contained inside the entire length of the frame, completely opposite that of 1911s, where the slide is guided on rails that are cut into the outside of the frame. The internally guided rail system results in a lower bore axis and reduced felt recoil with the only downside being a smaller surface to grip and rack the slide.

CZ’s Custom Shop refined the single-action trigger to a consistent 2½-pound pull with almost no slack to takeup. Its short reset allows for lightning-fast follow-up shots, though it’s recommended that you allow adequate training to grow accustomed to the faint, almost whimsical click of the Tactical Sport’s reset if you’re used to competing with full-size handguns.

During testing with five different factory loads, the Tactical Sport achieved impressive 25-yard groups. Average group size measured just over 3 inches with a standard deviation of 10.1, which is more than adequate for high-performance IPSC handgunning. Velocities averaged a screaming 1,077 feet-per-second.

The CZ 75 Tactical Sport test gun was used by the Guns & Ammo Shooting Team throughout several shooting matches in 2014. It has run flawlessly without cleaning or lubrication after firing thousands of rounds. It eats almost every 9mm load accurately and without a hiccup, even during hot summer IPSC matches and when distances stretch to 50 yards or more. IPSC match performance has shown that its only limitation rest in the abilities of the trigger puller.

For IPSC enthusiasts looking to step up their game, the Tactical Sport 9mm is a true athlete that’s just waiting for you to say, “Shooter ready.”

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