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Carrying It Off: Springfield XDs Review

by Patrick Sweeney   |  March 29th, 2012 117


At the last SHOT Show, I walked up to the Springfield Armory range (the day before the show opens, there’s a hands-on range day) and saw Springfield’s Robbie Leatham. After our usual exchange of greetings, he asked me, “Have you seen it?” There on the table was the new Springfield XDs. The little blaster in question was a surprise to just about all of us.

“I didn’t know about it until I walked on the range this morning,” Robbie told me. That’s how much of a secret it was. I’m glad I got there early. Everyone was soon crowding around to see, handle and shoot it. I’m sure whatever ammo they planned on shooting was exhausted soon after lunch.

Why the excitement? Simple. This is the single-stack, compact carry .45 that the polymer-and-striker crowd has long been clamoring for. The specifications will give you an idea, but you really have to hold one to get a feel for how compact and slick it is. Springfield built the XDs around a five-round single-stack magazine and the resulting frame is amazingly easy to wrap your hand around. Yes, it has interchangeable backstraps, but the result is simply to change the pitch in your hand, not make it bigger and/or bulkier.

The rest of it is a mix of the previous XD and XD-M: striker-fired, grip safety, aggressive frame texturing and low-profile sights. Underneath, aggressive molded-in checkering and a rail for a light. On top we have three-dot sights in transverse dovetails, the front one being fiber optic, and in between them is a loaded-chamber indicator. Don’t like what Springfield has up there? Don’t worry. Soon the night sight makers will have ones to fit. Add in an ambidextrous magazine catch, an amazingly slim profile and you’ve got the perfect bigbore summer gun.

The short barrel—while making the gun easy to carry—will be criticized by some as “sacrificing velocity.” Let’s back up here. The .45 does its work not by speed, but by mass and frontal area. Yes, you’ll lose some velocity with a barrel that short, but not like other calibers, and not so much that a bad guy will notice much. In the chronograph session, I found that I had factory loads that boosted a 230-grain bullet past 740 fps. That makes Major in any practical shooting competition.

The compact grip also makes concealed carry easier, as the shorter frame is less likely to print under your shirt or jacket. It does, however, cut down on capacity. The magazine holds five rounds, the chamber one more. As far as capacity goes, the XDs essentially gives you a bigbore revolver. Not too shabby—actually, pretty amazing when you consider the compact size.

I’ve carried revolvers, and I wasn’t too worried about not having enough ammunition. Not then, not now. And despite spending several decades practicing revolver reloads, I’m still going to be faster reloading the XDs than a wheelgun.

When the XDs was on display on the SHOT Show floor, the first question I heard was “Why not 9mm or .40 S&W?” Relax. Springfield is well aware that whatever caliber it unveiled it in first, it would be second-guessed. Look at it this way: a compact carry gun in .45 ACP is relatively easy to tune down to .40 or 9mm. Springfield started with the big stick, the difficult-to-manage engineering task first. Now it’ll be an easier refinement to make it in lesser calibers.

Weight? It isn’t exactly helium-filled, but for a .45 it’s pretty wispy. At an empty, mag-less weight of just over 19 ounces, the XDs by itself weighs the same as three loaded magazines and the chambered round. And because they are short, compact magazines, the spares are more likely to go unnoticed on your belt than longer, fatter hi-caps. Width? It’s only because of the takedown lever and slide stop that the XDs can’t be listed as 7/8 inch wide. Those two parts stick out enough to make it an even one inch wide. To call it flat as a pancake isn’t much of an exaggeration.

As to the matter of magazine capacity, Robbie and I talked about that as soon as I had shot through all the loaded magazines and had to let someone else get his hands on the gun. “Robbie, make the mag or frame a little longer and this would be perfect.” With his usual big grin, he commented, “There will be someone, tomorrow, making magazine extensions in his machine shop. You know that.”

Of course, the coolest thing to do would be for Springfield to offer extended magazines of six or seven rounds, each with a short sleeve to duplicate the exterior of the XDs. Make it a 3.3-inch-barreled .45 ACP with a seven-shot magazine. Then stand back as the stampede starts.

The pistol I had to test was overnighted to me, and I had to swear an oath on a stack of WD-40 cans and ammo that I would shoot, photograph and—on the way back home from the range—drop by the shipping office and send it back, next-day air. Why? This pistol was one of two the company had, both preproduction samples. While one was being photographed in the G&A home office, I had the other. Springfield wanted them back as quickly as possible.

As a result, I had but a single day—not even a full one—in which to test the gun, which makes the experience interesting, to say the least. Although any lightweight .45 is not going to be exactly a soft shooter, the XDs did not hammer me. I shot 400 rounds or so in one afternoon, and while I noticed that the XDs wasn’t some powder-puff, my hand was fine at the end. I’ve picked up lightweight handguns and thought to myself, Oh, this is going to hurt even before I pulled the trigger. I really expected the XDs to do more in the way of hand-mangling. In that, I was happily disappointed. Don’t take that to mean it’s soft. It comes back quick, and you will know you’ve launched some serious hurt downrange, but it isn’t like a featherweight .357. It won’t make you wince.

The distance from the web of the hand to the bore centerline on the XDs is nothing abnormal, being neither overly high, nor engineering-wizardly low. It is high enough to keep the slide rails off your hand when cycling, which is a good thing. The muzzle does snap up in recoil, but it goes back down just as quickly, on target. I tried the interchangeable backstraps, but for me, they are the same. I’ve handled and shot enough handguns through the years that my hand and brain work without me being involved, and by the time the sights come up to line-of-sight, they have sorted out just where any given pistol is pointing. Now, if you haven’t been so conditioned, I’m sure one or the other will be more comfortable or more natural in pointing.

Accuracy? Well, we do not expect a compact pistol to be bullseye-accurate, but this XDs was an eye-opener. I routinely printed groups I would have expected from a target gun. Well, I printed groups when I did my part. As with all other handguns with a short sight radius, the XDs makes you pay for your mistakes. Fail to follow through and your groups won’t be so pretty. The groups I was shooting were encouraging enough that I gave the 100-yard gongs a go. While I can’t claim 100 percent success, the gongs were not safe from the XDs, as I connected two or three times in each magazine.

The XDs had no feeding problems, which is mildly interesting in a pistol still getting the fine-tuning before it becomes available. However, in this age of CAD/CAM and prototyping, pistols are a lot more refined before they get to the polymer-and-steel stage.

Takedown? Easy as pie. Unload, check and check again. Lock back the slide and remove the magazine. Pivot the takedown lever up; ease the slide forward. When it stops, dry-fire, then pull off the slide. Once there, it’s just like every other modern self-loading pistol. The XDs does add a new wrinkle, however. If the magazine is in the frame, you can’t pivot the takedown lever. And if the lever is in the up position, you can’t get a magazine fully in the frame. You can’t have the lever wrong and get the XDs loaded.

The last aspect is leather. Or kydex, if you prefer. The magazines are easy. Any magazine holder that’ll accept a 1911 mag will work with the XDs. If you have kydex holders, the curves of the corners might cause a bit more friction than you’d like, but you certainly won’t be losing magazines when you run. As for the XDs itself, I have no doubt that the holster makers are not far behind that guy making magazine extensions (in fact, they’re probably ahead of him). In any case, by the time you can lay hands on an XDs, the holster makers will already have seen it and be producing options for carry.

I really hated to send this one back. It’s perhaps the most perfect bigbore carry gun to be had. I say “perhaps” because, as much as I used to be comfortable with six shots in a carry gun, I’d really like to have one or two more. And if magazines holding more than five rounds never materialize, the XDs is still the world’s best warm-weather carry gun. On the off side, or in deep cover, packed in a tactical vest, your third or fourth gun can still be a .45 ACP. If your idea of summer fashion is cargo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt and deck shoes, you can still have a .45 on call.


With five-round magazines, the XD-S is a very compact carry gun.


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  • atm

    Has a price been determined yet?

    • j smith

      Released in March 2012. Price: $599 (black) $669 (bi-tone)

  • Nick

    Or a release date?

  • Robert

    Looks identical to my Glock 27 (40cal sub-compact)….

    • Gunfucius

      no it doesn't.

  • Clearcutter

    Give that thing a 7+1 capacity via collared magazines and they'll blow through their entire first-run in less than a month. I'm not crazy about striker-fired handguns, but this XDs looks very, very useful as a low maintenance, summertime concealed carry piece for high humidity areas like Michigan. Mr. Sweeny is spot-on with his assessment.

  • Alan_T

    Not that there's anythoing wrong with the other XD's because there isn't , BUT this is the first one I've seen that I would consider buying for myself ……. especially if they come out with an extended magazine . Awwwww who am I kidding ? I want one ! IwantoneIwantoneIwantone and I'm gonna hold my breath untill I turn blue unless you give one !

    • BRETT

      totally agree!!! I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  • robert Loren

    gooks gr8 but what about $ and availability ps i love my Ruger SR40C

  • BGav

    I have to say, after shooting the XDm in 9, I am looking forward to this weapon. The XD's I have shot, all did so with amazingly accurate groups, and without issue. Which is why, even though this is a totally new weapon, I have no doubt of it's heritate.

  • Rob N.

    Yeah right… it will 2 years before you will be able get one, just like Ruger with their 1911's. Good luck finding any popular hand gun or long gun lately, and it's getting worse week after week every dealer and distributor is sold out. Next it will be sold out ammo again.

    • DBoyfan22

      I've seen that when I was looking at the S&W website, most of their guns were sold out!

    • Chris

      I have one already! It came off the line 6-11-12! All I have to say is " it is sweet"!

  • Pete

    An extended 7 shot mag with finger rest. To be carried on the other side from the pistol.

    • Alan_T

      That's what I think too Pete .

  • Guest

    I have the Springfield XD Sub compact 9mm, and love it.
    The only complaint would be the grip, it is smooth, unlike this newer one. I customized the grip by heating a paperclip and melting little holes in it. That made the grip 100% better.
    I shot at 21 yards and hit 11 out of 13 in the 5" circle, the other 2 were in the each lung.
    I also own a sig pro 40cal, which is an awseome pistol too.

  • joegun45

    AWSOME summer carry

  • James

    This is the second review I have seen on this weapon. The only problem I see with it is that it is not Masschusetts complaint, which makes this state stupid. I guess if I want one I will have to move somewhere else. If I could I would buy one, I like the idea of the compact .45 making if easier to hide than my 1911 .S&W .45

    • Clearcutter

      If you're a handgunner, you truly have no business living in the People's Republic of Massachusetts. No, I'm not kidding. Living in a place that prides itself upon ever-expanding government and high taxes does…not…compute.

      • Ray

        Springfield Missouri

  • sgt.ret

    Made in USA, or Croatia?

    • Ray

      Doesn't matter. A legendary company like Springfield buys the Croatia for a reason. The CZs and Berettas are also made overseas, some of the best pistols in the world. The XDS is kinda like the best of two great companies. Awesome pistol.

      • James Otis

        I have an XD9 sub compact–made in Croatia. In fact the general design for all the XDs was developed in Croatia and picked up by Springfield. The design is about as bulletproof as it gets and the workmanship is as good as you will find on pistols costing lots more.

  • Will Carry

    I'm a big fan of striker fired handguns and I own two Springfield XDs in 45 and 40. Neither have ever failed to go bang even once and both are as accurate as any handgun I own. I had a Glock 36, which is Glock's single stack compact 45. It would pinch a blood blister on my pinky every time I fired it, so I sold it and bought a Glock 19. Same size but offers 15 rounds instead on seven. I would love to shoot one of these little XDs and would seriously consider purchasing one for concealed carry.

  • 45coltauto

    Well I have two Springfields. One a 4" XD in .45 and the other, I just got a few months ago, a 5" XDM in .45. They are very nice guns and I will certainly look at this one when it is available. I carry a Titanium S&W in .357 and he is right. They have a tendency to kick like a mule.

  • gle

    How does this gun compare to the Kahr PM45?

  • Dev

    It a great gun

  • Dirty Devan

    It very cute small semi Auto gun. I believe it a 45 calibre. I'm a 45 calibre freak.

  • Jason

    If it were made in U.S. it would be almost perfect! I love mine!

    • Alan_T

      Unfortunately Jason , we can't have everything , but even if we did , the government would figure out away to take it away from us . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

    • Ray

      The XDM was originally invented and made in Croatia. Probably better made in Croatia with all the machines there, then in the US. Besides, you can bet Springfield (since they own the company) oversees everything about this modern marvel.

  • 24bics

    Hard to get excited about many things these days. We seem to be boundless in our ability to create in this computer driven manufacturing age. I'm head over heals with this one though. It'll never replace the 1911 in my heart, but I think I need this one. Now if only someone can write a path back to THE REPUBLIC…

  • mack missiletoe

    there's an XD variant for every dollar bill!

  • Stonekold

    This looks like a fotocopy of the Taurus 24/7 G2 .45, except the 24/7 has 10 round and 12 round mags. Size and looks are identical

    • BigBoreGuy

      Yes, except the Taurus is a DOUBLE STACK. That would make it just a tad thicker….Plus Taurus is only so-so with their poly pistols.

  • mjsedg

    "This is the single-stack, compact carry .45 that the polymer-and-striker crowd has long been clamoring for." The article reads as though this is the first single stack, polymer, .45 produced. No mention of the Glock 36, which has been a fantastic CCW option for years. Not to mention the established aftermarket support for grip extensions, holters, etc…

    • Michael

      That's a stretch. No one is saying it's the first. How can you even infer that from the article? The G36 is over an inch thick, the barrel is almost 3.8" long, it's much bigger than this pistol. The XDm 3.8 Compact would be more in line with the G36.

      • Ray

        I had the Ruger LC9 9mm. One of the smallest and best 9mm for the money. I just wanted it in a big bad 45 cal. I laid the XDS on top of the LC9. Same size all around….Case closed.

    • FirstShirt

      Well, gee. It was an article about the SA XDs…

  • Angel

    When when when???? I want it yesterday :'(
    Will hopefully be great thigh carry for my dresses ;p

    • Ray

      I have always said that Women were the most dangerous creatures on Earth. Also,,,,,,dog is not Women's best friend, the Springfield XDs is.

  • Garrett

    Armslist is giving away one these sweet guns. I definitly want one.

  • louis madrigal

    what a nice and effective gun nice creation hoha

  • Jim B.

    Will the XDs be legal in California?

    • Joe G.

      No. On the end of the XDs case I have, a white sticker with black print says; "NOT LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA"

    • Ray

      The gun I bought says no. Sorry. I would hate to live in one of the most socialist States in the Country. Not only that, only the bad guys have what they want. The leaders in CAL. made sure that the good people would not be able to define their life from the bad guys, or,,,,,,their liberty from the State

      • FirstShirt

        How can a subordinate government (State, County, City) enact restrictions that violate the US Constitution? …shall not be infringed… We live in sad times where out illustrious politicians can do any damned thing they want without fear of the courts or the citizens. Then, to make it worse, we reelect them.

    • cris0744

      In California you can own one if you are one of the following..
      Feinstein.. Yah she has her own category here

    • FirstShirt

      Is anything legal in California?

  • Seacat

    As Arte Johnson (Laugh-In) would say " Mighty interesting!". Own a G27 for years ago but seldom carry it because I personally find it bulky and went back to the Gold Cup. Considered a Kahr but I want to own it, not rent it. Being a southpaw it appears that the new XDs and I will soon be friends.

    • Big Jilm

      I believe it was “Veeeeery Interesting, but stupid.”

  • JEB_Jr

    Was at local store yesterday (31 May) SA rep brought in a demo version of XDs…nice. Said dealers should have the first ones in about two weeks. Comes with two 5-shot mags, mag pouch, holster, locking box. A 7-rnd mag with extension grip will be available. Unfortunately, no night sights on production version.

  • xdchad

    Bought my Xds Tuesday. ..569+tax for black. ..I love this gun…local gun shop Only received one from springfield and nobody at the store knew it had came in…I was first to walk in at 10 when they opened and asked if they had one and they said no Well while I was looking around a buddy called me and said that they're website said they received one and it was in stock so I went and told the salesman that the site said they received one and he got on the computer and I could tell by his look something was up and he said hold on a minute and he walked to the back well while he was back there the craziest thing happened the site all of the sudden said sold…I thought he changed it but he walked out with a case and said a coworker was holding it for his buddy…LOL…that was very cool of him to get it….Don't hesitate to get this gun fellas it

  • society1911

    Why not buy a Taurus PT745 and save about $200. The PT745 is basically the same length, about 1/8th of an inch thicker and is a 6+1. This pistol has been around for years and is now in it’s third generation. I carry one in my front pocket without problem or notice. I have put about 500 rounds through mine. The only problems I have had are FTF with aluminum ammo. I had the exact same problem with this ammo in my 1911 carry.

    • Rob

      Cause its not a taurus. Thats good enough for me!

    • Grant

      How are you going to tolerate a gun with a FTF? I have a Taurus PT145. It's bigger than the XDs and it's garbage. Jams all the time. Maybe I have high standards, but they're from my regular size XD45. I've shot thousands of rounds through it without a single issue.

  • Grant

    I will be trading my Taurus in on one as soon as I can get it. I just need to know when they're *really* going to be available.

  • JP Hammond

    Got one yesterday and put 50 through it today. Very nice! Shoots like a much bigger gun and was very accurate at 25 ft. With the 7 round mag it's a beast!!!

    • BigBore

      JP – Price on gun and did 7 rounder come with it? If not what was price on the mag as well, and is Sringfld making them?

      • JP Hammond

        I got the gun for $519 (not bad) and it came with 2 5 rounders. I got 2 7's from the springfield store $50 a pop. worth it though for the capacity and extra grip area. really like this gun

  • XD FAn

    I definetly love my XD sub-compact in 9mm with first gen CTC laser as well as similarly equipped 4" XD .45. Does anyone know what the weight is fully loaded on this new XDs?

    • FirstShirt

      Weight without magazine or ammo is 19 oz. About twice that loaded.

  • doug

    does the slide remain open after the last round is fired?

    • JDbullseye

      Slide remains open. Very good gun. 150 rounds and no hiccups at all.

  • DarrellM5

    Picked one up a coupe of weeks ago. The wife and I put about 100 rounds through it with no problems. Very enjoyable to shoot. My family is having a big 'shooting range' day tomorrow so I'm sure we'll put another 400-500 rounds through it. I'd be willing to bet that, after our range day, 2 or 3 of my family members head to the gun stores to get their own.

  • Rasputin

    What about corrosion resistance? I have heard disturbing accounts of rust on some of the larger XD line around the magazine release and other places. Is the slid or barrel stainless or coated with something equal to or better than Glock's tennifer finish? I love all I have seen and read about the XDS so far but the corrosion thing could be a deal-breaker for me. Yes, I believe in good maintenance and care of any gun, but if found in a situation like survivors of Hurricane Andrew or Katrina, where cleaning might not be feasible or possible for weeks after exposure to water and moisture, I don't want my gun rusted shut.

  • man

    identical to your crock .40 but it shoots a .45 and has a steel trigger yayyyyy awesome i need no i want no i must have one or no 3 two for carry one for wall

    • Kenny Barrett

      I've been seeing a lot of reviews from people that are experiencing slide and magazine issues with the XDs. Everyone has been sending them back to the Armory, which sends it back saying that nothing is wrong with the pistol. Not sure if I want to put my life in the hands of a pistol with those kind of problems. Has anyone else read or experienced this? You can check out what I'm talking about on YouTube.

      • JP Hammond

        I have had mine since July and put about 50 down every week. The only issued I have had is having to practice quite a bit to stay accurate. Took an ACCW course last month and one of the other students used an XDs on day one and put 300 through it without any issues.

      • @megajunk

        I've only shot around 50 rounds through mine, but have had NO problems whatsoever.
        Functioned great, and grouped nicely when I did my part.

      • mark cappuccio

        Only problems I have had with mine,

        1) failure to fire —this occurred from people “softly” racking the first round.

        2) failure to feed–due to limp risting

        3) due to reading others problems on line I thoroughly cleaned and dried the striker channel.

        After cleaning the striker channel i no longer had any problems.

        • mark cappuccio

          also the first two were pretty much user problems, great pistol love it. great carry, i trust my life to it with confidence.

      • FirstShirt

        @Kenny; Without the specifics of what the problems are with the slide and mag’s it is hard to evaluate from afar. Mine has performed flawlessly. I’ve heard comments about if you press the muzzle against something with enough force it will make the pistol come out of battery. That is not a pistol dilemma, rather a cranium dilemma.

  • julio

    only holds six?….. that blows. Stick wit glock, its made for smokin them fools. Like a G

    • FirstShirt

      One double tap by a skilled pistolero is far better than 17 rounds flying around the environment…

  • Steve

    Why all the comments comparing this pistol to the Taurus junk.. Bottom line, the two are not even close where it counts. Had both, kept one, and you can guess which one. This pistol is easily one, if to the best the sinle stack sub compact .45 ACP pistols out there. My G36 loves to pinch the pinky and is larger than the XDS so IMO even Glock takes a back seat to the XDS. As for runs count; if you can't get it done with 6 rounds of .45 ACP hurt, you really should get more practice, because your poor shooting won't be because of the XDS, it's all on you and your ability to shoot well. Bottom line.. Been shooting and own pistols for 20 + years and this pistol is my new best friend period. Athe pistol the dumbazzes at Glock should have made years ago.

  • Stevesmith

    Awesome pistol…

  • dales

    had 1 for a couple months. 150 rounds of different ammo thru it. finally went to reloads with a 185 gr hornady
    and 6 grains unique with mag primer. made a controlled beast out of it.. really love to shoot it. 3 inch groups at 8 paces
    about 24 feet.. does what i want it to do..does bark a bit tho…not much ammo out there for it tho. everybody sold out.

  • Greenie00

    I bought an XDS a little over a month ago. It was I wanted bad and is very hard to great your hands on one. I paid $547 out the door. I've shot over 500 rounds through mine. No issues at all. I also own a Taurus PT 24/7 pro and can tell you there is no comparison. This XDS would be a legal means for pistol ownership in NY with the new laws but I am a believer in a full size pistol for home defense. The 7 round option mag the XDS makes it perfect for home defense in NY. For a concealed carry weapon this is the ticket. You would have to shoot one to appreciate it. Springfield is the 1st to get a very controllable highly accurate .45 in such a small platform. I'm a very happy XDS owner.

    • Glock29

      Make sure it is not on the recall list not sure when they fixed them but mine from a few months ago had to be sent back for repairs!

  • Righteous Veteran

    Bought the XDs yesterday and all I can say is Wow! What an amazing compact to shoot and I might add sexy looking too. This is my first time to buy a .45 caliber pistol. Previously stayed with the 9 mm variety because of ease to conceal and its just what I knew or felt comfortable shooting. But, I got to tell you the XDs does really change the game for the compact category and it sure has changed my preference. I’m definitely hooked. Oh and I wore it out last night to grab some dinner with my Mrs. it really is as concealable as my Sig P938.

    • Glock29

      Make sure it is not on the recall list!

      • Shayne Jenkins

        Essentially, all the XDs pistols are on the recall list. If it has the roll pin in the grip safety, it’s modified (not repaired). Sent mine in early and got it back just over two weeks ago. I’m much happier with it now than I was before, and I loved it before. The change in trigger pull has helped immensely. It’s the initial batches of units sent in for the recall that clogged up the process. Now that those guns have been modded and returned, the process is continuing at a better pace. All should be returned to the owners shortly after Christmas/New Year holidays. Hopefully you have yours back by now and are happy with it. I’ll have my son’s glock sometime today for safekeeping and will surely play with it until he comes home, but he bought it because he wanted a handgun and it was the more available choice. When he gets back from Okinawa in May, he’ll get to experience the XDs and maybe become a ‘convert’!

        • Glock29

          Glad you got it back my friend! I made the mistake of letting the gun shop down the road send mine back so I would not have to be here when it shipped back since I go by their shop on the way home everyday but they held my XDs for over a month along with many others….big mistake! I only use the XDs as my backup most of the time and have other pocket carry like the Kahr CM40 and CM9 so I have not been without but makes me mad as hell they did that to me and others. I gave it to them 9-4-2013 and still don’t have it! I am assuming from your comments the trigger is lighter now?

          Also worried what they will do with my Trijicon HD night sights I installed on it because I heard they replace the slide.

          Glad you got yours back….still waiting Zzzzz.

          Stay safe and shoot straight!

          • Shayne Jenkins

            I don’t think you need to worry about the sights. What they replaced was inside the frame, not the slide. The grip safety is now contained in the rear under the sear mechanism instead of the ‘lock arm’ extending forward like it did on the left side. The trigger is a bit more solid all the way through the pull. The day after I got it back, I put 250 rounds downrange. Flawless! I didn’t go past 25 feet, but I was getting 1.25″ groups at 20 feet with some good consistency.
            I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you get it back. Hopefully sooner than later! Best of luck!

          • Shayne Jenkins

            I was just thinking about this the other day. SA DID SAY that any items that you had installed after your purchase that they removed would be sent back to you. If they did, in fact, remove the sights, you’ll at least get them back!

          • Glock29

            I remember that email it said they will put the XDS back into factory specs and all parts will be returned. The sights were some of the hardest factory sights to remove! I almost broke my sight tool and ended up having to use my air hammer on it…LOL! I also put some Talon grips on it, hope they leave them alone! I will drop a note back if I ever get it just to let you know.
            Time will tell.

        • Glock29

          I am jealous Shane I got mine back and ran a box thru it and ate them all flawlessly but my trigger sucks now! It did break clean and crisp at 6 pounds which was a bit more than I like I prefer 4 pounds! Now it is above 12 pounds according to my Lyman digital trigger pull gauge! I did not have time to run a few hundred rounds thru it the other day but will dry fire it 1000 times today to see if that helps break it in a little better! I went to Powder River to buy a new spring set but they do not have a fix for the new recalled grip safety.

          Is anyone else having issues with increased trigger pull after recall repair?

  • Richard Vermilyea

    I won two of these on the FNRA “wall of guns” at the NRA Convention in Houston earlier this year. I have only shot one magazine so far but the first shot drilled the Bullseye at15 yards! I have a feeling I am going to like this pistol. It should be a really practical carry pistol with a punch.

    • Glock29

      I will post a couple of these so you all get an alert in your email!

      Anyone who has bought one needs to know they all have been recalled! Both the 9mm and 45 cal. Make sure the one you buy has been repaired before you buy it or you will be without it for 30 to 45 days! Still waiting for mine to get back. They have a double tap issue some after shot fired and some when slide just loads another round. Not sure what the fix is.

      BTW I love my XDS 45 very much and miss it…been at the factory 35+ days now!

      • Rick

        They are sending them out now. Just got mine back.

        • Glock29

          Sitting at home waiting on FedEx now! I would have had mine back if I did not send it back to the local gun shop! I only took it to them so it would ship back to them so I could pick it up and not have to sit at home waiting on FedEx…LOL
          Hope they include my Trijicon HD sights. It sounded like they will put XDS back to factory specs and any after market parts will be in the box with it.

          I will have to go to the range to make sure it eats a box of Buffalo Bore!

          • Rick

            They also included a 7 round mag to compensate for our troubles.

          • Shayne Jenkins

            Very cool! I think – nay – I KNOW you’ll enjoy it! When I got my return notification, TWO DAYS STRAIGHT I messed the delivery by EIGHT minutes… The third delivery attempt would be on the next Monday. Uh uh… I drove to the FedEx facility and picked it up on Friday evening with a date at the range on Saturday. I have now put 350 rounds through it post-mod and am loving it!

            I’ve put Winchester, Federal and a few flavors of Speer through it. No problems yet! I see a bit of Tulammo on the Walmart shelves, aluminum and steel casings. The price is right, but I haven’t heard much good in the line of ejecting and cleanliness. I’ll have to research it a bit more….

            At any rate, you should already have your XDs in hand and have been spitting lead! Enjoy!

          • Glock29

            Got mine back Friday with extra magazine. They did not touch my Trijicon HD sights! I have not had a chance to get to the range yet and after dry firing mine the trigger seemed the same. I will go to the range this week to put a couple boxes thru it. I am concerned with the roll pin in the safety now because if it moves too far either way it could disable the firearm, I know it should not move but I have seen many move over the years and will keep an eye on it.

            I shoot steel ammo in my AK’s or crap firearms but I always clean them thoroughly because some have corrosive primers. I only feed my conceal carry firearms the good stuff…don’t want them to get pissed off and fail on me when I really need them.

            I will let you know how she shoots this week. I added a Crimson Trace LG-469 so need to make sure it is spot on!

            Glad to have it back!

          • Shayne Jenkins

            I’ve had the LG-469 on mine for a while. I bought a CenterPoint laser borescope for mine and set the LG to be at the same separation from the bore centerline at point blank all the way to the other end of the house. At any self defense distance, the bullet will strike at about 1.25″ above the laser dot – no parallax/convergence issues here! Being set this way, you won’t see the laser dot when using the sights, it’ll be low. I’ll be accurate as possible either way – sights or by laserview.

          • Glock29

            At home I zero in at 30 feet with bore laser then go to the range and dial it in so I can shoot decent at 75 feet or 21 feet. If I have to shoot over 75 feet I will grab an AR or AK….LOL!

            I have seen some zero them in at 10 feet stating that is where most shots are taken but at 75 feet the dot is off of the target completely unless laser is mounted real close to bore!

            Make sure you sign up for batteries for life thru Crimson Trace!

  • FirstShirt

    Since I’m an “Old Soldier” I am an avid fan of the 45ACP. A 1911 is to me what a wristwatch is to most people. I recently acquired this pistol. What a sweet piece! I am still searching for something to bitch about, so far to no avail. As far as I’m concerned it is as close to perfect as you can get to a concealable man stopper.

  • notimpressed

    Not an article, but an advertisement. I was looking for an objective review of the xds. All I read was: “Sluuuurrrrrrrrrrp”

  • UnderPaidTroll

    This is my next carry gun. I have a Glock 27 with an interchangeable 9mm LW barrel. I reload the 40 S&W and will be reloading the 45 ACP when I get this gem. Sweet looking sub compact and sure to pack a punch! If you can’t put a BG down with 5 rounds of 45’s, he ain’t human anyway!

  • FirstShirt

    I’ve put quite a few magazines worth of .45 down range with my XDs and it is a remarkably controllable piece. Not one single misfire of any kind. I carry it in a Crossbreed Super Tuck IWB. It is virtually undetectable under just a shirt tail…

    • Glock29

      I will post a couple of these so you all get an alert in your email!

      Anyone who has bought one needs to know they all have been recalled! Both the 9mm and 45 cal. Make sure the one you buy has been repaired before you buy it or you will be without it for 30 to 45 days! Still waiting for mine to get back. They have a double tap issue some after shot fired and some when slide just loads another round. Not sure what the fix is.

      BTW I love my XDS 45 very much and miss it!

      • FirstShirt

        Yea, I know… I’m simply stalling the inevitable until the rush is over for the repair. Springfield has a real winner in this piece! I’m surprised this small, easily concealable pistol took so long to make its appearance. For “Close & Personal” encounters with the dregs of society is is superb.

        • Glock29

          Same here I was just going to wait but every time I would load one in the chamber to carry made me say the heck with it I did not need to have it go off in my house. Better safe than sorry I can live with my Kahr CM40 for my backup for a while!

          I did not see where Guns and Ammo said a peep about it in the last 45 and 9 mm review and you know they knew and did not see a lot posted so threw out a few on post yesterday in case they bought it 2nd hand.

          Good luck with getting it back early my friend!

          • FirstShirt

            Just wondering… Has anyone got any specific information where any of these XDs problems have actually happened? Any news reports where someone was injured? I haven’t seen anything.

          • Shayne Jenkins

            all I saw was that a customer reported a problem and they replicated the issue. They stated no injuries and I’ve seen nothing else. Y’all got your back yet? I’m a happy camper!

          • FirstShirt

            Perhaps a “Pre-Repair” XDs will fetch a pretty penny in ten years…

      • FirstShirt

        For those that would like the latest “skinny” on the recall, go here:

  • Glock29

    Anyone who has bought one needs to know they all have been recalled! Both the 9mm and 45 cal. Make sure the one you buy has been repaired before you buy it or you will be without it for 30 to 45 days! Still waiting for mine to get back. They have a double tap issue some after shot fired and some when slide just loads another round. Not sure what the fix is.

    BTW I love my XDS 45 very much and miss it!

  • Old Eyes

    Worried about the lack of information from Springfield following the recall. Hopefully it does not go the way of the Caracal and the safety issues can not be resolved. Mine has been at Springfield for 30 days as of today with no resolution in sight.

  • Bubba Smith

    Ha none of them work, recall and they dont even know what to do to fix them

    • Shayne Jenkins

      Ha! Look again! All of them work, Modified ones already back to the owners.

  • Steve

    I shot my Springfield XDS .45 for the first time today. With the slide locked back and magazine inserted it worked fine and chambered the first round no problem. With the slide forward and the magazine fully inserted, working the slide to chamber the first round jammed the pistol every time. There was no faulty ammo or “limp wristing” – I did my part. It may seem like no big deal to some, but if the gun won’t work like any other semi-auto I have ever owned, then I’m not sure that’s a good sign. I called Springfield customer service and they said that is just how the gun works – nothing they can do. Well there’s something I can do – return it. First the recall now this – if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

  • blackbelt3

    I have had the XDs 9mm for 2 months now. Love the gun – shot approx 250 rounds & not a single problem tho I do use good Ammo & nothing from Walmart etc. Live in Mtn’s & can wear vest most of time for concealed. Recently ordered IWB and am looking forward to using it when I go to warmer weather in Denver.

  • Me Her

    I was very excited about this gun because of the ease of concealment. But after taking it to the range and having multiple FTFs I am getting rid of it and getting a wheel gun.

  • CourtneyrrR

    I have it’s big brother but this is the next one i’m eyeing to get. Winchesters love the xd I have. :)The only negative I have is the right handed holster it comes with. So if you are left handed, you have to go with something else.Im partial to Springfields and when I got mine, I wanted a lefthanded friendly carry. I have not looked at another company since.This compact seems like a really good fit.

  • Lew

    Shoots ok. Manual eject is horrible… Would not trust this gun in the moment of truth. Right idea but poor quality control by Springfield.

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