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NFL Bans Super Bowl Gun Commercial

by G&A Online Editors   |  November 27th, 2013 343

NFL Bans Super Bowl Gun Commercial

Daniel Defense recently submitted a commercial to FOX to be played during the 2014 NFL Super Bowl XLVIII. Though the video doesn’t showcase one of the company’s popular DDM4 rifles, this paid advertisement spot was rejected by the NFL.

The commercial, which focuses on themes of personal protection and fundamental rights, was originally created by Daniel Defense to run in any network TV station at any time.

According to a statement from FOX to Daniel Defense, “Unfortunately, we cannot accept your commercial in football/Super Bowl spots due to the rules the NFL itself has set into place for your company’s category.”

The NFL’s Advertising Policy addresses several Prohibited Advertising Categories, including guidelines for ads featuring alcohol, video games, movies, prescription drugs, and, of course, firearms.

The firearms portion of the NFL’s Prohibited Advertising Categories states:

“5. Firearms, ammunition or other weapons are prohibited; however, stores that sell firearms and ammunitions (e.g., outdoor stores and camping stores) will be permitted, provided they sell other products and the ads do not mention firearms, ammunition or other weapons.”

According to these guidelines, Daniel Defense’s Super Bowl commercial does not violate NFL policy for two reasons:

  • Daniel Defense has a brick-and-mortar store, where they sell products other than firearms such as apparel.
  • The commercial itself does not mention firearms, ammunition or weaponry.

While Daniel Defense’s commercial does not mention firearms, it does include a logo of their DDM4 rifle at the very end.

When the NFL denied the ad, Daniel Defense immediately offered to replace the DDM4 logo with an American flag and/or the words “Shall not be infringed.”

The NFL replied with another non-negotiable denial.

Interestingly enough, the NFL’s decision to deny the ad comes after Daniel Defense ran a commercial in local Georgia markets during the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI on NBC, with no objection from the NFL. That particular commercial pictured the manufacture of firearms and concluded with a clip of Larry Vickers shooting a rifle.

Meanwhile, ads featuring violent movies and video games continue to appear regularly during NFL broadcasts.

Check out G&A’s exclusive video of Daniel Defense’s banned Super Bowl commercial below, and judge for yourself. Is it time for fans to throw down the challenge flag?

  • Cody

    Wow! FOX and the NFL are BAD! They have violent video game commercials BUT when it comes to a very professional and common sense gun commercial—THEY BAN IT! Give me a break!!!!

    • Daryl Walters

      Not FOX’s doing NFL is the one banning

  • Al DeMatteo

    Actually, it was the NFL itself who rejected the commercial and not FOX. This is the typical liberal suppression of rational thought where guns are concerned. Those of us who protect the second amendment will continue to reject co-op’ing liberal terms and lies about guns. Screw the NFL.


    NFL is a joke!

    • john4637

      Pro football is a joke, not like the old days. And now they even seem to be afraid of gun owners, or is it the communist in the white house they fear?!

  • ray32158

    N.F.L. No Fun Liberals

  • Mad Dad

    NFL – won’t show this ad, but you have made me have a talk to my 8 year old daughter about what an erection is and why you might need a doctor if it is lasting for more then 4 hours.

    • Liberty’s Teeth

      Indeed. I was not happy to have to try and explain Viagra and “erectile dysfunction” to my then 10 year old son a few years ago.

      • Samuel Suggs

        He should probably know, by that point but i see your point.

        • Liberty’s Teeth

          Really? A 10 year old should be thinking and know about Viagra?

          • Samuel Suggs

            well I was thinking erections but that doent sound any less weird so i’ll shut up.

        • Yuuzhan

          only if he goes to public school and gets groped by the teachers.

          • Dean Harris

            And the TSA.

          • Tom

            Or if he is a Catholic choir boy.

      • john4637

        Oh my, danger, danger! Someone is talking about guns!!!

      • Madder Dad

        Also the Trojan vibrator commercials are ridiculous.

    • Karen Kelly Salce

      agree with you mad dad….ridiculous!!!!!

      • IHateLibs

        Karen ?? This is WORSE than Ridiculous . This is ASSININE . The LOONS are Everywhere

    • Treemantwo

      What a bunch of hypocrites ! The 2nd Amendment is ultimately what allows the NFL to even exist. If you don’t like their stance…..send the NFL an email. This country is headed for disaster if your voice is not heard.

      • IHateLibs

        And every thing Else we enjoy. At least for the time being

      • jonathan

        what does the second amendment have to do with the nfl’s popularity. i did not realize that is the only reason the nfl existed. well i guess you learn something new everyday.

        • Jon Holt

          well its not the 2nd amendment as anything to do with football but it does have to do with use being about to keep and protect our right to do things like play football and do lots of other things we enjoy as Americans. guns are a vital part of america whether you like it our not guns are what we used to start this country guns are what we use to defend this country and guns are always going to be here in so form

          • Non Gunowner

            You’re an idiot. The second amendment is about the right to bear arms for a militia. It has nothing at all to do with keeping and protecting rights to do things like play football..

          • Joseph

            The lack of knowledge by Non Gunowner could fill volumes. Calling someone else an idiot when you are the one who doesn’t seem to know the truth is probably not an intelligent way to interact with others

          • thinkdammit

            How could a lack of knowledge fill volumes?

          • Cp

            You’re the idiot. If you want to know what the intention of the second amendment is, try reading what Madison had to say about it. You know James Madison, the guy who wrote it. The second amendment has always primarily been a safeguard against government tyranny. And if we have the right to protect ourselves against tyranny, it goes without saying we have a right to protect ourselves against anyone who would do us harm…

          • Lamar Bragg

            learn to fight cp. if u need a gun to defend yourself you just nothing

          • mimi

            you need to read the Second Amendment. While you are at it – read the whole constitution.

          • Long Tall Texan

            What part of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” means they are only for the militia???

          • Dan Michlig

            Another ignorant liberal who doesn’t know the difference between army and militia. Even the Supreme Court has recognized this. The Bill of Rights applies to citizens, not government. Citizens have rights and government has responsibilities. Your uneducated ( brainwashed ) argument would therefor mean only the government has the right to free speech etc. Apply your logic to any of the Bill of Rights amendments, it will be a real education for you.

          • Lamar Bragg

            bill of rights says i have a right to be safe a guy with a bush master does not make me feel safe

          • cyanlink

            Regardless of what we say the 2nd Amendment refers to. I always find it interesting reading the “Armed Citizen” section of American Rifleman where crazed drug addicts, burglars, violent ex-spouses and viscous animals are stopped and brought to justice (they are often held at gunpoint until the Police arrive) by ordinary people with guns. Look up similar events in your precious gun-free zones and innocent people get victimized.
            I agree that saying the 2nd Amendment being responsible for our right to play what is essentially a gladiator sport to distract us from real problems is a stretch. However, that doesn’t make the hypocrisy of letting sexist and violence enabling media like rap and video games on the air but a ads about responsible gun ownership and defending your family is too far any less arbitrary and stupid

          • Peacefully Armed

            The connection is this…the same people who want us to take a number and give up our guns, think our gladiator sports are offensive and should be outlawed.

          • jamie

            Wai until your wife is getting rape ,I am sure you will find God and wish for a gun. Wake up fool. U sound like you had a father run off to Canada when we were in Asia. And now you are ashamed and you should be. You forgot to drink your wine and eat your cheese,

          • Jon Holt

            not true the 2nd was ruled by the supreme court to be 2 parts first is the right of the militia to have a free state and 2nd the right of the people to keep and bear arms the whole concept of our country was build around the oppression of a tyrannical government they wanted to make sure it couldn’t happen again. this isn’t really rocket science i don’t understand why people like your self can not get the concept of something so simple the 2nd say very clearly shall not be infringed. i really guess people don’t have access to a dictionary nor a history book. which is sad since we have all the info would could want at our finger tips these days

          • Bryant

            The idea that the Second Amendment is about “arming militias” has been proven time and again to be patently absurd. That portion of the right which states “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state…” is merely a preamble. Take the statement “A well-maintained vessel being necessary to his livelihood, the fisherman has his boat checked out regularly.” The first part of the statement merely states why it is important for the fisherman to have his vessel maintained well. So it is with the Second Amendment’s first half. The second portion of the 2nd Amendment is its core; “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Note that it is THE PEOPLE, not the state or the militia, whose right to keep and bear arms is uninfringable. Also, keep in mind that the Founders understood that threats to a free nation can come from within as well as without. Our right to Keep and bear Arms exists to keep us free, not just from some foreign invasion, but from a government gone tyrranical. Both are dangers equally great, and both are compelling reasons that all good citizens who care about their liberty should be armed. If you’re willing to give up that fundamental liberty, you don’t deserve any others either.

          • Peacefully Armed

            Non Gunowner, It is your right to not own a firearm, but the truth is that our Founding Fathers knew that an armed people are a free people. Disarmament is always the first act of dictators. When I was younger, every child’s drawing of home included a fireplace with a long gun hanging over the mantle. That was home in America. Recently California outlawed most existing fireplaces and many are working to do away with firearms for honest citizens across the nation. Sports used to be a kind of safe haven where families could gather around and watch a game together…good clean fun. Now you can’t watch without sexually oriented commercials. Athlete giants like Babe Ruth wouldn’t drink a beer on camera (or in public) because they understood their influence over children. Today, someone is likely to “come out” in an interview because they hope to have that same influence. The government continually tests to see if we’re paying attention. It’s biggie drinks, fireplaces, and obscenity today, and your right to eat red meat, pork, smoke, drink, or go to church tomorrow. The Founders were visionary men, who could see down the road and logically expect that if immoral people slithered into positions where they could legislate “from the bench” or create laws by executive decree, they would. Therefore they reasoned and wrote that the people should remain armed and vigilant. American’s are, by and large, peaceful people. We are not like the garbage that is being portrayed on weekly TV and movies. Our violent crime rate is far less than our neighbors like Great Britain and countries like South Africa. Violence in this country has actually declined as gun ownership has risen. We believe in hard work and living by the golden rule. What I see currently is that the NFL are liberal puppets and hypocrites, and I will not support their business or those who sponsor them. I will not attend a game, pay per view or buy their paraphernalia: jerseys, caps, etc., until they stop insulting their customer base and sexually assaulting children.

          • Lamar Bragg

            babe ruth walked up to home plat with a cigar in his mouth he openly drank at press confrences

          • Metalhead357

            What the hell is someone called “Non Gunowner” who misinterprets the Second Amendment and insults other people on this website doing writing posts on a website completely centered on guns?…….

          • Tom

            t was General George Washington’s ARMY that started this country and it is the US armed forces that defends this country -not the average citizen with a gun in his/her closet.

          • Jon Holt

            well your wrong. most of Washington’s army where civilians with guns in there closet and they are the ones that had alot of the cannons they fought to help him because they believed in the same thing he did. Washington even said him self if not for the normal civilians he woulnt have won the war. and the us armed forces are made up of normal people like you and me that decide to fight to defend us and guess what they all used guns. fun fact most citizens with guns train more then most LEO train

          • Rodger Thephotographer

            If I may, Tom, and its

          • Peacefully Armed

            Tom, I love and respect our present military and veterans, but please understand this since you brought up the Continental Army. It was an already armed citizenry who voluntarily followed General Washington and became that army trained at Valley Forge under Baron Von Stuben, fighting with their own personal weapons they took down from the mantle or removed from their closets. It was a personally armed citizenry who organized home militias using their own personal weapons to defend the home front. Please study history. Private citizen delegates from every colony started this country and gave George Washington and others their commissions. That army was made up of any and every able-bodied man from every walk of life: farmers, coopers, blacksmiths, doctors, attorneys, shopkeepers, ministers, and others. In fact, from the beginning we were never intended to have a “professional standing army”. We the people were the army. That first army was generally unpaid and mistakenly expected to live off the land. The fledgling U.S. government had no money for much of anything. Most soldiers received land after the war as payment. During the war they starved. They froze. The suffered disease and sometimes literal nakedness. They left their families alone without men to struggle on their own. In the beginning most soldiers had no uniforms and became ragged and often barefooted once they had marched a few hundred miles (like from Savannah, GA to Valley Forge, PA…over 700 miles). There were no transport vehicles for most and no railroad. That’s what infantry is – foot soldiers. Read the history of Valley Forge. It’s gut wrenching, true hero stuff. And all the first weapons (some were undoubtedly captured from the enemy over time) were personally owned by the citizens. The only professional soldiers were the British and Hessians whose weapons, uniforms and equipment were supplied by their established governments, with their food and shelter confiscated from unwilling U.S. citizens.

          • jayboyd27

            Your second amendment protects your right to own guns but the founding fathers choose the word amendments for a reason it means to change or alter.They where smart enough to know things would come along they couldn’t predict so they made them amendments.The first amendment protects your right to free speech but you still can’t go into a movie theater and yell fire as the saying goes.Also in the old west it was common for towns to ban guns with in the city limit’s and that wasn’t found to be unconstitutional.We take things to far with the second amendment with think it gives us power to be anywhere and do anything with guns we want.Live by the gun die buy the gun its a nation future we will kill are self someday with the thing we hold so dear.

          • jayboyd27

            Sorry I was wrong amendment means to make a change to a document.Either way they where supposed to be flexible and to change with the times.And almost every amendment has been changed in some way by a court ruling.That is the way the founding fathers wanted it so you could take a amendment to the supreme court and challenge it to make changes to it.

          • otr500

            This person might actually believe what he wrote, The Civil War happened a long time after Washington was dead and “average citizens” still had to be “called up” bringing their weapons and even a horse if they owned one. Would someone please point me to the book of historical errors these people (certainly not “we the People”) read this junk from? If it were not so serious it would be comical.

          • Lamar Bragg

            it is a part of coward culture lil men with lil johnsons need an extension of themselves so they buy guns to make them feel like a man. when they realized that white was inferrior they went and brought gun powder from the china. learn to fight with yo fist and quit using your guns to try to make yourself feel powerful

          • Jon Holt

            well the Chinese where very skilled with their fist and still used guns. to go in to a gun fight with just your fist you will most likely lose unless you can get in very close range before they can draw. penis size has nothing to do with guns not sure why you would even be thinking about how big a gun owners penis is and what about all the female gun owners is it because of their small penis to?i do like how black people like your self have to bring race in to this any thou MR king himself was pro gun and knew that the only way the black people could be free was to be able to own guns the first gun control laws in the usa was to keep black people from owning them so that they could not fight back against the oppression the white devil was putting them through. but hey its not like you would know that at all you only have a whole month of black history

      • jayboyd27

        This has nothing to do with the second amendment did I miss the part where it says you can force any company to send out the message you want.The second amendment protects your rights to own guns not have gun ads on tv or make a company air your gun ads..

        • jayboyd27

          Or any ad you choose for that matter its there right to choose what ads they wanna run and are second amendment doesn’t cover that calm down and go shoot something you will feel better

      • thinkdammit

        What does the NFL rejecting a commercial have to do with 2nd amendment rights? No government entity is infringing on anyone’s right to keep and bear arms. A commercial entity rejected an ad for a product they choose not to be associated with. The NFL is exercising its first amendment rights of expression.

    • James Maxwell

      Yep they will deny a company who sales guns but continue to promote drinking,
      homosexuality and other corrupt lifestyle choices. They advertise condoms,
      promote movie stars whose lives are less than stellar examples of a decent
      life style along with politicos who should be in jail rather than sitting in elected
      office. They promote continue to allow criminals to play Football even convicted
      criminals to holed up as examples for our children. There is a major problem
      with the NFL management. I love the sport had when I was able to enjoyed
      playing from the first time I was able to hold a football till present is has
      been my choice of sports. I love the physical contact it requires and the
      ability of the players. Never was good but, damn, it was fun. The commission
      acts more like a political gang than mangers of an American sport.

      • Benjamin Gerow

        “homosexuality and other corrupt lifestyle choices” Sir, you have no idea how foolish that statement is, do you?

        • Charles Bubba Carver

          well the way i see it to each his own you want to be fucked by a dude more power to you but when it comes to my teen watching football is not what we want to see during a sporting event so life choice is what homosexuality is a CHOICE and like i said i don’t like it but i am not gonna tell you how to live your life im too busy living mine thank you but i refuse to watch the Superbowl this year if this ad isnt allowed i watched it and seen not one thing wrong nothing wrong with protecting your family but like james maxwell stated they have no problem showing beer commercials that contribute to drunk driving deaths how about getting the media to stop being propaganda puppets and start letting the average man make his own choice how to live

        • Felipe Diez

          no, you have no idea how sinful homosexual behavior is and how detestable it is to the Lord

          • gyro

            When did this become a religious rant about your bigotry and promoting your hateful, vengeful, HUMAN-CREATED God? I thought this was about Daniel Defense, not religion or imposing morality on other peoples’ lives.

          • Daniel Nguyen

            And do you realize that not everyone that lives in the United States or watches NFL subscribes to Christianity?

          • jayboyd27

            Not every christian hate gay people matter of fact 78% of this country is christian yet 60% of the country is ok with gay’s marrying and being gay.Thats 38% christians that don’t hate gays.

          • swagginator

            You sound like the guys who get will be caught in a gas station washroom with a male prostitute and a pocketful of meth

          • jayboyd27

            Sure if my god was as hateful as yours. your bible says nobody can judge except for god so what makes you think your god..

        • James Maxwell

          Sounds like you must live in that lifestyle and made the choice
          to do so.

      • 5thwarder

        Corrupt lifestyle choices? You sir are showing your ignorance not only by your thoughts but also by your grammatical errors. You need educating in the worse way.

        • True_Christian

          Educating in how to suck cock… once he starts sucking cock he’ll calm down…

        • Grammar Police Police

          You mean, “in the worst way” ? What an idiot.

        • James Maxwell

          You chose to live in that lifestyle so what is your problem, if you
          expect others to agree with your or your choices then move to
          where it is acceptable. As for education that is your problem
          it doesn’tchange who or what your are.

          • jayboyd27

            You move to where your opinion is accepted I here russia still hates the gays maybe you should go there

          • jayboyd27

            you wanna turn America Into A islamic country thats how they are run and you sound just like there crazy asses.

          • James Maxwell

            America is not now and never has nor never will be an
            Islamic country even though the POS in the whut house
            would like to try. Our nation is not perfect but for over
            200 plus years we have been the example that other
            nations want to strive for. The freedoms we have are
            what draws people to our nation and is the cause of our
            Criminal Illegal Alien problem. But we do have ruled and
            regulations that govern how we are to act in public. You
            can pretty much do what you want in the privacy of your
            own home within limits as long as it does not harm others.
            While many may not agree with your choices that is your
            right as an American, Try it in a islamic country and you
            will get your head whacked off in short order.

          • jayboyd27

            I was being a smart ass because there country is run on the rule of there bible there punishments are straight out of the old testament.I’m just pointing out that if we run are country based off a bible we would be just like one of there country’s that even you think is messed up and backwards.

        • James Maxwell

          If you chose to be a “Rump Ranger” or a “Carpet Muncher”
          that is your choice and as an American you have that right.
          But that does not mean that others have to accept nor
          condone your actions. I do not care to see the trash that
          is injected in the sports as I enjoy sitting down with my
          children, grand children and great grand children. I do
          not want to have to try and explain such things as why
          two guys are lip locked or advertising condoms during
          a football game or any other sporting event. If you chose
          to live a deviant lifestyle that is your choice and you are
          welcome to it. But there is a time and a place and national
          TV is not it.

          • jayboyd27

            But those ads are banned they don’t show them during football games they might have years ago but if you look at the list of ads they wont show there all on there except gay cause there is no gay ad I’ve never seen to people of the same sex kiss in an ad on t.v I don’t know what you watch.But your also saying people should be ashamed of how they are because you don’t like it.That they have no place anywhere but hiding in there homes so you never have to see them thats not american at all.

          • jayboyd27

            I’m sorry during the super bowl they don’t show those adds during normal games I know they do show viagra and others. I understand if your watching with a kid it would be hard to explain but you are entitled to your opinion and views.Sorry about some of my ill humor as I understand you might not share what I think is funny or even get it was meant as a joke. I am stupidest when I try to be funny.I respectfully disagree with some of your views but wish you a good day sir and it was an interesting conversation.

      • True_Christian

        That’s right… the NFL is saying that guns are immoral, that homosexuality isn’t… so maybe you should start practicing your cock sucking if you want to be morally right…

      • gyro

        Much of your post just makes you sound like a bigoted jerk.

        • James Maxwell

          Must have hit the nail on the head with your then. Your problem
          not mine.

      • mimi

        OK, I may not agree with all you have said, but you have a lot of valid points. I quit watching the Super Bowl for years and quit eating Snickers because of the ad they had. Two men acting like a scene from Lady and The Tramp was disgusting. I also agree with the NFL’s attitude it has had about criminals for years. I have nothing against drinking – I do it quite often. The problem is self control and moderation and maybe that needs to be in a beer or alcohol ad. I do believe we as parents and grandparents, need to be sure and teach our children that NFL and other pro sports players are not idols at all – and teach them that it is ordinary people who do extraordinary things are. As far as your quote about homosexuality, and other corrupt lifestyle choices, while I may agree that it is not something that should be out there on tv for us to have to explain, it is something that we need to be explaining to our children – because like it or not – it is out there and has been forever. As far as the commercial in question, people ban football and see how they like it!

        • James Maxwell

          Mimi if everyone one agreed with ever thing I said i would
          be the first to question your mental status. The beauty of
          our nation and our freedoms is that we have the right to
          express our opinions. but we can have a meaningful
          discussion and hopefully reach an agreement that will be
          acceptable to all even though we may not be totally happy
          with it 100%. We have become a nation of excess, and
          with the fast and easy credit that has destroyed many
          families. Moderation in all things is always best and having
          a plan to save money to buy what we need or want rather
          than put our family and our future at risk. I have known
          homosexual and even some in my family. I do not nor and
          never will agree with their life style. But by the same token
          I will defend their right to life as they choose, I just do not
          want them to influence my grandchildren or great grandchildren.
          Life is to hard and children are to easily swayed.

          • gramof1

            If everyone becomes homosexuals and lesbians say goodby to civilization. You keep your life style but don’t impose it on those who are straight.

      • jayboyd27

        One of the great rights in this country is to have your own opinion even the nfl is allowed to have there own opinion.You can’t force anybody to spread a message they choose not to.

    • colsooonscoorner

      Yes the wonderment that is today. When I was a kid they had to contort themselves to get a bra commercial on. Think it got real brazen when the plyed them to plastic forms. When I see such stuff on now I’m sure glad my kids are grown. My hubby & I dove to cover the kids eyes when the scenes got to heavy. I think we’d just turn it off now. Ordinary commercials & programming are way over the top today.

    • True_Christian

      Hey, she’ll need to know sooner or later, right?

    • James Taylor

      If you have a child to young for this type of discussion you can try what I told my Grandson. Oh, it’s just a little pill that a lot of politicians are taking because they have “electile dysfnction”. That one worked pretty good since he wasn’t paying real close attention to the exact words, yet.

    • ban-da-gun

      do you know why? bet you dont !!

    • jayboyd27

      also banned ads no condom or viagra ads during the super bowl

    • Embarrassed Mom

      Try explaining post menopausal dryness.

    • Lamar Bragg

      u just trying to be funny. that is a part of human nature that is a conversation you going to have to have anyways don’t try to compare the two. did you feel that offended when the show pictures of the damage guns do to children. neo christains kill me with wwjd he would not carry a bush master.

  • Bob Jones

    The NFL can turn down anything they want. However they do allow violent video games, alcohol, prescription medicines, and sexual commercials. But do not allow a commercial promoting a law-abiding citizen to protect his or her family/home. Hmmm…something is wrong here!

  • Rich N

    I work directly in the firearms industry as a consultant and as an instructor. I have but just one question to ask those who claim to be fighting to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights; why have we not filed discrimination and profiling charges against those who refuse to do business with us or prevent us from exercising our constitutional rights?? Is what the NFL is claiming not discriminatory? Are gun owners being profiled as bad people?? Financial institutions refusing to do business with FFL dealers or how about businesses like Wild Buffalo Wings who will not allow open carry.
    Is this not profiling and discrimination? ?????

    • Breandan

      Because, as much as I may disagree with their stance, they are also private entities and it would be hypocritical of me to force my views and preferred products down their throats while at the same time fighting vociferously to keep people like them from doing the same to me. It’s all about consistency- either we all support private sector and personal rights, or we don’t. There’s not a lot of middle ground on this as they are a private corporate enterprise. I choose to punish them by not giving them my money, but that’s the free-market method of protesting such ideologies.

      • doliver

        Yes I agree and have better things to do with my time.
        Don’t watch

    • Big Steve

      Breandan is right. They have every right to their stance on guns. But what they don’t have a right to is my money. If they want to take a stand, and refuse to do business with people who concealed carry, then that’s fine. But the problem is that too many people will bitch about the policies these people have, and then say “Oh, but I loves me some Buffalo Wild Wings, so I’ll just leave my weapon in the car while I eat there…”. That doesn’t work. If you disagree with their stance, don’t reward them for it with your business. Sometimes you have to stick to your guns (in this case, literally), even if it means you lose something you enjoy to do it. Otherwise, things will never improve.

      • Guy Bennett

        NFL Stadiums around the country are SUBSIDIZED by US TAXES… that sort of removes their ‘private entity’ status

        • Smurf

          So are the boy scouts and they still keep up their level of discrimination. It’s a double standard that applies to both organizations and I don’t think either organization should get public funding if they wish to remain private.

          • Matthew Underwood

            Since when do boy scouts get us tax dollars? Never heard of such a thing.

          • Yanksta

            They once used Ft AP Hill in VA as the HQ for their national jamboree. But a big fuss was made about the Scouts getting to use a government facility while “discriminating” agianst some, so they no longer go there. Other than that, which again no longer happens, I’d like Smurf to show us where in the US budget, is money allocated for Boy Scouts.

          • Only8vGTI

            What budget?

          • Stan / 55 year scouter

            For your information the Boy Scouts have put approximately 4 Million dollars into the use of the area AP Hill , this was for renavations to the camp each year that they used the camp. The BSA gets no monies from the US Gov’t. budget. The reason it left AP Hill was that some kind people had donated land in W.V for the use of the Jamboree. We the BSA now owns the property and will have all our Jamborees and will not be bothered by the do gooders who complained about us using the Army Camp. We put a lot of money into the economy of the area and they were sorry to see us go. Thanks to the people who donated the land , Thank you, thank you, thank you

          • Yanksta

            Stan, I work at Ft AP Hill from time to time. I did not mean to imply that the BSA did not fund their Jamboree. I was simply stating that the use of a government facility for the BSAJ was the reason for the outcry against long standing BSA policies that the vocal few deemed inapporpriate. I for one am very happy for the BSA to have their own property now and they will no longer have to listen to the caterwailing from the “do gooders”.

          • Norman Hendrickson

            They don’t.

          • Charles Bubba Carver

            i a former boy scout troop leader can tell you i never was offered any option for tax payer help we needed money we had to find a place to hold a benefit and do everything our selves like buy the water rent the venue and supply the tools needed to make the money we needed and when a child’s family couldn’t pay for things like soap car races or badges then we as leaders went into our pockets with only following our heart not a book to help those children be apart of what ever we were doing so NO tax payer dimes are not used by the boy scouts of America hell just try calling a boy scout office and you’ll see they are just as rude and profile just as much as everyone else in this cruel world

        • Peter Furman

          There you go! Who pays those taxes? The theft and use of “our” monies is no less a crime than “grand larceny” as in $500 billion of Medicare monies,taxpayer monies have been “redistributed or is the money in foreign bank accounts and/or financing tyranny here at home?
          Some of if not all of your money has been used by a rogue,criminal government on jobs that never happened and of course the Fraud,the scam,the lies,the Failure of Obama Care which has cost how much ?

          • 5thwarder

            How much have the illegal wars started by Bush cost us in lives and money? Have you forgotten that you’re still paying for those asinine decisions? Or do you place more importance on what healthcare costs?

          • Pete Wallace

            How many (successful) terrorist attacks have their been on US soil since GWB started those “illegal wars?” Just sayin’ I’d rather the fighting take place over there instead of over here, but that is just my opinion. Probably does not mean much to you. Does to me and my family, that’s all that matters to me anyway.

          • Cp

            Hey 5thWarder…you mean all those wars your lefty buddies signed on for too. Yeah, we’re still paying for that idiot’s actions. Just like our great grandchildren will be paying for Obama’s. Until we get back to our TRUE conservative roots, we’ll be forever paying. Vote em all out!!!

          • Tom

            The point is that people signed on to the Iraq ware because they were mislead about the existence of WMD’s. Had we been told how weak the intelligence was, it never would have happened.

          • cyanlink

            Does anyone besides Soldiers… hi BTW. Remember when we tried to pull out in ’05 or so and there were several tourist spots across Europe that got blown up? Anyone in America I mean.

        • Cp

          Not all Stadiums…& the ones that are are on the local level, not federal

      • rchguns

        A Few Years Ago A Young Lady One into a Restaurant and left a gun in the car because that was the policy At the Time. She didn’t make it back to our car because trigger-happy idiots came into the restaurant and started shooting people. She survived for one of the first statements she made was that if I had my gun this wouldn’t have happened.

        • David in Dallas

          Suzanna Gratia Hupp, and it was a Luby’s restaurant in Killeen, Texas on 16 Oct 1991. Both of her parents were shot and killed that day. She has been an ardent supporter of concealed carry ever since.

          • rchguns

            thank you for getting back to me on that I had forgotten her name

      • USPatriotOne

        Big Steve, NO they don’t have the right to block this Ad…they have taken to the Public Air Waves in a huge public forum (Super Bowl) and by doing so have entered the realm of the Bill of Rights and the 1st Amendment!

        • needful

          national football is a total joke.multi-million dollar players,drugs.there is no way people can tell me that there is no (game fixing) taking place,there is just too much money floating around! the whole industry is corrupt,and now you have the ultra liberals running the show!!!the best way to put a stop to this nonsense is by not supporting their business!don’t watch the games,don’t buy their merchandise,DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!!

      • john4637

        Those offended need to inform the NFL and those who are “permitted” to advertise, that they intend to boycott purchasing their products. The second amendment is not about money, football or buffalo wings, it is about our inherent rights, granted by the Bill of Rights.

      • chamuiel

        What? Does the NFL ask each of their customers if they conceal carry?

        The NFL should have let the commercial be shown, but your explanation is rather badly thought out.

        what did the commercial have to do with conceal carry? How do you conceal carry a ar15 type rifle, and why would you want to?/


        • ChiefBoring

          Guys, please go back and read Steve’s post. His concealed carry reference was an example regarding Buffalo Wings, whose ad apparently was carried on the Super Bowl, and whom do not allow weapons in their stores. Steve did not say the NFL had any policy on concealed carry. Read before responding.

        • Charles Bubba Carver

          i didn’t even see a gun in the video i watched

  • john

    Perhaps we need to boycott watching the NFL and see the effects!!

    • Dameander

      I agree! I will be out shooting during this year’s Super Bowl

    • Big Steve

      I just posted the same thing (albeit a little wordier version, lol), before I saw your post. I agree, completely. They’ve become so huge that they don’t seem to remember that most of their fans probably have some form of firearm in their house, somewhere…whether it’s for sport, recreation, hunting, work, or protection. If those people will prioritize their rights over a single football game (no matter how important), we’ll see some change, eventually. Besides, someone who doesn’t care about gun rights will record it so they can watch it later.

      • 3strokes

        Most of their “Players: have some form of firearm……………

    • Mike Wilcox

      I have for most of my life. I don’t understand the fascination of watching grown men play a kid’s game.

      • David in Dallas

        Same here. I have never cared for football. And I don’t think it should be a “kid’s game” because their bodies are not ready for that kind of violence. (And it seems that grown men’s bodies aren’t, either, considering the number of concussion injuries we are learning about these days.)

  • roguesam

    What a bunch of Wankers.

    • roadking2000

      NFL: NO F***ING LOGIC!

    • chamuiel

      you must be a socker fan.

  • Butt tap

    There is just something about watching grown men running around tackling each other in leotards, spandex what ever you want to call em. Then spank each other on the ass, “good play big guy”.

    • Karen Kelly Salce

      much rather be out shooting, or taking my 9 yr old daughter out for bow practice!!!!

  • Shomolom Goldstein

    Go to Iraq thinking your protecting freedums at home.
    Gets banned!
    heheheh thanks for dying for Israel stupid Goy!

    • YukonCharlie

      Another one of the countless reasons I have no use for the National Felon League. You are somehow a tax exempt “non-profit” organization but my ass gets taxed to death. You have the audacity to tell civilians and off duty Police they can not carry concealed in your stadiums while half of the thugs in the NFL probably have firearms in the locker room. I fail to see where the talent lies in being able to run a few yards with a ball in your arms. I do see the talent in being able to hit a fucking Taliban fighter between the eyes at 600 yards with the same type of rifle this company manufactures making it just a little harder for more of these cocksuckers to crash a plane into one of your packed stadiums!

  • Chris B.

    With all the new sissy rules and lawsuits (and banning things like this) why haven’t we started a “Tea Party” football league already.
    Just like the GOP , the NFL has been handed over the weaklings and cowards.
    We can’t let fond memories of how it was before cloud the facts.

  • Tommy Huntington

    NFL unfair.

  • Jason

    You guys may disagree with this ban but I personally agree with this commercial being banned. It’s no wonder the states is known for people who go on high school rampages killing innocent civilians because of how easy it is to get a gun there.

    • Amy

      “known for people who go on high school rampages”? Over 230 years as a free country and we’ve had what 2? 3? “high school shooting rampages” yet you think that’s what we’re “known for”? Well hell, now I understand why all those people are illegally crossing our borders by the thousands.

      • tom

        Amy I agree that it is not the high school rampages that we are known for. Newton was an elementary school.

    • Karen Kelly Salce

      Are you kidding me????? You Jason must be about 21 years of age to make an ignorant comment like that!!! And that’s ok, you don’t have to agree with “guns”, but let me ask you a question? Do you own a gun? Didn’t think so. Just for the record, I am a 46 year old woman raising 2 children. My husband was killed 6 years ago at work. Fell off a roof and died instantly. I went and got my pistol permit, conceal and carry. Which, by the way took me from Feb. til June to get! Nothing “easy” about that! I am protecting myself and my family. My son is 21, has 2 shot guns. Every gun in this house is loaded and ready to go! My 9 year old daughter, shoots compound bow! She will put an arrow thru someones eye! Guaranteed!!!! (and yes! I’m proud of that) She knows where my pistol is when we are home and how to use it if i am incapacitated….i would much rather her stand trial for killing my rapist….than hold a funeral for her only living parent left!!!!!! Get back to me when you have children of your own!!!! God Bless

      • Tom

        Most people out side the US would read your post and go “Why would anyone want to live in such fear like you do?”

    • mac12sam12

      New Orleans, Chicago, Detroit and DC have the toughest firearm laws and the most murders.

    • onyxtiger

      The only response to this is that ALL mass shootings have been done by either ‘Progressive Liberals’, or children (Columbine) of “Progressive Liberals”. Never had an NRA member or CCW holder do anything like that yet. Guess we need to ban democrats from possessing guns to stop the mass shootings!

  • The Nev

    Bet you if it was a commercial promoting dog fighting, the NFL would be all over it. When are we going to stop paying these people?

  • Dan

    Its in the NFL’s rules, and the rules have been the same for many years, its not like they are pulling it out of their ass now because Daniel Defense wanted to have a superbowl ad. The ad isnt even that good. You would think a company that sells overpriced AR15’s would have the money to make a decent ad.

    • Big Steve

      The quality of the ad, or Daniel Defense’s products, isn’t really the point, here. And from what I saw, the ad didn’t breach any of the NFL’s requirements for an ad. Also, they had another ad that was previously shown, that even involved a weapon being fired. For whatever reason, they decided not to let this ad be shown, and regardless of whether you appreciate the product, or the company, or whatever, if everyone takes that stance on the situation, they get to do it over and over again, until eventually it’s about something you DO care about. But by that time, they’ll have done it so much that it’ll be universally accepted. Sometimes you have to take a stance on principle.

  • Amy

    I believe the NFL files as a non-profit. I have no idea how the hell THAT got approved but it seems to me that if you’re not private, you have no right to discriminate.

    • Rob

      The National Football League is an unincorporated nonprofit 501(c)(6) association, meaning its league office is not subject to income tax because it does not make a profit. In contrast, each individual team (except the non-profit Green Bay Packers) is subject to tax because they make a profit. The NFL considers itself a trade association made up of and financed by its 32 member teams. Designation as a nonprofit does not mean that the organization does not intend to make a profit, but rather that the organization has no owners and that the funds realized in the operation of the organization will not be used to benefit any owners. Not sure where your argument is going. Just because they are a nonprofit, that does not preclude them from choosing which advertisers air during their game. There’s a disconnect here.

  • Rob

    Seems like an innocuous commercial, not sure why the NFL wouldn’t air it… like the Cialis commercials or all the sexed up beer (or other) ads. But, at the end of the day, just like we have the right to bear arms, they have a right to vet the commercials that will be aired on their biggest tv venue. I don’t understand why people think Daniel Defense has a RIGHT to air their commercial during the Super Bowl… I agree it’s kinda dumb, but no rights have been violated here.

  • SilkRoad

    The national FELON league (or n3gro felon league) blames guns for the trouble it’s frequently lawless players get into.

    • Randy

      This is the kind of comment that makes people think gun owners are all a bunch of white, hillbilly racists. How many players are in the NFL total? How many have been convicted of a felony? Now find a similar sized group of people (like a union) and prove to me they had less felonies than the NFL players. I am a gun owner, and a white male, and I like football, and I am a democrat! How do you like that?

      • spatcher

        3 out of 4 aint bad!

      • LastSaneMan


    • HCUA

      Say Negro. It is the Spanish word for black. Is Spanish now being white-washed?

  • RyansDad

    How about running it during the 2014 Winter Olympics.
    Pros: Shooting is part of the Militatry Patrol Biathalon event.
    Cons: The commercial would only get out to the 5 people that actually watche the Winter Olympics

  • SilkRoad

    If DD sees this comment: your commercial was too long.

  • Big Steve

    I couldn’t care less about sports, but I know a lot of people are fans. But this is actually a really good chance to show some support for the firearms industry. If you’re a gun enthusiast, and a sports fan, simply refuse to watch this Superbowl until later on. Surely you can have a friend dvr it for you that’s not as much of a firearms enthusiast. It’s not much, but it’ll hurt their numbers, and that’s why people pay so much for the commercials they show, because there are so many people watching. If that starts falling, so will their profits, and they’ll realize they messed up. If enough people will prioritize supporting lasting rights over watching an annual football competition, we might make a little headway.

    • disqus_0NaovmuWmf

      Even better. Don’t watch it later either.

    • HCUA

      MLB and NBA are the same. The commissioners are the same in the three major sports. They are all wimps and liberals that kow-tow to the left-wing mindset. They don’t stand for American rights, American sports and the American way, things that made us great, and attract others to want to come here.

  • T_royinks

    Lie.. No ads featuring ancohol?? So what about the Budwieser horse commercials??

  • Art Mazeau

    “The NFL’s Advertising Policy addresses several Prohibited Advertising Categories, including guidelines for ads featuring alcohol, video games, movies, prescription drugs, and, of course, firearms.” I see a problem with their statement starting with “Prohibited Advertising Categories” and then the word Alcohol. Who is going to tell me they have never seen a Budwieser ad during the super bowl?

  • Fist_of_Doom

    Stop complaining and do something. Blast the NFL on twitter and FB. Do not watch the Super Bowl. Stand up for what you believe.

  • Robert Ritchey

    I dont support organizations that do not support the constitution. It is their choice as this is a free country just as it is my choice as to where I spend my money. It won’t be with them, their sponsors or any of their supporters.

    Comments by Mad Dad are spot on!.

  • KellyJeanne Pyne

    it says Alcohol and movies are in the banned categories and yet Budwiser and major movies are always in the commercials. so WTF

  • fedup

    The way the game is going, with kick offs, tackling rules, “Bullying”,
    Costas, and now this, forget it. Let the NFL put on pink lace panties, I’ll stick with a mans game, Hockey.

    • chamuiel

      hockey not american.

      • William Brown

        Neither is football, baseball, or basketball. All invented by Canadian citizens.

    • onyxtiger

      Actually, as my 18 year old granddaughter put it one time, football is for pussies. (Heh, she plays Rugby. Now there’s a game that no NFL player could handle.)

  • John Doh

    What a bunch of bitches. They know that if the american public seen a commercial such as this one than they will see firearms in a positive fashion. They want to brainwash the public that guns are bad and whoever owns one is a bad person. All they show on the mainstream media is guns being used to in a negative light. But what they don’t tell you is that these criminals obtained these firearms illegally.

  • ThePlumberBob

    NFL sucks, and most of the teams suck too…

  • Scott Snoopy

    this is yet another reason why I haven’t watched a professional team sport in years. The NFL, NBA, MLB; will bend over backwards for those who abuse drugs, commit domestic violence, drink drunk/recklessly..all actions that can and do get mere mortals fired from jobs

  • MatthewS

    NFL = No F***ing Logic.

  • MatthewS
  • handgunnar

    The NFL is run by a gutless collection of hyperthyroidal pussies pretending to be men.

  • Thomas Lockhart

    The NFL is part of the liberal entertainment industry. They don’t give a rat’s ass about anything but the money they can bilk out of every American for playing a game. Seriously. I don’t even watch “professional” sports anymore.

  • Moshe Ben Avram

    Maybe it’s time to boycott the NFL, if all they care about is money.


    I wouldn’t watch the Stupor Bowl any way but after seeing this I will boycott it actively.

  • LibertyToad

    It seems the NFL is against people defending their families….how backwards can they be?

  • Michael G. Marriam

    99.9% of gun owners in the American Empire would meekly submit to confiscation if it meant missing a football game. Talk is cheap but my 80 year old mother has more intestinal fortitude then they do. Here in NYS we tried to get folks to forgo purchasing hunting and fishing licenses in protest against the New York State S.A.F.E. Act and you should have heard the moans. It’s not a sacrifice unless it costs you something and no politician is going to care what you say if you aren’t willing to sacrifice anything for your cause. That includes skipping a hunting season or two to put a hurt on your oppressors. It seems most gun owners are all in favor of sacrifice as long as it’s some 19 year old doing it in Afghanistan.

  • Shawnk44

    The NFL lits nipples slip out, runs Bud commercials (I guess that isn’t alchohol?), and runs Viagra commercials. I would rather my children learn about a firearm manufacturer than any of the crap that the NFL regularly runs ads for.

    • chamuiel

      lits nipples slip out?

      The misspellings in today’s post by many can be attributed to the imbibing of too much alcohol, I hope.

      • Nramem

        Or high blood pressure due to being extremly pi$$ed off!!

  • Concerned

    Hoplophobia (n.): The irrational fear of weapons, correctly described by
    Freud as “a sign of emotional and sexual immaturity”. Hoplophobia, like
    homophobia, is a displacement symptom; hoplophobes fear their own
    “forbidden” feelings and urges to commit violence. This would be
    harmless, except that they project these feelings onto others. The
    sequelae of this neurosis include irrational and dangerous behaviors
    such as passing “gun-control” laws and trashing the Constitution.
    — Eric S. Raymond

    “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity”
    -Sigmund Freud, General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

    “If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective.”
    – Ted Nugent

    “Self-defense is Nature’s eldest law.”
    -John Dryden

  • Chas No

    The NFL is gay.

    • Tom

      Chas No, it is comforting to know that such a brilliant thinker as yourself owns a gun.

      • Chas No

        Let me put it more simply for you. How about Ghettoese, the eloquently expressive launguage of the Sacred Negroes of the Democratic Party? “THEY HOMO!!!”

      • Chas No

        Simple things require only simple explanations.

  • tinwhistler

    I will find something interesting to do with the time slots for NFL games, like cleaning my guns. I have had no problem driving by Starbucks and Buffalo Wild Wings. Daniel Defense should sue the NFL for tortious interference with their business relationships, the NFL fans.

  • Joseph Blosch

    Pretty much, I can see not spending any more money with the NFL, and football was getting pretty damn boring anyways.


    Great video. Simple, too the point, doesn’t glorify guns in any way. Well done !

  • LifeTraveller

    Once again the NFL screws the American Public. .In it’s own way. . of course they’ve screwed every city and state that has a team, but who’s counting?

  • mondolibre

    Between player criminal convictions and Concussion Nazis and their “I’m A Criminal because I Got Bonked on the Head” litigation, the National Felon League is just about over anyway.

  • doliver

    NATIONAL FELON LEAGUE setting an example for us all. I don’t watch it period

  • John Beach Hubbard

    I don’t watch football. I don’t like much about the NFL, anyway. I do like guns and believe that people should spend less time watching overpaid, steroid-hyped idiots chasing a ball and more time with their families and practicing the art of self-defense.

  • Bill

    As a life member of the NRA, might I suggest that every NRA member boycott the Super Bowl, other NFL games and all the advertisers promoting violence thru video games, erectile dysfunction ads and ads that promote sex for young viewers to see. I personally could give a big rat’s butt less about the Super Bowl as I don’t live in a city with a NFL team. I just want to know when enough is enough and people wise-up to all the crap that is being shoved down our throats in the name of political correctness.

  • John Beavers

    It looks like I will not be watching the super bowl as a protest.

    • HCUA

      I have not yet seen here here any stopping watching Sunday football.

  • BJC

    The NFL are a bunch of hypocrites they say they have policies against alcohol, prescription drugs, violent video, firearms & ammo but their biggest advertisers are Bud, Bud light, Viagra and games like call to duty. The only part of their policy they are enforcing is banning the firearms industry. And by not allowing the ad without the image of the rifle they are showing their true discriminative and biases view’s. F**k the NFL.

  • Tired of the BS.

    So NO alcohol ? I guess beer doesn’t count. ?

  • keribari

    Too much private and personal info on commercials. Nothing regarding freedom of saftey choices matter. I think the picture of him as a marine may have dissuaded the judges also.

  • john4637

    I would not be surprised to see the NFL demand that the armed members of the color guard opening the game, remove the bolts from their rifles like Obama did to the Marines parading at his last inaugural. Better yet, make them leave the rifles on the bus and guard the colors unarmed. Wow hos sissified will the NFL become?

  • mac12sam12

    The pussification of football.

  • Tim

    Extremely benign commercial.

  • Ryan

    I’m done with the NFL. They will not get one more cent out of me from this point forward. The NFL has been getting lamer each year, this just about tops it off. They should ban all the beer ads, how many people are killed and injured by drunk drivers each year?!

  • tizwicky2009

    This is total BS and I think that it’s time that we ALL let the NFL know how we feel about this kind of suppression!

  • IHateLibs

    Are You SH*TTIN ME ?? Now even the NFL ?? Has gone LIB UN-AMERICAN ?? NOW I know why I was getting Sick of Football . This is ANOTHER Reason

  • BusaJay

    Really not a surprise here. Main stream TV wants nothing to do with anything about guns. To say DD sells other items than just firearms, so it meets the guidelines, is just silly. Don’t kid yourselves, if any person knows the name Daniel Defense they will think of rifles not a new jacket with logo on it. I’ve never seen any gun related sellers on network tv, only cable. That was a great ad but it makes people in charge think about real life, like protecting you and your family. It goes against what they believe in: “The local police is out there if you need help so go back to your little happy bubble and watch some guys throw a ball around and we will sell you other crap that doesn’t matter either – like wiener fixer pills”. You can be upset all that you want, the ones in charge know what they want and don’t care what others may think, they know what is best for all. This world is getting worse everyday and does not look like it is slowing down in that way. Good luck to everyone out there with half a brain!

  • Roger Sroka

    Jeez, next thing you know they’re going to stop thugs from playing football. Life just isn’t fun anymore!

  • AJ Beck

    I`m sure they would have aired the commercial if it was a mixed race family like the media and government has been shoving down our throats for the last decade or so. Since it`s a wholesome white family it does`t align with their white genocide agenda ! It`s no longer “OK” to be attracted to just a white woman or man. Your now labeled a racist if you are. This is how the negros are defiling our white women, they guilt them into sleeping with them. So the woman is not humiliated in public they are being “raped” by the animal negro through a guilt process. I have had many, many negro woman ask me out on a date and I tell them the truth. I do not find the negro woman attractive and the first thing the scream in my face is that I`m a racist but the truth is they are not attractive to me. I love the white skin of the beautiful Aryan woman.

  • REALLY Annoyed (ex) Fan

    The best response to this would be for all people who own firearms, object to the hypocritical position of the NFL, or see see more freedom of expression or choice, disappearing, is to simply notify the NFL that they are boycotting any and all NFL licensed materials, their broadcasts, their games, and, most importantly, any store which carries any NFL items for sale.
    The blowback from TV sponsors (loss of audience/market), the loss of revenue to stores carrying NFL licensed products, and the loss of revenue to the teams and the NFL (the commissioner’s office) would be staggering within one month of people doing it. They would back down so fast slobbering apologies everywhere that you’d be in danger of drowning in it.
    The best, and ONLY way to get to these anti-American fools is to hit them where they’d hurt the most- their wallets.
    I full intend to return NFL items to the stores purchased from and will make a point of why I’m doing so and will NOT be purchasing ANY items from them until they stop carrying NFL licensed items.
    (And then I’ll go looking for “knock-offs” from which the NFL receives NOTHING.

  • Rodger VanAusdal

    How/where do I send my email to the NFL letting them know I won’t be watching ANY of their commercials this year?

  • chamuiel

    all i can say after reading some of these posts is that those thanksgiving drinks must be strong.

  • Barbara

    NFL is power mad! I used to be a bartender on Las Vegas Strip. They will not allow us to use the words Super Bowl to advertise our parties. It has to be big game or super stupid is that?I think I’ll go shooting on Superbowl Sunday too now!

  • Robert Haag

    These guys also allowed liberal opinion to stop Rush Limbaugh, an American Citizen, from investing in an NFL team limiting his free exercise of commerce.

  • onyxtiger

    Gun owners need to stand together. I just sent the following letter to the NFL. I’ll stick with it. I can live without the NFL.
    ” I’m afraid I can no longer listen to, watch, or in any other way support the UnAmerican NFL. They ban a commercial from Daniel Defense, with NO justification, but, at the same time allow commercials about alcohol, erectile dysfunction, and drugs. What hypocrisy. Anything NFL related will no longer be allowed in my home.”

    I already refuse to trade at stores that post ‘no guns allowed’.
    If all gun owners would do this, we’d have a major impact on the retailers, sports organizations, etc.

  • Adolph

    They can stick the games I’ll go to the rifle range, we have to much of this bullshit

  • perry

    i won’t be watching the super bowl! they said they didn’t do ads about druds .hell all the players are drugged up .i stopped watching years ago cause of the racial bias

    • Tom

      Very proud that you take a stance against racial bias by not watching football! I hope that a thoughtful person like you owns lots of guns.

  • wdcraftr

    NO Problem here. I WILL NOT Watch the Super Bowl, or other NFL games on Fox. I guess Fox has gone from Conservative, to boot licking RINO… If a Million people do not watch Fox Super Bowl, it will Sure send a Monetary message.. There’s So much More to Life than football.. Like God, family, America’s constitutional history, bible study, and range time with the kids..

    • Hydra Rec

      Fox didn’t nix it, the NFL did. “According to a statement from FOX to Daniel Defense, “Unfortunately, we cannot accept your commercial in football/Super Bowl spots due to the rules the NFL itself has set into place for your company’s category.”,

      and “When the NFL denied the ad, Daniel Defense immediately offered to
      replace the DDM4 logo with an American flag and/or the words “Shall not
      be infringed.” The NFL replied with another non-negotiable denial.

      Don’t shoot the messenger.

      For myself I won’t be watching the game because the NFL sucks!

      • wdcraftr

        Thanks for the correction, but not watching affects the NFL, so I still won’t watch.. Sorry Fox.
        As for Thanksgiving, here is George Washington, 1789, and the TRUE Meaning of Thanksgiving..

        By the President of the United States of America, a Proclamation.

        Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor– and whereas both Houses of Congress have by their joint Committee requested me to recommend to the People of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many signal favors of Almighty God especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness.

        Read more:

    • spatcher

      Cant you dumba$$es read? Fox had nothing to do with it!

    • Tom

      Good that we all acknowledge that FOX has had a conservative bias.


    The Problem

    The biggest problem with this ad is the lack of specificity. Just what the hell is it referring too? It could be just about anything: Mace, battery acid, baseball bats, machetes, spears, a big dog, what? If you don’t say what you mean, people will insert their own interpretations. In this case, the NFL saw demons and rejected the concept.

    If you don’t have the balls to define your meaning, then accept rejection. All the ad had to say was that you have the RIGHT to protect yourself and your family, and you have the RIGHT to choose whatever means. And, we have some suggestions.

    Any questions?

  • Shoshi

    That is a very cool ad. The NFL has fans over a barrel, since it is unlikely that anyone would boycott the Super Bowl for this. The ad is SO low key, what is the NFL’s issue??

    • onyxtiger

      They’re stupid liberal assholes. That’s their issue.

    • Shoshi

      I’m really impressed that so many here are actually choosing to boycott the NFL and their Super Bowl. The NFL certainly doesn’t deserve our support. And I’m glad I was wrong about that in my previous comment. Hopefully this will show the NFL that it will cost them to bring politics into their sports.

  • Chris Neri

    Who needs the NFL anyway…If it wasn’t for our grandfathers using fire arms 70 years ago the NFL would be using a soccer ball.

  • A. Canton

    Stats may easily show that more people, especially children are injured or die from football related injuries than firearms. This is a 1st ammend. issue as well as an issue of sense & logic.

  • Ed G

    I think the NFL has too much money and the people who support it should reconsider doing it if they are against what most NFL supporters feel is their right guaranteed by the constitution.

  • Reasoniam

    Now, how many will be angry enough to actually boycott Super Bowl XLVIII ? Or Fox, their advertisers? O’Reily’s ghost written books?

  • runbot

    WUSSIFICATION of America.

  • veniceneon

    Well, the NFL has chosen to go political. Time to go political on them.

  • Allen Bercowetz

    “huntervic” nailed it. daniel defense is known to a select audience, this would have made a good add for a number of different security systems.

  • james huddlestun

    The NFL should take a look at the tremendous number of thugs ,some armed some not, in their ranks and take action to eliminate the bad actors.

  • 1LTLos

    Fuck football — when I played the object of the game was to take up territory and score at the endzone. That is the point. When I played “celebration” was met with a yellow flag and minus ten yards !! sINCE Billy Whiteshoes Johnson – early 80’s ??? Celebration seems to be the objective and the stupidist looking hair and tatoos is the rule. Morons whose jibberish cannot be understood and cannot complete a sentence also seem to have replaced Rhodes Scholar Quarterbacks and player with character such as Roger Staubach and Don Meredith Bart Starr John UNitas Do I watch football anymore? NO!
    I watch the films of the four seasons I played with my team to enjoy REAL football The NFL is BS

  • colsooonscoorner

    Well guess NFL mangers have decided that the boys are just too wossie for such harsh branding> WTG makes ya look MIGHTY LOL. PC.that is one world order way of thinking, of course we all want to live that way!

  • Tom

    Can’t expect much respect for our Constitutional rights when not only businesses but our own government openly ignores it. Protest loudly!!!

    • Tom

      Where in the Constitution does it say that a business cannot refuse to provide services that they don’t want to provide? The NFL is not preventing anyone from owning a gun. They just don’t want to advertise guns. They have a right to do that. You may find that decision offensive, but it is not unconstitutional and it dose not infringe or your constitutional rights.

  • Ron G

    Sure. Let’s boycott the Super Bowl. Ha ha ha. Face it folks, guns are just too scary for half of the country. (Democrats).

    • Tom

      And the world is too scary for the other half.

  • Leo B

    Okay G&A, who came up with the stupid title for this piece? Gun commercial? How about saying the NFL banned a personal responsibility commercial? A self defense commercial? Anything but a “gun commercial” when their policy is anti-gun. After your recent fiasco one would expect a little more “editing” from your editors, or do you just not have any editors?

    And boycott the NFL. Don’t watch any games until they change their policy.

  • Curt

    Just as you have the right to complain. The NFL has the right to show what commercials they want. Get over it. It isn’t about you.

    • Nramem

      And we have the right to boycott their games. Get over that!

  • John

    I just renewed my subscription to G&A and will buy another AR from Daniel Defense !!!

  • 3strokes

    Gun-owners and NRA members and lovers of the 2nd should boycott the Super-Bowl. I will.

  • INTJ

    Time to buy a Daniel AR.

  • Bruce

    NFL FOOTBALL come on, one of the most violent sports except for maybe soccer. I love football but I am going to skip the NFL this year. I can live without seeing the Super Bowl also.

  • Details For Me

    I have no problem boycotting NFL games in response to this biased decision. Unfortunately, I’m probably one in a million who prefer the right to bear arms over the vanity of football.

    • Nramem

      I’m with ya. I’ll not be tuning in to anything that is NFL. There’s plenty of college games to watch. SC Gamecocks this Sat at 7pm.

  • Sarah Weaver

    I wonder what would the NFL say if the exact same ad were submitted replacing “Daniel Defense” with “ADT”?

  • Don C. Hayward

    The Marxist loony tunes who prohibit the exercise of an enumerated constitutional right have no problem forcing others to buy insurance. The f— world is upside down.

  • Cooleemee Edd

    I’m not watching the Super Bowl this year. Call it a boycott.

  • mikel

    sooooo we won’t be seeing any budwiser commercials.

  • ray_leonard

    Well I can understand the NFL position because so many of their players have been arrested for the illegal use of firearms. Then let’s not forget the domestic abuse charges that their spouses file against the players.

  • Johnny

    But they can run beer commercials until people are drunk as skunks?

  • gfsomsel

    I wonder what would happen if all those supporting gun rights made it known that they would not watch the Super Bowl (not even if the Colts happen to be in it). They cater to the gun grabbers because they make the most noise. It’s time for this wheel to start squeeking.

  • JM

    Tell me again what Janet Jacksons boob looks like!!

    • Baysidercw

      Yep I almost forgot about that one.

  • ckygogo

    Hello everyone, Let every one go to all forums, & any place our 2nd Amendment is valued & get everyone to swear an oath to make all of our voices heard to STOP this assult on our freedoms and Protest Any & All who violate our 2nd Amendment freedoms by a MASS blackout of their product! All 50 States “UNITED WE STAND OR”

  • Oneyeopn

    I say boycott the NFL…..after they walked out and went on strike I quit following baseball and basketball. I have not missed them at all….I backed away from the NFL after they went on strike. Having the NFL show an anti-second amendment bias just gives me another reason to push for boycotting the NFL. I support hitting the NFL where it hurts, in the pocket book. Don’t watch, don’t buy NFL gear, do not go to the games. They would not support the average American, so why support them.

  • tired conservative

    So they can’t advertise because of their product line is guns and ammo and apparel which you can not show in reality, but you can advertise video games where people get shot and blowed up and killed or maimed in so many ways. Ridiculous!!!

  • Sam H

    The NFL should just come out of the closet and admit that they hate the 2nd amendment.

  • Eagleseyrie

    NFL can keep their football and I’ll keep my CCW

  • Dlaeele

    I’m sure if people buying NFL tickets said we are going to watch the game on the internet until you wise up things would change. Hit them in the pocketbooks.
    Unless YOU stand up and say enough! nothing will change.

  • al

    I played football when I was a high school teen in the ’50’s. Weren’t many rules then. Now the game is like the federal marketing orders for cotton…thousands of pages of BS. You can’t line up like so, and you can’t stand here, and 15 yards if you fart. The game is not a game anymore. I wouldn’t go to a game if you gave me the ticket and took me there. Arlington Texas spent a billion (?) for billionaire socialist Jerry Jones’ Cowpussys and the tax payers are on the hook for that. The NFL makes billions every year and if they can’t pay for their own stadiums, I say let them play in a cow lot. I watch a few college games, but the NFL can go to ……

  • Charlie

    Sad day when two of our amendments of our bill of natural(God) given rights get canceled by a group that rules over American football. A group that that does not seem to understand that 335 pound man, unless a wimp, can not get bullied even by another large man. A group that does not undersand that sportsmen/sportswomen that watch American football also shoot guns and like watching advertisments of said activity. Bottom line would be that the NFL is way to much conserned what the nanny statist think. NFL was once run by real American adults who could give a crap about “PC” (political correctness).

  • Yitz

    The NFL had no problem letting Mayors Against Illegal Guns run a commercial during the Superbowl a few years back..

  • Mark Able Jones

    To the NFL’s credit, that would be the most boring Super Bowl commercial of all time.

  • Lakebound

    Well, the blame lays at our feet for continuing to support an industry (NFL) via merchandise and ticket sales while they work with group who want to disarm us. I’m tired of watching thug-ball anyway and prefer to watch NCAAF until that too becomes too thuggish to view.

  • darrell_b8

    Another PRIME example of how the LEFT has intimidated the capitalist culture of America. Might as well get DNC approval for ANY commercial or product for sale.

  • wes

    If we as Americans would all boycott the ridiculousness that is the superbowl spectacle, then maybe the worst network in the country Fox would get the message. I am tired of all the outlets trying to sensor our rights and freedoms. Too many have died protecting those rights and freedoms but todays government could care less about that. It is like spitting on those soldiers grave! It is far past the time for Americans to stand up and take back our country!

    • Tom

      The NFL is not harming anyone’s rights. To the contrary, you are harming its rights. It has to right to refuse to advertise guns just like it has the right to refuse to advertise abortion services. Stop playing the victim just because someone else exercises their rights in a way that you disagree with.

      • wes

        Dear Tom,
        You my friend could not be further from the truth! I, dear sir am not playing the victim. I take a stand on anything that violates the foundation as to which this country was built on. If all of you anti-gun nazi’s can not support the American right to Free Speach and the citizens right to bare arms, then you my friend need to renounce your citizenship and leave. The right to bare arms was instilled I to the Constitution to help the citizens keep their government in check. I will support the rights of every citizen with any opportunity that arrives.

  • 952

    Relay do you know how many fans you just insulted!

  • Cmayne

    The National Fairy League can pound sand for all I care!

  • Alan R. Thomas

    Have you seen the K-Mart Jo Boxer commercial????

  • deerslayer239

    No Superbowl or any NFL game or product for me or my family ever again!!! Bunch of JackAsses!!!! NOT IN MY HOUSE!!!

  • sinistar426

    like sand through the hourglass….

  • Ruu721

    Am i wrong or are there a lot of alcohol commercials???

  • Dean Harris

    I won’t be watching the super bowl this time around!

  • Ken

    Let us join to boycot every other product advertized on the Super Bowl. That should send a message… pass it on.

  • Bowserb

    I’ve just sent the following message to the NFL:

    “I just read that the NFL will not accept ads from Daniel Defense, a U.S. manufacturer of legal firearms. However, you will run ads for erectile dysfunction during games when children are likely to watch as well as other products not suitable for younger viewers.

    While I’ve not watched pro football for a number of years, I plan to tune in to an NFL game once a week just long enough to get a sponsor name, so that I can send a “disappointment” message to that sponsor along with the fact that the sponsor’s name is going to be added to a blacklist being created for the millions of gun owners in the U.S.

    Well done, NFL, your home of millionaire boys playing games on TV has sunk to a new low.”
    I’m next going to the G&A forum to try and start that blacklist.

  • Jhomas Tefferson

    I am happy to boycott the Superbowl this year.

  • jonathan

    i love it, and i am eager to see what the gun rights advocates in concert with the nra are going to do. will they start a campaign to get people to boycott the nfl. will they start a campaign calling the nfl socialist or communist. can’t wait to see what happens next. will dictator goodell bow before the pressures of the nra. stay tuned for the next episode of no gun commercials at the superbowl.

  • jovan1984

    I haven’t watch a game since the Lions finished 0-16 in 2008, but the NFL made the correct call here. Dozens of its players have been in trouble with firearms and this ad, had it aired, most certainly led to massive boycotts. Don’t forget the NFL’s core audience, and how angry they have been with these incidents under Goddell’s watch.

  • Keith G. Cooper

    The NFL is absolutely correct in their decision to ban this ad from appearing during the Super Bowl. It spews forth that using a gun is the best way to protect one’s family. An excellent home security system can protect your home as well.

    • Josh

      Hey Keith, what happens when the instruders sole purpose is to kill you? How long would that take “ya reckon”? That excellent home security system gonna knock down the bullets or take the knife away from the predator? Or, is it going to make a lot of noise so no one can hear the gunshots and screams? Don’t think the last thing I would want to hear is the blaring of my alarm system failing to protect me and my family. The security system in reality has no more effect that the no weapons stickers on doors and windows. If someone is coming in with intent to kill none of that will matter and it WILL be ignored. I’ve heard a few of my law enforcement buddies say “When seconds count, help is only minutes away.”

      I’ve seen a couple racist remarks on here “Shure nuff” but you know what, that is their opinion on the matter. You do have opinions right? You know like on gun control, gay rights, abortion and all that fun stuff. If you get to have yours then why can’t the racists hillbillies have theirs. Oh yeah cause we’re all toothless, uneducated, imbreeders that are beneath your high and mighty boot. That sum it up? Good luck with your security system I’ll keep my 45 near my bed.

  • Matthew Jeffers

    Oddly enough, the security forces that will ring the superbowl stadium WILL be armed to the teeth with more EBR’s than you can imagine. hahaha

  • TBK Revolution

    Meanwhile the Super Bowl will be protected by sniper nests and heavily armed police units…

  • TBK Revolution

    “Coalition to Stop Gun Violence” posted a link to this article, celebrating the NFL’s rejection of the ad. I am surprised the low-information, emotionally motivated anti-2nd amendment statists haven’t tried to flood this comment section with their misguided arguments

  • True_Christian

    Thank God the NFL showed some balls in staring down Daniel Defense… kind of like the civilized world telling murderers, “uh uh… not on our turf!”

  • Ray

    If they prohibit alcohol, how come they allow Budweiser to advertise?

  • mattan84

    The ad is not good. They should have put larry vickers talking about how great the rifles are. Not a general stereotypical family rile vague on the product you’re attempting to sell. Its just a bad ad.

  • C. Dixon


    The NFL allows commercials for the latest action or slasher movie to be shown during the Super Bowl. Lets advertisements for the newest M-rated FPS video games air during half-time. Permits two-minute-long commercials on the latest pharmaceutical that spends over ninety seconds to VERY QUICKLY go over all of the warnings about potential side effects of said drug, and then repeat multiple times about how this drug DOES NOT CAUSE ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION.

    But they don’t allow a simple commercial that promotes home safety and personal protection.

  • Carolina

    This ad is creepy.

  • Mancave Heywood

    Funny how all the people on here are for this, yet the nfl gets a stiffy for alcohol commercials. Hey sheep, alcohol kills more people in this country every year than firearms do, actually so do doctors. So remember that bit of info the next time you take yourself or someone else to the doctors for a visit, it could be your last!!

  • smitch

    Suck it up NFL Fans and ban the the NFL in your life, home and weekends! Don’t watch the Superbowl and then watch them back step! What a bunch of hypocrites will not support the 2 Amendment but please keep buying tickets and watching Monday NIght Football. I will NEVER watch another game not even the Superbowl!

  • Andrew Petersen

    The NFL is still smarting from the State of Texas Striking down this ban and is attempting to salve its ego. They are hypocrites. XBox One games and PS# games with Guns and Characters that kill “ho’s” and run people over for Points…but deny ad rights to companies that actually Build Items that can and do save lives every day. This is why I no longer watch Pro Football. The NCAA isn’t this hypocritical.

  • gyro

    The thing that really bothers me about this is that last year they allowed MEIG to purchase advertising spots during the Super Bowl. If they didn’t want to make this a political issue, they should have turned MEIG down or allowed Daniel Defense to advertise.

  • authemis
    I let them know I think they should reconsider and if not I will have to boycott the Super Bowl. I think we should all do the same. Please let them know.

  • Raider511

    I think they didn’t like it because at the end of the commercal it showed an AR15, I guess that must be a NO NO?????????? and I bet that alot of the PLAYERS own a RIFLE or GUN of some sort or another. I bet EVEN the ones that said NO the the COMMERCAL has one.

  • Really?

    What a stupid rule.. Firearms are more American than apple pie.

  • toptwome

    NFL has also recently banned sworn Law Enforcement Officers from carrying a firearm concealed at any NFL stadium. You know if you’re a cop going anywhere unarmed is not a good idea. Serious BS on part of NFL!

  • Timothy Duggins

    Let us not forget about napkins with wings!

  • Nate

    You guys are so mad. Do you really think that Daniel Defense would have forked over the money to actually have this “commercial” air on the Super Bowl? This is a text book definition of a publicity stunt.

    And to everyone claiming that they aren’t advertising a rifle, what the heck are they advertising?

    Pull your head out of your fourth point of contact and get a grip.

  • Oak Cliff Townie

    Nice to know Mufti Billion Dollar organisation that enjoys its NON PROFIT Status is looking out for us !

  • Charles Harris

    Privately owned establishment, they can kinda do what the fuck they want with this kinda thing, lol.

  • bob

    want to fix this? stay home and watch the games on TV instead of paying big money to see a game live. bet they show this commercial real quick. the wallet is the best place to shoot at to win this war.

  • Baysidercw

    What a bunch o left wing hypocrites. They let most o their jocks who break the rules , like juicing steroids and other PED s with a slap on the wrist when they get caught, or the ones fresh out of the hood who can’t behave themselves with their new found riches that they turn a blind eye to. Yet they punish an all American company, not for what they did, but for what they are. I have seen the ad and found nothing offensive about it, in fact I found it to be rather mild in comparison to most ads you see now a days, I or one am really tired of all of the erectile dysfunction ads they run it seems like every other ad. I have read the guidelines the NFL has for advertisers and they are compliant in any ones interpretation. This just seems to be a case of an anti-gunner throwing their weight around to suit their agenda, kind of like Bloomberg likes to do. I know they won’t miss one less viewer on super bowl Sunday, but I will have satisfaction in my decision to boycott this super bowl. I think I’ll do a little target shooting that day, seems appropriate!!

  • Mimi

    Ban the NFL. If you want action, this is the best way. Now if you can find where to email or write or even call the NFL – do that too!

  • ditchobama

    Is it time to Boycott the Superbowl? We have suffered enough of this Administrations’s picking away at our rights. Make your voice heard.

    The current controversy with Daniel Defense vs the NFL brings up a great debate. I don’t know or work for Daniel Defense, and I don’t care. But I do care about the Constitution and the Second Amendment. And, since a big number of NRA members and shooters are also football fans, this is a MAJOR opportunity for us to make our voices heard.

    Make no mistake, the same people that run the media, run the NFL. And they ALL voted for Obama. So why give them your money? All they want are “eyeballs” (that’s marketing-speak) seeing the ads during the game to help jack up rates for next year. So, since it’s all about the money, what better way to make your opinion known than to boycott the Superbowl and go to your local gun range instead? Sending a registered letter to the CEO’s of advertising companies, and NFL execs letting them know how unhappy you are, carries more weight than you think.

  • Intensely Calm

    Hmm, a one minute Superbowl ad for Daniel Defense. I can only guess that would eat up somewhere between 6 to 10 million dollars of their marketing budget. I question if this ad was really submitted for the Superbowl by DD, but maybe. If so, it wasn’t interesting enough to get me wanting a DD rifle, so DD’s marketing team is lacking. Whether the NFL denied this ad or not, it is probably good it won’t be wasting DD’s marketing budget. Maybe DD should stick with the local markets, they would be better able to “target” their audience – bad pun.

    • Casey Ryback

      That’s exactly what DD would be doing. You really think they’d run this nationwide in markets like NY, NJ, CT, and all the other liberal bastions? Also, how the hell would you know what’s right for DD’s Marketing budget? Last I checked, they are one of the leading AR manufacturers and still growing, meaning they can probably afford a superbowl commercial that goes over 60 seconds.

  • Tom K.

    I saw this ad on the HALLMARK Channel last night. Has the N.F.L. gone Politically Correct or what ? Watch THIS family oriented ad for yourself and then think of ALL the trash you have seen on past Super Bowl programs ! Political Correctness / propaganda, will get us all killed. Protection of family and self is God Given !

  • Tom K.

    And Another Thing: Contact the N.F.L. and Daniel Defense and insist that this ” All American Ad ” be aired during the Super Bowl. IF NOT – are YOU willing to boycott the next Super Bowl ? Will YOU Man-UP ? I will boycott the upcoming Super Bowl whether YOU DO or NOT ! You can be a ” Controlled Wuss ” – or – YOU can stand up for America. So what will it be ?

  • sue

    NFL, New flipping liberals.

  • Robert Carsella

    Due to the NFL’s decision to ban this commercial from Daniel Defense, i personally will not be watching the Superbowl this year. I’m appalled that they would give in so easily to peer pressure so easily. Way to go FOX & NFL

  • cheongyei

    Speaking of DD, I’ll be showing the clip to my neighbors during Super Bowl half time INSTEAD of the boobs that will be designed to fall out on cue at the silly half-time show.

  • Proud_to_be_American

    So what will it take to get the collective heads out of A**S?
    Only with muzzies at the helm?

  • ldazzle

    As messed up as our once formable country is, this is to protect the NFL players from killing people. It’s going to get worse folks.

  • Charlie

    Maybe you’ll all boycott the Superbowl now and go away to leave the rest of us in peace.

  • Jim Bob

    Liberals! Cant live with them. Cant kill them…..

  • Craig Carey

    I think the country is forgetting who the original mindset was when the first government made our constitution. When they made the 2nd amendment there was a very serious reason. Especially after our friends in the UK did not like how we did a “Boston Tea Party” . England wanted to seize all fire arms after that. Obama is doing that right now with magazine size.

  • Hoschi0913

    best add I have seen in a long time

  • kazzmedia

    Good for the NFL. I may actually watch the game now.

  • Robert Riversong

    Perhaps the only pro-social thing the NFL has ever done.

  • ray32158

    Funny, that in this past weeks NFL games I saw a commercial for a TV show and there were 10 scenes where guns were involved.

  • Jon

    What second amendment? Liberals only like the things in the constitution that benefit them. Kinda a Amimal Farm philosophy. Kinda like the electoral vote. That’s a good one.

  • mc

    Spoiler alert: Gay wedding at half time….

  • Thomas F. McDonald

    won’t be watching the superbowl. I’ll watch an old John Wayne movie instead.

  • rustyc

    I agree with the NFL decision. To many of these subliminal attempts to scare people into thinking they MUST have a weapon in arms reach or sweet family will die. Another example is the “the guy with the laser survived” for crimson trace in your magazine. There are 300 million people in this country, the vast majority of whom DO NOT own guns. Keep this us verse them crap the NRA is promoting going, and they (the 290 million)will take our guns.

  • sysman_rick

    Another reason NOT to watch a passel of Overpaid prima-donnas.

  • DC9

    I will be the lone voice and say good but please don’t flame me yet. I’m glad the NFL take this stance on weapons ads. But allowing violent video games and movie ads with weapons in them while not allowing this ad is crazy. Be consistent. The ACLU should assist in this case, IMHO. Or allow the ad. Clearly political. Happens to agree with my politics, but it’s not fair or consistent. Be one way or the other. There are many of us who want a fair and balanced debate on the complex issues of weapons rights, I trust on both sides. This is not.

  • Col Wheeler

    The libitards running the NFL would rather you know more about sex than protecting your family.
    To bad there was not a way we could not divide the country up where all gun owners lived in one spot and the libitards in another. Then we would see who would have the higher crime rate,and who would be safest.

  • NMcharlie

    Indeed recent events in the NFL indicate that they have
    chosen to capitulate to pop culture political correctness pressure rather than
    support the sport of football. After all
    they apparently reason, what is more important: to get favorable strokes from
    the pop culture “news media” talking heads or provide a supportive forum for a demanding
    and popular and sport? So their decision
    to ban Daniel Defense advertising on their televised programming fits right in
    with their willingness to wimpify football.
    My guess is that within a few years watching a football game will be
    somewhat less exciting than watching a middle school girls’ badminton
    tournament. Add the NFL to the ever growing pile of “also ran” nonentities.
    I’ll go with Daniel Defense, thank you very much!

  • Informed

    Couldn’t FOX just run the ad? They forgot to tell you that their advertising regulations don’t allow the ad either. Looks like they are putting the blame with the NFL when their rules say nearly the same thing. Even if the NFL allowed the commercial FOX wouldn’t run it. On under advertising regulations:UNACCEPTABLE COMMERCIAL CLASSIFICATIONS
     Electronic cigarettes, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff tobacco, cigars, and all other tobacco or tobacco-related products.
     Firearms, fireworks, ammunition, and other weapons.
     Presentations promoting a belief in the efficacy of fortune telling, astrology, phrenology,
    palm reading, numerology, mind reading, character reading, or other occult pursuits.

  • Jose Lopez

    So the NFL has no rights now? I guess their freedom of speech doesn’t count for anything. Maybe they don’t want to air it because it’s a sensitive topic and would create a lot of publicity that would take away from the game. Listen, all you fear mongers, Mr. Blacky-Blackenstein is not going to take away your guns. Nor is anyone else, for that matter. It’ll be nice when he’s out of office, so we can get past all the racist crap. Hopefully Christie or Hillary will get elected and we can get back to telling fat and sexist jokes, as is our God given right … or was the Madison?

  • Victoria

    So the super bowl won’t play gun ads but they’ll play sexual ads… I see where there priorities are. What a double standard!

  • We are all doomed

    Correct me if I’m wrong. The Budweiser commercials promo alcohol. Right???
    Maybe thats ok since the horses are are so pretty… SMH

  • otr500

    My sister never allowed a gun in her home. She does believe in our Constitutional right to bear arms and can shoot a pistol or rifle but was not comfortable with a gun in the house. One night she awoke with two men rifling through her house. Her husband had passed away and she was alone. She screamed and they ran out. This shook her to the core as she realized she was lucky. She asked me if I could get her a handgun for protection. She made it to 70 years of age feeling safe and secure in her home and now that was shattered. She realizes that safety as well as freedom can be changed in a heartbeat. She sleeps well now and didn’t require therapy. My wife is looking for a replacement pistol but rest assured she is well protected. For all you that “think” the Bill of Rights are not for “we the people” it is alright. There are enough of us living in this great country that still believe and will defend the “entire” Constitution, even the parts you do not like, Heck fire! you can still live here if you want to as we will not require you to move to Canada. If you just can not live in this free country, along with the rest of us Constitutional defenders, Canada is always an option. You better check with them first as they have strict alien registration requirements.

  • Tim

    They only spent $10 on this commercial, they probably weren’t allowed to air it because it is so cheesy and stupid, not because it had guns in it.

  • Danja

    Before everybody gets into a big second admendment uproar be a little realistic for a minute. This was a poorly filmed add to begin with and comes off pretty creepy. It would be a very awkward add for the super bowl. I am a big fan of Daniel Defense but I would do the same thing if I was in the NFL’s shoes.

  • gradygradyi75

    It’s an easy choice for me, I’m not watching athe NFL anymore. Go see the blockbuster movie that’s in theaters, it’s like a private showing. They are empty during the Stupidbowl!

  • Night Watchman

    I really do not like sports anyway. If it were up to me I would cram all of them on one channel with all the feminine products, condem commercials, drug comercials with more sideaffects than they do good and the E.D. the other guys are talking about. Then a commercial like the Daniel Defence home defence can air without offending the poor NFL. They can go jump in a muddy lake!!!!!!!!

  • Need To See Facts

    Ask Daniel Defense to please provide a scanned copy of the statement from Fox as proof that this commercial was indeed submitted and rejected. Otherwise, like all the others claiming to be banned, admit this is a marketing ploy. (Albeit an effective one)

  • Lamar Bragg

    all these people getting killed by guns and you talk about your rights. i feel the only people that need guns are cowards it stated when you wanted to take over africa and continues to this day. you see on t.v they say we should be scared of terorrest when they live right here in the u.s its called the tea party. its called the n.r.a. they say it is a mental health issue no it is a culture issue. they say responsible gun owners ain’t no such thing. a police officer shots a guy in a movie theater a guy jumps out his car and pumps 12gauge bullets into a car of teenagers a guy goes nuts and kills his whole family and then himself some guy walks in to a movie theater and kills 12 people a gun nut walks in to an elementry school and kills a bunch of first graders a group of gang bangers shoots up a park full of children, what do all these people have in common they felt inadiquate so they resorted to using the only thing that made them feel powerful. they say the world is violent and barbaric no that is just us here in the united states. we have the highest murder rate in the world. i wish people would realize that your right to freedom of speech should not make me feel less safe i say good for the n.f.l and any organization that won’t show advertisments for gun stores or stores that sell them.

  • Richielitz

    I think that was a well thought out ad. I think that they should have put a single action pistol at the end. You know how all these gun grabbers relate to seeing an AR on TV.

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