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California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Gun Control Legislation, Bans Lead Ammo

by G&A Online Editors   |  October 11th, 2013 18
Jerry Brown

This 2007 photo shows then-attorney general Jerry Brown standing next to a collection of firearms confiscated by law enforcement. Brown, now governor of California, vetoed two pieces of gun control legislation Friday. (Photo by Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)

Despite vetoing seven gun control bills, Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law AB 711, a bill banning the use of lead ammunition for hunting.

California is the first state to take formal action against the use of lead ammuniton.

Proposed by Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, D-Lakewood, the bill will ban hunters from using lead-based ammunition by 2019.

“We are thrilled that Governor Brown has made AB 711 the law of the land,” Rendon said. “There is simply no reason to continue using lead ammunition in hunting when it poses a significant risk to human health and the environment.”

Although he signed the lead ban, Gov. Brown surprisingly vetoed a handful of gun control bills aimed at tightening the existing bans on several common rifles and shotguns.

According to The Washington Post, Brown vetoed Senate Bill 374—which would have banned the sale and possession of semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines—and Senate Bill 567, which would have defined some low-capacity shotguns and rifles as assault weapons.

Both bills passed the state senate in June by a 22-14 vote, along with five other pieces of gun control legislation.

In a message to California’s state legislature, Brown explained he didn’t “believe that [SB374’s] blanket ban on semi-automatic rifles would reduce criminal activity or enhance public safety enough to warrant this infringement on gun owners’ rights,” the Post reported, adding Brown did not believe the small number of guns listed in SB567 did not pose a threat to the public.

Earlier this week, the NRA singled out SB374, threatening the state with a lawsuit should the bill have been passed, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“The NRA’s planned legal challenges are simply part of its prudent contingency plan to do everything possible to protect the rights of Californians who choose to own a gun to protect themselves and their families,” NRA attorney Chuck Michel told the Times.

Michel added, “A dozen years ago the head of the gun control lobby in California announced that they had gotten almost everything they wanted. Now years later, dozens more extreme gun control bills sit on the governor’s desk. The gun ban lobby will never be satisfied. California is now living proof that the slippery slope of gun control is real.”

Despite the vetoed bills, several other smaller gun control measures were signed into law by Brown. One measure restricts the sale of high-capacity magazines, another prohibits businesses from applying for assault weapons permits, and two new laws restrict firearm access for mentally ill patients.

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  • Lambros Linardakis

    so long 22

  • PsychoDawg

    When you go to The Peoples’ Republik of Kalifornia, check your constitutional rights at the door.

    • MrEatFirstAskLater

      The Republic of Mazachootsia is heading there too. And we joked about the stans of Asia Minor.

      • PsychoDawg

        I love that name! Awesome! Come on down to Texas where you AND your guns are welcome!

        • MrEatFirstAskLater


  • firetraq

    Sorry for this simple question, but what is wrong with banning lead in Ammo. What does this do negatively to anyone’s right. Cant different ammo be used instead?

    • lele

      This significantly increases the cost of hunting and shooting for low income and moderate income people in California, and makes the same people more reliant on McDonalds and Monsanto for their food. Hunting will become the exclusive right of the ober-rich. But most people don’t understand, or choose to ignore the economic consequences of these policies.

      • firetraq

        Thanks for the reply. What actually is the cost difference in bullet, will certain calibers now be no long sold?

        • Bob123456789

          Ive done studies on Civil War battlefields where many thousands of large, lead minie balls have lain for 150 years and no harm to human health or env has occured. Over time a patina will formover the bullet that prevents leaching to soil etc. outdoor ranges with fragmenting rounds have more surface area but ranges are regulated. In hunting situations there is not enough volume of bullets to cause a problem. Banning lead bullets is a seque into what they are really after.

          • MrEatFirstAskLater

            I’m not a hunter so forgive my ignorance (or better educate me.) I assume that a hunter does not fire in quantities as seen at a range (in fact shoots very little in the field.) So why the fuss? If lead is found to be infiltrating bird diets, why doesn’t it make sense to restrict it’s use in hunting?

            I’m not speaking for practice shooting wherein the lead is concentrated at the range or disposed of.

          • firetraq

            It seems this particular ban was enacted because condors where eating the carrion left behind and getting lead poisoning. Although apparently no condor actually died from this.

        • PsychoDawg

          It’s the death of 1,000 cuts. They keep nibbling away at our rights a little at a time. Before you know it, there’s nothing left…

  • D

    Lakewood has so many hunters, he is just representing his constituents. hah!

    • R Weddell

      Lots of condors in Lakewood also

  • Salpicon788

    they can declare anything they want, illegal, and punishable by prison and including death if you don’t obey in a timely manner, it won’t be long before it’s shotguns, and we are helpless, do we leave California when that happens? and disarming the people is a global Agenda, there is nowhere to run, use your search engine and type, “what comes after gun registration and gun confiscation in history” and “UN small arms treaty” and we already have UN troops in America training for confiscation and “crowd control”

  • Admin Istrator

    Show us the proof that lead associated with hunting had contributed to any adverse results in animals, water, or land usage. What a bunch of brainless, dimwitted, animals. I hope the U.S.S. K.alifornia falls off the US coast and disappears with all the liberals.

  • Admin Istrator

    One of the problems is that one can then afford to go to the hardware store and buy copper rod to make your own bullets which create a wound channel 10 times worse than lead, plus, they go through vests and armor like butter. Wake up Kalifornia. Your bad guys are not going to pay attention to the laws for lead. Only the sheep will be affected as they are marched off to slaughter by the gangs and UN troops coming your way.

  • obamavomit

    F off you bunch of commie califorinacators, I will laugh my A$$ OFF when the big one hits and you sink into the ocean, swim like demoRats you pot smoking commies

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