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8 Examples of Guns & Government Oppression

by Dusty Gibson   |  July 1st, 2013 24

Government tyranny is just as much a threat today as ever before. History books are loaded with gloomy illustrations of war and mass slaughter spurred on by governments that deprived people of their right to defend themselves. America was founded on the idea that we would be different from all the other oppressive regimes that came before us.

Democracy made this nation a land of innovation and opportunity—a concept many countries in the world today still don’t follow. The U.S. remains one of the last places on earth where its people have fundamental rights deliberately spelled out in the supreme law of the land. Just as the system of checks and balances limits each branch of the government from becoming stronger than another, the individual Right to Bear Arms ensures the government can’t become stronger than its people.

Historically, politicians and monarchs have had no problem stepping on the rights of their people, especially when it comes to guns. While there are countless instances going back many years, these eight examples of guns and government oppression represent what could happen if the Second Amendment fails and allow us a window into the rationale of many pro-gun soothsayers.

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  • David Kachel


    “Democracy made this nation a land of innovation and opportunity”

    NO, IT DID NOT!!!!
    This country IS NOT a democracy!! Democracy leads to tyranny. Read a damned history book before you write another article. Better yet, READ THE CONSTITUTION, where you WILL NOT FIND the word “democracy”. The founders HATED democracy and they TOLD YOU SO in writing!!!
    Stop letting the politicians play you!

    • SamF1911

      I would be willing to bet Dusty Gibson knows that we are in fact a “constitutional republic” and not a “democracy”.

      • David Kachel

        If he knew it, he would have said it.

        • SamF1911

          It’s really not my place to speak for somebody else and I try really hard not to do it, having said that Mr. Gibson only makes reference to democracy once in this article and I just don’t see it in the same light as you. Hopefully Mr. Gibson will post an update of some sort for you.

    • Schcotty

      Take a deep breath and stay away from the CapsLock key for a moment.

      Democracy, as a form of allowing individuals within our society to make our voices heard, is far different from a purely Democratic form of government, which you correctly stated the founders of our Republic were very cautious of. If they truly “HATED” democracy we wouldn’t have “one man, one vote.” We wouldn’t have the First Amendment.

      Pure Democracy, as the Greeks and Romans attempted centuries ago, was studied and debated by our founding fathers. From their knowledge of history they knew that the Roman system of direct democracy, which became synonymous with “mob rule,” they “mixed and matched” concepts of Parliamentary/Monarchy rule, Democratic rule and Republican rule and created our Constitutional Republic. They created a multi-tiered system of government (executive, legislative and judicial) that provides the checks and balances needed to prevent the excesses of pure democracy.

      We have the blessings of “pure democracy” at the grassroots level to petition our government, speak freely and openly, to vote in open and free elections for the candidates and/or issues we support, and many other ways (these are a few of the most important aspects of democracy). These actions we make “democratically” are tempered by the division of powers to the Legislative(House and Senate), Executive(Presidential) and Judicial(Courts) branches. That’s where the strength and stability of our Republic lies.

      • David Kachel

        “Mr. Gibson didn’t say that our government was a “Democracy.”
        Yes, he did. You must have read some other article.
        And under no circumstances does “pure democracy” provide any “blessings”!

    • dalan fraser

      America is actually a constitutionally democratic republic, THATS WHY WE VOTE!!
      if you really hate democracy you can embrace plutocracy or oligarchy (big words I know, but I’m sure you can look them up) in the meantime turn off the fox”news” (it makes people stupid)

    • Joseph Kool

      relax asshole

  • doggypoos

    Is there a away to read these articles on a full page instead of this buggy pop up screen?

  • doggypoos

    Dunblane and Newtown were both done by the Government to accomplish a mission. Worked in the UK and still fighting here in the US. When the UK taxes, controls, restricts, and raise prices over there it will soon happen here in the US.

    • dalan fraser

      the government built a school, hired child actors, hired fake teachers ,rigged the cast of students & teachers with squibs & blood packs, so they could take our guns away, jokes on them, the nra is richer than ever!

  • SMLE#3

    I live in Sydney Australia. I have 12 bolt & lever action rifles, a couple of shotguns and a couple of thousand rounds of ammo. All licensed and secured at home in a safe for which only I have the key.

    I can hunt and plink to my hearts content with complete freedom, and I don’t have to worry as much as sadly Americans seem to do about some nutjob going to go into my kids school with an auto loading rifle or a pistol, both of which are designed primarily to take down other humans.

    I admire your nation as one of the greatest and your most free in history, but please don’t sit half a world away and cite my nation as an example of oppression through gun control .

    It would be personally fun to have an AK, but I don’t NEED one, and not having one makes me no less free. I enjoy looking at the gun sites like this but I don’t want my country flooded with tactical guys and their AR’s.

    My old.303 SMLE did a pretty good job for almost 100 years fighting the enemies of my country, my T3 Tikka would do even better, but as one of the worlds oldest and least corrupted Democracy’s I don’t see myself needing it against anybody but a foreign aggressor. In which case our nation would just start drafting us up like we did last century and equipping us with Steyr’s at an industrial rate.

    I’m happy to balance my wants and needs against the those of my fellow citizens and subscribe to Oliver Wendall Holmes assertion that “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins” It’s all about balance and practicality.

    Maybe a better way to ensure real freedom is to get big money and big influence out of the political process.

    • DJ

      Try get a hand gun


      If they can take your semi-autos, they can take your bolts and levers. If they can take your pistols, they can take your rifles. If the State gives you rights, they can take them away. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. It can; what is there to stop it?

      • dalan fraser

        yeah, I cant even buy shoulder fired grenade launchers or c4 explosives at my local gun shop, what’s this world coming to ?

        • ZENPATRIOT

          Do you think that’s clever? Are you trying to make some childish point? Please, elaborate.

        • Joseph Kool

          Don’t be a fag


    We give up our rights in bits and pieces every day without a fight. While everyone believes the second Amendment is safe for now or any time is wrong. A presidential order here a letter there and piece by piece our gun rights disappear. Take DHS for instance, everyday they grow stronger with more ammo, more vehicles, more people. DHS is the fastest growing agency in the government and most people don’t see why. I believe we will find out sooner than most people think.

  • donotpassgo

    Dear Dusty Gibson,
    Firstly, there are three distinct legal systems in ‘the UK'; England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland.
    Secondly, most airguns owned in ‘the UK’ are not subject to licensing requirements. The only record kept is at point of sale when the buyer gives their name and address – which, from my experience, is not checked against any electoral role or proof of identification.

  • Illinois gun owner

    As a resident of Illinois I was with you until you brought up the “corrupt Chicago Political Machine”. In my experience as a resident of the state, the gun laws are horrible in the state and the FOID card process is a joke. As for the Chicago politics, they are slowly getting better and Rahm in my opinion is not part of the former corruption. He represents more of a solution from the previous corruption. I believe the Chicago politicians are currently in fear of the violence plaguing our city and want to minimize the risk of more violence. Does this give a green light for violating our constitutional right? Absolutely not. Do i believe we should be able to concealed carry? Of course! I simply think their decision is more based out of concern and fear than corruption (al a Daley era)

  • Gene Roman

    Looked for quality information on guns, found the loons in the comment sections as an extra.

  • Bruce Badger

    Why is this on your site when you are willing to publish anti-gun drivel like this –

    Dick Metcalf, senior staff member is just fine with limiting your Second Amendment rights.

  • John Cip

    OK as a gun owner and history buff, I almost choked on the article. First, our founding fathers owned slaves. Second, they only believed that white land owners should vote. Later, to prove this, they created the electoral college because they didn’t trust the citizen vote. Oh, and that tyranny that didn’t exist in the US….ask the Native Americans who we massacred about tyranny. Or ask the Chinese who we brought over to build the railroad how much oppression they lived under here. In fact, read about the tyrrany most women experienced, especially when they wanted to vote.


    Please read quotations of America’s founding fathers. Every issue of today is spoke of by founders. Today is nit very close to founders ideas. I found some old court cases that support pro gun side.

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