Government tyranny is just as much a threat today as ever before. History books are loaded with gloomy illustrations of war and mass slaughter spurred on by governments that deprived people of their right to defend themselves. America was founded on the idea that we would be different from all the other oppressive regimes that came before us.

Democracy made this nation a land of innovation and opportunity—a concept many countries in the world today still don’t follow. The U.S. remains one of the last places on earth where its people have fundamental rights deliberately spelled out in the supreme law of the land. Just as the system of checks and balances limits each branch of the government from becoming stronger than another, the individual Right to Bear Arms ensures the government can’t become stronger than its people.

Historically, politicians and monarchs have had no problem stepping on the rights of their people, especially when it comes to guns. While there are countless instances going back many years, these eight examples of guns and government oppression represent what could happen if the Second Amendment fails and allow us a window into the rationale of many pro-gun soothsayers.

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