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Will Colorado’s Recall of Anti-Gun Senators Change its Future?

by G&A Online Editors   |  September 16th, 2013 16

Vote for tougher gun laws, lose your job. The people of Colorado sent a strong message to gun control supporters Sept. 10 when they voted two State Senators out of office. The vote marks the first time in a Colorado history when a lawmaker has faced a recall election.

According to a response from the NSSF, “When legislators fail to represent the beliefs of their constituents, it is up to the voters to fire them.”

Voters did just that, with state Senate President John Morse, D-Colorado Springs, and Angela Giron, D-Pueblo, now being replaced by Republicans Bernie Herpin and George Rivera.

In early 2013, Morse and Giron supported gun control legislation sponsored and funded by the deep pockets of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The new laws are responsible for restricting magazine capacity to 15 rounds, and requiring background checks for private firearm sales.

Despite heavy opposition, Gov. John Hickenlooper signed the laws in March after passing Morse’s Democrat-controlled Senate.

Up for re-election in 2014, Hickenlooper kept a low profile during the recall process.

When asked by about the significance of the recent recall, Hickenlooper told CNN’s State of the Union, “I’m not sure it has a national message or even a statewide message. These are very specific districts.”

The new gun laws were heavily contested by constituents from rural areas, who came out in large numbers in a grassroots effort against the measures. Dozens of sheriffs have also vowed not to enforce the new legislation, and have even sued to block the laws.

In a recent NRA News Special, El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said, “These are not laws that benefit the law-abiding citizen, they actually target law-abiding citizens.”

Local residents soon joined forces with contributions from the NRA to get people out to the polls. Interestingly enough, the grassroots effort to remove Morse and Giron is largely attributed to 28-year-old plumber Victor Head, who launched pro-gun advocacy group Pueblo Freedom and Rights (PFR) in response to the restricting legislation. Pueblo Freedom and Rights joined up with the Basic Freedom and Defense Fund (BFDF) to circulate awareness of their cause throughout local communities.

According to Fox News, “Reported contributions to Morse and Giron totaled around $3 million, giving them a 5-1 advantage over recall supporters. Yet foes of the two state senators found enough angry voters to prevail.”

Recall voting took place at in-person polling places throughout the two counties, as opposed to mail-in balloting requested by the incumbents.

“This is a good, old-fashioned knock and drag operation—knocking on doors and dragging them to the polls,” Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio told NPR.

Playing the blame game with the outcome of her fate, Giron cited the balloting format and lack of mail-in ballots to her termination from office. Giron told CNN News Room, ” We know what really happened here,” Giron said. “What this story really is about, it’s about voter suppression.”

In actuality, the only thing suppressed was a poll prediction from Public Policy Polling, which forecasted Giron losing by 12 points. The poll prediction went unpublished, and ironically Giron lost by 12 points.

Ousting Morse and Giron is a sign for many lawmakers to stop following cues from the White House and anti-gun groups, and focus on the will of their constituents. According to unofficial numbers, Morse was recalled by 51 percent of his voters in Colorado Springs, while Giron was defeated by 56 percent of her voters in Pueblo.

On Sept. 13, a statement from the NRA-ILA applauded the outcome.

“We were pleased that our on-the-ground grassroots efforts were able to supplement those of Colorado citizen activists and send a shot across the bow of the nation’s anti-gun elites,” the statement read.

Colorado residents who supported the recall must stay vigilant. The next step in regaining their freedoms is reversing the legislation put in place by More and Giron. According in a press release from the BFDF and PFR on Sept. 13, Colorado legislators are being surveyed to answer the following two questions:

Will you vote for a repeal of Colorado’s new gun laws if given the opportunity in the 2014 legislative session? YES / NO

Would you support a Ballot Initiative that would repeal Colorado’s gun laws? YES / NO

Maybe this time around, Colorado lawmakers will take a closer look at the will of their constituents before voting on their behalf.

  • Bob Smith

    When those two were tossed the law should have been tossed right behind them..

  • darrell_b8

    Repeal a lot of useless ‘Liberalism’ laws and vote out EVERY Democrat; there are no ‘pro gun’ or ‘moderate’ Democrats….

  • cspnat

    Another mass shooting you NRA (Not Responsible for Anything) finatics must be proud. Oh how do you keep the the blood off of your hands????

    • Franke123

      What the hell are you smoking?

      • chocopot

        He’s just another brainwashed, indoctrinated, left-wing troll.

    • Rangemaster

      It’s simple. The blood is not on my hands; it’s on the hands of the maniac who did it and those who have neutered the laws that allow those who do these deeds to not meet the same fate as their victims. Those who take a life with a gun, should be taken out in the same manner. Let the bodies start piling up, and I guarantee the wanna be gansgsters and other clowns that like to shoot people will get the hint.

    • needful

      you are an ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • John W.H.

      csp nat you must be a special kind of stupid, the only ones with blood on their hands are the gun grabbers that helped little Billy Clinton make military bases GUN FREE ZONES. Idiots like you who will surrender your rights to protect your self to the government, need to get a life before its to late. Ba-rack Whoisinsane Obama will not save you, the cops won’t save you, the blooming idiot from New York City can’t save you. and not one friggen left wing, progressive, liberal, will lift a finger to save you? So numb nuts who you going to call for help?

    • Brutal Bill

      Comrade cspnat,
      Law abiding citizens do murder other citizens. Insane criminals mass murder innocent people. Looks like another success story for the demokrats; “Gun free zone” signs fail to stop another psychopath from committing murder. Worked so well in Ft. Hood, huh? Drink the Kool Aid and go back to sleep, your government will protect you. The mid term elections are right around the corner and the cowards who refuse to honor and protect our Constitution will be kicked to the curb where they belong. AMF demokrats!!

    • endthedrugwar


      There is no evidence that shows that banning rifles (like the AR-15) or only allowing citizens to have under-capacity magazines reduces murder at all. A magazine and rifle ban was tried before, for a decade, between 1994-2004, and after that ban expired, every study conducted on its effectiveness in reducing murder concluded the ban had no detectable effect on the murder rate. These bans don’t work, and yet Morse and Giron decided to pass a ban on normal magazines anyway, and only allow us citizens to have under-capacity magazines for self-defense. That is why they were voted out.

      And on top of this, these democratic law makers don’t even follow their own reasoning consistently. At first, they decided the under-capacity magazine limit for citizens should be 5 rounds, then they changed their mind and decided on 8, and then they decided the 8-round limit would only be for shotguns, and rifles and handguns would actually get almost double that number and have a 15 round limit. Even by the standards of their own warped reasoning that makes no sense. If they decided 8 rounds is the arbitrary made up number that magically prevents murder, then Morse and Giron and all the other Colorado Democrats who passed this law, would have made it 8 rounds for all firearms. The fact that they didn’t proves they don’t believe in it themselves, and did it just because they don’t like guns and don’t believe in self-defense rights.

      As a Colorado citizen, I can also tell you that Coloradans are ignoring this state-wide 8 and 15 round under-capacity magazine law as much as they ignore the federal law banning marijuana, which is to say they are ignoring it completely. Yes gun stores inside the state aren’t stocking normal magazines any more, but any Coloradan who wants a normal shotgun magazine holding more than 8 rounds, or a normal rifle magazine holding more than 15 rounds, just takes a weekend trip to Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizono, or Nevada to get them. The police in Colorado are no more effective at enforcing this state law than the DEA was at enforcing the federal ban on marijuana before the Colorado marijuana legalization took place.

      So if the democratic lawmakers who passed this law clearly don’t actually believe it will help reduce murder, and if they also aren’t making any attempts to try to enforce this unenforceable law, then why does it surprise you that their own constituents voted them out?
      instead by again their , but for reasons neither Morse


      Easy, it never get’s on ours. The blood is on your hands for supporting the disarmament of citizens, robbing them of their ability to defend themselves from lunatics. The blood is on your hands; YOU are responsible!

  • needful

    this is the only good news i have heard all week!!!

  • John W.H.

    2014 vote chickenpooper out of the governors office and replace every left wing moron with a D beside their name with people who understand when you swear to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, when you get elected, them by God do it. No one elects these clowns to see them try to change the constitution.

  • NMA

    The days of ignoring the Constitution and blaming the innocent for the actions of madmen are over.

  • CFroh

    The article ended with the question will Colorado’s politicians support any ballot initiative to repeal the new gun control law. For those who want to help collect signatures to get the Save Our Shotguns Initiative onto the 2014 ballot, please support Governor Gary Johnson’s Our America Initiative, which is chairing this effort in Colorado.

  • Stop The Left

    I wish that for once and all.. all Democrats will move to the left side of US… and we the Republican will stay on the right side… and then draw the line straight down the MISSISSIPPI… I wonder how long before they start crossing over to the Right side of the US

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