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Update: Springfield Armory XD-S Recall

by G&A Online Editors   |  December 11th, 2013 31

In Aug. 2013, Springfield Armory issued a voluntary safety recall for their .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S pistols.

Springfield Armory has since developed a solution to the potential problem, which includes a free upgrade service for every XD-S affected.

The upgrade includes a new grip safety and other internal components, which have been reported to make the action smoother than its original form.

To distinguish whether an XD-S has received the upgrade, simply inspect the outside of the grip safety without disassembling the gun. Pistols that have received the upgrade have a visible roll pin on the left and right side of the grip safety.

Any XD-S pistol that does not have a visible roll pin on its grip safety should be sent to Springfield for service.

Springfield is doing everything possible to ensure XD-S pistols are being serviced and returned to customers in a prompt time frame.

According to Springfield Armory, “We pledge to you that we are working as fast as we can, and have greatly increased our staff and number of shifts to ensure that we are leveraging every hour in the day.”

They are also publishing updates to their website every Friday afternoon, regarding wait times, technical details and frequently asked questions.

If your pistol has been affected by the recall, be sure to follow the correct process for sending in a gun for service.

  • needful

    thanks for the info,it was helpful.

    • Christiano

      Yeah..right you are. I agree with u bro

  • F. Richard

    So, is it possible to do a thorough testing of a product these days in order to avoid a inconvenient recall for the customer – and a costly recall for the manufacturer?

    • Ben R

      I think most people would have never had a problem. They stated that someone altered a pistol and was able to make it fire more than one round per trigger pull. I think they did this as a precaution and anyone who didn’t modify their gun would not have had the same issue. Springfield never said what the modification was but I’m guessing it was something easy or able to do unknowingly.

    • Christiano

      Yeah its possible..just give me some days time..I am myself planning for the same and hopefully this will get sorted by the Christmas eve.

  • Don Mowzoon

    Guns & Ammo calls this an update?! It’s not even news – Springfield has been saying exactly this for months now, when they send their weekly “updates” every Friday. In fact, just a couple of days ago, they sent a message saying the government shutdown a few weeks ago is now going to result in an additional two-week delay in consumers like me having their guns returned because the necessary parts have been delayed. HUH? It took all these weeks to find this out and then tell us? I sent two guns in – a .45 and a 9mm. The .45 I had fired only six rounds through, and the 9mm was so new that I had not had a chance to fire it at all. Springfield keeps talking abut all these extra workers and shifts to meet the demand, but, c’mon. really?! It sounds as though literally millions of customers returned guns to them, which can’t be the case, so why is it taking so long? I have to agree with Ben R’s comments …

    • Christiano

      I partly agree with you Don..but what I feel is we may consider this as an article or news other than a update. At least this has helped some of us to spend some time and search for the original updates on this. What say? Possibly and I guess many will not disagree that without this many of the consumers would even not be bothered about the Specs and more updation that has been done..Hope I am Ok to u…have a nice day Don

    • seffer

      Sent mine in immediately after being notified (1st of October). If the recall started in August, why did I not get notified until October?!!????! Now I have to wait until end of January for mine. Thoroughly dsigusted!!

  • angrywombat

    I have mine back now. It took about 60 days. Agree that the trigger pull feels smoother post recall. I think Springfield has taken care of this admirably. They even sent a free 7rd Mag back with the gun.
    I am a huge Springfield fan and this recall didn’t change my opinion.

    • Christiano

      Yeah, it dad recently had used it and what a foolish thing it is….I mean using it without knowing the norms and the rules …That day may take the life of my family member..Yah…I am lucky that all of us are safe

  • Daryl

    A little late, but maybe all the writers are on Christmas break and this is just something to fill space.

    • Christiano

      Right you are..but not fully…I have mentioned the specs, details and all..After all I am using it right now…with my Dad of course and planning to take it with us in out next shooting tour to the North US

    • Daryl

      Thanks, for keeping us informed and the reply. I am still waiting for mine to return.

  • Christiano

    Springfield Armory® is initiating
    this voluntary safety recall to upgrade 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and 3.3 XD-S™ .45ACP
    pistols with new components, which eliminate the
    possibility of a potentially dangerous condition.
    We want to emphasize that no injuries have been reported to date.

    Springfield has determined that
    under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm and .45ACP caliber pistols could experience an
    unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide
    is released, or could experience a
    double-fire when the trigger is pulled once. The chance of these conditions existing is
    exceptionally rare, but if they happen,
    serious injury or death could occur.

  • 1XRayMan1

    I’m just really Proud that Springfield jumped on this potential problem so well and I think They are doing a Great Job with what I see as Their 1st. big recall situation with the XDM line. I put a lot of rounds through My XDs .45 before the recall, without a single problem, but I put it away after the recall was sent to Me in the mail and I have been waiting for the holidays and the initial “rush” to pass before I ship mine in for the repair because they did sell a bunch of these Babies! I really enjoy shooting My XDM 5.25″ .45 Comp. more anyway since it doesn’t jump as much as the 3.3″ model does… but it sure is tough to hide in Your pocket! They are both GREAT Guns and I wouldn’t trade them for any other polymer frame model.

    • Ray

      “Potential problem”? Springfield shipped them. Suppliers sold them. Consumers fired them. That’s NOT a “Potential problem” that’s a problem that’s IN PLAY. An active problem that effected the safety of thousands of consumers. Shame on Springfield for not catching it BEFORE they shipped such an inferior product.

      • 1XRayMan1

        Hey Ray, maybe You should read more than 11 words in My post before You go off half cocked but considering the fact that You are just now commenting on a story that is over a year old, maybe You have a comprehension problem. So You hate Springfield… well I don’t care Ray. You can own any piece of garbage You want to and so can I, so blow it out Your A*s! I put over 300 rounds thru My XD-S without a hiccup before the recall and well over 500 since I got it back so You are just proving Your ignorance. If You knew anything at all about the recall You would know that Springfield never had an XD-s malfunction in House but because one Person had an issue with Their XD-s double firing and reported it, the Engineers tried to reproduce the malfunction but had to get the Customers XD-s in to determine where the malfunction was in the trigger group of that particular gun. I never heard of any other XD-s that malfunctioned like that. Mine never did but now I’ve got an even smoother trigger so it’s all good. The real bright spot in all this is that My XD-s is almost as accurate as my Baer, Kimber & Republic Forge .45s so I can defend Myself without risking the loss of a $3,000 pistol to some CSI or LEO. Oh yeah… Shame on Toyota for not catching those floor mat/throttle problems before those 800 million cars and trucks were Sold. You TRULY are Clueless aren’t You?

  • Randell Brazier

    Been so long since I saw my XDs, I forgot I owned one.

    • seffer

      I hear ya…..been doing a whole lot of re-bonding with my 1911’s!!

      • Randell Brazier

        Actually got a call 12-19 from Springfield stating my XDs would be returned in the next week or so.. We’ll see???

  • Christiano

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  • Christiano

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  • Daryl

    Sent mine off around sept 1st. Xds45, I’m starting too complain, fed ex sent my return # on august 30th. Then picked it up soon thereafter, sad thing is I was foolish enough to buy 2. The 9 and 45. I’m not letting the 9 go till the other lil runaway comes home. I’m getting a littile impatient to say the least. I too am a Springfield die hard customer. I own too many. But not anything near that compact, with that firepower. I’m carrying my artillery piece , the xd 45acp. I got a thing for larger calibers. Maybe that envy thing, making up for some kind of shortcoming I guess. Anyway I want my weapon back. Don’t bother raising a stink about it, does absolute no good. My biggest complaint is, why keep shipping xds. Pistols to gunshops. While mine sits on a shelf. My gun is the most important gun they have.! Mines been paid for. We should be the people there working for, I know the guns come from Croatia, but dang, ain’t that we’re those import parts are supposed to be coming from?. A excuse a week ain’t gettin it. But I guess I’ll just sit here and wait. I guess i can always carry a cop around. I will carry a rock in a sock before I’ll buy another glock. I’ll pray for everyone else to get there’s. Maybe the big guy upstairs will put in a good word for me. Merry Christmas all, Daryl n Peggy.

  • Daryl

    I was gonna use mine to shoot Santa clause off the roof Christmas eve, now I’m starting to think that it won’t be back in time. And the liberals will call it a hate crime for shooting a fat black man in a red suit with a sack of loot slung over his shoulder. Might get lucky though, venison for Christmas dinner

    • Adam


  • Robert Parkle

    Sent my 9mm in during the last week of December and got it back on Valentine’s Day. Fired 50 rounds a day later — feels better than before, and they threw in a 9-round magazine. Nice. Fortunately I didn’t need it during the six or so weeks it was gone.

  • Dale Turnbull

    Very happy with recall results (not happy with severity of flaw of course). Shipped out 6 Mar 2014, just received back 14 Mar 2014. Can’t beat an 8-day turn around, at zero cost to owner, unless you throw-in a free 7-round xd-s mag…. oh there it is, Thanks ;)
    Thank you for providing great support for a great product.

  • Scott

    I got my XDs back after about 80 days. Excellent work, got a free 7rd mag. They handled this most professionally, and were very courteous. No glitches whatsoever.

  • navarch

    Got my XDS 45 back in Feb. Took it out on the range for the first time today – it doesn’t work. Will take it to a gun smith to get it back on line – then I trade it for a real gun.

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