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Tactical Training Scenario: Gunman at Your Workplace!

by Scott E. Mayer   |  May 26th, 2011 21

As shown in the Associated Press video, you’re having lunch in the cafeteria at the factory where you work, and a disgruntled fellow employee starts shooting up the place. He’s taking deliberate aim at someone you work with.  What would you do?

  • 1911A1Bob

    Depends upon the situation. If I worked where I wasn't allowed to be armed and he didn't see me coming I'd waylay him with whatever I could get my hands on. If it were to happen where I work it would be a little different, we're allowed to carry if we have a CCW here.

  • William Kryzak III

    this is why the good people have a hard time getting guns cause of people that can't control there temper

  • Don Perry

    I agree with 1911 A1 Bob, if you were in a good position to club the shooter or stop him some other way I would go for it.

    A greater gift has no man, than to give his life for a friend

  • robert38-55

    It does depend on the situation. I have never been in a situation like that as of present, but one thing is for sure,I could not just stand by and do nothing…I would at least have to try to stop him someway or somehow…….Most work places don't let one carry a gun to the workplace, but keeping one in the car is a different story, but that leaves the question of how to quickly retrieve it…. Most of the time one can find something somewhere close by that might be improvised for self-defense…. Might no be a bad idea to see if they still sell those .22 caliber ink pens,??????????????

  • Vic Williams

    If you are not armed, there really isn't much you can do. If you can see whether the shooter is armed with a revolver ( usually 6 rounds ) you can count the shots fired, then attack. If the shooter is carrying a pistol, there is no way of really knowing. The best aswer is to work where CCW permitees are allowed to carry.

    • tony

      Yep, so right. Work in a secured environment where a CCW is allowed

    • Garrett M

      How about be aware of your surroundings, typically you can tell if someone is having a bad day. I don't think you are going to find many jobs that offer CCW holders to carry. It's better not to play hero because what if that revolver is accompanied by a second weapon? Take cover and concealment, move out of the location quickly and quietly when the opportunity presents itself. Alert police and staff members of the situation. Help wounded people the best you can without putting yourself in harms way. Try to get as much information that you can on the shooter, so police officers can identify the shooter much easier.

  • Spike1.5

    depends. If I'm carrying and out of his LOS, I'd shoot. If not, I'd only attack if there is virtually no way he can bring the weapon to bear. Any other situation, get behind whatever cover you can. Machiavellianism at work.

  • Terry De Pew

    Rule one: Leave The Cell Phones In The Car.

    (OK, a pet peeve, but folks are enslaving themselves to "devices", which I find disturbing.)

    Rule Two: Always Wear Your Safety Glasses, Putz!

    Seriously – there was not much anyone could have done here (which leads me to wonder: do most of these

    subhumans do what this steaming pile did)?

    Notice, in the first clip, Mental Boy takes deliberate aim at some poor guy eating lunch, and backshoots him. Next, the degenerate walks up behind someone on the manufacturing floor, or a warehouse (not known to be really quiet places), and shoots that indivdual in the back of the head.

    In the old days, that was called "bushwacking". Ambush. There really is not much to do about that. It's like the rock from space that crashes though the roof and kills you in your sleep. And this human refuse accomplishes his life's goal, his masterpiece, and then checks out himself.

    If I had witnessed any of this, and the opportunity presented it's self, I would have returned the favor to this

    creature, and bashed his head in with ANY heavy blunt instrument within reach. But I think that this evil thing was aware of that possibility, and took that into consideration while composing his "mission plan".

    Oh, and if anyone is "offended" by the language I have used to describe this genetic deficient, too bad, and you too are part of the problem. You get out of the gene pool as well !! You may NOT reproduce.

  • mario saviano

    Here's a thought that might work. Look for a fire extinguisher, preferably the CO2 type that sprays a cloud of gas, which is really cold. It might buy some time if you could hide off to the shooters side and blast him as he walks by. I thought this might have worked during the Columbine incident if someone would have hidden themselves in a room off the side of one of the halls. I had one sprayed at me (a prank) and believe me between the shock of the event and the blast of cold gas it is pretty unnerving.

    • James

      Yes, the extinguisher works great,
      plus it makes a hefty hunk of metal
      to bash the skull of an attacker with
      once you empty it in their face.

  • Garrett M

    In my state, you can't carry concealed in the work place. I would take cover and call the police. Attempt to make an escape and aid others while fleeing. I wouldn't retrieve my weapon from my vehicle, because that may only complicate things when the police show up. The best solution is not to be a hero, unless your name is superman. Bullets don't bounce off your chest.

    If you are in a school environment then lock the classroom door, move your classmates to a wall away from the door and lay low. Stay out of view of the windows, in case the shooters move out side. Cover the window on the door with paper and shut off the lights. Use a white sheet or shirt and hang it out the window to alert police of your presence. Do not open the door until it is opened by other staff members. If you have a cell phone alert police of the situation and keep everyone quiet and calm.

  • Garrett M

    Its really interesting hearing most of you would go after the shooter somehow. Think about this, most crazed shooters are numb to most feelings at the time, hitting them would only enrage them more and go after you. What if you did have a gun and you missed and hit a innocent worker? Did you know you could go to jail for first degree murder even though your intentions where pure. Ok, so you run to your car, get your gun and then go after the shooter. What happens if the police show up and respond with a shower of bullets to you having a gun? Or say another coworker gets his gun also and mistakes you for the shooter? Your concealed weapon is for your direct protection, if you are out of the danger zone and are no longer in immediate danger, you are no longer legally able to use that weapon.

    • Wyatt Sisson

      So, Garrett M would rather worry about legalities and, or, logistics instead of human life. Certainly no spine in this creature. Fear not, world. We are not all like this. There are but a few who would do what they could to subdue the shooter and save human life. Thank God for them. And, yes, Garrett, they would do it for you too. How does that make you feel, champ.

      • will

        Good comment wyatt.

  • BroncoBob

    It's sad that A lot of these companies think that there work place is simular to Mayberry, the fictunal town on the Andy Griffin show,and that everyone is of sound mind,this in reality is further from the truth.With things that are going on in people

    today you never know who's going to explode,he might be A new hire or someone about to retire.I belive that if your company says that you're not allowed to protect youself while on the job, if something dose happen of this nature,every one working there should be able to sue that company for every nickle they have,Remember,you can always get another get another job,but try getting another life.

  • Fonzi Ricky

    Take cover, Keep yourself out of his sight and look for the nearest exit door or french window.

  • Will M

    Luckily I work at a tattoo shop where 3/5 of us have permits and shoot regularly. My girlfriend, who helps out occasionally, is going to get her permit soon as well.

  • Loic

    disharge an fire extinguicher to the assaillant, it will make them very hard to breath then you can hit the person with the canister.

  • Rock

    These articles are sadly lacking in content. Not a fan.

  • James

    I keep one of the Kimber Guardian Angel Pepper Blaster II Pepper Spray Gel 10% OC Red
    devices inside my lunch container.

    Hidden and you'd have to know where it is to find it if I was searched.

    Full time night job can not carry, it is located off campus but is considered university property.

    Part time job will not allow any firearms or weapons on you or in your vehicle, OC spray is OK if
    legal in the state or county (we're in 50 states) but must remain in your locker.

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