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Springfield Armory Issues Safety Recall for XD-S Pistols

by G&A Online Editors   |  August 29th, 2013 54

Springfield Armory has issued a voluntary safety recall for their .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S pistols.

Issued Aug. 28, 2013, the recall identified the following issue:

“Springfield has determined that under exceptionally rare circumstances, some 3.3 XD-S 9mm and .45ACP caliber pistols could experience an unintended discharge during the loading process when the slide is released, or could experience a double-fire when the trigger is pulled once. The chance of these conditions existing is exceptionally rare, but if they happen, serious injury or death could occur.”

According to Springfield, no injuries have been reported to date. The recall applies to a select number of XD-S pistols based on their serial numbers. Pistols affected by the recall include: XD-S 9mm pistols with serial numbers between XS900000 and XS938700, and XD-S .45 ACP pistols with serial numbers between XS500000 and XS686300.

To arrange for recall repairs, follow the instructions on this recall registration page. You can also contact the Springfield Armory Call Center at (800) 680-6866 to send in your pistol for service at Springfield’s expense.

  • Corey Beckworth

    That’s no good haha. I own one of these.

  • Jeff Allen

    I was just telling a friend about the S&W recall on the Shield pistol the other day and how lucky he was that he bought a Springfield XD-s, Sorry that I jinxed everyone… :(

  • docreid

    Mine is going to Springfield tomorrow….

  • joelmtz98

    Darn! I was so Gun-Ho to buy the XDs 9m that now I guess I can wait just a bit longer until all the kinks are out…

    • DoodleDad

      I struggled for 6 weeks on which gun to purchase (Glock 26 or XDs) but decided to go with the Springfield. Shot about 200 rounds through it and no problems….absolutely LOVED it.



    • BoolzI

      Didn’t know they made a brick that small and comparable to the XDs.

    • News Reporter

      Glock GEN-4 recall of coil spring. Police departments like Oakland CA refusing to use their Glocks after failures.

    • sweptarea

      Said like the low-voltage hick you are. It’s not funny, Einstein.

    • WKD93

      I agree that Glocks are great guns and I own a number of them, but they’re not perfect. I shoot a lot of competitions, and I’ve seen more than a few Glocks go down with variations breakages and malfunctions (one was in my G19 with only 500 rounds through it).

    • James Runnels

      Is that why we see more used glocks for sale than other brands in the gun shops

  • Judd Forest

    At least it is not a Taurus!

    • BoolzI

      Taurus, best kept secrete around. You all keep true to what you read.

      • huntervic

        Very True

        Taurus are great and their revolvers are even better.

      • MR GLOCK


  • needful

    didn’t guns and ammo just do a review on the xds and said it was the greatest thing since sliced bread?????

    • AK

      Yep, all the gun writers have been not just G&A. Same with the Shield.

    • ft

      I’ve been working on a trigger trick to double tap with all my Springfield’s. I think myself if it would double tap by itself I could save me some practice. However if everyone else don’t like this ,it would need fixed. Unexpected discharge is never good.

    • Tom Yates

      I purchased mine based on a cover story in the NRA magazine. My experience has been the following: shot it twice, jammed twice (crinkled the bullet like a banana). Needless to say, I have no confidence after that. The only thing worse then the performance of the gun is their customer service. I talked to the company and was told that I can expect the jam to continue after the repair. I will need to shoot the gun hundreds of times to free it up. Any comment?

      • needful

        i don’t know how these gun writers can call a gun reliable when they tell you you have to (break it in),it’s not a pair of shoes!!to me ,a reliable gun is one you pull out of the box,load it ,and it fires with no problems!!!the problem with (breaking a gun in)is when do you know it’s a hundred percent reliable,after 100 rounds,500,never???

        • Tom Yates

          Exactly. The representative stated that due to the short chamber design, “the gun will still jam”, which I interpret this as an admission of a design flaw which according to Springfield cannot be resolved 100%. In addition, 45 bullets are not cheap! Also, we were told that actually Springfield had no obligation to fix the problem, however due to their concern for safety they would pay for the shipping and modify the gun. Keep in mind-my gun jammed on the second shot with the second bullet mangled which could have lead to serious injury (loss of hand or death). I have repeatedly told them that I do not trust the gun due to my experience and due to the fact that as she stated, the gun will still jam. In our case, we were not aware of the recall until we viewed the website (no notification).

          • Jon Preston

            The recall has absolutely nothing to do with thegun experiencing stove-pipe jams. The most frequent cause of stove-pipe jams i the shooter; inexperience and a less than firm grip needed for the gun to cycle reliably.

        • Springfield nut

          buy a revolver

      • mainesledder

        I’ve run 300 plus rounds of Rem UMC hardball through mine with zero issues.

        • Tom Yates

          Apparently your luck and your gun is better than mine! Hopefully when I get mine back from the recall, it will work like it is supposed to. If not, would you like to buy it-only shot twice, like new condition.

      • Sully

        I’ve had my XDs 3 months. I’ve put 500 rounds+/- downrange. The only jams I’ve had were my fault. I’m developing loads for the gun and I’m a little rusty on reloading handgun ammo in general, but certain types of bullets are more prone to jam. Our friend with the UMC hardball ammo and most round nose ammo will have the least problems cycling thru your XDs. Your JHPs, SWC and WC bullets can have cycling problems depending on COAL. After a few experiments my XDs now cycles all of the ammo quite easily. No jamms lately! Yeah!

        • The Yankee Marshal

          You do realize that jamming is not the issue, right?

  • sej291

    Well, this sucks! Have had this XDs for less than two months and judging from the range of serial numbers, won’t likely see it until next spring.

    • federalist frank

      you will be surprised . they will turn that around in days . Don’t worry

      • Zed

        One Month. Still Waiting.

      • Carl smith

        I hope so. I’d really like it back sooner than later. Already miss it.

        • Jay

          Mine has been gone for 2 months, on Oct. 28th, that’s tomorrow.

      • sweptarea

        Not true. Next door neighbor sent his in on 9 – 7. Hasn’t heard anything and gets stonewalled when he calls SFA. That sucks.

  • Necro

    So SFA is making illegal multi-round burst handguns now, good to know. Onward to by my G23.

  • huntervic

    Interesting Fact

    My Taurus .357 Magnum revolver wouldn’t dream of pulling such a crappy trick on me. Maybe it doesn’t like the idea of spending time in the bottom of a pond where all autos should be found.

    • Chris MacGregor

      Hey Stupid revolver don’t have the same issues as a semi-auto

  • Bud

    At least they are recalling a potential problem rather waiting to get someone hurt or worst!!!! I wish some of the other weapon mfg’s would follow suite, ie Taurus, Walther, S&W etc
    Yes I know S&W has a recall on there M&P Shield but they have other problems out there.

    • sweptarea

      Agree. They pre-empted a potential injury or worse. So an atta-boy for that. But I’ll not purchase an XD, or probably any Springfield product. Precisely because of this.

      • WKD93

        I own two XDm’s (9mm 5.25″ Competition and 3.8″ Compact) and well as the XD 40 Service Pistol and the XD-s in 45acp. Had some of them for over two years, and shoot the 9mm’s and 40 in competitions just about every weekend. Never had a single failure that was gun related, and not safety issues ever (not even with the XD-s that was recalled). I sent mine in for “the fix” just to be on the side of caution, but even if I didn’t I would trust the XD platform of weapons with my life. As I would with Glock, M&P, SigSauer, and other good quality gun makers.

        • Dan Roth

          Thank you.

      • Dan Roth

        And why is that if its such a wonderful pistol? Let me tell you, the Springfield XD series is absolutely excellent. They are the best and all of you guys out there who own one or more of them know that. So quit picking on Springfield and learn a little patience. They will fix your gun; believe me. It will work just fine. Quit talking like a baby that you will “not purchase an XD, or probably any Springfield product.” You just sound like a baby boy who probably should not be allowed to touch a gun. So you are a little inconvenienced, big f… deal. It is just so hard to read this idiotic drivel, simply painful. Please note that the recall only covers certain XD-S serial numbers and not the entire XD series the way some of you write. The Springfield XD pistols are such totally fantastic handguns. I would never give mine up, ever. I would send it in and let them do their thing. We don’t want slide slam firing. Its probably something that is letting the striker tip protrude through the hole in the breech when the slide is released. You know, talking about strikers and holes, I would often prefer to sleep with my XD than something else with a hole that has a striker try to fit into it. My XD causes a lot less problems for me than that one does. That is for damn sure.

  • federalist frank

    Every gun in G&A is the best thing since sliced bread . If you want a real review get gun Reports , they tell it like it is .. Although I did shoot the 45 and let me tell you for a pocket carry this gun is awesome , trigger is great accuracy excellent . The next day I went out to buy one I liked it so much , it is lightyears ahead of my P11 .

  • Shinypartsup

    I ordered an XDs in .45Auto on August 16th. Recall 12 days later and Springfield has more than 200,000 pistols to repair. I got an email from them saying they thought they would start in “mid-September” with the fixes. No idea when I will actually get delivery. Really bummed.

    • Carl Smith

      I talked with a local dealer. He said he had to send in about 20 of the XDs pistols and get the recall repair on them. I had been so happy with my 45 that I was considering getting the 9mm version. I think when he starts to receive his inventory back I might get a good deal on one of them, fresh from the factory repairs. I plan to try, anyway.

    • sweptarea

      Get your deposit back and go to another brand. It’s crazy to buy a pistol with a known problem and a poorly managed repair process.


      I sent my XDs in on October 2nd, 2013. I like the way Springfield sent me update emails describing how the repair efforts were proceeding along and when I might be expecting my pistol back. Top notch communications, so I waited patiently, and received the pistol back at the time they said it would come–complete with a new small carry case and a 7 round clip. Super–so far……But guess what? I just got the pistol back Jan. 16th –no problem with the wait–but after shooting it today (Jan. 19) they altered the trigger pull so that there is a good quarter inch of creep to even engage, then the trigger pull is ungodly heavy! I am hugely disappointed and wished I had never sent it in! I’ll be contacting customer service tomorrow! My hundred dollar SKS had a better trgger pull right out of the box until I had a gunsmith work it over! I would never have bought this pistol with the trigger pull the way it is now! We’ll see how Springfield takes care me now…….

  • Extconsy

    I could deal with the double tap—just don’t like the slam fire.

  • Patches

    I own 2 – mine is the XDM and no issues ever – my daughters is an XD – waiting for her to get back to me on the serial number – but never had an issue with it and we have run many rounds thru both

  • melitadoc

    sent in XDs 4 weeks ago and still have not heard from anyone – tried calling to no avail — customer service????
    replaced my SIG with the XDs — big mistake !!!

  • Greg Kane

    Pissed off owners are banding together!!

  • Ray Paul

    I have an XD-45, and have put 1700 rounds through it. The only real problem I’ve had with it was it jammed once, but that was when I was playing like a gang member that you see on T.V.! Although I never want to experience a slam fire, so I guess I will look into getting it fixed!

  • FirstShirt

    Has anyone actually experienced any of these recall dilemmas with their XDS? I have yet to find anyone who has had a slam fire or double tap from their XDS.

  • CLG88

    OK….so the recall is based on something that is extremely rare, that might happen but hasn’t happened yet. But we’re supposed to blindly turn over our pistols to them, in the hopes that they find a solution to this as yet unsolved “maybe” problem? To make matters worse they will be keeping our pistols for an indeterminate amount of time (30 days to 8 weeks to 10+ weeks??). Something Is fishy. Sounds like there’s something that they aren’t telling us. I think will wait before I send mine in, to see when and if they come up with a solution to this vague problem. Then and only then will this American hand over her gun.

  • JKnobby

    So I owned my .45 XDS for about 3 months before I heard about the recall. I sent them my gun on September 19th and still do not have it back. I just got off the phone with them and they said they’re hoping to have it to me by December 31st. To me, that’s ridiculous. I understand they have a lot of guns to fix and a government shutdown took place within that time as well but still. They shouldn’t have requested the guns be sent to them without having an idea of the problem and how to fix it. I mean they practically “owned” it longer than me already.
    I asked if I didn’t have it back before next year if I could just receive a new gun and they said that’s not an option. I loved my XDS while I had it and miss having it to carry big time but to me, about 3 month to fix a recall is a joke. I hope not too many other people are having such a pain with this as well.

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