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Read & React: Would-Be Burglar Killed by Homeowner, Neighbor

by G&A Online Editors   |  October 16th, 2013 13

A San Antonio homeowner gave a would-be burglar the chance to leave, police say. Instead, the criminal ran at one of the men pointing a gun at him, a mistake that cost him his life.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the unidentified homeowner awoke around 3 a.m. Sunday to a man trying to pry off the appropriately named burglar bars on the homeowner’s windows.

Check out the video from KENS-TV in San Antonio.

The homeowner said because he didn’t know who the man was, he grabbed his .357 Magnum and went outside.

The homeowner yelled, “Who are you?” which awoke the couple next door. The neighbor—who has also not been named—too grabbed his pistol and went outside. At that point, police say, both men pointed their guns at the man and ordered him to stop; in fact, authorities say the neighbor made several warnings for the man to stop moving so he could call police.

However, the neighbor told police, the man jumped the fence and charged the neighbor, prompting both the neighbor and the homeowner to fire at the would-be burglar. The man, who at this time has not been identified, died at the scene; police said they weren’t sure exactly how many times he had been shot, but the neighbor’s magazine—which holds between 10 and 15 rounds—was empty.

It’s not clear at this point whether either the homeowner or the neighbor will face charges. While we can’t speculate, self-defense shootings in Texas like this have rarely, if ever, brought criminal charges.

In this case, both men did what they had to do to defend themselves, their property and their families from a would-be burglar who may have had more malicious intentions.

What do you think? How would you have reacted in a similar situation?

  • D Slag

    It is a sad day one someone dies. I do however believe that the would be burglar was in the wrong. He lunged at the neighbor and was shot. Do not see an issue with it. Sorry for any of his loved ones but, he chose to break in and chose to lunge at neighbor. Not wise choice.

  • JiminGA

    Bad guy with a gun stopped by two good guys with guns. Sounds fine to me.

  • Daniel L Cameron

    Even in Kalifornia, if you charge someone and are threatening with a gun, it’s OK to shoot.

    • firetraq

      You sure about that. Personally I wouldn’t be so sure and I live here. I would actually question if I would go to jail on such an occasion

  • BJC

    I commend these men for standing up to violent criminals and protecting themselves and their family’s. This criminal gave them no choice and I just hope they can cope with what they were forced to do.

    • Bruce_in_San_Jose

      It is a mistake to think that when a law abiding citizen shoots and kills a criminal in self defense, or when protecting family members or friends, feels great sadness and is plagued by remorse. Most feel relief and many are elated at their success.

      But we are deluged with police dramas on TV where even cops justifiably taking down a criminal show regret and depression. The false idea has permeated people’s thought process so completely that those who display their good feelings at protecting their family and friends, are portrayed as some kind of animal. Or a criminal looking for an opportunity to kill someone, as in the Martin/Zimmerman case.

      I would have done the same as the homeowner and neighbor. Let me add that in some areas using a gun outside your home, in the yard, is no longer self defense and you might be charged with murder.

      • BJC

        This may be true for some but not all. I personally would never live in a place where I can’t defend my or someone elses life unless I am inside my home. Concealed carry is nationwide now so if it were murder to defend a life there would not be CCW law’s. In this case the homeowner’s did not chase down the criminal they were attacked by him, I don’t believe it would be considered murder anywhere.

      • John Cip

        It is better to stay inside the home. Call the police. Announce that you have a gun and you have called the police. If the criminal continues, wait him out and stay out of sight. If the criminal starts coming through, SHOOT TO KILL! This protects you from any lawsuites.

  • disqus_0NaovmuWmf

    Wonderful, another piece of crap gone.

  • JohnnyC

    This is Texas law which protects the home owners who have a right to defend themselves & loved ones!

  • Rarshaiz

    Lets see here police response time 2 min… Atty for the criminal if he went to court $10k, room and board for the criminal if convicted 50-100k a year 15 rounds put in to the criminal at the scene PRICELESS!

  • BC

    ‘The magazine holds between 10 and 15 rounds.’ How does that work haha. Cudos to the homeowners. I’d like to point out that those who would cry ‘excessive force’ that in Texas you can legally expend all ammo in the initial mag, but can not change mags and continue firing unless the target still presents a threat. IMO he probably didn’t need to use all the rounds at his disposal, but whatever gets the job done is A-ok with me.

  • Nicky1211

    If anyone is trying to break into a home that is occupied, then you can be certain he will kill you. If he charges you and you have a gun, he is probably on drugs and will kill you. You have every right to protect your life, property and family. Professional robber will make sure home is empty. And one bullet or 15…doesn’t make any difference. Dead is dead.

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