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First Look: Remington R51 Sub-Compact Pistol

by G&A Staff 81

New for 2014, the Remington R51 Sub-Compact pistol was designed as a modern version of Remington’s original Model 51. Originally… more »


The Best Home Defense Lasers at Every Price Point

by Keith Wood 13

When laser sights became widely available to consumers more than a decade ago, I didn’t pay them much attention. They… more »


Update: Springfield Armory XD-S Recall

by G&A Online Editors 31

In Aug. 2013, Springfield Armory issued a voluntary safety recall for their .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S pistols. Springfield Armory… more »

laserlyte plinking cans

First Look: LaserLyte Laser Plinking Cans

by Dusty Gibson 14

Anyone who has ever practiced dry-firing knows about the anti-climactic nature of standing in their living room, repeatedly drawing a… more »

Carl Sanders

Read & React: Indiana Pastor Pulls Gun on Robber

by G&A Online Editors 20

A little faith in the Lord goes a long way when faced with a potentially deadly situation, and that faith… more »

Mossberg 500 Flex Home Defense Shotgun

G&A Perspective: Why the Mossberg 500 is the Best Home Defense Shotgun of All Time

by Brad Fitzpatrick 108

Today’s consumer has a wide variety of choices when selecting a defensive shotgun, but which of these guns earns the… more »

San Antonio burglary

Read & React: Would-Be Burglar Killed by Homeowner, Neighbor

by G&A Online Editors 13

A San Antonio homeowner gave a would-be burglar the chance to leave, police say. Instead, the criminal ran at one… more »

French jeweler

Read & React: French Jeweler Shoots Robber, Charged with Murder

by G&A Online Editors 72

Generally speaking, most of the self-defense stories we hear about come from the United States. It’s interesting, then, when international… more »


Caracal International Recalls All Model C Pistols

by G&A Online Editors 0

Caracal International, LLC has issued a major recall of all Model C pistols. On Mar. 28, Caracal originally recalled only a… more »

Jon Lewis Alexander

Read & React: Liquor Store Clerk Pulls Gun on Robber

by G&A Online Editors 6

The term “badass” gets thrown around a lot these days, usually for Hollywood poster boys who pretend to be tough… more »


Springfield Armory Issues Safety Recall for XD-S Pistols

by G&A Online Editors 54

Springfield Armory has issued a voluntary safety recall for their .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S pistols. Issued Aug. 28, 2013,… more »

Rodney Long

Read & React: Iowa Hostage Kills Fugitive After Prison Escape

by G&A Online Editors 15

A manhunt for an escaped convict in Iowa ended last week with a gunshot from a homeowner protecting himself and… more »

Steve Sahin

Read & React: Pizza Restaurant Owner Thwarts Armed Robbery

by G&A Online Editors 1

“We don’t call 911. We use Colt.” A poster emblazoned with that warning hangs on the wall of Steve Sahin’s… more »


First Look: Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun

by G&A Online Editors 37

In 2011, Missouri-based Heizer Defense entered the personal defense market with its diminutive Heizer DoubleTap, a pocket handgun built specifically… more »


What’s the Best Subcompact 9mm on the Market?

by Dusty Gibson 108

With all the subcompact 9mm pistols on the market today, choosing the right one for you can be a truly… more »

Texas bank robbery

Read & React: Armed Texas Man Shoots Kidnappers Who Forced Wife to Rob Bank

by G&A Online Editors 17

A pair of Texas kidnappers were dealt some Texas justice after trying to force a husband and wife to rob… more »


Read & React: Washington Man Cites Biden Shotgun Advice in Weapons Charge

by Dylan Polk 67

Back when Vice President Joe Biden offered his own home-defense tips—dangerous and illegal as they were—we wondered if anyone would… more »


Read & React: Liquor Store Owner Pulls Gun on Armed Robber

by G&A Online Editors 3

Arturo Taveras is no stranger to being victimized by armed violence. The 69-year-old owner of McCann’s Liquors in Lawrence, Mass.,… more »

Jan Cooper

Elderly Woman Opens Fire on Would-Be Burglar

by G&A Online Editors 7

California hasn’t been much a haven for shooters and outdoorsmen for quite some time now, but not every Golden State… more »


At the Range: Springfield XDs 9mm vs. 45 Auto

by G&A Online Editors 13

You might as well call them identical twins. Springfield designed their brand new 9mm XDs under the exact same skin… more »


Best Gun Safes at Every Price Point

by Richard Nance 16

Anyone who owns a firearm for home defense has an obligation to ensure their firearm is accessible in the event of… more »

BlackHawk Concealment Bags

First Look: Blackhawk Offers Clever Concealment Bags

by G&A Online Editors 1

New Blackhawk Concealment Bags are designed to enable transportation of handguns and long guns in a few cleverly discrete ways. With… more »


NRA Show 2013: Defensive Shooting Skills Development

by Eric Conn 1

If you made it to the defensive shooting skill development seminar taught by Rob Pincus at this year’s NRA show… more »


First Look: Beretta Pico Debuts at NRA Show 2013

by G&A Online Editors 9

The micro compact market is all about size. Shooters want thin, they want light and they want concealability. Beretta USA… more »

Gun buyback

New Arizona Gun Law Signed, Nobody Notices

by James Tarr 15

Whenever a city has a gun buyback program, the media likes to praise their efforts at “reducing crime.” Gun buybacks… more »

Midland shooting

Read & React: Texas Man Shoots, Kills Neighbor

by James Tarr 19

The shotgun has long been considered king when it comes to effectiveness in home defense. In fact, even Vice President… more »

Jared Marcum

Read & React: West Virginia Student Suspended for NRA Shirt

by James Tarr 15

It seems more often we read news stories where it is apparent that at least in some areas of the… more »


What Doomsday Preppers Can Teach You About Home Defense

by Richard Nance 17

The topic of doomsday prepping is quite divisive. To many, the idea of stockpiling food, fuel, generators, medical supplies, firearms… more »


Boston Bombing: How to Stay Safe During an Attack

by James Tarr 0

We at Guns & Ammo stand with everyone else in this country who is outraged at the attack at the… more »

Ken James

Police Chief Ken James: Guns Are Not Defensive Weapons

by James Tarr 118

A link to a YouTube video was recently forwarded to me, the content of which was so unbelievable that if… more »

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