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Introducing the Diminutive Heizer DoubleTap

by G&A Online Editors   |  December 5th, 2011 50

Heizer DoubletapHeizer Defense LLC, a firearms company producing a new paradigm of pistols for the civilian and law enforcement markets, is proud to introduce their first model for the concealed-carry market, the DoubleTap—a tactical pocket pistol built on a titanium or aluminum frame; the slimmest and lightest on the market today at only .665 inch wide and 14 ounces.

Available in .45 ACP and 9mm, this no-snag, hammerless pistol is completely designed, engineered and manufactured using aerospace technology and equipment.

The DoubleTap carries two rounds in the chamber and the integral grips house two additional rounds.

The break-action features a patent-pending progressive barrel porting option that cuts muzzle rise and recoil.

The ambidextrous thumb latch releases the action and automatically ejects the spent rounds.

It features a unique double-action trigger system that utilizes ball bearings for a smooth action and crisp trigger pull. For more information, visit


    it would be even better if it could fire 410 rounds also!!!!!

    • B. J.

      Not for Commi-fornia. Need this to stay in .45, please help those of us who continue the 2Amend fight. Okay to produce in .410 for all other states.

  • Jimmy Munger

    After carrying a Highstandard .22 magnumderringer for decades this new .45 acp two shooter is very attractive for my personal uses.After checking out the example it seems to be my very next firearms purchase. I am still curious about price$

  • Ray Flaherty

    Order two. One for each hand.

    • Nate

      Order 2, tape them together for 1 hand!

  • Brother-in-Law

    Hmmm…….14oz. handgun that fires .45 ACP? Well, if it's the only gun that will conceal to the needed degree, it's loads better than throwing rocks. Might not be too much fun in becoming proficient in its use, though.

  • Tracy Thorleifson

    Cool toy, but my S&W M&P360 weighs 13.3 oz. and packs five rounds of .357 Magnum.

    • Danny

      I own the M&P360 in .357. I love carrying the gun (front pocket) because of the caliber but hate shooting the thing. I carry full magnum loads because that is why I bought the gun. I feel that should I ever have to use it (hope never) that I will not feel the recoil. Something like deer hunting with heavy loads. You hate sighting in the gun but never feel the recoil when you shoot "the big-one". The .357, in my opinion, is probably the best self-defense round you can carry. It will simply do the job when needed.
      Like another viewer wrote, I would like to see this new gun (Heizer) in .410 caliber. I think it would sell.

  • John doe

    As derringers go, this one looks pretty good. Probably not fun to shoot, but then again you don't shoot this type of gun to get good, you shoot this type of gun point-blank to save your life. A .45 ACP belly gun. I may get this as a backup to my 1911 or Glock.

    • SlyMC182

      I agree this is not the type of gun you shoot for fun. This is a last chance when everything turns to s**t gun. If you main carry gun fails or is lost or knocked from your hand or something this may be a good choice for some people as a back-up gun.

  • Dick

    Agree, I've got The Judge 'combo' & can insert two .410's & three .45 rounds, but it is bulkie, carry a .380 Kel-Tec, but it isn't the Quality I'd like. I'll check out the S&W M&P 360 mentioned on these 'comment' sites!
    Would feel safer and more comfort with.410 in one chamber & .45 in other! Also considering Top Load Berretta 'old but still light & handy! Think best thing about Double Tap is Size & .45 Cal. for Power! But don't fel easy with only two rounds before reloading! Thought Video confusing, does it fire second round right away or can one wait & consider firing? Also how easy is it to grasp 2nd. pair of slugs? Very poor Video & background noise distracting!

  • Peter M

    My S&W 357 magnum scandium revolve is 12 ounces but, hurts to shoot.

  • Walking Dead Sexy

    This could be a backup to a backup…

  • jvaughn

    it's unreal what some people will say and claim, most people could not hit a man size target at 3 feet with a bat little lone a small gun that they can't shoot at all

  • Smokey

    Seems like an answer to a question no one is asking.

  • bhp9

    Oh wow another modern made piece of garbage. Although double action only is much safer to carry it relegates hitting anything with it to a few feet at most. I have always preferred the single action pocket pistol as hits out to 25 yards are actually very easy if one is skilled in combat shooting.

    Oh for the days when you could by an all forged quality pocket pistol like the baby Browning or the original German made PPK. They have all been replaced by plasticky and stamped sheet metal garbage.

  • Prof H

    With maybe a half-inch of barrel before the porting releases gas pressure, this one will have the penetration of a golf ball. I doubt that it can send a .45 slug through a tough leather jacket. It'll make a bruise and a lot of noise, which might scare away a bad guy. Just make sure your mugger is Don Knotts.

    • steveyacht

      You wanna volunteer in your leather jacket?

  • Sarah Weaver

    I swear, one of these days I'm going to put some bubble gum in a black wrapper and sell it as "Tactical Chewing Gum".
    It's a new take on a Derringer. Big Whup. Sell it as such and please cut the "tactical" part out of the hype; some of us would like to see the piece stand on its own merits.

    • DeputyC

      Got my "tactical" toilet paper!

  • spydie

    Prof H… a .45 round that can't shoot through a leather jacket? It's obvious you've never fired a .45. I seen a .45 ACP fired from the road 250' from a house, go through the metal insulated garage door, bounce off the ceiling and imbed itself in the furthest wall 40 feet from the door, not exiting to the outside again only because it was a brick wall on the other side of the interior wall. I think a .45 fired from a barrel no longer than the cartridge will very easily penetrate a leather jacket. Get real!

  • rick

    what a bunch of wussies!!!! really!!! no fun to shoot?!?! would be a blast to shoot and shoot alot/often!!!
    you clowns saying that this and that hurts to shoot or no fun to shoot ought to be limited to a squirt gun!!!
    where have all the men gone??????/

    shame!! shame!!! shame!!!!!!

    • oneslackr

      The people you are calling names all make valid points. It definitely wouldn't be much fun to shoot or to shoot often, being tough has nothing to do with it. So lighten up Rick, you internet/keyboard tough guy.

      This gun would be as worthless as tits on a boar hog past a few feet of distance. The only thing I could see it being good for would be as a backup to be used at point blank range. There are plenty of other choices that are far more practical & accurate while still being very concealable than this so called 'tactical' toy.

      • Velko M

        The barrel looks to be about twice as long as that on a snubbie so it should be at least as accurate as a snubbie.

    • Tina

      HA! I probably weight half of what a lot of men weigh and I would LOVE to get my hands on one of these! Recoil is FUN!!! Fun aside, though, I also don't anticipate needing to shoot someone from a great distance. IF this can deliver the goods from 15 feet, I think that would be enough. Esp as a backup. I would like to hear the opinions of some people who have actually shot this. SMALL is important for a woman. Most of us HAVE to balance concealability with stopping power. A subcompact is the only practical size for me to carry.

    • dennis

      u sound like me,,,,i got my 1st 44mag yrs ago,,,,,everyone said thts alot of gun 2 shoot constantly,,,,,,,hell i can shoot tht thg allday long and luv it

  • Patsy

    I want one, it sounds perfect to carry in an ankle holster just for fun

  • Velko M

    I take it this fires BOTH rounds at the same time? Looking for info on this and can't find it. Looks pretty nifty for a hideout piece. Price?

    • Nomexjock

      It fires one at a time, note the action in the video.

  • tgugs

    Too many wannabe operators with indoctrinated tactical opinions. You like what you like……. Watched all the YouTube vids and still unsure if it fires one barrel at a time or both.

  • Sgt. Thomas

    I work nights in Detroit. Have since just after the 1967 riots. Most of my close calls were in parking structure elevators or leaving Cobo Hall or the Fox Theater after a late night performance assignment. My perfect storm choice would be a two gun (Left & right) Milt Sparks sholder holster rig with either 2 H&K .45c's or 2 S&W 327 Night Guards. That is 18 rounds of .45 or 16 rounds of .357, eneough to solve almost all of my problems but not a practical carry in my workplace. Please do not lecture me on the CWP law, I work in a getto combat zone. The law is survivel. I carry when I take my wife to my favorite Detroit riverfront resturant (Sinbads) (she never knows). I've ordered two titanium .45 ported versions and will load them with "Ball" ammo. The leatker jacket best be 1/2" Kevlar.

    • judge

      You need a better gun than this.

  • old vet

    With all that porting if you had to use this for defense where you had naked ears, all your conversations would begin with WHAT?

  • tgugs
  • B.J.

    Hoo-rah! Well said.

  • SemperFlyBoy

    I'm waiting until they bring it out in 50 cal.


    Porting is an optional $60 add on

    • old vet

      Realized, but almost everyone, that was offering porting in their long arms quit, the marlin guide guns and the BOSS with porting etc. too many potential suits. This gun with porting, especially indoors would be a bomb.

  • Tom Campau

    Dear "Old Vet"…"With all that porting if you had to use this for defense where you had naked ears, all your conversations would begin with WHAT? " I said "What". Two tours in Viet-Nam, no eye protection, no ear protection (no one in a jungle combat situation would use them and live to rotate home again) The VA just recently issued me a set of hearing aids (GOOD ONES) and I heard crickets for the first time in 40 years. I will take them out at the range but not in real life. Chances are what chances are.

  • moatsyjr

    So, I'm confused? Does it fire both rounds at the same time? or how does that work, I don't understand it looks like the hammer strikes both cartridges at the same time?

  • Dirty Devan

    This guns is o'right with me.

  • Silverjak2000

    now if it were in .40 S&W I'd seriously consider it as a backup, but I'm not going to buy it and have to stock another caliber for only one firearm.

    Looks decent though for a bellygun, but then again I also agree with the person who called it "an updated derringer".

  • Michael C.

    It fires one at a time, like a derringer. You can also get an interchangeable barrel that will allow you to shoot 9mm rounds. For one in titanium with a ported barrel it costs $799.00, and one in titanium without a ported barrel is $729.00.

  • shooterrick

    There is now a video of this pistol actually being shot on a range.

  • Mark M

    Does anyone know when the heizer doubletap is going to be available for sure! I know they are behind!

  • eric

    ok well you all think your 357 is great thats fine ill stick with the good old fnh five-seven. annihilates vest, bullet drop is 1" at 100yrds no recoil so i can cycle a whole mag before you round your second /third shot so ill stick with my nice light metallic death rock and yess it hits both at once hence the name DOUBLETAP amateurs and those who say no hearing protection would be a problem hahah what are you stupid do you see the rangemasters the cops the gang members throw on protection before they cycle weapons no they dont you get used to it you learn to deal with it danm wieners just have to find something to pick at

  • Marshall Tharp

    When I travel between Florida and Maine, twice a year, I carry my S&W five shot .38 special, Mod 36 loose in my pants pocket. My worry is car jacking at a gas station, or near the motel. (Never had to use it, but if so, it would be at very short range, maybe three feet). The double tap in 9 MM, no ports, sounds good for this purpose, and only about 1/2 inch wide in the pocket. Most such encounters are over in 5 seconds, no time to fool with the tiny .380's, some of which have no safety, so can't be carried safely with a chambered round. ………MAT, NRA Hunter safety instructor.

  • zeke1312

    Heizer Double Tap…..the gun that never was. The design engineer and manufacturer had a fall out. Stay tuned. ;)

  • shooter_mark

    Buyer be ware…

    Double detonation:

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