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First Look: Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun

by G&A Online Editors   |  August 21st, 2013 35

In 2011, Missouri-based Heizer Defense entered the personal defense market with its diminutive Heizer DoubleTap, a pocket handgun built specifically with concealed carry in mind.

Now, Heizer has taken the pocket pistol concept a step further, introducing the brand new Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun. This single-shot .410 handgun features a break-open design with a stainless steel or titanium finish. Heizer boasts extreme reliability from the Pocket Shotgun, putting 5,000 rounds through it over the course of two-and-a-half days without a fail. The Pocket Shotgun is expected to hit shelves in November with a price point around $499. Check out the Pocket Shotgun in action at the range.

  • MrApple

    $500 for a single shot .410 derringer pistol seems too high. I would rather spend $400 on a 5 shot j-frame revolver. And as for 5000 rounds in 2 1/2 days of shooting and not one failure, what is one a single shot that could dramatically fail? The barrel explodes, shell doesn’t fire due to light strikes on the primer, shell gets permanently stuck in the chamber and can’t be removed, or after firing the gun simply won’t open so the shell can be extracted is about all I could think of at the moment.

    The Double Tap derringers (9mm; 45ACP) have promise but this one isn’t for me.

    • Sirrus Rider

      I say Double tap with either 9mm or 45 ACP snake shot cartridges for the same effect.

      • MrApple

        The CCI Snakeshot would be the closest 9mm or 45ACP cartridge that would be remotely like a .410 shell. For me, I would rather load the Double Tap with quality hollowpoints instead of snakeshot.

    • Victor

      due to the judge success some strange stuff hit the market chamberd for .410…

  • TheDaywalkersDad

    I have to ask, “Why?”

    • Skittlekiller

      Because I can and I can because it’s America. When that changes then ask why.

      • MrApple

        When that changes you won’t be allowed to ask why.

      • frebitz

        Act like a responsible gun owner and put your dick away

  • Leigh Rich

    1 shot 410….$500. Get a double tap…45apc n 9mm

  • Mark Berrett

    Hmmm seems like a solution looking for a problem!

  • Dennis Owen Robbins

    Doesn’t hold a candle to the Bond Arms Derringers … for firepower OR price.

    • Ericki

      I’ve used the Bond Arms and it’s a good little gun, 2shot either 45Colt or 410.
      The only thing I don’t like about it is the Barrel Break release can be a Thumb buster if you’re not careful.

    • Brian Johnson

      I agree Dennis, Bond Arms already has the best gun for this market, plus very concealable. My Bond Arms Mini 45 was only $395 plus tax, fires two shots and has many interchangeable barrels.

  • dooood

    just get a judge so you can have four more shots

  • Josiah Huestis

    $500 for a single shot .410? I’ll take that money and buy a compact 12 Ga Remington 870 with LOTS of ammo to go with it!

  • Nam Vet 2

    Once is not enough!

    • Joseph Kool

      But it’s better than none

  • RMP52

    I think this one falls under the heading “who cares”.

  • Sarah Weaver

    How does it compare size-wise to one of the more compact Judge revolvers?

  • BJC

    To me one or two rounds is not enough for self defense. I would much rather have something like an XDs in 45acp or 9mm loaded with +p ammo.

  • Frank Jackson

    Does seem a bit steep. But not a bad idea out in the hinterlands.

  • Frankie

    Bond Derringer, with 4 1/2 inch barrel, snakeslayer, with new Hornady critical defense rounds. Also have the 3 inch barrel, and couple pair of grips as well as two holster designs. A great gun for truck carry, or home defense until I get to the 1911′s or AR’s…….Beautiful stainless steel, with wooden grips……. use 45 colt. as backup cartridges…..

  • joe

    we already have a judge, it failed. The .410 is a proven terrible home defense round. Make me a 12 gauge version and Im in.


      I’m unaware that the Judge “failed”; it’s a hot selling handgun, has been brought out in several versions, including a carbine, and ammo manufacturers are designing .410 ammo for self defense. Even S&W has brought out a .410/.45 LC/.45ACP revolver. Sounds like a resounding success to me. Care to elaborate on your claims?

  • Leigh Rich

    Basically it is a collection piece or novelty gun. I have a Double tap and about every derringer made. So in Nov if I have the money I will probably get it for my collection. It is an addiction liken to gambling. I don’t shoot a lot of the guns I own.

  • Texas 18

    Too much $$$$ for a single shot

  • Texas 18

    Prefer my Nano 8 shot for $ 359.00

  • Dirty Devan Hammerhand

    well I don’t what think but with only 1 shot it a waste of making. I rather prefer 5& 6 shooter revolvers or 7 round 9mm Semi Automatic

  • Greg Hoo

    Interesting but just a curiosity. Not worth owning.

  • Dude


  • Leigh Rich

    I missed that page. For $500 I’d rather have a Double Tap 45ACP Sorry

  • Bob

    Having connections in that company during the failed development and initial production of the DoubleTap, I witnessed first-hand the lies, deceit, and pure BS that Tom, Hedy, and Charlie Heizer.. with the help of liar-extraordinaire Ray Kohout spewed on a daily basis, none of which have any business in the gun industry, let alone “designing” one (which for the DoubleTap was designed outside-in, hence the production delays because nothing would fit or work in such a small gun.) Again, hence the super-glued parts inside the gun in the magazine, the only one which would fire (unreliably) enough for the paid-off staffers at Guns and Ammo to write their article about. It’s bittwesweet that the gun failed before the “facts” stated in the article were proven to the public to be lies and empty promises. Well, Ray left to cheat some other company and this is what the Heizers have decided – to replace one failed gun with another future failure based on a business model of lies, deceit, and paying off promoters like Guns and Ammo. The truly scary thing is, these people are also making aircraft parts.

  • Leigh Rich

    Been 2 years and a secod ompan and stll no $500 gun.

  • disqus_kQJ5TTzPIo

    You can pick up an old Cobray .410 / 45LC brand new for around $100. Just as reliable, maybe not so pretty.

  • S. Lacey

    You might ask, why not just pack a revolver or an automatic, as you would get more rounds? What I like about the “derringer” style of pistols, is that they are very slim and light weight, packable, and as a woodland survival type gun, those types of pistols have few moving parts, thus are very reliable. The American Derringer M6 6″ barreled model for example is 8.2″ long and weighs just 21 ounces, with the M8 8″ being 9.8″ overall and weighing in at 24 ounces and is relatively slim! Compare that to your favorite 6″ barreled revolver for weight and length! As far as capacity, I live in the eastern woodlands. I don’t anticipate having to use the pistol for anything except for target shooting or small game hunting. But it is nice to know that I could use it defensively if I had to. You might say that your six shot wheel gun is superior because it holds more rounds, while that may be, if you were say getting charged by a wild bore or a black bear, you are probably only going to have enough time to fire one or two well placed shots anyway, before the animal has you. So if you can’t do it with 2 shots, the other 4 rounds are moot anyway. What I like about the .410/ 45 LC combination, is that you can shoot small game with bird shot, shoot medium sized game with .410 slugs, and if the barrel is long enough the pistol MIGHT be legal to even harvest a deer in a pinch. MCA adapters and Short Lane Adapters both make barrel inserts for the where by you can shoot 22 LR rounds out of most any .410/ 45 LC gun. With Buffalo Bore .45 LC 250 hard cast loads out of an American Derringer M6 6″, or an M8 8″ barreled models, you are getting nearly 1,050 – 1,100 fps from standard pressure loadings! Think about that for a moment. That is a .45 caliber bullet hole, hard cast bullet hitting with 10mm energy levels, and at under 14,000 psi!!! For a defensive round, that has enough penetration for anything in the eastern woodlands, two legged or four. Therefore, I think that the overall concept of the Heizer Defense Pistol has merit, however, I think they need to take their designs to the next level, and definitely come out with a two shot model, with a longer barrel, in .410/ .45 LC. I think a derringer style pistol should be two shot, with a longer barrel block, one smooth bore and the other bore rifled (both in .410/ .45 LC), with good sights, good DA/SA trigger, external hammer (that way you could choose to fire in either SA or in DA), a 6″ and 8″ barrels options, good accuracy out at 50 yards, full sized grips that can accommodate all fingers, slim, and light weight. The Taurus Judge is just too bulky and heavy for a backpack or carry gun for the eastern woodlands. Derringers get the job done, are slimmer and much lighter.

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