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Elderly Woman Opens Fire on Would-Be Burglar

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 12th, 2013 7

California hasn’t been much a haven for shooters and outdoorsmen for quite some time now, but not every Golden State resident is buying into their lawmakers’ anti-gun agenda—and in one case, it probably saved a life.

According to the KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, an Anaheim, Calif., resident in her 70s used a gun to fend off a would-be burglar in the early morning hours of June 9.

Check out the video from KTLA-TV.

Jan Cooper, 72, was at home with her husband—an 86-year-old, disabled, World War II veteran—when her rottweiler alerted them to someone outside at about 12:30 a.m.

Trying to get into the home was Brandon Alexander Perez, 31, who first attempted to enter through the front door. After finding it was locked, Perez went around to the side of the residence when Cooper warned him she was armed, keeping a Smith & Wesson .357 revolver trained on Perez while on the phone with 911.

“I’m firing,” Cooper told the dispatcher doing just that. After a “bang” on the 911 call, Cooper told the dispatcher, “You’d better get the police here. I don’t know whether I hit him or not. I’m not sure. He’s standing at my door, my back door. He’s in my yard.”

Perez apparently didn’t heed the warning and tried to open a sliding glass door. That’s when the woman decided enough was enough and opened fire. Perez wasn’t hit—Cooper joked with reporters, “I was off my mark”—but was certainly scared out of his wits, backed down and begged Cooper not to shoot him. Luckily for him, Orange County Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene in no time. Perez was arrested and charged with suspicion of attempted burglary—which doesn’t bode for him, considering he was already on parole for burglary.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff’s Department applauded Cooper’s actions, saying the revolver was properly registered and she was well within her rights to use it.

This a story that could have ended very badly, but Cooper’s steadfast approach to a potentially harmful situation was enough to keep her husband and herself from being harmed. Our favorite part of this story is Cooper’s defiant message to the recently re-incarcerated Perez: “Well Mr. Perez, you have no idea how lucky you were to be able to walk away from my house.”



  • BJC

    I’ll say the same thing I did when I first saw this story. “Hero’s come in all age’s and genders”. Well done Mame

  • bob blalock

    God bless this poor woman.good thing she was able to defend herself. the perp deserves what he got and as far as diane fineswine is concern i will keep my mouth shut. Hoooray for Granny!

  • salamero

    the bandit got lucky he did not get hit with that .357, he would have been hurting bad, maybe he will start a new life, I love happy endings.

  • Jesse

    The thing is that since the Castle Doctrine isn’t listed as true in California, a lawyer could argue that it was uncalled for assault as the couple could have run. I am a supporter of gun rights so dont get me wrong but in california if she had hit him she would be tried for intentional murder.

  • R Kelley

    God bless America. God bless the second amendment. God bless Mrs. Cooper and her WW2 veteran and hero husband.

  • lol

    dude nice job for defending herself

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