Caracal International, LLC has issued a major recall of all Model C pistols.

On Mar. 28, Caracal originally recalled only a small batch of pistols. The recall was updated on Sep. 9 to include every Model C pistol made to date.

According to Caracal, the safety issues cannot be repaired, and all handguns must be returned for a full refund or voucher for other Caracal products.

Caracal’s safety recall warns, “If you own or have access to a Caracal Model C pistol, PLEASE DO NOT LOAD OR FIRE YOUR PISTOL.”

The safety warning also states, “If you have sold or transferred your Caracal Model C pistol to any other person, we ask you to please contact us in any event and provide us with the name and contact information for the person to whom you sold any Model C Pistol so that we may also notify that person of this recall.”

If you own a Model C pistol, you can contact Caracal at (205)-655-7050 or to arrange for returns.

Caracal plans to completely re-vamp their entire lineup with new models. Until then, if you own a Caracal Model C, it looks like you’re in the market for a new pistol.

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