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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

by G&A Staff 0

Here are some great gear for the favorite shooter on your shopping list. Looking for the perfect holiday gift for… more »


Best States for Gun Owners (2017)

by Keith Wood 0

Guns & Ammo counts down the best states for gun owners in 2017 using sources from NRA, NSSF and state and local law enforcement agencies.

Steiner’s M332 is the perfect fixed-powered optic—durable, compact, with a wide field of view and 3 inches of eye relief.

This Fixed-Power Battle Sight Is An Amazing Value

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Steiner’s totally waterproof M332 battle sight offers a wide field of view and long eye relief at an amazing price…. more »


Snubnose Revolver Tactics

by Richard Nance 0

With proper training, the snubnose revolver is a viable option for personal defense.


Off Body Carry

by Richard Nance 0

Pros and cons of off-body carry methods.

The F2000 is in limited service with seven foreign countries including Belgium, Croatia, India, Libya, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and Slovenia. It has also been chosen to serve tactical SWAT officers here in the U.S.

History of Bullpup Rifles

by Eric R. Poole 0

A primer on the significance of bullpups.


RFB: Kel-Tec’s Revolution

by David Kenik 0

What is and is to come of the world’s first truly ambidextrous 7.62 NATO-chambered bullpup.


Barrel Length vs. Velocity

by G&A Staff 0

How much velocity do I lose if I shorten the barrel on my AR?

Vaultek’s PRO VTi can be accessed five different ways: via key, smart key, digital keypad, biometric, or your smart phone, to make it simple for you to get to your guns.

New Gun Safe Makes Huge Leap in Smart-Tech Design

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Vaultek’s new PRO VTi handgun safe is one of the simplest and most secure safes now available. As a gun… more »

Birchwood Casey offers a full line of gun-cleaning products from scrubs and gun-protection solutions to brushes and supplies.

Gun Cleaning: 3 Products That Make Cleanups Easy

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Birchwood Casey offers all the cleaning products you need to keep your firearms in top working order I grew up… more »


Shooting The Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

by Jeremy Cantrell 0

The (00) Balls Are Back In Town.


IDTS 3-D Targets – A New Dimension In Target Systems

by Richard Nance 0

This unique target system that can help take your training to a new level.

Properly applied primary tourniquet to the lower extremity. Note the high (proximal) positioning on the thigh. Remember, a larger thigh might require two tourniquets.

Survival – All tourniquets are not created equal

by G&A Staff 0

There are some great items on the market that, when needed, can drastically change the outcome of an otherwise fatal event.

The Walther P99c AS is a well-designed carry pistol, as evidenced by the way it performed during offhand firing at 10 yards.

Cool Like 007

by Richard Nance 0

Walther’s P99c AS pistol — carry friendly and distinguished.

Steiner’s R1X red dot is a cross between a micro- and full-size battle sight. The unit offers a small footprint while still providing a generous field of view.

New Red-Dot Sight Is Amazingly Versatile

by Chris Mudgett 0

Steiner’s R1X red-dot sight offers an ultra-wide field a view in a compact design to make target acquisition faster. The… more »


Vehicular Gunfight

by Richard Nance 0

A Review of Dave Spaulding’s Vehicle Combatives Course.


Home Invasion

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Key home invasion survival concepts to help you on your journey.


Three State-Of-The-Art .45 ACP Cartridges

by Richard Nance 0

Companies such as Federal, Hornady, and relative newcomer G-2 Research, are pushing the envelope to provide the ultimate personal defense round.

Realtree Max

The Best Gear For The Hardcore Carnivore Hunter

by Joe Genzel 0

Trick them, if you can, with some of the best gear on the market. You’ll need it.


AR: Vertical Grips or Not?

by Kyle Lamb 0

Does a vertical grip on a tactical rifle outrun the negatives?