Michael Bane, host of Shooting Gallery on Outdoor Channel and Shooting Gallery Online on MyOutdoorTV.com, talked to SIG SAUER about their new line of riflescopes and range finders that use bluetooth to communicate with each other using what they call Ballistic Data Xchange or BDX.

There is an app for smartphones that allows pairing of the rangefinder and scope. It’s easier than connecting a phone to a car using bluetooth. After that, the app asks for a ballistic profile. The ballistic profile consists of the bullet weight, distance and muzzle velocity. That will allow the rangefinder to know the MOA drop based on the distance. The rangefinder will give you that information. SIG SAUER designed a rifle scope that had the same capability. As soon as the rangefinder has the ballistic profile, it sends that information to the riflescope. SIG SAUER and its BDX has simplified the ballistic app down a step to make it much easier to use. SIG SAUER has found a way to converge these products, and make it easy for the consumer to use. The price for this setup is roughly $700 when all said and done.

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