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Steyr Arms Unveils New U.S. Headquarters in Alabama

by G&A Staff   |  April 16th, 2014 9

What better way to commemorate your 150th birthday than to celebrate with friends, family and neighbors in a brand new home?

Steyr Arms did just that on April 4, 2014, unveiling a new 33,000 square-foot manufacturing headquarters in Bessemer, Alabama. The facility includes an impressive firearm gallery available to distributors, dealers and their customers wanting to compare a wide range of models and configurations first-hand.

Steyr’s U.S. operations were previously located in Trussville, Ala., until thriving demand and increasing production prompted this expansion into a state-of-the-art location with the capacity for future growth in manufacturing.

Situated near Birmingham, Steyr’s new residence includes a sophisticated 25,000 square-foot manufacturing facility and warehouse that will effectively boost stateside firearm production and importation. Part of the new headquarters also features a new indoor test range and a stunning 3,000 square-foot showroom where hundreds of sample firearms serve as tangible pieces of history and future for Steyr, Merkel and Anschutz.

Those in attendance for the official ribbon cutting included local politicians, business owners, firearm distributors, industry professionals and media. Steyr-Mannlicher owner and CEO Dr. Ernst Reichmayr was also on hand to celebrate 150 years of the company’s rich tradition, and to give a glimpse of what’s ahead for the U.S. market.

“We have a lot of great products that we will introduce in 2014 to celebrate our 150th anniversary,” said Scott O’Brien, CEO of U.S.-based Steyr Arms. “Those new products will take a lot of people by surprise. We’ve fast-tracked several lines and we plan to bring some amazingly useful firearms to America in 2014.”

The firearm industry actively awaits the arrival of those new offerings, which may be unveiled as soon as the 2014 NRA Show starting April 25th in Indianapolis, Ind. Stay tuned for coverage of the show right here on G&

But Steyr’s 150-year celebration included more than teasers to highly anticipated new guns. During the ribbon cutting, Steyr extended some neighborly love by increasing law enforcement discounts to sworn officers from Jefferson County, Ala. They also presented the very first Steyr AUG-A3 marked as manufactured in “BESSEMER, AL” to Bessemer’s Mayor Kenneth Gulley.

G&A Editor Eric R. Poole was among those present to welcome the Austrian firearm innovators into their new U.S. headquarters. Poole had a chance to tour the facility, and it wasn’t long before he joined the assembly line building and test firing what would become his own American-made Steyr AUG-A3.

Join us in welcoming Steyr into their new facility with this behind-the-scenes tour of their new U.S. headquarters, manufacturing facility and showroom in the heart of the American south.

  • George Kenderdine

    I am so glad to Stery move to Alabama! I wish them many years of putting out a Great line of Both Rifles and Pistols. Welcome to Alabama!

  • carl

    nice 100% god bless

  • Pete Sheppard

    The move is basically across town. Trussville and Bessemer are on opposite sides of Birmingham, AL. Still, I’m glad they are staying in Alabama!!

  • squareWave

    I like the white stock version of the AUG. Looks like something the Stormtroopers in Star Wars would carry.

  • R.Lopaka

    Steyr? Same co. that sold sniper rifles to IRAN? Killing US troops in Iraq? That STEYR?

    “Iranian sniper rifles in the hands of Iraqi insurgents

    By Bill RoggioFebruary 13, 2007

    The Telegraph reports a large quantity of Austrian made .50 caliber sniper rifles were seized in Baghdad”

    Read more:

    • athorn

      Yes, even Iranians can recognize and purchase quality firearms.
      They were sold with the understanding they were intended for domestic use.

      The real scandal is the illegal sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartel terrorists by agents of the US government.

      • R.Lopaka

        Steyr Blood money. BOYCOTT STEYR…..Well I WON’T ever buy a Steyr!!! Or vote for the Dem party that sent weapons to the drug cartels to kill LEOs and tens of thousands of innocents. PERIOD

        • Mike

          Steyrs were not used in Iraq. Proven fact.

    • Mike

      While Steyr did sell rifles to Iran on an Austrian government approved contract, that story has been proven to be a hatchet piece, and U.S. CentCom has stated that no Steyr rifles have been found in Iraq.

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