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SilencerCo Unveils $20K Suppressor Kit

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 23rd, 2014 15

aab8ee2b-7abc-4750-bcb1-13d4b93090c1Utah-based firearm suppressor company SilencerCo has announced a new, limited-time offer to customers.

The Conquest Kit, which the manufacturer is calling “the greatest SilencerCo offer ever extended,” includes every suppressor (14) and accessory (47) the company makes packaged within a custom, laser-cut foam lined Pelican case with a SilencerCo logo.

In addition to the items within the case, the kit includes other benefits, such as one-on-one coaching from a SilencerCo employee upon receipt,  the ability to choose custom serial numbers and early access to future new products by joining the SilencerCo inner circle.

“We built the Conquest Kit because customers and dealers at live fire demos asked about having every silencer and accessory we make in one place — like our sales reps have,” said Joshua Waldron, SilencerCo’s CEO. “We made the kit even better by putting it all in an awesome case, adding in the custom serial number option, and even including individual training after receipt.”

As part of the limited-time offer, SilencerCo is also offering to pay the tax and transfer of each silencer, as required for all regulated NFA items by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BAFTE).

The Conquest Kit is available for $20,000, and purchasing the kit will guarantee advance notice and first-chance buys on any future releases of innovative products.

For more information, visit the Conquest Kit page on the SilencerCo website.

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  • Manuel510

    Too bad I live in California…. and also the National Firearms Act is unconstitutional. BTW did you know that the NRA supported the NFA? One reason why I’ll never give them a penny.

    • Liberty_First

      Did you know that the NRA is just made of people, and that none of the people who were involved in passing the NFA are still alive?

      • Manuel510

        Did you know that RECENTLY in the NRAs Peruta V. San Diego decision the NRA argued to uphold California’s open carry bans and it’s gun free school zones? And yes I believe that the people involved are still alive. Want proof? Follow the link. 

        • D Train

          Open carry is for D-Bags. Lemme guess, Hi-Point in a nylon holster dangling under your size 46 gut? If it weren’t for NRA, you’d be carrying around an empty holster.

          • Manuel510

            “If it weren’t for NRA, you’d be carrying around an empty holster”. After I showed proof that the NRA opposes open carry you still make that stupid claim. And the NRA supported CAs 1964 Black Panther open carry ban. And also it’s not the NRA to support for open carry, actually if it weren’t for the founding fathers we wouldn’t carry firearms at all. Please think before you talk or type in the future, it may do you some good. BTW I just called you an idiot in a polite form.

          • D Train

            BTW, you missed the point entirely- I’m referring to gun bans, not open carry. You are an oxygen thief, how’s that for polite?

          • Manuel510

            “Open carry is for D-Bags”. How does that refer to gun bans? I’m sorry, but I think that you aren’t well educated.

          • D Train

            You’re right, I went to a state law school.

          • edgar massey

            Go figure!

          • edgar massey

            So, you saying anyone with a 46 inch gut is a d bag? Opinions are like a holes,, everyone has one! The problem we m with people today they want to pass judgement based on stereo type. Open carry, concealled, it should be a right for each person to decide,,, regardless of waist size!

    • Daryl

      Manuel does that mean you don’t pay taxes? I guess that means the NRA isn’t going to get your $25 a year, I’m sure they will miss it. You know you could join and become a voting member and help put people you support in leadership positions. You really are missing out on a good benefit, just one example is the National Rifleman magazine. Did you vote for the current politicians that are restricting your gun rights. I’ll let you go with this thought, break the NFA laws and see how fast the Feds. arrest you. Then use your unconstitutional defense in Federal court. Good luck.

      • Manuel510

        I don’t need the nra to tell me who to vote for. I’m not a single issue voter like I assume you are. I’m not going to vote for a pro 2a if they’re an idiot.

        • Donnie Robertson

          So? Ya’ voted for Obammy did ya’? Betcha did ….. all that “Hope and Change” …. “Yes We’uns Can” crap swallowed in one big gulp! Didcha like the flavor of the Obammy Favor?

  • SilentOptions

    The National Firearms Act has been aroiund since 1935! Get a life!

    • Steessman117


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