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Take Action: Sign Petition to Remove Suppressors from NFA

by G&A Online Editors   |  July 14th, 2014 15

petition_suppressor_NFA_sig_sauer_silencer_1Those of us who support improvements in suppressor legislation have an opportunity to take action.

A new petition posted on aims to remove suppressors from the list of items regulated by the 1934 National Firearms Act (NFA). The petition requests suppressors be taken off the list of NFA regulated items, remove the costly $200 tax stamp on any purchase of a suppressor, eliminate the complex legality and travel issues between states and reduce safety concerns related to discharging firearms.

The petitioners have a goal of 100,000 signatures by Aug. 5, 2014. Although reaching this goal wouldn’t guarantee changes in current legislation, it would require the White House Administration to review the petition and issue an official response.

For more information about suppressors and legislation updates, check out the American Suppressor Association.

Help support suppressor awareness! Visit the website to view or sign the petition.


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  • marlinlever

    I encourage all gun owners to sign this petition. As a person with hearing damage I can appreciate all the sound reduction possible. If you havent been around sound suppressors, you should know that they are not like in the movies, except maybe a 22lr pistol or rifle with standard or subsonic velocity ammunition. Full power loads can and sometimes will still cause hearing damage. Muffs or plugs should still be worn with some if not all “high” powered guns. But I’m no expert on the matter. Be aware that just because it doesnt hurt your ears, it doesn’t mean that damage isn’t occurring. I have 40% and 30% perecent loss in my left and right ears respectively. Lets keep it quiter out there, please sign this petition.

    • HK_USP_45

      You can see what the decibel reduction is on the can. For most calibers if you use sub-sonic loads it will reduct to levels below ear muff decibel ratings. You bring up a great point, though.

  • NRAmember

    Suppressors will only enhance the psycho killers who are already endangering our 2nd amendment rights. I wear ear protection when I shoot, run the lawn mower or leaf blower.

    • Doom

      I hope to god you are trolling.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    This is a health issue; used for home defense, the gun will be fired in an enclosed area where protective ear-plugs or muffs would severly detract from being able to hear family or invaders. Even a small-caliber gun firing in an enclosed space can damage unprotected hearing. Europeans routinely use suppressors for hunting, whee they’ve never been a controlled item. Our congress at the time saw Humphrey Bogart films where black-painted soda cans were taped to the barrels of revolvers and magically removed all sound. A suppressor on a revolver is still next to worthless.

  • Stephen

    I’ve never understood the US attitude to suppressors. Here in Europe, suppressors are no big deal. In the UK they are commonly used by hunters; and also target shooters use them to reduce noise pollution. Also, what’s the deal with detachable shoulder stocks, which I am led to believe are completely forbidden in the US. A friend of mine has a 1917 Artillery Luger on his firearms licence, which he shoots with its shoulder stock attached

  • Sambar Hunter

    This is the WRONG way to go about this. This White House has proven over and over they will do nothing to make life easier for gun owners and a signature on this sort of White House petition is simply a means for them to register the signer as a potential gun owner. The obama will do NOTHING in support of gun owners.

  • Seerightthere!

    When was the last/first time the Whitehouse or the ATF listened to the wishes or acted on the will of the people? The creation of this ridiculous petition process was designed as a PR stunt, and is patently unconstitutional. So while you beg for the Government to give you back the crumbs of your rights I will do as the Whitehouse does and obey only those laws I see fit and only when I see fit. Rule of law is dead, right to due process is dead.

  • Servo1969

    In England suppressors are considered hearing protection and are sold over the counter for about $40. Of course not as many people own a gun but still they’re not even considered a big deal there.

  • Jimbo

    Very poorly written petition. Why didn’t the author explain in detail why removing silencers from the NFA list would be a good thing?

  • Tom Detty

    I think suppressors should be removed from the NFA Act but I think they should be considered I serialized item as if it was a gun. That way even if a psycho did get their hands on a gun and wanted to add a suppressor to act out a unrealistic movie scene then they would still have to pass a background check as if it was a gun purchase. They are already serialized so only the law would have to change. This would greatly reduce the cost which would allow more ranges to be built and used closer to residential zones. And promote good marksmanship with the reduced sound goes the flinch due to the ear ring and sting. This would help our young ones to grow up as marksmen and decrease cost to train troops in the long run…I know a little wishful there at the last but it all would play into discussions.

    • J T

      It’s not a silencer, it’s a SUPPRESSOR. These things are still very LOUD! They are NOT AT ALL LIKE THE MOVIES!

  • Patriot

    As of now we still need over 66K signatures guys and gals.

    Please share this as much as possible.

    Happy Gunnin’

  • Cowboy T

    Remember, the Executive Branch by itself cannot do this. The NFA of 1934 was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. It will therefore take Congressional action to get this law modified as well.

    Even if the energy is somewhat misdirected at the wrong branch of government, I don’t see a problem with this petition, if it shows that there’s a significant movement for getting sound suppressors removed. It *is* a health issue, specifically a hearing issue. In several places in Europe, you’re required to use them to keep the noise down for the neighbors. They’re over-the-counter purchases, like buying a candy bar. If certain members of the Congress see a trend for this, they may well sponsor such legislation. Keeping the noise down while practicing your marksmanship seems like the neighborly thing to do.

    Also, remember, they’re not “silencers”. There is no such thing as a “silencer”. They bring the noise down, but you can still definitely hear the firearm going off.

  • danny kimbrel

    They will take the petition and swiftly throw it in the trash, and that is only my view considering their fervent hatred of the inanimate object that never just gets up and starts shooting although if you listen to them you would think they do all day long.

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