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Remington Announces R51 Pistol Update

by G&A Online Editors   |  July 25th, 2014 95 first broke the news about Remington’s new R51 pistol during the 2014 SHOT Show. Later in the March 2014 issue of G&A, Managing Editor Chris Mudgett reviewed the R51 after testing of several pre-production prototypes at Gunsite Academy.

Customers began receiving production pistols soon after, where many experienced malfunctions with the new R51. Remington is now addressing those concerns with the following product update to their R51 pistol:

“Earlier this year, we launched the innovative R51 subcompact pistol to critical acclaim. During testing, numerous experts found the pistol to function flawlessly. In fact, they found it to have lower felt recoil, lower muzzle rise and better accuracy and concealability than other products in its class.

However, after initial commercial sales, our loyal customers notified us that some R51 pistols had performance issues. We immediately ceased production to re-test the product. While we determined the pistols were safe, certain units did not meet Remington’s performance criteria.  The performance problems resulted from complications during our transition from prototype to mass production. These problems have been identified and solutions are being implemented, with an expected production restart in October.

Anyone who purchased an R51 may return it and receive a new R51 pistol, along with two additional magazines and a custom Pelican case, by calling Remington at (800) 243-9700.

The new R51 will be of the same exceptional quality as our test pistols, which performed flawlessly.

We appreciate your patience and support.”


  • red

    “During testing, numerous experts found the pistol to function flawlessly”

    Flawless? Literally every single one of the reviews I read said it malfunctioned.

    • Justin

      You have to look into what you’re reading. What are they experts of? Did it fire flawlessly or function flawlessly?!

    • Micah Jakes

      I pretty much agree with the article’s statement. I actually seen a Youtube reviewer specifically say, “This is nothing like the R51 I tested shortly after SHOT show. Something is wrong in the production of this pistol”.
      I don’t know why I put quotes. I’m clearly paraphrasing what I recall being said.

      • Angry Webmaster

        A demo gun being tested by reviewers will have been gone over with a fine tooth comb before it was released for review.

        That doesn’t happen on the production guns. At least they are doing right by their customers.

      • anon

        That was MAC (military arms channel). He got a bad pistol both times, the second time was a pistol Remington sent out to other reviewers.

    • Guest

      I haven’t had any issues with mine. I’ve put over 200 rounds threw it… 9mm..

      But Having been notified that I have the option for replacement, I’ll make the swap.. If they are willing to make that kind of offer, there are function issues that I may not have encountered.. It is a rather nice firearm…

      • athiest 1

        ‘threw it’ Are you old enough for guns? How far can you through it?

        • 1wg

          atheist 1,smartass, no soul, brain-less fool…… s.t.f.u. moron ! Punk !

    • Tim

      You obviously didn’t read the article completely. It says the prototypes used in testing worked flawlessly. It’s when it went into production that the malfuctions started showing up. They have apparently identified the problems and have taken measures to correct them. Time will tell. I’m waiting for the October production run. I almost bought one of the first. I’ll wait until the V2.0 is released and then decide.

  • Cecil Arongo

    Faith in Remington: partially restored. We’ll see how it does. I love my 1911R1, would love to expand to this little pistol as well.

    • Douglas Moore

      Same here. I would love to get one for my wife.

      • polo13112

        Why don’t you like your wife?

        • Douglas Moore

          Ha ha ha….

          • Static NAT

            Racking a slide is the biggest issue for my sixty-year old petite wife. I saw a ShotShow video on YouTube by a woman who demonstrates that this is the easiest racking pistol out there. (maybe that’s why it had issues functioning)

          • Douglas Moore

            There is an easy method of racking even the strongest slide that your wife could learn. I’ll try to find the link. It would be easier for her to see it in a page than for me to try and explain it here.

          • Douglas Moore

            There is an easy method of racking even the strongest slide that your wife could learn. I’ll try to find the link. It would be easier for her to see it in a page than for me to try and explain it here.

          • Douglas Moore
          • Static NAT

            Thanks for taking the time to hook me up with some info … I’ll definitely take a good look.

          • Douglas Moore

            Any time brother! ;)

          • Tim

            So, if I walk up to a woman who owns one and I say to her “Nice rack”, she shouldn’t get upset or offended? :)

  • John L.

    Unless they are replacing it with the Glock 42, they are just perpetuating the problem…

    • Toad

      You misspelled 1911.

      • Bayonet Division

        You misspelled XD.

        • The Enchanting Wizard O’Rhythm

          You misspelled revolver.

          • GI Joe

            Best exchange ever.

          • Delta001

            you misspelled flintlock

          • Joseph Kool


      • Lario


    • Bryan Sweebe

      As an FYI, the Glock 42 also had quite a few issues when it was first released earlier this year. The difference is that Glock continued to put out the possibly flawed guns until they came out with a fix and then started releasing the updated versions. At least Remington ceased production to fix their issues. I just hate that it took them a couple months to finally admit that they had to stop production.

    • Guest


    • Joseph Kool

      50 percent of new Glocks come from the factory with warped frames. Glock won’t fix the problem because their heads are so far up their own ass that they refuse to believe their products are anything but perfection. So poor Glock owners are reduced to sticking their brand new guns in boiling water and bending the frame back to where it’s supposed to be in an attempt to fix a gun that never should of left the factory. Glocks ego is definitely hurting their quality control, but as long as the fanbois overlook these defects they have no incentive to fix it.

      • RealAmerican

        Glocks are made in China now. You should have known.

    • Argyle Gargoyle

      You misspelled Glock. It’s S-U-C-K.

    • njwallick

      The Glock 42 is only a .380 and like all Glocks, an accident waiting to happen. To err is human, to really screw up you need a Glock. Safe Action my ass, we used to call that condition zero and the range officer would smoke your ass if you were caught being so irresponsible, i.e. anything cocked, no safety, just needs a touch on the trigger to fire, like any loaded Glock.

      • Wesley John Blokker


        • njwallick

          Like lemmings off a cliff.

    • Mike Roberson

      Everyone but Bayonet is misled.

  • MajorP

    LOL I was wondering how G&A would try to slither out from that TOTAL BS of an article……

    • Donnie Robertson

      And you know this to be true ….. HOW and WHY?

      • Finchy74

        I dunno, perhaps because he has a fully functional fore-brain capable of proper cognitive thinking?

  • billio68

    Glock idiots are tools…

    • Barry DL Soetoro

      As are the anti-Glock idiots…

    • billio68

      I’m not a anti Glock guy I am a anti glock idiot guy. Glock is a average gun there is no magic just as with any other gun they have the same break downs and limitations as with other guns. I’ve seen them blow up in users hands when run to hot or not cared for just as other guns do. I just dislike Glock gun brand worship when their is nothing special about a man made hunk of metal and plastic. In 40 years of hand gun use with all brands, I have never seen such blind and unreasonable worship as with Glock idiots. Not even 1911crowd is as delusional as Glock owners they are as the response to my post a idiot breed of their own…

      • dc

        disagree. Glocks are good guns and well liked for a reason. I put my G-21 through abuse that would disable most guns, including firing it 1000 times without cleaning it. But I will admit that today the competition has caught up and that there are many other good options out there. Back in the early 90s though, when many of us bought our first Glock, that really wasn’t the case. I have a 92 as well, and it’s never had real problems, but I’d never shoot it 1000 times without cleaning it either. I’ve shot ammo in my Glock that I found under my house…. green rusted crap. It shot fine. That said, I look forward to the reiteration of the R51 and may well purchase one if things go well.

        • Tom Detty

          I think we get anti this and that only because they have not owned, carried and relied on the gun they are against. I never liked Glock because it wasn’t made in the US and mostly police carried them, not the military. So I contiued to praise the 1911’s and many other brands, all the ones I owned and could speak too. Them a friend got me thinking of USPSA. Well the cheapest way for me to try the sport was a Glock and low and behold my friend, how owns a gun shop, just happened to take a G35 in on trade. So I started out learning everything about it that I could and the brand and other options to it and other models. I started using it in local matches and in a state match last year. I had not one malfunction in all the matches and all the training sessions. So I can say without ANY hesitation at all that I would buy, carry, and rely on my G35 above any gun I have not used before. People will find a bad gun out there no matter the maker but in my case my Glock stands above a lot of handguns. So take it for what its worth my honest opinion of my gun. So for the price there aren’t many guns cheaper in its class. But for carry the G35 won’t do. So the Remington may get my attention if I get a chance to shoot it first. Right now the carry job in my life is filled with the S&W 1911 4.25 barrel. And thanks to G&A a brand new Wrights Leather Works LLC IWB Holster. Now you won’t find a better Leather holster, and yes I will stand behind that statement.

        • Big Al

          People that shoot green rusted crap they found under their house, are exactly the kind of people Remington is targeting with the R51.

          • dc

            yeah I bet guys like you just shoot…. buckshot and birdshot.

        • Joseph Kool

          Glock makes good guns it’s the delusional Glock fanbois that suck. Did you know a Glock 20 has more firepower than a 500 S&W revolver? This is just one example of Glock logic.

      • bob

        You should meet a few apple fan boys, talk about delusional idiots… EXCEPT for Mr. Limbaugh, most of these are libs no no surprise there. I have a Glock 23. It shoots when I want it too, that is all I care about. Don’t particularly like it that much but would like it a bunch less if it did not work when needed. I bought it because it was good and reliable. I did not buy it for looks or love but to keep in the drawer until needed. It’s my bedroom grab in the middle of the night and shoot bad guys gun.

        • Joseph Kool

          THIS! OMG THIS!

      • Michael Wilson

        but there is magik, a certain kind of black magik used in creating a firearm. have you noticed that all firearms have sigils displayed in the frame. it is art to create a functional firearm, a dark art.

        the stronger the magik, the more reliable and accurate the weapon is!

        that is a fact

        • GrizzlyIX

          Funny! ! ! !FUUNNNYYY! ! ! ! !

  • Fruitloop

    Only 1 problem Encountered…When fired Left handed the Magazine tends to fall out when gripped strongly..

  • Jake Dylan Alatore

    “Some R51s” is a massive understatement. Literally every single review on every reputable website of these things has been absolutely poor. Not even a Hi-Point or a Kel-Tec will malfunction as often as these things did during testing by actual people buying production guns.

    • Hockeygoon

      For some reason people bring up Hi-Point when they talk about guns that fail to function – I guess they want everyone to know they don’t have a clue what they are talking about.

  • LuckyJoe

    I wish they gave the updated gun a designation, It would be a bummer to buy an R51 at a dealer and get one of the defective first batch

    • Bryan Sweebe

      When Glock fixed their issues with the Glock 42, they appended a 1 to the end of the serial numbers for the parts that were updated. If you remove the slide and look down into trigger area, you will also see a 1 engraved on the right hand side of the lower half of the gun. Maybe Remington will do something like this as opposed to changing the designation from R51.

    • Jeffrey Coley

      All the defective guns were recalled. None out there.

      • Robert Smith

        I do not believe there was a recall.

    • shakemeup

      Get one of the first batch and when you send it in you get a new one +mags and case.

  • BudMan

    Too little, too late! Should have done it right the first time.

    • Donnie Robertson

      Which means, “I can’t afford one …….. so I’ll say anything that enters my pea-brain?

      • Finchy74

        You must be one of the idiot executives that pushed this gun out onto store shelves despite the loud misgivings of the Remmington engineers who said it wasn’t ready.

        So because “BudMan” isn’t interested in getting an R51 after the crap that Remmington pulled here, he’s both poor and a “pea brain”???

        Just so I’m clear, a gun that was rushed out by company executives despite the fact that it’s marketed as a conceal carry gun that has serious reliability issues including one issue that puts the user in danger, and BudMan is a “pea brain” for saying “Too little too late?”

        Here’s a suggestion: Shut the hell up. Here’s another suggestion: You go buy a R51 and use it as your self defense weapon. I challenge you to carry this POS R51 as the weapon that you will stake your life with if you run into someone with hostile intentions. After that you can say whatever you want, but until then save your insults you moron.

        Idiot shill.

  • Bayonet Division

    I had an original model 51 years ago; it wasn’t reliable either.

  • John C. Moody

    I want to see this gun work, I’ve always loved the look of the old ones!

  • Jeff Allen

    I still want to know how these passed QC?

    • rodco

      if you dont have QC everything passes

  • Charles Purvis

    You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

    Another Cerberus fail. Look what they’ve done to Marlin.

    • Comte DeLoach

      First impressions are overrated, that’s why the made a 1911A1……

  • roger atlas

    I Would Like To Buy The R51 But The Dealer Said Not To,The Pistol Had Problems Galore. Have They Been Resolved?? If I Buy One,Am I Getting A Trouble Free Pistol??

    • Bryan Sweebe

      Did you even read the article? You can’t buy one now as they stopped production to address the issues they were having. Probably the same issues that the Dealer told you about. The article tells you when production is expected to start again and hopefully, the isues will be taken care of.

      • roger atlas

        I Read That Article ,But There Was A Note On Facebook Saying The Gun Was Now In Good Working Order,Thinking It Was Now Fixed, I Wrote What I Said Based On That Article. I’m Used To My Gen .Glocks In .357 Sig Model 32,My Model 22 ,4inch barrels,My Sig P,,220, 228,229,320 , Springfield XD9 ,XD40& 45,Colt Defender,Python,Gold Cup, Colt,,Bushmaster, Oricle, Ar 15’s, And The Barrett .50cal Belt Fed,Mossberg 9+1 500,20inch, And Many More. Hard To Believe These Guys Can’t Make A Pistol That Works. Their Shotguns Are Great.

        • Robert Smith

          Mine shot great, I was concerned about strange primer marks, sort of like an “outie” belly button around the firing pin indentation, others had mentioned that it would fire out of battery. I could pull mine back about 3/16″ and have the pin come down on empty cyl. I am willing to wait. I love everything about the way it shot, just did not inspire confidence. I have a bunch of Bersa’s and love them, many others also, maybe not as high end as Roger names though.

    • Donnie Robertson

      Read the freaking article!

  • Switchblade

    If it doesn’t inspire confidence (and it doesn’t) I don’t want it.

  • RandyTheReloader

    The “aha” moment R! Even though friend Richard Mann fell in Love with the R51 I held back as I heard an saw video posted on the Internet. Once the production restarts am going to buy the R51 for EDC & use my Beretta Tomcat for my back up gun. As always when mistakes are made our favorite manufacturer does the right thing! Kudos to Remington Arms standing behind what they make always!

  • Eric Johnson

    The first reviewers did have a flawless experience. It was those who received first production guns that had problems. I hope it becomes the gun they promised.

  • Preacher1911

    Everyone one of the subcompact/pocket pistols released in the last few years have had problems upon release. I own the xds 9mm, shield 9mm, and the ruger lc9. The xds was the only one I had to send back under a recall. The others were resolved before I purchased them. My point is simple, all of these issues are long forgotten now and each of the guns mentioned remain popular and high sellers today. I waited and waited for the Remington R51, but a friend got hers first and after shooting it I knew there was a serious problem with the gun and backed off of my purchase. If they have resolved the issue why not buy it, if it was an original desire of course.

  • rodco

    Remington jacked me around for months on a 700 LTR that shot 4 in patters I will never buy Rem. poor customer service. The never did fix the problem

  • Claude Lamoreux

    At least it doesn’t shoot at you if you drop it. Are you listening Ruger?

  • Joshua

    okay, “certain units did not meet Remington’s performance criteria” is the same phrase recently used by a reps for a major automotive company after they we’re told they couldn’t use the phrase “Kevorkianesque”

    also, an innovative design, that’s a direct copy of a 60yo gun, that was also a Remington design…

    yep, not buying one

    • dc

      well the 1911 is over 100 years old and many companies copy it. I’m not sure that I see your point. By the way, striker fired handguns were invented by JMB before he built the 1911…. oh and as for polymer striker fired handguns, don’t tell H&K that Glock invented that….

  • Robert Smith

    They have had mine for two months, I loved the gun, some things seemed spooky but looking forward to get a “new corrected one” and two extra mags and case.

  • Kvolt

    I picked up my R51 Thursday July 24th. Every time I loaded a full magazine then released the slide the first round would jam. I shot about 50 rounds and on every shot the slide would lock back as if the mag was empty. Called Remington today – they’ll send me another, no questions asked. Bought the gun because of the article and cover picture in G&A and I liked its small size for concealment.

  • Kir Rich

    I am a gude speller, I can spel antidisestablishmentarianism, but don aske me to spel supercalifrag… :(

  • wjkuleck

    Hmm…when is a “recall” not a “recall”? Oh, yes, when it’s an “update.”

  • Chiefbuck

    Remington would never sell a defective product, honest. Their 721-700 series of rifles never had trigger/safety problems either, honest. I do have a 1951 model 721 in 30-06 and a 700BDL varmint in .243 that did not have any trigger/safety problems but the .243 bolt locked closed with a fired round in the chamber. I took it to a gunsmith and he broke the bolt handle off then sent it back to Remington to be repaired. A few months later the rifle was returned with a new bolt installed and a bill for more than the original cost. Both rifles are very accurate and have not had any further problems. When the news of the trigger/safety problems and the lawsuits managed to surface I decided to replace the trigger systems and after finding the cost to be excessive in comparison to the value of the rifles, I decided to try a Ruger American instead. Now the 721 and 700 are in the gun cabinet and I am well pleased with the Ruger American and highly recommend it.
    So far my 1911, 5906 and German made Makarov seem to be reliable but for absolute dependability I fall back to the Colt & S&W .357 revolvers.

  • HankB1

    Once again a new firearm is introduced with problems . . . a firearm that functioned “flawlessly” when tested by gun writers turns out to be problematic when in the hands of the general public. (This was the case with the Kahr P9 I used to have.) Two lessons here: #1, don’t be an early adopter. #2, read the firearms forums for HONEST appraisals of the new design – they’ll probably give you better & more reliable info than you’ll read in the gun rags.

  • HankB1

    Once again a new firearm is introduced with problems . . . a firearm that functioned “flawlessly” when tested by gun writers turns out to be problematic when in the hands of the general public. (This was the case with the Kahr P9 I used to have.) Two lessons here: #1, don’t be an early adopter. #2, read the firearms forums for HONEST appraisals of the new design – they’ll probably give you better & more reliable info than you’ll read in the gun rags.

  • Rightway1208

    Lots of back and forth here, but my bet is on one of America’s oldest continuously operating businesses (1816) and certainly one of the oldest Firearms Manufacturers in the United States.
    Remington will make good on the product. I think the concept of the pistol will make it a winner once the bugs are worked out. Remington did the right thing by pulling the existing inventory and swapping the rest. I will buy one once they reemerge.
    Springfield Armory, another of America’s oldest Firearms manufacturers went through something similar and I applaud the fact that both manufacturers pulled the product and are making good on their products.

  • C. Lewis

    I was unfortunate/naive enough to purchase one of the “Spartan” shotguns that Remington imported from Russia and slapped their name on. I thought at the time that there would be a reasonable amount of quality control if Remington put their name on it – boy was I wrong. I have never since considered purchasing another Remington product of any kind. Good thing my oldschool 870 from the early 90s will keep running forever because I won’t be buying another Remington.

  • Brandon McMillan

    I’ll shoot just about anything at the range. Unless it starts to piss me off. I even have a Hi-Point C9 that performs flawlessly, so I shoot it more then my 1911 (cuz 45 acp is more expensive). If I have a gun that jams constantly I’ll refuse to use it….

  • colbrownesq .

    The r51 reminds me of the Buell s2 motorcycle : when it worked, it was a revelation. Truly. The r51 shoots like a dream – – when it shoots. I sincerely hope remington gets it right this second time out. If it didn’t have constant FTFs, it would (will) be a classic. Hope springs eternal.

  • JL619

    Typical B.S. spin. The company is not recalling the R-51. Just offering free mags and a Custom Pelican case. But it is not a recall or a safety issue they just want all the R-51’s back before one does blow up. It is getting harder and harder to believe the gun hawking writers. If their article doesn’t get published they don’t get paid. Even my last resort magazine GUN TESTS gave a report so wonderful I thought they were being cynical. They weren’t but they sent their gun back. Who would not.

  • ddd

    im glad i didn’t get in on this. if they fix the trigger reset, the bulging issues, and the slide release malfunction, I’d consider buying one. the ergos and all metal design are tempting, but man they screwed the pooch with this. I’d like to see them address the screw up in more detail by explaining the problems and how they addressed them.

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