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First Look: Diamondback Firearms DB FS Nine

by G&A Online Editors   |  March 27th, 2014 21

Diamondback Firearms is introducing their newest firearm, the DB FS Nine. This full-size, 9x19mm striker-fired pistol features a polymer frame with integrated MIL-STD1913 Picatinny rail system and a flared magazine well.

The DB FS Nine’s 4.75-inch barrel and 6.25-inch sight radius make it a versatile choice for competition, target shooting and self-defense purposes. Front and rear cocking serrations milled into its Melonited stainless steel slide enhance grip during manipulation.

Safety features of this double-action pistol include a firing pin block and trigger safety, while a cocking indicator located on the rear of the slide provides visual and tangible recognition of the firearm’s condition. A small peep hole in the top of the slide also enables visual inspection of a cartridge in the chamber.

The Diamondback DB FS Nine won’t break the bank with its competitive pricing of $483.34.

For more information, check out the specs and photos below, and keep an eye out for the full review in an upcoming issue of Guns & Ammo.

Caliber: 9x19MM

Frame: Double-stack, polymer with MIL-STD 1913 dust cover
Slide: Melonited Stainless Steel
Barrel: 4.75” Melonited Chromemoly Steel
Sights: Fixed 3-dot
Trigger pull: 5.5 pounds
Length: 7.8”
Height: 5.6” (including magazine)
Width: 1.0” (slide)
Weight: 21.5 oz (unloaded)
Sight Radius: 6.25”
Capacity: 15+1
Finish: Black Melonited
Safety Devices: Firing Pin Block, Trigger Safety
MSRP: $483.34

  • Douglas

    For $480 and only 15+1 why not get a glock of M&P? More options with holsters and mags etc. Take $100 off maybe

    • Dave

      I’d agree with you for $480, but that’s the MSRP. They’re going for WELL under that, retail. I’ve seen them as low as $250. At one point, I couldn’t resist, anymore. Mine isn’t perfect but it seems like it’s going to wind up being a hell of a good value. I have been recommending mine to friends.

      At least now you can get mags for them directly from DB. Also, I’ve heard that some G17 holsters work, but I’m not big into carrying a full-size pistol. If I ever do decide to carry it, it might just be the excuse I use to get into making Kydex holsters.

  • Parnell

    Looks like a cross between a Sig P250 and a Glock.

  • Mark Gardner

    Can it hit its target?? Something all other diamond backs cant do. The rest of their guns r POS,

    • Illinoisgunner

      I have two DP nines that at 10 yards can put all six in the center of a six inch group. And they both feed and eject fine. You do your job and they will do theirs. My Solo and Kahr won’t do that.

      • Mark Gardner

        Ur solo and kahr have problems?? That’s odd they r both so much better guns.Gun TEST magazine gives the DB poor ratings.

  • commonwealth109

    Heck SIG even makes the SP2022 with models at (or below) that price.
    Lets see, SIG or Diamondback, hmmmmmmm???

  • buckfeverboy

    I want one sing me up please I know msrp is 480 but in a discount store its closer to 350 im sold

  • Vaughan

    Look! They made a Glock/Sig gun!

  • Joseph Simeone

    Looks cheap? I just think it looks like what it is, a low budget piece. It that is what you want, I think there are better choices out their.

  • NWPatriot71

    Looks like a cross between Glock17 and the Arsenal Strike One. The MSRP says $480, but you know the street price will be closer to $400. Looking forward to it. I’ve shot the DB9 and DB380, for what they are (close range, back up guns) and the price they’re accurate and dependable.

  • petru sova

    You wonder what kind of idiots run gun companies. All they can do is copy almost verbatim another design, mostly the Glock. Did it ever occur to them to enlist the help of a “real gun owner, shooter or competitor”. If the idiots did maybe they might have included a manual safety and grip safety and did away with the unsafe take down procedure of this gun, its just like the un-safe Glock take down procedure. How about a de-cocker or more visible loaded safety indicator like the very old but practical Walther P38 or newer Beretta pop up indicator. What really is the difference between the the Glock and this newer plasticky gun? Answer none.

    • Chadborn

      I think you will find many people enjoy the ease of use and lack of un-needed safeties in a Glock, which is why they are so popular and other companies try and mimic their design. When most responsible shooters draw their firearm they practice safe handling, trigger and muzzle control, so adding more manual safeties will actually take time away from bullets down range, which in some cases can mean life or death in stressful situations. Also the takedown on a Glock is 100% safe if you follow the directions properly, in other words clear your firearm of all ammo before you try and take it down, that is how all firearms are supposed to be handled before takedown to the best of my knowledge. Bottom line is if you are not an experienced shooter, or not comfortable with the Glocks Safe Action trigger, or it’s take-down procedure don’t buy a Glock, or a pistol designed with those style features, however they have proved to be reliable, accurate, and safe enough for millions of firearms owners throughout the years and that is why many companies have adopted similar designs.

      • petru sova

        Your over looking the human factor. Anyone who claims they will never make a spit second mistake because of distraction, extreme fatigue or even because he took over the counter cold medicine is living in a world of self-aggrandizement. Safety systems work, that is why we have safety glass on auto’s, and anti-lock brakes. But there are the idiots who pine for the good old days when people got slashed to pieces because cars did not have such things like safety glass.

    • BFMC_Beaner

      I have no need for all the safeties that you so say need to be on the gun. Of course I’m a Glock owner and the battery of arms is identical and it makes it simple. I always assume a weapon is loaded and when I carry it has one in the pipe so I have no need for a loaded chamber indicator as most experienced gun owners would assume too. The rest is fluff on other guns, not that I would deride them in any way since I own other brands of pistol.

      • petru sova

        Yeah, and lets do away with fluff stuff like safety glass in automobiles or anti-lock breaks because you will never need them. Anyone can make a split second mistake due to fatigue, sudden distraction or even taking some types of strong over the counter medication which can distort normal thinking processes. To deny the fact that you will never make a mistake is only the height of pure foolishness. I think the Darwin factor is applicable here.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    It looks like a copy of the CZ P-09.

  • marlinlever

    Ok I’ll be a naysayer too. Jesus, that doesn’t look anything like a 1911, so it probably sucks or looks just like a Glock. Now seriously, I think it looks neat, but how does it feel in MY hand? Is it reliable and accurate? Good to see new guns come online. People just got to hate.

  • Kyllein MacKellerann

    Since I live in California and can’t get to a free state without losing part of my retirement, I can look but until Kamala Harris is defeated this year that’s all I can do.

  • Doug

    You Can now buy the DB FS9 for $279.00 at with $5.95 shipping and for that price I will buy and put it in my truck and if something happens to it so be it at that price better it over my CZ P09

  • jamie

    Who in their right mind wants a big shiny anodized blue or red slide on their weapon ??? At night ?? why not just embed LED’S all over the polymer frame and have it flash blue n purple ?? Hey, im over here BANG BANG BANG. FORGOT to disengage the 6- safety gadgets and my chamber loaded indicator didn’t work. Well, im NOT OVER HERE ANYMORE-

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