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Black & Tan: Glock 26 Gen 3 FDE

by Dusty Gibson   |  April 2nd, 2014 9

Baby Glocks have become some of the most popular carry guns since their introduction in 1994—but this particular Stork delivery has more diaper-dandy swagger than the legendary Gerber Baby.

A Flat Dark Earth (FDE) frame makes this G26 Gen 3 the cutest baby on the Glock block, considering it resides among millions of traditional black-on-black clones.

2014 marks the third consecutive year Glock and Lispey’s teamed up to manufacture factory FDE frames for select models. Initial commercial manufacturing runs included only a small batch of FDE frames per year, but booming demand for the two-tone look is driving more consistent availability through Lipsey’s dealers. Annual and semi-annual batches of FDE Glocks are evolving into consistent runs every 60 to 90 days. Even though production is increasing, factory FDE pistols remain a rare breed in the Glock world, with fewer than 100,000 estimated in circulation today.

While FDE Glocks are relatively new on the commercial market, this particular FDE color tone was created years ago for Delta Force operatives in a G22 Gen 3 variation. When the two-tone design concept was commercialized, Glock already had Dark Earth standing by.

Contrary to common inquiry, FDE Glock frames are not the result of any kind of painting or coatings. Glock saved the spray paint for rusty patio furniture and mixed their Austrian polymer with FDE dyes before molding the frames.

This particular Glock 26 FDE is a Gen 3 variation, which we expect to become more collectible as the future of FDE Glocks are trending down the Gen 4 path. Opinions surrounding Glock generations vary widely, and of course it’s always nice to have choices. Personally, I own Gen 2, 3 and 4 Glocks—I like them all but I would jump on any chance to pick up an FDE frame, regardless of generational preferences.

Lipseys is expecting availability of the following FDE models in 2014, with prices remaining the same as that of traditional black models:
Gen 3 – 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27
Gen 4 – 17, 19, 20, 21,22, 23, 26, 27, 34, 35

Check out the photos and specs for the Glock 26 Gen 3 FDE below.

  • Daniel Dravot Esq

    Considering who the black and tans were is there any chance you can
    change the tittle of this article. Guys from all around the world read

    • Anonymous

      Too sensitive. May favorite black & tan besides a FDE Glock is Harp with Guinness poured on top.

    • Bubba

      Nothing wrong with the words black & tan. Until I read your post I connected the color scheme of the firearm with black & tan hounds. Almost anything can be interpreted as offensive by someone looking to be offended.

      • Daniel Dravot Esq

        I not being too sensitive or reading into things thats not there, didnt mean to sound that way. I just saying me and and a few others that the first thing we think of when we see the words Black And tan. i dont think is offensive or anything im not crazy it was slightly depressing to reminded of thats all. And no should be depressed slightly or other wise by reading G&A. But serious i didnt mean to make it sound a big deal or anyting just wondering if the guy could have picked ANY other tittle. Plus it April, Easters coming and we are all a little bit touchy.

        • 101nomad

          Think of the rabbits.

        • Tim

          Yes you are being too sensitive. It’s a gun. Period !!! Nothing to read into or think otherwise. Unless your just looking to cause an uproar. Stop reading into it! Don’t assume anything.

          Oh and get a life! Move on and let it go. It’s not always about you. You said your not being too senstive or reading into things and that is exactly what you did.

          Once again it’s a gun !!!!!!!

          • Daniel Dravot Esq

            Im not the one making a big deal out of it you are. Im allowed my opinions and the two guys have already said what your trying to say but they did it without being a dick. How did i look to cause uproar with 3 lines on an internet forum? You said more to rebuke me than what i put originally. And was quite amiable with my reply and havent thought about it for 10 days until i got an email of you being a dick about it. Your the one looking for an argument. Your the dumb ass thats been offended by just the thought of some one else being offended. Like i said i was not offended nor did i say i was, all i said was thats what i associate the name with and couldn’t he have thought of something else half joking. And i have a life with things and people i care about and that happens to be one of them, Considering i didn’t say much then re assured everyone no offense was taken and i didn’t write any letters of complaint or threats i dont think its fair you get to be a dick and make me look like some kind over sensitive jack ass. maybe you should get a life instead of checking random guys on the internet.

    • George Spelvin

      Best laugh today and its not even 0700. You win “most obtuse”.

  • Taffbanjo

    Being a Welshman, I’m perfectly aware of the connotations and I, too, think you’re being over sensitive. Don’t forget, we had thirty years of the consequent fallout. Young Brits today don’t even remember who the Black and Tans were.

    As it happens, I prefer my Glocks to be black but I suppose that’s beside the point

    MY favourite black and tan is Guinness and bitter but Guinness and Harp would also be very acceptable.

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