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Beretta Honors U.S. Armed Forces & M9 Pistol

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 16th, 2014 24
Photo by Jeff Rose

Photo by Jeff Rose

Adopted by the U.S. Armed Services nearly 30 years ago, Beretta USA has initiated a new campaign to honor our troops and the M9 pistol. Known as “Faces of the M9,” the campaign will highlight stories from active duty military and veterans who describe their experiences with Beretta’s flagship handgun.
The Beretta M9 has been the official sidearm of the United States Military for nearly 30 years,” stated Mr. Jeff Cooper, General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Beretta USA.  “Every day we are cognizant of the critical role our handguns play in the life of a solider. We know that what we build here ar Beretta can make a difference while serving”.

The story of the Beretta M9 has much in common with the heroic nature of our Armed Forces.

“The real life experiences of our service men and women tell the M9 story best”, said Gabriele de Plano, VP of Military Marketing and Sales.  “we want to know how the M9 helped get the job done, delivered as required, changed lives or got them through their mission.”

Beretta USA is actively seeking inspirational stories on how the M9 has been a part of your life, saved your life or helped you complete the mission.  Military service men and women can share their stories here to participate in this commemorative campaign.

  • Rick

    I’ve seen and heard too many problems and too many broken parts on that pistol to ever give it a thought. If it’s made by Beretta, I don’t want it.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Honor that POS? I don’t think so.

  • Zachariah

    It’s wonderful all right, that’s why the Marines went back to the .45.

    • Aaron Bennett

      Because the military is stuck using FMJ’s. If they were allowed hollowpoints, the results would be a lot better. Hollowpoint ammo performs about the same in 9mm or .45, but .45 FMJ is a lot better than 9mm FMJ.

  • John

    They should make the Glock the US Armed Forces Sidearm. Its better than the Berreta.

  • Marlinlever

    I’ve put 2500 rounds through my 92fs without a hiccup. It seems a little big for a 9mm, some Navy SF’s broke their slides shooting ammo that I have heard people call +P or +P+ loadings. My wife was an MP and handles hers just fine, shes not very big. 3 Marine friends served in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan bought one as soon as they could afford them. I mean come on it’s not a Jennings or Cobra or whatever they call them these days.

  • Bugsy-B

    Had to laugh when I read JEFF COOPER, GM & CEO of Beretta USA, singing the M9’s praises. Well… I suspect another even better-known Jeff Cooper, that we shooters all well remember as the late king of 1911 pistoleros, would have had less flattering remarks about it. – Just sayin’…

  • daveguyette

    Yes, 30 years of being stuck with that miserable piece of crap. If I was going back to a combat zone, I would rather have a rusty, victory model .38 than the Beretta. I was stationed at Aberdeen Proving Ground during the testing and the Sig was the clear winner. Beretta got the contract because we wanted basing rights for cruise missiles on Italian islands, so we threw Italy a bone.

  • clyde

    I shot many a Steel Challenge match with mine over a period of about 10 years
    and it never failed to fire or eject or reload. A fantastic pistol. It works. states that the M9 is the standard service pistol for the USMC.

    • Donnie Robertson

      Because it is dictated it be , “…the standard service pistol…”!

  • Lopez

    Lowest bid gets the contract, not the best

  • BlueRidge

    I served when they replaced the 1911A1 with the M9. At least you could hit the side of a barn with the M9.

  • Kurt S.

    Descent side arm and I owned one(not anymore, Ha, Ha!), but I would rather have the new Marine Corps .45 or one of the many Sigs and HKs that the special forces implement.

  • CJS3

    Again? Sales must be low.

  • Stony

    I shoot a Beretta 92 Elite II in USPSA and IDPA competition. VERY reliable. The gun is not holding me back. The military guns are mostly well-worn and not serviced properly.

  • Noffie56

    I have two and my son has one. Never a problem of any kind. We’ve fired thousands of rounds of 9mm ammo threw them. We both really love them. And now that Beretta is going to a gun friendly state, we will buy more of Beretta’s guns.

  • RealAmerican

    Time to get rid of that old pile. Glock .45 ACP.

  • Adam Haseley

    The M9 was the first pistol I shot and I thought it was a great pistol, until I started shooting outside the Marines and I have to say I like every other pistol Ive shot (1911, Glock, Sig, FN, ect…) more than that POS.

  • Joe C.

    Those here that love the M9/92FS (myself included), are virtually the only ones posting who have actually owned or used the weapon. I simply do not get why
    so many people go on second hand information (or urban legend) when it comes to the M9/92FS. Those who dislike/hate/distrust the Beretta; please share YOUR
    experiences. I’ve owned an old Italian 92FS for just under two years. I’ve taken it to the range weekly, and it is just as reliable (and more accurate) than my Glock 19 or my M&P9. I had nothing good to say about Glocks, until I bought one. There was more than just money involved in the United States Armed Forces decision to go with the M9. It and every weapon considered had to meet a certain criteria before the matter of price was broached.

    Lastly; the M9 has been utilized for over 30 years (and awarded a contract renewal). I’m not sure how a person could say that it has been unsuccessful. Would anyone experienced person here say that it doesn’t kill efficiently and reliably?

  • Paul V

    I served as a Corpsman with the Marines for11 years. I was issued an M9 at all four commands and carried one daily through two middle east deployments. When on the range with those pistols, I seldom failed to hit the 10 ring at 25 yds. I watched as many Marines and Sailors couldn’t even hit the target with their pistols. Some people are just better with rifles……… or need more training.
    Before I go on, I’ll mention that I shoot best with my 1911 and then my Berettas. I also purchased a Sig P226 MK25 and shot it against my 1989 Beretta 92FS. No difference at 10 or 20 yds. That is actually in favor of the MK25 conidering I’ve shot Berettas for over 20 yrs. But the reversed slide stop position is counterintuitive to me. I will sell the MK25 and stick to what is trained into me as muscle memory. I also shoot my Model 19 .357 and my .38 well. And I shoot the Glock 19, that I bought for my girlfriend, well(not as well as the others, though).
    If you can shoot a pistol well, you can shoot a Beretta well(unless you have unusually small hands). This doesn’t mean that it’s the best fit for you going into combat. In all my years shooting a Beretta,I can’t remember a failue that wasn’t the fault of bad round. And all my years shooting on and covering the Marine Corps range I can’t remember a round missing the target that was the fault of the pistol. A range coach would come by, try the pistol and hit center target….then coach the shooter.
    There are many that don’t like the Beretta. Or don’t like that it was chosen to replace the1911. But, if you can’t hit the target with one, eiher you can’t shoot a pistol or your armorer failed to service the pistol properly.

  • Kyle Jones

    theyre doing it cause there scared about losing the contract with the army

    • Donnie Robertson

      Finally the REAL reason is noted! Kyle Jones is one of a few who knows WHY. It’s so obvious it hurts, yet the “..when I was in the millitarrie we shooted REAL gunz” folks just let it skip by!

  • Tree

    I’ve shot many pistols including high quality 1911’s, Glocks, high quality revolvers, S/Ws, CZ’s and Springfields, and my pistol of choice is the M9 I carried it in Iraq and one sits in my bed stand now. I have never had a malfunction (other than round caused) and it feels right in my hand unlike the brick Glocks the only gun i have found comparable is the CZ 75.
    In my opinion it is the finest pistol you can own. That being said it is what I have shot for almost 15 years now so comfort probably has something to do with it.
    Like any other quality gun it IS reliable and like anyother gun choice is a matter of opinion. Ignorantly saying it is a piece of crap is just foolish as that is your opinion.

  • Over Watch


    United States of America DoD should support MADE IN AMERICA by an AMERICAN OWNED COMPANY. KEEP AMERICA STONG. S&W is a strong company and partnered with General Dynamics makes for a formidable contender for the next US Service Weapon in either 9mm or 45ACP.

    My kits include all the manufacturers who are competing for the next DoD contract so no one can claim I’m a “FanBoy” of a particular Manufacturer. What I stand for is Made in America, Built in America AND Owned by Americans for our American Forces.

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