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First Look: Heizer Defense PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol

by G&A Online Editors   |  April 22nd, 2014 70

In 2013, Heizer Defense introduced the PS1 Pocket Shotgun, capable of firing a single .410 gauge or .45 Colt round.

Heizer is now enhancing their design to chamber the .223 Rem. cartridge. Known as the Heizer Defense PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol, this “iPhone-sized” pistol uses the same reliable stainless steel frame as the PS1 Shotgun.

Debuting this weekend at the 2014 NRA Show in Indianapolis, the PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol also features familiar controls from the PS1 design, as well as a storage compartment in its grip.

Availability of the PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol is slated for July 2014 at an expected retail price of $449. To see the pistol in person at the NRA Show, visit Heizer Defense at Booth #6274 or stay tuned for an exclusive video right here on


  • Redwing

    While it is different, I am NOT giving you $450 to fire ONE shot! Game over!

    • Joe Fat

      Why not a .223 revolver? I would pay big $$$ for a .223 or 762×39 revolver something to compete with .500 magnum for self-defense especially in bear country.

      • 86BHO12

        It’s my understanding that the 223 does not do well in a revolver because something about the shape of the cartridge.

  • Vaughn Russell

    When you absolutely positively need to get maximum penetration at point blank range on a overly large soft target.

    • whubbard

      What type of penetration do you think you’re going to get from a standard .223 round from a 1″-2″ barrel?

      • Heretic2011

        Not much.

      • ripit3245

        Probably keyholes on every shot.

      • Vaughn Russell

        First of all any gun of any caliber with 1-2 inches would have a unique muzzle velocity due to the length.Non standard as that is, it also it has a accuracy that can only be assured by extreme close range .GUT BOMB comes to mind, soft flesh or bone would never stand up to a Rifle round regardless of barrel length.But it would assure complete and total penetration thru any target short of Polar Bears and Water Buffalos. Worked Knife and bullet wound shift in San Antonio in the early 70’s. Could not tell the wound trauma damage caused by .22 magnum derringers was any different than .38 special service revolvers. How many times more would be the velocity of a centerfire rifle round over a rimfire?

        • Golden

          The fact that this length of barrel is totally wrong for the burn rate of any .223 round, I would suspect performance will be very poor not that I want to get shot with it, but there are much better choices out there.

          • Vaughn Russell

            Burn rate is a embarrassing explanation for what effectively is a gun powder plasma torch. I see this as only a novelty, like I said earlier about .22 Magnum derringers with the same barrel length the wound trauma would not be any less than a .38 special at hand to hand range.Anyone at any skill level would be lucky to hit the side of a barn with one of these. Its aimed range would be in a general direction with a prayer.

        • Sam Blizzard

          None… Go to ballistics by the inch. With a 3″ barrel, the top loading clocks in at 1200fps or so for .223 – .223 or 5.56 relies on fragmentation, expansion, tumble, and yaw for its damage mechanics. That is achieved through a minimum velocity. Even the best varmint rounds require 1400fps+ to do anything other than act like a LRN bullet. At the same diameter as a .22LR, this makes absolutely no sense. All you’re getting is extra recoil, a huge deafening muzzle blast, and possible hand damage in a single shot gun that has a face only a mother could love. I would choose so many .22LR pistols before this useless piece of junk. I still can’t believe that they made this! Don’t they have any understanding of firearms or ballistics?

  • Leigh Hennig

    Perfect example of the concept “Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should”. Who in their right mind would drop this kind of money for a single shot pistol? And what kind of masochist would want to shoot a lightweight .223 pocket pistol?

    • Leigh Rich


  • Rob

    and this is the reason why surplus 5.45 is banned for import

    • Joey @ King Armory Mfg

      No, this gun is not semi-automatic which is the criteria for AP ammo per the BATF. The reason why surplus 5.45 is banned from import is because the assclowns at the BATF think that a cut-down AK is a “semi-auto handgun” simply because the buttstock has been removed

      • Rob

        my bad, i thought it was the fact that some blue falcon made a handgun in general, not that it had to be semi auto.

        • MenotYou

          lol “blue falcon” Haven’t heard that term in a long time.

    • Heretic2011

      Not the same caliber at all.

      • Rob

        thanks tips, i was saying the situation. a pistol being made in a rifle caliber

        • Leigh Rich


    • marshallbrinson

      No Rob…the reason is because someone built a Semi-Auto Pistol and crossed the current law about “Armor Piercing” ammo for a Pistol. Only certain 5.45 ammo is being banned, not all of it. Any PISTOL would have crossed the line for the law…not just Semi-Auto. Stupid, but that is the current state of BS with the BATFE…

      • Rob

        yeah, just the cheap surplus ammo with the soft steel core that doesn’t penetrate any better or worse than lead ammo. any rifle round will go through soft armor rated to stop pistol rounds whether they’re steel core or not. BATFE is ridiculous, but still not as bad as the RCMP here in canada that will ban a 22 because it looks like an AK and no other reason.

        • marshallbrinson

          OH…We have Diane Feinstein that wanted to include .22’s in her Assault Weapons Ban because they looked like AR-15’s. Like the Mossberg 715T and others…Simply .22’s but Scary Black that scares the Liberals so it must be bad and deadly!!! I Feel ya Pain…

          • Rob

            haha true enough, that gremlin is a bane to any gun owner, but at least she has to go through votes before she can get stuff done. the RCMP here just have to decide they don’t like something and ban it. no vote, no insight from any other government agency.

  • Dave Bartholomew

    Cool, I guess. But I wouldn’t pay more than $80.00 for a gun that shoots 1 round. Especially one made out of plain old stainless steel.

  • Heretic2011

    This is just silly. .223 isn’t going to develop any velocity out of that short a barrel.

    • Sam Blizzard

      Exactly… 1200 fps tops – ballistics-wise it’s basically the same as a .22LR round out of a 5″ barrel. This is just a hand-bruising, eyesight-damaging, permanent hearing-loss inducing, hideous, overpriced, single-shot clown-gun glorified .22LR. It is the most pointless gun I’ve ever seen and in my opinion wins the award for “Worst Gun Idea Ever”. They need to fire their engineers. How this made it past the drawing board is a complete mystery to me. Anyone stupid enough to buy one needs to seriously study ballistics and bone up on their gun knowledge. WORTHLESS!

      • Leigh Rich

        Just because you think it is worthless Sam. Don’t call people stupid. .It makes you sound like a retard.

  • Ron


  • john

    If only allowed 1 shot.. The .410 would be my 1st choise. Less chance of missing in a panic situation.. Even a non fatal wound will slow down most people

    • TK

      For the person who has everything- a fool and money is easily separated. Perhaps the proper way to use this as self-defense is to show the bad guy how big the bullet is and this may be the deterrent :>)

  • Derek Beyer

    No tumble. No fragmentation. Out of that barrel youll come in well under 2500 FPS. This is the same issue many who want an SBR face. But the individual round short comings of an SBR under like 10 inches, get negated by his 30 friends behind it. This single shot shit loses that. Not very practical at any level.

    • Chimookman

      It plays to the Saturday Night Special stereotype more than anything. I wonder who would buy even their original .45/.410 model. Probably big on the streets of Chicago.

  • Mike

    Love it!

  • Jimmy D

    Very ghey.

  • CalGunOwner

    So much for that Level 3A body armor the street cops all wear.Just another reason to set the liberals off on another “cop killer” mentality rant

    • joe

      sounds like a gun designed for cop killers, if you can buy armored piercing rounds. just th ammo the gun grabbes want to use as an example to ban all pistols. not a good idea.

      • Derek Beyer

        You are also retarded. Dont talk anymore either

        • Sam Blizzard

          Agreed. This gun is the ballistic equivalent of a .22LR. Joe – you sir, are a moron.

          • Charles Applegate

            Strictly speaking, his comment is more ignorant than moronic…

    • Derek Beyer

      You are retarded. Dont talk anymore

      • CalGunOwner

        Typical statist reply.. Don’t offer facts, just slur and tell the other to shut up. Very adult Derek. You forgot to label me a racist as well. It’s children like you that keep giving the left all the opportunities they need to press on with their quest to regulate and restrict firearms and ammo.

      • zeus234

        You are a fortune teller! Got any lotto numbers you’d like share?

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Cute, but I don’t see it as a particularly useful self-defense weapon.

  • Fieldkorn

    ALMOST as bad and as useless as the see-through side panel on that Taurus snubbie revolver… As H.L. Mencken once opined: “You can never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

  • marlinlever

    Honestly amazed at how suppossed gun people bash guns. Hell no its not practical. Smith x-frames arent practical. 15 lb fully equipped deer rifles arent practical. $2500 dollar scopes arent practical. $30 dollar scopes that break after ten shots arent either. Its these people and others like them that help the anti-gun crowd more than Bloomberg could ever dream. Now, yes I want one! The fireball alone would render all within 4 feet totally stunned. Then quick escape. Lol.

    • Frank Black

      exactly, it’s a fun gun anyway and someday may be worth more like the stinger guns that everyone laughed at.

      • Leigh Rich

        I have Stinger pen gun, a Downsizer, a Semmerling, a Double Tap, and I can go on. I carry my COP 357 in the summer in an OBH. See they are going for$1400, now.

    • Guest


  • Bill Vidak


  • Bill Vidak


  • Chimookman

    What a stupid concept. I can get a lot more for my money with most any other pistol on the market. What idiot would by this thing, let alone fire it.

  • petru sova

    Could anyone be dumb enough to pay that much for that piece of junk?

    • Sam Blizzard

      Because it comes with a matching unicorn hide holster and has a firing pin hand-carved from an ogre’s tooth by the high elves of Gonderella.

  • Thomas Payne

    Am I the only one who gets a “Yellow Submarine” flashback from the design of this gun? BLUE MEANIES!

    • Thomas Payne

      Remember the pointing hand? LOL! Useless at any price.

      • Thomas Payne

        Of course, this is somewhat a take-off on the

        FP-45 Liberator which was also a one shot gun used in WWII.

        Of course, again, at that time the FP-45 had a real purpose.


  • al

    Wow! Why didn’t I think of that? What an idiot idea. I almost went deaf from firing my m16 and it had a 20 inch barrel. One shot and both the shooter and shootee would be toast. Can you hear someone tell his attacker: “Wait, I need to put my foam plugs in and go back to the car and get my head muffs before I can shoot you.”?????

  • UncleBudd

    Redwing, it’s $450 because it is FULL AUTO

  • GrizzlyBear63

    You only need one round if you know how to fire a weapon. Why waste ammo. I’m concerned about the environment……LOL!!!!!!

  • Thomas Payne

    A fool and his money…

  • atez

    Don’t paint all liberals with the same paint brush. I’m a licensed gun carrying liberal and I will shoot any intruder in my home or any one attacking my family or myself, regardless their political views.

    • Charles Applegate

      Me too, atez – me, too.

  • Veteran

    You can reload it, genius.

  • Veteran

    I wouldn’t buy one either.

  • MenotYou

    AR pistol?! Um ok.

  • John

    Well it is not as cool as a wheel gun mod I designed back inthe 1990’s. Basicly it was a 44 magnum case necked down to hold a 5.56 bullet. For short range it gave rifle ballistics in a compact package.

    In this case the single shot nature of it does have some draw backs and the short barrel length does as well. I can guarantee though that any one shot with it will be badly damaged. Likewise since it is a rifle cartridge it will likely have enough velocity to penetrate soft body armor even with the short barrel.

    The problem as I see it is that one shot seldom ends a fight. I am too fat, too old and have worn out joints. I do not want to make a tactical retreat while I reload to keep my attacker away from my weapon as I reload for a second shot.

    I am going to guess that most attackers will not know it is a single shot weapon and are not going to take the time to ask.

    If I am going to have a single shot pistol that fires a rifle round I think I would rather have something chambered in 45-70. If you can do one barrel why not do two and make it a proper Derringer?

  • Sam Sneed

    Completely pointless.. the .223/5.56 round derives its stopping power from fragmentation, tumble and yaw… All side effects of velocity. This thing is just a glorified .22LR with too much recoil. It will just punch a .22 cal hole in whatever you shoot with it.

  • Joe Fat

    .223 REVOLVER PLEASE! WITH AT LEAST 6″ barrel.

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