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At the Range: Beretta 1301 Competition Shotgun

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 11th, 2013 7

Most 3-Gun shooters will be drooling like a bulldog in a steakhouse with the new race-ready Beretta 1301 Competition Shotgun.

The chore of selecting and customizing a shotgun for 3-gun competition is often prevents people from participating in the sport. Many folks already have an adequate full-size pistol and modern sporting rifle, but their bird and deer guns lack the tactical modifications necessary for speed shooting. Rather than outfit a semi-auto shotgun with a slew of aftermarket parts, simply pull the 1301 Competition out of the box and jump in the 3-gun ring.

An over-sized charging handle and slide stop lever make speed shooting with the 1301 much easier. Red dot optics would feel right at home atop the drilled and tapped receiver, and a bright fiber optic front sight bead garnishes the 21-inch vent-ribbed barrel.

At a price of $1,100, the Beretta 1301 competition shotgun is the perfect choice for someone who would otherwise spend the same amount on a semi-auto that still needs several modifications to become 3-gun ready. Dusty Gibson from Guns & Ammo gives you a first look and range test of the new Beretta 1301.

  • Greg

    OK, how about some features besides a fiber optic sight? Weight? beveled loading port? loaded balance? Safety location? Choke tube availability? C’mon, give us something more than “I can’t wait to get this out on the range”.

  • bob

    the Mossberg does all the same things and is almost half the price. and it’s American made.

    • Claudio

      Same quality at half the price? hard to believe.

      • FiftyOuts

        I own the Mossberg 930, Versa Max Tactical, and Benelli M2, My favorite shotgun to shoot is the Mossberg 930 JM Pro. The Versa Max is the easiest to load, the Benelli is the lightest. I hope Beretta has put all these features in the 1301.MSRP is up to $1240.00.

    • MrWicked98 .

      Yeah but obviously you’ve never picked up the beretta and compared the quality and the action. It blows the JM pro completely out of the water. Further more go to Youtube and see which gun gives the most problems. The JM pro is all over the place with regards to reliablity.

  • BmielB

    Remington Versa Max Tactical is yet another option. I must agree that it is always nice to see more offerings from manufacturers but like many other shooters I feel that not one manufacturer is making the perfect handgun, rifle, or shotgun for me. Maybe that is why manufacturers keep giving us so many options to choose from.

  • Tom Detty

    Dusty that gun looks sweet, and the doubles you were pulling off looked easy. How was the recoil to you?

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