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Competition For the Love of Competition Semi Auto Shotguns

At the Range: Beretta 1301 Competition Shotgun

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 11th, 2013 7

Most 3-Gun shooters will be drooling like a bulldog in a steakhouse with the new race-ready Beretta 1301 Competition Shotgun.

The chore of selecting and customizing a shotgun for 3-gun competition is often prevents people from participating in the sport. Many folks already have an adequate full-size pistol and modern sporting rifle, but their bird and deer guns lack the tactical modifications necessary for speed shooting. Rather than outfit a semi-auto shotgun with a slew of aftermarket parts, simply pull the 1301 Competition out of the box and jump in the 3-gun ring.

An over-sized charging handle and slide stop lever make speed shooting with the 1301 much easier. Red dot optics would feel right at home atop the drilled and tapped receiver, and a bright fiber optic front sight bead garnishes the 21-inch vent-ribbed barrel.

At a price of $1,100, the Beretta 1301 competition shotgun is the perfect choice for someone who would otherwise spend the same amount on a semi-auto that still needs several modifications to become 3-gun ready. Dusty Gibson from Guns & Ammo gives you a first look and range test of the new Beretta 1301.


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