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At the Range: Springfield XDs 9mm vs. 45 Auto

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 6th, 2013 13

You might as well call them identical twins. Springfield designed their brand new 9mm XDs under the exact same skin as its widely popular 45 ACP brother, which was introduced in 2012. The only distinctions between the two carry guns are their magazine capacity, and the size of the hole at the end of their 3.3″ barrels. The XDs just hit the shelves last week at a price of $599.

While they share identical ergnomics and sights, they also share inherently different recoil characteristics. Rob Leatham from Springfield Armory compares the performance between the 9mm and 45 Auto XDs:

  • BJC

    His test is flawed, he used the extended mag in both guns not the flush mag, big difference. I have shot the XDs 45 with the flush mag, I’m a big guy with big hands and man that thing really jumps in your hand. I really did not like it. I’d like to shoot the XDs 9mm to see what it’s like. I have the XDm in 45acp and 9mm both are 4.5″ and I love them both. I installed the Powder river triggers and Hogue rubber grips, sweet shooter’s.

    • Glock29

      I had a XDs 45 but the factory has had mine for over a month for the major recall
      for both 45 and 9mm!

      Here is the recall info in case you have not sent it back! They will have it for over a month for the fix….FYI

      BTW the Glock 30 handles recoil much better than the XDs but I only shoot the XDs once a month with a couple magazines and use it as my backup firearm but love it.

  • William Azzara

    Two comments on Mr Sweeney’s article in the current issue. NJ does outlaw hollowpoint ammo, but it is legal to own and use in your home. Second as a police officer in the 60′s I used a Browning HiPower 9mm with Super Vel hollow point ammo which was loaded hot.(Factory) I had no problems with my Browning, but I will say my duty S&W model 28 357 had expansion problems. On the range some officers had to use a screwdriver to bang out the empties :(

    • BJC

      Very good point William. The 357 mag has the same problem that the 10mm has they are too powerful and tend to blow clean thru a perp without expanding, this lack of knock down power allows a perp to return fire. This prompted the development of the 40 S&W and 38 Spec +P.

      • snakeshooter17

        The .40 was developed because recoil-sensitive FBI agents couldn’t handle the 10mm. The Big Ten doesn’t have any more penetration than the other semi-auto defensive calibers. What matters is bullet choice. BTW, the .357 Magnum has always had a better track record than the .38 and .38 +P as long as hollowpoints are used.

      • Glock29

        You might find this info interesting it is the FBI report that goes into why it was selected originally. It all goes back to the 1986 Miami shooting. The 40 was developed because too many agents complained about the heavy recoil.

  • snakeshooter17

    The XD-s is surprisingly easy to control in .45 with the flush fitting magazine. I was impressed. I’m used to shooting a Colt Commander .45, and I’d say the XD-s was no harder to control that the Colt in stock tune.

  • jiltplay

    I would love to see that exact same test done with a female shooter or someone with much smaller hands (and less strength) than Rob. There are many women shooters I know in the DFW area wanting to buy a XDS and not sure if they should go .45 or 9.

  • Big Dog9MM

    <<<< Two mags from XDS (5+1) 45

  • Big Dog9MM

    I got the XDS ib a GLOCK 27 trade in….the gun, a lone wolf 9mm barrel and an extra mag and $50…I shot 40s and 9s through the 27 and prefered 9s so bouch a 26. I also have the XD 9 sub compact…very nice gun. For IDPA competition, I use either the 26 or the XD 9 because of the 10+1 standard.

  • Big Dog9MM

    I love it here in Texas….I go to a couple of gun shows a month and have about 8 gun stores within a 15 mile radius.

  • SA FAN

    My wife loves to shoot my xds 45. She now wants one of her own. I’m most certainly gonna get two of the xds 9mm. I have a xd 40 sub compact too and there’s no difference in recoil between that and the xds 45 to me.

  • JP hastings

    I’ve only shot 9mm for 15 plus years. I was concerned when I picked up my xds .45 that the recoil would be noticeable. It’s a non issue. This gun doesn’t recoil at all (at least no more than the 9mms I’ve shot). Couldn’t be happier

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