talon gripsIf you’re having trouble keeping a solid, comfortable hold on your Springfield XD, we’ve got one piece of advice for you: get a grip.

Specifically, get the new Talon Springfield XD grip, which has been redesigned to provide increased coverage on the pistol handle, covering the whole of the frame from the magazine well to the top of the thumb rest.

Talon is able to offer these newly redesigned grips due to the advances in laser cutting technology that allows the company to produce more complex designs that offer better handling and control to the user.

“Some of the first grips we made were for the XDs due to demand from law enforcement professionals and the overall popularity of Springfield firearms. Those grips have always performed well, but with the advancements in laser cutting technology we are able to provide greater coverage of the polymer handle yielding a better interface between the firearm and the operator,” said Michael Morris, lead designer and president of Talon Grips.

The better interface provided by the grips, which are 100 percent made in the U.S.A., improves weapon retention, provides quicker target acquisition, and enables more accurate follow up shots.

See their full line of grips for more than 180 firearms at www.talongungrips.com.

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