Everyone knows that zombie hunting season is a year-round affair with no bag limits. Taking a zombie requires no license, tags or habitat stamps—but the undead warrant special attention during certain times of the year, when hoards emerge with an intolerable vengeance. Grand Island, Neb., recently experienced a major zombie invasion of pandemic proportions. Luckily, over 350 hunters were standing by locked and loaded to defend mankind.

Zombie hunters need weapons that deliver substantial force from a distance, where the splatter of contagious green puss won’t infect any innocent bystanders. Most hunters carry as much ammo as they can quickly reload into their rifles, pistols and shotguns. When all that gear isn’t enough to destroy the undead—hunters resort to more deliberate tactics with Sonic Boom targets and Slidefire stocks.

Proper battle attire also improves a zombie hunter’s effectiveness. Shields, chains, and even tactical mullets are famous for preventing infection. The editors at G&A want to spread the word about the most effective battle gear, so we picked the best zombie costumes from Hornady’s recent Zombies in the Heartland Three Gun Match.

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