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G&A Basics: How to Reload Handguns

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  February 6th, 2014 3

Keeping rounds in your handgun in personal defense and competition scenarios is vital when engaging targets.

Each situation warrants a particular method of reloading—for example, some circumstances require magazine retainment, while others don’t. Also, shooters of varying shapes and sizes may reload their handguns in a method that’s most comfortable to their shooting style.

Regardless, there are several important tips and tactics to follow when effectively reloading a handgun. On this episode of Guns & Ammo TV, we discuss how to reload your firearm quickly and effectively.

  • fedmanshooter

    It would have been good to point out that you can put an extended slide lock release on your pistol to aid in releasing the slide lock with the strong hand thumb during the re-grip possibly in time to save your life. I well understand the fine motor skills loss in a stressed situation which is why you need to practice this manipulation as well as racking the slide. Repetition creates muscle memory so there is a backup action in case the first one does not work. Good information.

  • fatboy52

    “Loss of fine motor skills in a stressful situation?” Tell me how you manipulated the magazine release… Hmmmm. With your thumb! The same thumb you could use to operate the slide release. If you had lost your fine motor skills, you would never have been able to drop the empty magazine.
    I know there are good reasons to rack the slide, and I don’t dispute those. But Please stop using this illogical “loss of fine motor skills” trope. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • Butch Steen

    Great video. It is important to remind everyone of the basics. They are the first steps towards safety.

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