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Read & React: Super Bowl Commercial Hypocrisy?

by G&A Staff   |  January 31st, 2014 92

The AXE Peace commercial previewed on YouTube ahead of its national Super Bowl XLVIII debut illustrates an agenda promoting coexistence among governments that are notorious for various human rights infringements.

This global peace agenda is backed by many politicians, as well as those in the entertainment and national media industries.

In comparison, the same politicos and media outlets will not support companies such as Daniel Defense, a firearms and accessories company in Black Creek, Georgia, to run its commercial, which promotes the constitutionally protected individual right of law-abiding Americans to decide how best to defend themselves.

It is interesting to note that one early reason the Daniel Defense commercial was denied for viewing during the Super Bowl was that it featured the silhouette of a semiautomatic AR-15-type rifle at the end of the spot. However, even after Daniel Defense offered to replace the image with an American flag, the commercial was again rejected from airing during the game.

In this AXE Peace commercial, a similar type of firearm, a select-fire M16A1, is shown as carried, then dropped by a soldier.

The problem that media outlets and organizations that do not support gun rights have with Daniel Defense’s commercial is in obvious regard to its message. This message can be interpreted as promoting the right to personal defense, or it casts a positive light on an otherwise demonized firearm, the AR-15-pattern rifle, which was specifically targeted in 2013 by legislative efforts to be banned or restricted in many states.

The juxtaposition of a global peace agenda and a government’s attempt to create limits on families’ options to secure their homes is worth inviting a civil discussion.

Watch both videos, and tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment.

AXE Peace Super Bowl Commercial:

Daniel Defense Super Bowl Commercial (BANNED):

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  • monsterzero

    Disgraceful. Glorifying terrorists and dictators.

    • Warren A. Dobler

      They are just living in the Liberal “Land of What If” You know, that land where nobody ever lies, cheats, steals or even says bad things that might hurt someones feelings.

      • NeoPrudentist

        Once a person’s done enough hallucinogenic drugs, all things seem real…

      • elmcqueen3

        But…But…But…Liberal never do those things…Do they?

        • Warren A. Dobler

          Unless of course you are a vicious evil Conservative, then you deserve what you get. Anything else and you have to be understanding. Rather like my welcome home after Viet Nam. They are just so sweet and understanding an lovable. While I am at it, would you like to buy the Golden Gate bridge?

          • elmcqueen3

            No thank you…But I hear there’s a bridge in New Jersey that coming up for sale…You might want to bid on it…It’ll probably go cheap!

      • Freebyrd1968

        You mean those things liberals do as a matter of course?

  • Heretic2011

    I’ve always said, “football is the opium of the moron”, and I stand by that statement. Let the hate begin.

    • DeltaZulu

      Absolutely agree. I haven’t watched a football game since I was a teenager, in the 70’s. After going in the Marine Corps in ’79, I realized how truly worthless and unimportant these millionaire game-players really are. With the exception of a select few (such as Pat Tillman – RIP, Brother) most are just over-indulgent, never-done-anything-bigger-than-me, arrogant thugs.

      • bobruark

        Absolutely correct. Universities use them as cash cows then those not gone on to NFL are basically let go still illiterate…there are many notable exceptions…but they just serve to prove the rule. Can not remember when I last watched a football game other than to accompany a friend to watch his son play a High School game.
        Wish I could still watch “The American Sportsman” where they actually SHOT things, as well used hooks on the end of the line.

    • Ned Weatherby

      Yeah. I call the “big game” the Stupid Bowl.”

      • vnamvet

        Even if you watch the Stupid Bowl..just DON’T EVER BUY ANY of the commercials products..hit the MUTE button or better yet go to the bathroom..let them all suffer for the blatant disregard for the 2nd amendment rights of the REAL AMERICANS..

  • barry

    Too bad not watching super bowl

  • Dale Thompson

    You better believe I won’t be watching.

  • James P Mason

    3-Gun Nation Club TV will be launching Episode #7 at the end of the second quarter. You can watch celebrities dance and sing on stage – or you can watch people like you and me taking advantage of the 3-Gun Action at Rockcastle Shooting Center!

    Tune into the 3-Gun Nation Facebook for the link on Sunday?

  • Columbuskinsey

    Wow, how blatant

  • Willy T

    I love me some football, but I value my rights more. I only wish more Americans had the same view concerning their “2nd Amendment”. I will not be watching, rather taking advantage of the reduced traffic at the firing range. Anyone in central SC?

    • C.C. Georgia

      C.C. Georgia
      I 100% AGREE!!! AMERICA WAKE UP, GROW OR GET A PAIR AND STAND UP FOR YOUR “2nd Amendment” RIGHTS!!!!! This event is now all about the commercials!! MAJOR BUCKS to promote & sell. If beer, cars, chips, etc.If those can do it why not products that are proven for protection and preservation of life, liberty and Constitutional rights?? Another thought, it IS a commercial, is there a violation of “freedom of speech” to prohibit it ????
      Not a scholar, just my opinion, Anyone agree??
      PS. Thanks Willy T!!

    • elmcqueen3

      Let’s just all drink more Budweiser beer…I love those Clydesdale commercials!

  • Thomas F. McDonald

    i wont watch the superbowl, its just crap anyway

  • Johnretlaw

    Puppy bowl it is….

  • AAB

    Guess I will not watch the Super Bowl, it’s not about the sport anymore, it’s all about profits and who can make the most money and how much money the networks can get for a commercial.

  • Moosejaw

    Did Leo Hindery Jr. Know you posted this? Or did he suggest it be posted to temporarily mask his anti gun agenda while maintaining subscriptions.

  • Go Navy

    The AXE commercial is a Liberal Wet Dream–full of fantasy, denial, naive world view. The Daniel Defense commercial is about service to country, family and individual responsibility–all things Liberals Hate.

    • bobruark

      Hence the real reason it was denied.

  • Tim

    The NFL denies us our First Amendment by rejecting the Daniel Defense ad.

  • Mike

    I rather watch rerun UFC fights anyways.

  • JisK

    It should be obvious to anyone with less than half a brain, if we all ascribed to the liberal fantasy of wishing that we can all get along in peace and harmony, our children will spend their natural lives in the comfort of their captors cages

    • Oran Payne

      Amen brother !!!

  • Dennis McKeown

    We have to get more attention to a commercial like this so it can get lots of exposure so people will end up seeing it anyway. Their reaction can increase exposure, truth hurts great commercial.

  • ProudVeteran

    I wasn’t planning on watching it anyway, but now that they have a “Let’s get huggy-feely with North Korea” ad, I’m not even going to turn on the TV tomorrow. Liberals have absolutely no shame.

    • Gary

      The decision was made by the Superbowl committee, no politicians were involved. I agree with everyone on here that the commercial should have allowed to be aired but to make the decision political and blame liberals is ridiculous. The best way to get revenge is to hurt their pocketbook, boycott all advertisers who advertise on the Superbowl and write to the Superbowl committee and inform them and their advertisers of this. That will do something much more than getting on here and bashing liberals that had nothing to do with the decision.

      • bil

        How can you not blame the liberals? The liberal commercial is selected, the conservative one rejected. Who makes up the Superbowl committee, libs or conservatives? How wold you expect the members of that SB committee to vote? How many voted for obama? I submit the answer to all the questions can be found in their selection of ads.

        • Gary

          Everyone has the right to their opinion but having facts and data to base your opinion on would be nice if you plan to bash a group such as liberals. Maybe watch something other than Faux News Rush the lush Limbaugh would help.

          • bil

            Oh, I do have facts on which to base my opinions, unlike liberals who seek evermore government “solution” to nonexistent problems. I don’t watch Fox News or msnbc or cnn or cbsnbcabc.
            Speaking of having facts and data to support opinions, I’d like to know where you got your opinion about what news outlets I watch, hmmm?

          • Gary

            I certainly don’t see where you are presenting any facts or data. You might also want to practice typing so you don’t betray your intelligence level. So far I have not seen anyone presenting any evidence that this was due to any liberal political party. If anyone wants to make their views felt as far as the commercial being banned then pay attention to what commercials are aired and boycott all of them and write the sponsors and tell them what and why you are doing it. That will have an affect much more so than bashing a group that isn’t responsible. Just an opinion and as far as I know I am still allowed to have one.

          • bil

            What you say and do reflects you, your beliefs and opinions. Nobody said you weren’t allowed to have to an opinion. As do I. My opinion is that the SB committee’s beliefs and opinions are reflected in their actions.
            As are yours.
            And if you don’t like my typing, you can ki$$ my a$$. Got nothing to do with intelligence, more to do with my physical limitations. My BA and MA speak to my intelligence, as do my ownership of 5 successful companies over the last 55 years.

          • Gary

            Congratulations on your success with your business of course anyone can say anything on here so if you have had all that success then congratulations. As far as the rude remark I must reply no thank you as it probably resembles your face. As far as your intelligence, what you say and do have a lot of bearing on what and how others perceive you.

          • bil

            I’m glad you finally recognize just how most must think of you. I’m done with you.

          • bobruark

            Gary is a TROLL…looks like he sucked you to his trolling.
            best to not respond to them…or they will get wet in their tighty whities.

          • bobruark

            ******** T R O L ***********
            Best to Not Respond

          • bil

            You are right, Bob, he is a Trollllllll

      • bobruark

        Oh gimme a break. You do not have to be a “politician” to be a leftwingnut liberal. What are you smoking?

  • Oran Payne

    The media is 110% bull#%*%
    And all the liberals walk around blindly in lala land…. If their family was attacked I bet they would be singing a different tune!!

    • NeoPrudentist

      If their family was attacked, they would blame the evil rich people for making the criminal so poor that he had to attack them. There’s no limit to excuses.

      • Oran Payne

        You are exactly right!!! Blows my mind how some people can be so blind , just look at all the countries that can’t protect themselves… And the major cities here in the US. No gun rights = NO WORRIES FOR THE BAD GUYS.

  • Blrmn

    It just goes to show that we are not to protect ourselves, but to rely on big brother. Even though the courts have said they only have an inherent duty to the citizen en mass.

  • BJC

    The axe commercial is unrealistic fantasy and an unreal portrayal of the real world. The Danial Defense commercial is real life and a true portrayal of how things really are. It seems the media and the NFL want to brainwash people into thinking everything is OK and life is wonderful for all and that is simply absolutely not the truth. I no longer have any interest in the NFL or anything they represent.

    • Mike H

      So a hot chic can’t throw a bag of Doritos into a clothes dryer, and catch them in her mouth when the fly out??? I suppose you are going to tell me horses can’t play football, either !!! :)

  • parnote

    I’m glad that AMC has reruns of Season 1 and Season 2 of The Walking Dead on. That’s what I’ll be watching, as opposed to the Duper Bowl.

  • Nino2

    It has been said, “He who controls the media controls the world” I think we all know who “He” is….

  • Bald Eagle

    The AXE commercial made me laugh…first it is sweet with guys and gals loving each other and then it got so “weird” with the guy getting sprayed by his slave/servant…it will backfire, in my opinion. The Daniel Defense add almost had me in tears, as a father of four who understands that the defenseless need protection, and I’m the first in line.

  • Chuck

    Wow! I didn’t realize that N. Korea was a romantic, fun-loving country. Yech! They torture, stealeverything in the name of taxation and give the people almost no human rights – including the right to defend themselves. What hypocrites the NFL echelon are to allow this juvenile, hippy-vision commercial but refuse to show something out of the real world.
    Reminds me of TV and movie programming. If there’s killing, maiming and radical political ideologies……… but “only a little” then it’s a PG-13 rating but show a loving married couple under the covers in their bedroom and it becomes taboo for kids under 18 (R).
    In the real world the Middle Eastern ruler has his nuclear box near him always…. & it doesn’t set off 4th-of-July fireworks. The tank is a very real threat and not a date night conveyance. Peace is great but if you allow yourself to be lulled into believing that all rulers of counrties are not ambitious and ruthless anymore than you might deserve to be herded & used like the sheep that you are.

  • NotAGunJihadist

    Guess I’m in the minority here, love my guns (and associated freedoms) and my football. I really don’t care that they don’t intersect and I don’t feel either is lessened by that. I honestly can’t understand the viewpoint that they should have to and we must boycott either one because they don’t get along, that makes no sense at all. I can’t even understand the majority of your arguments about this, it’s like you’re speaking a foreign language. Honestly, it’s like some of you are becoming “gun jihadists” and it makes as much sense as the religious whack-pots you mock. Sorry to sound rude, but this insanity has gone far enough. You guys should really wake up and go out and use your freedoms instead of screaming about someone might want to sometime in the future infringe on them.

    • RealGunOwner

      Bogus post. You don’t own any guns, nor do you care about 2A rights.

    • Ned Weatherby

      So- the people posting their opinions aren’t using their freedoms by posting their opinions? Incidentally, I won’t watch movies that fill the coffers of anti- bill of rights morons, either. Nor will I shop at stores who don’t support ALL the Bill of Rights. That’s actually doing something. The people posting here, who support freedom over the bullcrap pushed down our throats by the corporate owners of NFL are also doing something.

      If people actually start boycotting major league sports, owned by corporations and oligarchs who wish to push their own distorted, utopian B.S. down our throats, ball game could actually become affordable to the overtaxed mundanes who do all the work in this country.

      How is complaining about, and boycotting the Stupid Bowl equate to being “gun jihadists?” I don’t see anyone here talking about Jihad.

    • Oran Payne

      Really ???? I think the problem is too many have sat and said nothing for too long!!!! Sitting around a saying or doing nothing only aides in the antis BS getting spread, and our second amendment rights swept out the door, just sit back and be quiet ….. I don’t think so.

  • Cearr

    I’ve heard more than once that G & A is just one long monthly commercial, and if you can afford it, opinions will fall as the dollars do. Keep your own side of the street clean. Your own morality is all you can control.

  • Joe

    “Make Love Not War” was the mantra of the anti-America traitors during the Viet Nam war. Now the people running the Super Bowl embrace that but reject the Second Amendment. The Super Bowl has now become part of the Gigantic Left Wing Freak Show!

    • bobruark

      You mean like swiftboard Kerry who came home spewed lies, stabbed his “comrads in arms” in the back to further his Mass. political career? Then tried to run on his military record? In the olden days we would have found him guilty of treason.

  • Bandofotters

    I’ve got a bag of scoops and a tub of mango salsa. Tomorrow, I’ll be watching something on Netflix.

    • bobruark

      Might I suggest The Longest Day….

  • Jacob Martin

    Wasn’t planing on watching the super bowl anyway, one more reason not to.

  • An old Airman

    Did Jane Fonda write that Axe ad? Maybe she owns stock in the NFL as well…

    • An old Airman

      Most NFL players are gun owners.

  • gun owner

    Are they slamming our troops who are defending AMERICAN FREEDOMS over seas? Maybe Daniel Defense should try a primetime commercial!

  • G.

    My Dog is fascinated by Football on TV. After falling asleep in front of the TV one time, I awoke to find her watching a Game that had started with more interest than I had seen her show for anything else on TV before. Then I realized that she watching a Guy throw a Ball, then all the other Guys would run after it, then they’d bring it back to the Guy who threw it before, or once in a while give it to some other Guy, and they’d do it all over again, over and over. She loved it!

  • elmcqueen3

    I only watch football if the Bronco’s are winning…If they are playing badly…I turn off the TV…But I’ll be watching the game tomorrow and hope to see the Bronco’s win…I might even watch it to the end…That being said I quess I gave away the fact that I am a resident of Colorado!

    • vnamvet

      GO BRONCOS!!! And by the way..GO RECALL..the elected officials who don’t support the right for gun ownership…3 down and the rest had better watch their backs…

      • elmcqueen3

        The insanity of the Colorado Senatorial CommieCRats knows no end…7 months ago Gov. HIckenlooperl signed several new anti-gun bills into law to include a Universal Criminal Background Check system as if the FBI National Criminal Investigation system wasn’t enough…Our east coast governor who hails from Pennsylvania wanted back ground checks on private gun sales as well…I can’t even give my wife a gun for self protection without her having to go through an FFL dealer and forego a criminal backgroud check in accordance with the new law…If I own a high capacity magazine I can’t not let her or anyone else even touch it…Since Gov. Hickenlooper has passed these new anti-gun laws without even reading them…Which seems to be a common trait amongst Democrats now days…Crime in Denver has gone up…Not down…As proclaimed these new laws woud do by our liberal east coast Governor…Since the Universal Back Ground Check System took effect in this state a student at Arapahoe HS in Centennial Colorado purchased a shotgun…Went to his school…Shot up the place killing one female student and wounding scores of others…The Gun Free Zones signs outside the school did nothing to deter this student to enter his school with a shotgun and commence shooting his fellow students…Yet responsible gun owers take the burnt of these news laws which are nothing more than a-political… Catering to the whims of our goody to goodness elected Democratic President…These new laws are not working as Gov. Hickenlooper said they would do…The only purpose of these new laws is to harass and intimidate responsible gun owners…The UCBGC is also a prelude to firearms registration…The better to confiscate all personal firearms…These new laws do nothing to deter crime nor prevent gun violence from being committed upon others…In respect Colorado does not have a gun problem…It has a drug problem…In 2013…14 persons in Boulder, Colorado died from Heroin overdosage…These narcotic’s came out of Denver, Colorado…A sanctuary city for illegal aleins, with over 100 gangs, and a home away from home for the leutenents of the Mexican drug cartels who are the suppliers of drugs and human trafficing within this stinking city of Denver…You’d think the Senatorial CommieCRats would be concerned with this problem however it appears they would rather attack responsible gun owners than tackle the Mexican drug cartels who thrive profitably with their illegal business in the state…Is it any wonder norther Colorado wants to seceed from this state…Or that the Colorado Coiuntry Sheriff’s of Colorado have filed suit against our governor and the State of Colorado for passing some of the most arrogant, stupid, unenforceable, and frivolous gun laws ever to disgrace this once great state of Colorado…Sorry…For expulsing my rants…I believe Coloradans deserve better than Gov. Hickenlooper and his Senatorial CommieCRats have been doing by shoving Obama’s liberal progressive socialist commie crap down the throats of rural Coloradans as the Democrats attempt to dismantle the second amendment of our Constitution…Thereby turning law abiding gun owning citizens into criminals…This is what they have done…And they should not be forgiven come November…Out with all the Colorado CommieCRats who would rather smoke pot than pass “common sense” gun laws!

  • Springfield lover

    The axe commercial is a joke. People that think this is an angenda and not a joke should watch axe and old spice commercials and quit looking for anti gun agendas and start acting like normal people that understand humor. I love my guns and football and the USA. If you have a problem with capitalism go live with Putin he loves guns too! Doesn’t mean he is good. If you love America please quit being so stupid and educate people so we don’t end up making toys for China and get to always have our guns and status as #1 in the world!!

  • locoray .

    It is not about gun control; it is about control. Hitler. Stalin. Castro. Obama!!!

    • BJC

      Absolutely correct. Obama is the biggest proven lire and has proven with his actions how he wants to be a dictator. According to him it’s his way only and everybody has to follow his rule. He as the government is taking over everything. Obama is a domestic enemy of the constitution and as far as I’m concerned my enemy as well. He is a hypocrite cause he pledged to protect the constitution but is really trying to destroy it. JUST SAY NO OBAMA’S GOT TO GO!!!

  • Ken Johnston

    This is bull _ _ _ _, and I’m not watching the Superbowl this year! Semper Fi!!

  • needful

    let them stick their football up their arse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AP

    We get what [we] put up with. So far we as a Society have NOT put our collective foot down on anything. War on Drug, ha! Illegal Immigration? Being forced to buy something (healthcare), Government Gunrunning, and the list goes on. We’ve become a Nation of Sheep and the Media is in large part our leading the way to self-destruction. All of this saddens me very much.

  • epa223

    I like both of these commercials. Why one is picked over another is based on money or beliefs. However, the Daniel Defense is based on reality and the AXE is based on a pipe dream. Sorry, but I don’t “smoke”.

  • Gordon

    Being liberal has never been about tolerance of anyone or any view. Being liberal has always been about the use of power to force everyone to their current agenda. The issues change minimally over the decades, but gaining power over personal choice remains constant.

  • Hugh

    How in any way did this commercial get banned? It simply states the right that the second amendment gives to us the American people to defend our selves.

  • Marshall


  • Thom Curry

    I think they’re both bad commercials, but I agree that the Daniel’s commercial was denied based on political grounds. Why not make a firearms commercial that shows people how much fun it is to go shooting with your friends and family? There’s a whole bunch of really good stuff that happens in relation to firearms, so why don’t they advertise that? Here’s a sales pitch that would work, “Gun are fun to shoot, so buy one. P.S. Don’t kill nobody.” There, I just sold a million rifles.

  • Fredy Free

    I watched the supper bowl or the first half anyway. Both commercials
    should have been on IMHO. One was a nice dream the other more real life, you can choose which is which and if not then you’re not an NRA member.

  • JiminGA

    Axe believes totalitarian governments can be defeated by switching fragrances. Sounds like an idea from John Kerry.

    In the meantime, a yogurt commercial suggested oral sex, the featured song during halftime was “Sex is Paradise”, and VW had us watch some men urinating and blowing rainbows out of their butts.

    But a commercial praising a man’s desire to protect his family is rejected. America, we have turned the corner and are truly on the road to perdition.

  • Fredy Free

    Déjà vu from 2013

    I’m amazed that someone spent four million dollars for 30
    seconds of Psy dancing with pistachios 2013.

    Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un Commercial for Wonderful
    Pistachio, I have not ate a Pistachio nor will I eat a Wonderful brand Pistachio
    knowingly ever! I bought them all them time before Psy, bag or two every month,
    I don’t use AXE so this commercial will not change anything I buy and if you don’t like a commercial because it sends the wrong message don’t buy what they sale and they will stop if enough people do this.
    Just ask Cracker Barrel Restaurant HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to change back if it affects the $$$$.

  • huntingdave

    Simple; sports, movies, all televised events and Hollywood types are biased toward a society where they are elites and worshiped. They are worshiped by a viewing public, because no-one is going to give up their TV and they and we ourselves know it. I’m addicted and so are you. How do we stop their Fascist agenda? How do we keep our entertainment? Even if “We The People” replaced them we would ourselves become elitist drunk with persuasion and power and wealth. I am just a man,

  • KS Hunter

    What about the hypocrisy of the ’24’ ad with the character racking the slide but not allowing Daniel Defense’s ad to be played…A-holes!

  • The Gat Man

    Just from a strictly marketing point of view: the silly Axe commercial targeted multiple demographics and age groups with their variation in images. They also included multiple ethnicities, which goes a long way with the public these days. The Daniel Defense ad, while I agree with it’s message, was just flat-out horrible. And here’s why: plain white guy with a perfect house, perfect car, perfect lawn, hot wife, etc. isn’t at all rooted in reality. Sure, there’s a handful of folks out there who keep things this clean and shiney and oh-so-perfect all the lovely time, but not enough to garner any real attention to (They’re a rather small demographic). Not to mention we go from a stark white room with a woman in light clothing, white drapes on the walls, and a newborn baby in pink….to a dark grey screen with an emblem of an AR 15. WTF were these guys thinking? WERE they thinking? The contrast between shooting an entire commercial in tones of white and then a near-black screen for the actual ad demonstrates the company knows absolutely JACK about quality media production. If the message was about being able to choose what to arm oneself with under our Second Amendment priveleges, then why not make it about supporting the Second Amendment? Make the ad patriotic by selling the Second Amendment, as ENDORSED and BROUGHT TO YOU BY DANIEL DEFENSE. Not some stiff white guy that hardly anyone wants to know or even relate to….just saying that from a logical standpoint in advertising and marketing, it’s no wonder their ad didn’t make the cut. It’s only fit to be shown in their area, as that’s the demographic they clearly had in mind while creating it.

  • downrangefuture

    The superbowl was on Sunday? Huh. As far as the commercials, shame they didn’t let the DD ad play, but unfortunately hollywood and the brady campaign have been fairly successful at demonizing firearms and the people that use them. And with today’s culture turning “hippie” again, it’d be hard to say, but I think the backlash from playing the DD ad would be worse than not playing it. But the Axe ad’s “peace and love” feel good ad hardly offended enough people to matter. Being a fairy tale is beside the point.

    Basically, we need to keep the fight up in the court room, and start taking on the battle of public opinion. If I have to leave one more “no guns = no business” card because of some stupid “No CCW allowed” signs, I just might have to scream.

  • pwallace

    I totally agree with everybody’s comments on voting with your dollars and not watching the SB, but here is so much more we need to do. We all need to write, call, and email and let the NFL know how many of us are out here and how we are pissed off that our views are not as important to them as the Obloombergs of the world..
    There are way more of us than them and our passion for the truth far out weighs the lies and hysteria that the antis spew. Our opinion and rights matter just as much as theirs. I know there are More firearm owners in the NFL stadiums on any given Sunday than those who are anti second amendment.
    We must state our displeasure with their decision in a civil manner even though we want to swear and rant we need to be calm and state our positions with dignity. This is something that we need to do every chance we get. Contact your local paper and electronic press. We need to present our case calmly yet passionately to everyone that we can to forward our positions and thoughts on our God given rights guaranteed by the 2nd amendment.

  • Grizzled_Gringo

    The DD commercial attacks the Libs at so many levels…examples, Driving home in a nice car from a good job, has his own home not living with mom and dad, has well kept house and yard, has good looking wife (ie Hillary, Pelosi Lib wives), the kid they have at home is 1 not 26…

  • Doc Holliday Parker

    I’ve NEVER seen a super bowl game.
    No interest in football ever.
    For the most part sports has turned in big business with no loyalties by the players
    Not the way I saw sports as a youngster in the 50’s and 60’s.
    Would Mickey Mantle or Yogi ever play baseball for the Red Sox for more money
    NEVER. Would Ted Williams ever play for the Yankees..not a chance…today it’s the almighty inflated dollar

  • Poppop

    I saw a preview of this commercial on Fox News before the Stupid Bowl.
    I stopped watching football a couple of years back when the NFL denied Rush Limbaugh the ability to purchase a piece of the St. Louis Cardinals. I guess its OK to have a wardrobe malfunction than an advertisement for self defense of you and your family which is reality.

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