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Why Are Gun Companies Moving?

by Kyle Wintersteen   |  March 3rd, 2014 90

Since the 1816 founding of Remington Arms in Ilion, New York, the northeastern United States has been the domestic firearm industry’s home for traditional manufacturers such as Colt and Smith & Wesson. Currently, however, an unprecedented number of gun companies are expanding or considering a move to entirely different states.

Why? The most obvious answer is that these companies find it difficult to do business in regions favoring an anti-gun sentiment. Connecticut and New York, both home to large, historic firearms manufacturers, enacted some of the nation’s strictest gun-control regulations last year. The governors of these states continue to foreshadow additional restrictions.

During an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley, Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy had a telling response to criticism of a new state law that bans semiautomatic rifles and 10-round magazines and requires preexisting magazines to be registered.

“What this is about is the ability of the gun industry to sell as many guns to as many people as possible — even if they’re deranged, mentally ill, [have] a criminal background, they don’t care,” said Malloy. “They want to sell guns.”

In a radio interview, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was similarly disdainful when asked if his state’s SAFE Act, which was passed just before midnight on January 15, 2013, is a burden to law-abiding gun owners and manufacturers.

“Who are they?” Cuomo asked rhetorically of his opposition. “Are they these extreme conservatives … pro-assault-weapon? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Perhaps it’s no coincidence then that New York-based companies such as Remington Arms, Kahr Arms and American Tactical Imports are all expanding into or moving to more gun-friendly states, as are Connecticut-based companies including Mossberg, Ruger, Colt, Stag Arms and PTR Industries.

“The comments by Governors Cuomo and Malloy did not go unnoticed, nor has the legislation they passed,” said Larry Keane, senior vice president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). “CEOs have expressed to me that they’re tired of doing business in states with governments that don’t respect their products and that are openly hostile to Second Amendment liberties. New York politicians, for example, have essentially said, ‘It’s OK to make guns and magazines here, but you can’t sell them to our citizens.’ Consider the hypocrisy of that. If the products are so dangerous, then why are politicians OK with exporting them and collecting the tax dollars? It bothers the gunmakers deeply.”

Still, companies don’t just move to spite anti-gun state governments. For them, it has to make financial sense. Interestingly, some of America’s most pro-gun states are also currently some of the best in which to do business in terms of taxes, regulatory compliance, labor and energy costs, and more.

“The states shedding gun companies are making it undesirable for people to do business in general,” said Keane. “Generally speaking, they’re overtaxed and overregulated. Take Connecticut. It’s rated one of the worst states in which to do business or retire. So, if you’re a businessman, are you going to invest there or somewhere like Alabama [where Remington is expanding] or Tennessee [where Beretta is expanding] where it’s not only a better place to do business, but they respect the products you manufacture and are happy to have your tax dollars?”

Many states, particularly those in the South and Midwest, have actively recruited gun companies and competed among one another to secure their business. Texas Governor Rick Perry has been arguably the most vocal in this regard, even tweeting Magpul Industries to “come on down to Texas.”

“You’re seeing a shift of these manufacturers out of states that don’t want them there,” Governor Perry said in a CNN interview. “And I think that is an appropriate move and an appropriate conversation.”

Following Governor Perry’s invitation, Magpul is indeed shifting its headquarters to Texas in response to a high-capacity magazine ban by its home state of Colorado. Texas is also the new home of expansion factories owned by Mossberg and Colt. Many other states join Texas in offering tax breaks and other financial incentives to lure gun companies.

“I’ve had CEOs in New England tell me that the offers from states’ economic development teams are so extraordinary that they could essentially move their factories for free,” said Keane. “In some cases they’ve received these offers almost daily over extended periods of time.”

So, is it any wonder then that states with anti-gun attitudes are losing gun industry jobs and tax dollars?

While difficult to quantify the exact extent of the economic blow, a 2013 NSSF report estimated that Connecticut would lose 1,768 jobs, $13.5 million in business tax revenue and $450 million in economic activity if Colt, Mossberg and Stag exit. All three have announced factory expansions outside Connecticut. Even states with healthy economies will notice a loss of that magnitude.

“The message to the firearm industry from many northeastern states has been loud and clear for some time,” said Keane. “I think the message in response is becoming clear as well.”

Check out this list of firearm manufacturers that have recently moved to different states, and tell us your opinions about gun company relocations in the comments below.

  • Joe

    hell yea, bring the jobs south baby! Welcome to my new neighbors in Nashville, Beretta!

    • Bhudda Whirled Peace

      Yes indeed …the quality of southern hospitality is another plus!

      • Adler

        Not to mention our barbecue, fried chicken, Tex-Mex, Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, to name a few

      • David W. Cummings

        Southern Hospitality is a myth. The rest of this country is more hospitable than the south. We are not hung up on the civil war and we are proud to be Yankees, after all we won.

        • John W.H.

          You won squat !! You morons elected all these little commie bastards, that want to take away your constitutional rights. if you think that is winning then you are just a pantywaist lap dog, and well on the way to a interment came near you. The main thing southern states need to do is pass laws that prohibits democRats from holding any elected office when they move into a gun friendly state. We don’t want them spreading their communism down here.

          • SummerBreeze

            Amen John W.H. You tell them!! I’m from NJ and live here in NC. I was brain-washed up there!! Glad I live here where the America Dream still exists!! And if the South had won the Civil War back then, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in today!!!!

          • David W. Cummings

            If the south had won the war we all would be speaking German: Y’all.

          • John Brofka

            German? Ridiculous. Read your history…puleese! It was the British who hoped to divide the US not the Germans. The South would most probably be speaking English … as in the Queen’s English. Sheesh!

          • David W. Cummings

            I was talking about the pact between Germany and Japan to split the USA in two parts. Had the South won do you really think England would care about the people? The idea of hospitality only in the south is ridiculous.

            Learn your history. Grow up and realize that I am only “messin” with you folks.

          • Yellow Devil

            Actually I potificate that if the South had won the “War of Succession” and stayed a separate country, than the entire U.S. would have not been involved with WWI and the Germans would have won th European theater. This in turn may have stayed off the general turmoil and harsh penalties imposed by the Allies, thus preventing Socialist rabble rousers (both nationalist socialists and international socialists type) and the likes of Hitler,which would than avert WWII. But I digress. I was born a Yank and spent considerable time in the South because of the service. Considered by the Federal Census as a “minority”, I do generally enjoy the Southern attitude moreso than the North.

          • Cindy Coker

            What damn war are you talking about idiot?! Did your brain fall out and roll down the hill again? Germany and Japan! What a f*cking moron!!

          • just me

            Messing with folks is what will get your hiny kicked we don’t mess around in the south

          • just me

            I that if you check the statistics there were more southern men fighting than northern men. Don’t start another war by being a moron you won’t win this one


            You drank more than your share of the “Kool-Aid”!

          • David W. Cummings

            Are you gay?

          • Cindy Coker

            Now there’s a mature and intelligent response. Just exactly what I expect from a POS like you with the IQ of a damn rock!

        • mackgt180

          You are pathetic…. We found out what you were fighting for and we let you have them……. Read your history MORON….. 660,000 casualties and over 400,000 of them were UNION Troops dumbArse…….

          • David W. Cummings

            And you are hospitable?

        • airmecher1

          As one who has traveled this country from coast to coast for the last 25 years I can say with great conviction you are full of $hit. The south always treats me better. NY/NJ and California are the worst. Considering they are full of leftists it makes sense.

        • CensoredThought

          You one. LOL. We are not hung up on the civil war, the fact that you mentioned it says you are!

        • Burdell

          Why is it in discussions like these that someone from outside the south is the first to imply that the south is hung up on the civil war? Nobody, except you, said anything about it. If you are upset that other parts of the country, in this case the N.E. or “rustbelt” is losing jobs to the south – that is a different issue to be addressed in another way. Not some childish jibberish

        • just me

          Excuse me but being a southerner and by chance having to live in Massachusetts for a short while I was faced with defending myself on a daily basis from citizens who were still wrapped up in the civil war. Now I feel your statement is a little bit off although the north did win. But they still harp on it

        • Chuck S.H.

          You need to study your history and improve your understanding of the English language. I’ve lived in or visited every geographical region of the U.S. courtesy of the USAF and the people in the NE are more hung up on the “War of Northern Aggression” than anywhere else in this country. You should also know that there is no provision in the Constitution that prohibits the secession of a state or states from the union. Therefore there was no “Civil War” but instead an invasion of a sovereign state.

          Dictionary definition of civil war:

          civil war

          a war between political factions or regions within the same country.

          The CSA was a sovereign entity and Mr. Lincoln was a despot who trampled upon the Constitution in so many ways that Stalin even said that he ruled Russia as Lincoln had the USA.

        • Pete

          The Yankee state of Illinois is full of liberals and …holes. Can’t wait to move to Tennessee in a couple years.

    • Nramem

      I totally agree. My brother lives in SC and I love going there to visit him. If I weren’t anchored in PA I’d move there. You can’t beat the pro-gun environment there and the people are so very friendly and hospitable.

  • Rhys Jobbins

    If they dont want you leave and take the money with you I would. Especially if you can do it for free. Politicians are never wrong until the money is gone and then it is not their fault

  • Michael Daffin

    Come to Arizona! We would love to have your Business. Plus nex to no gun restrictions.:)

    • AD_Rtr_OS

      ProMag moved there in February from CA

  • AC

    Next step is to stop selling any weapon to government agencies in these states that the gov’t won’t let citizens purchase.

    • Prof49

      AC: Absolutely agree. You wonder where the hell these morons think the military and police will get their weapons if these companies close down. I live in Colorado and use Magpul products, but I lived in Texas for nearly 20 years, I don’t blame Magpul one bit for pulling out of Colorado and going to Texas. Why would they stay when the state’s governor and legislature (dominated by Dems) made it clear that they were not wanted.

      • elmcqueen3

        I’m from Colorado also and what the Colorado Senatorial CommieCRats did was not in conformance with the will of the people…Exactly the opposite…We have the Country Sheriffs of Colorado sueing the CommieCRats over these stupid and frivolous ant-gun laws…And we have northern Colorado which wants to seceed from this state because of the anti-rural policies of the Colorado CommieCRats…All this is because we have an out of state Governor who hails from Pennsylvania by the name of John Hickenlooper who has destroyed everything that was once good in this state…With a bunch of east coast/west coast political lackies whose leadership is detrimental towards good government in Colorado…Time to vote the CommieCRats out of office come November.

        • Nramem

          Didn’t know Hickenlooper was from PA, we’re very pro-gun here. Problem is, although we consistently have a Republican State Legislature, our state keeps going for Democrap presidents. The reason is the low voter turn out in the rural areas. The few rural voters that show up are mostly conservatives clinging to their guns and religion.

          In the huge rural areas of PA every family member old enough gets a hunting license because, in most cases, that is the only meat they have for the year. If the Republican Party consentrated on pushing for voter turn out by waking up these non voters the state would go for a Conservative Presidential Candidate.

          Hickenlooper most likely left PA because he couldn’t get elected to any rural state office. All the urban political offices are held by long time Democraps.

          I’ve had a carry permit here for just over 30 yrs. I escaped from my home state of NJ in ’83 just because of their gun laws. I’ve met a multitude of others who left NJ for the same reason.

          • Soutex

            I am from Colorado now residing these past 20 years in Texas. Outside of Denver the state is conservative, pro 2nd Amendment. In the mid 1980s Denver got a tidal wave of California people and money and a building boom ensued in Denver metro. Unfortunately they brought their bankrupt political ideas with them and because of the population density of Denver they now rule the state. Unfortunately, Texas is seeing a wave of Californians migrating with the companies into our state and bringing their politics with them. They are screwing up the metro areas just like Denver. Our savior is that we have a crap load of people already here and they wont do to us what they have done to Colorado. Hell, even the Texas born Democrats are gun toting. Its only the out of state Demo’s that hate guns.

          • RyanFGNM

            Better Red than Dead. Not all of us Californian’s are Democrat and I have a lot of friends that have moved to Texas to get away from dying Cali. They love Texas ideas.

        • mackgt180

          Hey Elm,
          Where are the other POS’s from…. CALIFORNIA
          I bet everyone of them is from LA…… They come into a state like Colorado and push their agenda because the have MONEY…. Personally, I can’t stand these A-Holes…. Time to start TAR AND FEATHER the morons…… I hear that California has a petition for signatures going around to split state into 6 states…..

          • Kyllein MacKellerann

            It’s three states now (I live in the People’s Republic of California). The reason behind the idea of splitting is simple. The Mega-Cities dominate politics out here. California is a classic case of the “Tyranny of the Majority” in action. If you don’t live in a city, expect to be ignored.
            Why am I still here? Simple, I can’t afford to leave. So, I fight. I expose corrupt politics, I spend over a hundred dollars a month on mailings to various elected officials… the DO count snail mail, still; even if they ignore Emails. Wanna make a point? Skip going to the range ONCE and use the money for stamps and mail people. It gets noticed, and that’s what counts.

          • RyanFGNM

            Im from Southern California and I live in the more red part of the state. Unfortunately the blue people are more and are louder. Los Angeles is definitely blue but it’s out skirts in orange county are Red strong holds. As is my neck of the woods of the Inland Empire.

        • mr_wilson47

          This could be easily solved by simply reverting back to the state of Texas from which parts of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming were originally apart of in the first place. Your Yankee governor and commie politicians would be out of a job overnight.

          Hold a referendum, take a vote then tell all the new Texans up there to “get a rope”

      • elmcqueen3

        American gun companies who are located on the east coast would be wise to move their manufacturing facilities to a gun friendly state…By staying where they are they are only aiding and abbetting those CommieCRats who want to destroy our second amendment rights…Wake up Ruger and get the hell out of Dodge (Connecticutt)!

        • Bubba

          How about those rat bastards at Smith & Wesson?

          • elmcqueen3

            Any firearms company who does not move out of the state of Connecticutt is a Rat Bastard…They refuse to acknowledge that by staying in that liberal infested do gooder state they are supporting the liberal anti-gun CommieCRats…It’s a no brainer for most responsible gun owners and supporters of the 2nd amendment that they need to move…Some gun manufactures are still refusing to see the big picture in that the Democrats are not their friends and like ISL have declared them as their enemies…It’s time they vacate the once great state of Connecticutt and let the cards fall as they may!

    • Jimbo


    • just me

      Now that is one of the best ideas I have heard in a long time. Also include gun grabbers that use armed body guards don’t sell them weapons or ammo. I bet ol bloomberg would sing a different song then.

  • rob

    My question has always been why didn’t they start moving after passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968?

    • NordopiaHills

      Because the ’68 gun control act effected every state, it was not just individual anti-gun,anti-constitution states making laws so they can pretend they are doing something to prevent crime.

      • John W.H.

        The best way to prevent crime is start tossing these douche bag politicians in prison.

  • Duane Billington

    Glad to see Colt and Remington and the others leaving these anti constitution states. I wont do business with someone who is paying my money to Connecticut or NY. DC has long been the most anti american city in the US of A. New Englandis just that. England. Too bad.

  • TexTopCat

    I sort of feel sorry for the people in these states, especially the ones that did not support these progressive liberals, but elections have ramifications.

    • Inksling9

      Unfortunately those in the major metro areas have the population numbers. They are constantly being “educated” that guns are evil & not need by the “general, or civilian population”. So even if most are apathetic to voting, they still have the weighted numbers to “control” the direction government & its policies are moving. Don’t loose sight of the fact that as goes the educational direction of our youth, so will go the general direction of government, its policies & the country…

  • Mark

    I hope some gun companies move to the pro-gun state of Kansas

  • Wedemay

    ‘It’s OK to make guns and magazines here, but you can’t sell them to our
    citizens.’ Consider the hypocrisy of that. If the products are so
    dangerous, then why are politicians OK with exporting them and
    collecting the tax dollars? It bothers the gun makers deeply.”

    Democracy always bothers people who don’t like the result of the election or vote. The fact that many people can see the link between guns and violence, and choose to vote around that issue, just as the NRA lobbies to destroy people who vote to limit mags, which frankly is a hassle for me. I don’t like to stop and re-load at the range. But it that makes thousands of other people feel safer, well hell, I’ll either deal with it or move. (I moved).

    I sure it bothers the employees that are loosing their jobs and livelihoods. While the corporations may move for free, I assure you that the majority of the employees will not have someone picking up their moving bill. When corporations move, it is usually as much about profit and control of the workforce and cheap (read immigrate labor) which is far more extensive in Texas and the south than the northwest.

    Nor I suspect is it about the political atmosphere, which changes every two to eight years. As the aforementioned tax breaks which does zip for the citizens, but hell for the community’s that subsidize the industry’s that move in, whether Amazon or Colt.

    Organizations like ALEX make sure that all the politicians and corperate heads get together and drink (and often whore together) to collude to avoid enviormental laws and saftey regulations. I’m sure that many of the “Deeply bothered” CEO’s are joking and playing golf with many of the “Northern labor liberals” on the weekends.

    Also I’d be fascinated at the difference in organized labor (OK for the police, or federal security employees, but not maybe the people who make their tools to work, or keep them safe there. Consider the growth of the prison industrial complex, and the Prison Guards Union, a huge powerful lobby group, but opposes the unionization of prisoners who may be making body armor for our troops, at slave wages.

    There are many un-examined and complex issues in moving manufacturing, Not just the history of generations of families working for Colt or other manufactures and their unique skills and experience. being left high and dry while their former employers, will just turn up the AC and make sure their former unemployed workers do not have food stamps or unemployment insurance.

    I notice that the writer did not mention moving offshore,(out of the U.S.) Black and Decker, Dewalt, lots of American tool manufactures moved offshore to get big tax breaks and incentives. It’s great that Amerians like to buy guns made in America, too bad we don’t continue that economic patriotism to the rest of our economic activity.

    Read more:

    • Adler

      While most would agree with some of you sentiments, for the most part it’s a thinly disguised rant, and a fairly disgusting rant at that..

      1st, you know absolutely nothing of the labor force in the South. The term is illegal aliens, not the PC “immigrant.” The illegal aliens are not professionals, nor are they skilled machinists. Most are barely literate. They may make it as yard men, day laborers, restaurant dishwashers, or construction workers, but forget the skilled machinist/gunsmith positions that are required to manufacture firearms or even firearms parts. Besides, no gun company with the amount of federal regulation they face would ever knowingly hire an illegal alien.

      2nd, even if they do not move their employees, it is not the companies’ responsibility to provide food stamps or pay unemployment. Both of those are government constructs.

      BTW, the only reason the gun companies settled in the NE had nothing to do with the labor pool, government regulations, etc. They settled in an area with sufficient raw materials to make their products and near rivers to provide the water power that ran the machinery in their factories. Since electricity replaced water power, there is no need to locate near rivers. The South is also a major supplier of raw materials, so that requirement is moot, too.

    • Yellow Devil

      So your answer to life is “Options be damned, the beatings will continue until moral improves”.

  • Tom Vagenas

    I say, let the stupid governors and politicians of those gun unfriendly states explain to their citizens why the companies and jobs are leaving those states! Those states deserve it! Let them go broke and depressed,

    • Yellow Devil

      Nah, they won’t learn until it’s too late. They’ll just blame the dwindling rich in those states that aren’t politically connected.

  • Jim Sheldon

    and stop selling to anti gun states…..

  • L. Double U.

    The intent here is not to do away with these weapons, but to take them from us and leave them with the police and government agencies, military etc.. These politicians are not anti gun, they are ANTI-AMERICAN. Hitler and Stalin took the guns from their citizens and now this is what is being attempted here. Vote them out of office, all of them, put fresh one’s in their place and continue to do this till we take our country back.

    • jr023

      in hitler’s case it was the previous gov before he took power who banned guns to keep nazi from starting a civil war, then when hitler got into office he made sure they were confiscated further so no one could fight back. proof that laws against guns with suposably valid reason stop nazi (safety now) will eventually be used against honest citizens

  • cr–SC a very gun mfg friend

    I’m surprised and disappointed that it took them that long to realize who they
    were paying their taxes to. Duh!!!!

  • Noffie56

    I will buy from and support every gun maker that moves out of the Northeast Un-American States. Every one of them! This means I will be greatly adding to my gun collection and more than happy to do it. It’s going to be costly I know but it must be done to support the industry. I do wish every manufacturer in the industry would move out and leave those anti-gun states. Those who do not move out, will not get my support until they do move. That’s just the way it is for me. I hope others will also buy from and support the manufacturers who take on the cost of moving.

  • Jeff T. Ex resident of N.Y.

    “Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

    Cuomo has to go! Glad he knows who real New Yorkers are. N.Y. is not just a big city. There’s a large population of taxpayers and workers just north of the city.

  • SNNN

    “The fact that many people can see the link between guns and violence,
    and choose to vote around that issue, just as the NRA lobbies to destroy
    people who vote to limit the size of mags, which frankly is a hassle
    for me. ”

    To much fail here, where to start ? If it

    were’t for the NRA you wouldn’t have
    anything to shoot with anyway. 2nd, g

    violating my constitutional rights by
    making me by none standard capacity
    magazines (A 17 round Glock 17 magazine
    is STANDARD it was designed,
    understand….) never saved a singe life
    and I shudder to think how many citizens
    are now dead because they were rounds

  • jib quinn

    When HR was driven out of MA, the politicians celebrated the loss of over 100 jobs.
    An owner of the Boston Celtics, when running for State office, made it clear that he regarded gun owners as no more than criminals who had yet to be caught and punished.
    I wonder how many of us still support that team?

  • jondarmes

    Good, I’ll feel better about buying a new firearm knowing that states like NY aren’t getting any of the money.

  • Jrt1470

    Great point AC!!! I am a lifelong resident of Connecticut and also very involved in the shooting sports/hunting way of life. I would just like to say on behalf of myself and many other law abiding gun owners in this “Constitution” State that although we are all saddened by the tragedy, we have had enough of this, stop riding on the coat tails of a major tragedy to boost your fraudulent political careers. You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Malloy, Murphy, Blumenthal and all the rest of your anti-gun friends have already made your point. Every night on the news, more than a year later it’s still another story about Sandy Hook. When does it end??? Are you really being fair to the victims & families?? Let them be at peace now!!! Maybe you all should focus on some pressing issues. like all the unemployed people with families struggling to get by, or these crazy taxes, etc. It’s about time, actually it’s way overdue. You are all very sad leaders in the eyes of many. I can only hope for myself and all the other law abiding citizens in Connecticut that this useless law gets retracted in court! The CCDL should be proud of what it is fighting for and continue the fight!! In the meantime I am looking for a job out of this state!! I apologize for the long comment, I usually don’t get involved in the comments at all, but its getting old and I have had that bottled up for a while now thanks and Best Regards. JT


      Well said sir! Come on down to GA!

  • jumptonite

    Hey I agree with AC why sell to states and government agencies that don’t support the second amendment and the rights of our citizens, I was excited when Barret told California to come pickup their rifles as he wasn’t doing business with them any longer.

  • newshound4life

    The fact is the politicians do not care about the “few jobs” that are lost as long as they get elected. Those few people that are displaced or let go due to manufacturing moving are an insignificant statistical element in the election. And, of course, since people in those states don’t care much about being taxed, the lost tax revenue is replaced by yet more taxes. So, that is why they can afford to say they don’t want them or care for “those people.” I suspect that, sooner or later, the 2nd amendment will be rendered irrelevant by legislative means (regulation, bans and controls) in most of the country. That is unless conservatives, by some miraculous means, are able to regain the senate or the WH in a couple of years.

  • Easy Money

    This is very interesting, the Northeast, CT, NY, and all anti-gun states should be treated like a bunch of Russian Socialist and boycott those states all together. They are non-Amercian anyway. In Texas we believe in the second amendment thank God!

  • AS

    I’ve wondered for years why gun companies would do business in states that are constitutionally illiterate. Supporting a state that is treasonous to the American way of life is no way to do business in the first place. All politicians who take an oath to uphold the constitution and then turn around and subvert it should be impeached and tried for treason. Todays politicians are doing everything in their power to destroy this great country of ours. We need to take that power away from them and take back this country. “By the people, for the people”.

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Sell New York and Connecticut state police and any other law-enforcement agencies there the same kind of guns and magazines allowed to their law-abiding citizenry. Would Cuomo be content with his bodyguards carryng only seven rounds in their pistols? Why might he object?

    • Billy Twosinns Parker

      You have one of the best answers on here ! What if the CIA that protect Obama cold only carry semi about magic weapons with a 7 round clip ? If you notice the politicians & movie stars that want to take our 2nd amendment right away have $$$$ armed body guards and live in a gated community ! But I can’t afford a body guard or to live in a gated community !!! I have to protect my family and property myself do you think the guy trying to rob me by gun point went through all the red tape to get his gun ? Out the gang bangers have to wait 3-4 days to get there automatic ak-47 ? We have to get real now I’m sick of these people trying to take my rights away ! You want to make it safer make the law that if you commit a crime with a gun you get life in prison with no parol or if you get stopped with a gun and don’t have a permit for the gun or it’s stolen life in prison ! I have to follow the law don’t take my right it limit my right to protect myself and family ! This gun bans and control p#sses me off because it don’t affect the people committing the crimes ! I grew up in Chicago where they had a handgun ban I know from hanging on the streets almost every gang banging thug had a gun or some x 4 guns every weekend the Chicago suntimes has a body count from gun shootings you no what all gang bangers or a robbery gone wrong and some thug kills the clerk at 7-11 to get $50 ! I’ll bet my house not one of these thugs have a gun card not one ! We need to really stop taking away the rights of the people that obey the laws enough already when the media put theses crimes in the paper also put if they had gun cards or conceal and carry permits take count !

  • BunnyS.

    Declaring that Americans do not have the right to bear semi-auto rifles and limiting their magazine capacity–especially saying they are so called ‘assault weapons’ to make them look bad—THAT is extremist of THEM. What hippocrites!


    How do people fail to realize that bad guys target ‘gun free zones’ as well as areas which are not protected by modern weapons such as the rifle or pistol?

    Americans need proper education. Our news media has completely done a flop. When I was a kid news media did not give their opinion on things–they reported the facts…or tried to. Now they use key words like ‘assault weapon’ and ‘extremist’

    I have always thought… the way to take down America is to destroy her form the inside. Disarming her is the first step. We must not let this happen!

    I once had a friend who was good at lying. He tricked me until I realized how he had been using me. He is now gone no longer a part of my life.

    I pushed him out of my life, and whenever he tried to contact me I told him off. He does not deserve me or my time. So with leaders such as these…

    I sincerely believe Texas is the best place on Earth. Lets be kind to our neighbors but ready with our ‘big stick’ if needed :)

  • Mack Missiletoe

    That the American citizen is unable to defend himself with the modern weapon is to the governments’ delight

  • Todd Peterson

    I agree AC! Gun companies offer good jobs and benefits. These anti-gun nut jobs are pushing out jobs and tax money. Why the citezens of these states put up with it and keep voting these ignorent sons of bitc!** into office is beyound me! I just can’t believe the stupidity of these politicians! They’er suppose to be all smart and proper, But can’t figure out the names of certain firearms and how the work!

  • Cindy Coker

    Honestly I think there’s something in the water up there in New England that is rapidly destroying brain cells. Or maybe they’re just born stupid. Either way… welcome to sweet home Alabama Remington!!

  • Bigbear989


    • rds

      Desperate in 2014 huh? LOL

  • DDUB

    Expansion is not moving….. The first thing on our minds should be to vote everyone out and vote fresh ones in and if they do not work out throw them out . We must take our country back !! Greed has put us here , a fair return on your investment is good , Greed got us here !!!!!

  • Rick Scarff

    Bring those companies to Kansas please we will gladly support your business.

  • Geoff Schecht

    It’s a shame for the stupidity of politicians in nanny-states like CT and NY to place uncalled-for hardships on families who have historically depended upon arms industries for livelihoods (in some cases, it’s multigenerational). That said, though, modern arms manufacture does make extensive use of CAD-generated designs, CNC machining and high-volume molding operations…and guess what? Your citizens who want to move south along with their transplanted jobs are more than welcome. It may also come as a surprise to the folks up north; but some of us down here in Dixie can read engineering documentation, a few of us have figured out how to run Solidedge or UG NX on a workstation and the last time I checked, something like a Hurco multi axis machining center runs about as well in a shop in Texas or Tennessee as it does in New York or Connecticut. Thank you, Governors Cuomo and Malloy, for the generous. gifts of the job-and-revenue generating firearms manufacturers you chose to run out of your states!

  • Ollie Queene

    i say they should stop selling to the government anyway. let them be protected by security armed with slingshots, and their families too. see how they like being unprotected.

  • Pete

    I’m from Illinois and LMT is moving to Iowa and I’ve heard Rock River Arms is considering a move to gun friendly Indiana.

  • Bob Wilke

    A move to Texas makes all the sense in the world. Screw the Northeast and Colorado.

  • mickey

    What a shame the way these old established companies have been treated by the sickos Democrats are the scourge of the earth.

  • Leatherstocking

    The article misses one important point. Those that design and manufacture guns are gun owners. I work with companies in many states and hiring engineers and other technical people to work in the gun or aerospace/defense industries is hard when they would have to live under anti-gun laws. Many of these firms are looking at moving out of CA, NY, CT, MA, MD, CO and NJ in part because of difficulty in recruiting talent.

  • Ken

    Most anti-gun attitudes are based on ignorance of how firearms function. Most anti-gunners think that all you need is one shot from a .380 to stop an enraged aggressor and thus they see more potent firearms as needless and a sign of anti-social tendencies.

    In 1958, at age 11, I joined the NRA sponsored Chicago Boy’s Club rifle team and later participated in Chicago Park District pistol matches. Times change.

    I am a Democrat. I do not think that Democrats should eshew firearms as an affirmation of their political correctness…just as I don’t think Republicans should deny global warming for the same reason.

    I am fortunate to now live in El Paso, Texas with a thousand yard rifle range about twenty minutes away and a law enforcement center pistol range open to the public about ten minutes in the other direction.

    I think that official anti-gun sentiment won’t change until firearm manufactures and ammo manufactures stop selling to the law enforcement agencies of hostile states.


    I pledge to purchase at least one firearm and/or like product from each manufacturer that moves from “Commie-Land” to the deep south. I challenge other 2nd amendment advocates to do the same. It is not enough to praise their decisions to move SOUTH, we must support them economically. Those companies that choose to stay, will not see my $$!

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

    I don’t think it’s enough to simply move out of those states. Stop selling weapons and ammunition to their police and especially body guards of any politicians; force them to buy from the civilian market they are choking out of existence. Don’t sell them parts, tools, reloading dies, magazines, anything. They want to be “gun free” their whole state is going to be “gun free” not just citizenry. The lionshare of sales are in the civilian market. Gun makers should know by now that they do have the power to drive change. Economic ruin in states desperate for income so politicians get their paychecks and hand out entitlements to the sponges that voted for them is a great way to grab these liberal douches by their tiny little balls. Step up the pressure, enough is enough and the only ones with the money and resources, as well as positioning, to take these rejects to court and deny them business are gun manufacturers.

  • Thomas Vagenas Jr

    Wouldn’t it be great if all the gun companies located in gun hostile states would just pack up and move, lock, stock and barrel, literally and move to gun friendly states? Then, let the governors and legislators of those anti-gun states explain to their constituents why the jobs left the state! That would be great!

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