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At the Range: SIG Sauer MPX Submachine Gun

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  October 14th, 2013 21

The 50-year wait for a modern submachine gun is over. Introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show, the select-fire SIG Sauer MPX  was developed for elite military and law enforcement applications.

After extensive testing, the MPX has become the next generation of submachine gun. Guns & Ammo TV recently visited the SIG Sauer Academy live-fire shoot house to put the MPX through its paces.

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  • Whoever

    No video shows up for me??

    • DustyG223

      What browser are you using?

      • Whoever

        IE10 or chrome. Must be my work content filter.

  • al

    we can’t buy the thing, so who gives a crap? Yeah it is interesting, but so is Ma deuce. I see a lot of articles in gun mags that are unattainable. A Thompson is a Uzi is an Owens is a grease gun is a Sten is a blah blah.

    • Mickey

      Gun magazines would be a lot more boring if they only printed stories about guns I could buy. I cant afford a new hunting rifle either, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to read about it.

    • George

      Well, you will be able to buy it in semi auto with a 16″ barrel or as an SBR as soon as SIG’s lawsuit against the ATF is over.

  • Mark Puckett

    Government and LEO only? Bullsh!t if you ask me.

    • AJ

      they have changed their statement on that it will be civ legal sbr

  • George Kelley

    What does it do that an MP-5 does not do?

    • Jason

      Let’s see. Bolt locks open on empty mag, which is huge. Doesn’t on an MP5. Has great optics and light mounting ability. Both of which suck on the MP5. Has great stocks, which unless you want the fixed one suck on the MP5. And AR controls which are great and familiar to everyone, unlike MP5 controls. So, all that. Even HK came up with something better than the MP5, the UMP.

      • Lakan Kildap

        UMP was mainly cheaper than the MP5. The MP5 was designed along the lines of the G3, based on information, doctrine, etc. available to the Germans at the time. of course, any later design would appear to surpass it.

  • Samdude15

    I have no idea what this gun does over any other similar firearm.

  • Doc A

    “This is the first new submachine gun since blah blah blah….”

    What is the HK UMP, what is the Kriss Vector, what is the CZ Scorpion Evo 3, what is every “PDW” developed in the last 10 years.

  • PsychoDawg

    From the pictures, it looks like a blowback AR, with a short mag well. It’s got an auto sear of course. Good job SIg, another ar15! How does modifying a 50 year old design make you modern? The Taurus looks more interesting…

    • jerkyboy

      Umm, read before you post. This thing is not 50 year old tech (but my car is 100 year old tech). It is piston driven, rotating bolt, fires from a closed bolt, and can be easily switched between 9mm, 40S&W, or 357 Sig. 4″ or 6.5″ barrel and different stock options are interchangeable like a Lego kit. Totally built for “operators” that can customize for a particular mission in minutes. D*mn thing is drool-worthy!

      • PsychoDawg

        Uhhhh, hmmm…. Piston driven was done by Barrett years ago and was done by Mr. Kalishnikov in the 1940’s. The M1 was rotating bolt too. Closed bolt and blowback are two different systems. Think 10/22 vs. Thompson. They could have made it with a Heckler Koch style delayed roller locking system if they felt like it. I could switch the top end on my AR to 9mm, .40 or .45 in less than a minute too. I could even put a can on it as well. I can change my stock on it, plus switch between any cartridge from .22LR to .500 Beowulf by changing uppers. Sorry, not drool worthy… The Kriss Vector IS drool worthy, not this little franken-AR clone. This gun is a solution looking for a problem. Trade in the Model A while you’re at it…

    • Jenks

      You’re a damn fool.

  • Junbug

    “MSRP: LE/Govt. Only” -_- so much I want to say.. on the Hughes Amendment everything… this isn’t just. This has jacked up the price of machine guns such that you have to be rich to be able to buy a $20,000 AR.. politicians are a waste…. has the NRA tried to do anything? but worst of all is the gun community. I signed this petition( almost a year ago around the 1,200-1,300 supporters mark and only 1,730 have signed it so FAR!!! Only 2,270 ARE NEEDED!!! even if it failed we would have TRIED!!!! There has been mention by many about how they are going to defend their 2nd Amendment rights in a conflict situation, how if you wont even go online to try and protect it.. you will just bitch and complain as you hand over your guns

  • Miguelito Q. Loveless

    I can’t wait to get my MPX-C. Got my form 1 in hand. With the ability to change barrels to a 357 Sig, and a piston operation, this subgun is awesome.


    SIG MPX Carbine-Super cool piece of kit. I will only buy it in the .357 SIG cal.. For target and hog hunting in florida. I’ll buy a nylon case and have a total of three magazines of 30 rounds each. I hunt on private property. And maybe one ten round magazine and one twenty round magazine for home defense and vehicle. I hope they lower the price, once they start ramping up production. They can afford it due to all of their overseas contracts. And yes I know the magazines are going to be expensive. Maybe they will bundle a pack of three or five magazines and lower the price. Something different and exciting. AR’s,AK’s, and 1911’s can get boring after a while. I have several and sold a lot of what I had. To me they are just collector toys. Time will tell and perhaps 2014 is the year.

    Another one to look out for is the Beretta ARX in 7.62×39. That uses regular AK magazines. Very exciting indeed.

  • MrSottobanco

    Off topic: I went to the Sig Sauer site. I can’t believe how many rifles they discontinued. I was traumatized with the fact that they got rid of the Tac 2. Brutal!

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