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Introducing the Beretta ARX160

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 20th, 2012 11

Beretta introduced the Beretta ARX160 at SHOT Show 2012. The company’s latest AR platform is already making waves in military arms, as the easily-interchangeable barrel makes suiting the gun for any given mission less of a chore. In addition, the push of a button can alter the ARX160’s unique reversible ejection, making the rifle suitable to both right- and left-handed shooters. Special thanks to Military Arms Channel for the video!

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  • Brandon

    Saw these at Shot Show 2011…hopefully they make their way to dealers this year!

  • frankgon4

    Does i t use Standard AR magazines or other magazines?

    • NastyG

      they use standard AR15/M16 magazines!

  • drenman

    Well, let's see…it's called the ARx 160, there's a tip off, then there's the AR mags in each rifle, that's another clue as well.

    They are supposed to have these out in the U.S. this year for civilians in SEMI, I am sooooo damn glad I didn't buy an ACR, as soon as I heard Magpul sold it to Bushy I knew it was destined for nothingness.

    If they can bring this rifle in below 2k, the ACR is done. Might put Freedom Group one step closer to crapping out. That's what you get for closing down factories that have been open and working well employing AMERICANS for over 100 years…..

    Really though, FN and Beretta are just going to steamroll over any firearm company in the US, sad to say but true. I'm sure Big Army is going to keep buying colts for awhile, but some day…..still the AR will live for 100s of years in this country.

  • Jobobbillybob

    Oh look . . . another AR, just what the gun industry needs.
    All this is, is the Army dropped the multi-caliber capability from their trials (ArmyTimes was reporting this), Beretta is pushing it out to the civilian side to re-coup some of the R&D costs. The military is staring a draw down and budget cuts in the face (the Army dropping the multi-caliber requirement), so all the gun companies are looking to the civilian market.
    The gun industry needs to come up with something newer than this re-hashed 1950s technology. FN has at least attempted at innovation (P90, FS2000, FNAR) and the MAGPUL rifle was promising till Bushmaster messed that up. Ruger (and others) did a minor win with providing the AR with a gas piston rather then that faulty DI action. Anyone who calls injecting hot carbon fouling into the receiver a "feature" is delusional.
    Calling a mil-spec AR with a M1913 rail, or adjustable stock as a "All New AR!" is getting boring.

  • 762x51n8o

    @Jobobbillybob, I get sick of little gun bitches like you. You say, "All this is…blah, blah" Who fricking cares what their reason is, they are putting a military gun on the civilian market. Just be THANKFUL. People complain when companies like HK DON'T put their guns on the civie market, then you're going to bitch about the justification for why other companies do? The honest truth is that you just wanted to get on here and flap your pie hole so that it looks like you know something.

  • rico

    Every point you make has been hashed out a thousand, million, billion times on every forum. The bored, dun-seen-it-all is old. Here is a little bit of reality for you. These companies are in business to make money.

  • David Webster

    By the look of this, Beretta seem's to be following a trend to produce a rifle that is both similar in design to both the Remington ACR and FN SCAR, and that has many of the same features; folding stocks, multiple calibers, AR style magazine use, and picatinny rails galore.
    I am in favor of an industry where European and American firearms companies, who supply a good proportion of NATO members with their armies main rifle, to standardize the use of one type of magazine, as they have in the case of ammunition. And i accept that the current trend is to festoon a firearm with all sorts of nifty gadgets, hence all the rail space.
    However i find it hard to see a widespread future for this weapon outside of Europe. Outside of private individuals obtaining this gun in the states, America does not tend to favor a rifle for its armed forces that is not home grown. The case of the FN FAL Vs the M 14 in the 50's is a good example.
    The unique method of changing the direction of ejecting casings is a godsend for the left-handed shooter and a good sales point, and if Beretta produces a good range of barrel sizes and calibers, it should find favor with today's modern sports shooter.
    one to watch in the future indeed!

  • Indigo Kukri

    Kool! Now all they need to do is make it a bullpup!

  • rusty shackleford

    Beretta ARX160 the best of the best and you can go suck on the rest. They are the best weapons makers of all time and always will be. I can't wait to purchase one just to pizz off everyone else!.I will sell my M16's and rid myself of the olf school weapons.

    • cubenesis

      How does it compare to the SIG 551 and XM8?

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