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Man on the Street: .22 Long Rifle Ammo Availability

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 2nd, 2014 208

Empty shelves of ammo have plagued every gun shop and big box retailer in the country for well over a year now. While most common centerfire calibers have become regularly available in recent months, the illustrious .22 Long Rifle remains elusive.

Though .22LR is scarce these days, rumors about its availability have reached Hollywood tabloid proportions. It seems everyone has a theory about where the rimfire ammo is hiding, but it all comes down to the basic principles of supply and demand.

The demand is huge, considering millions of guns have been manufactured to chamber the .22LR, and many people own more than one rimfire pistol or rifle. Additionally, the .22LR is light recoiling, relatively quiet, inexpensive and makes for a great way to teach new shooters how to shoot and hunt. Those factors combine to make for a popular plinking round that a very broad population wants to consume.

Quite simply, the demand for .22LR exceeds the supply. Manufacturers are making rimfire ammo in massive quantities, but it’s being bought up by eager buyers from all angles. Buyers are lining up at big box stores to purchase the ammo right when comes off the truck, while online buyers have automatic alerts set in their web browsers to notify them when a website updates the in-stock status on particular items so they can be the first to buy.

Unfortunately, those experiencing the most dramatic affects from this shortage are youth shooters who use .22LR to learn safe and fun shooting practices.

G&A wants to know just who has suffered from the .22LR ammo blues. Have your range sessions or hunting activities been affected by the empty shelves of .22LR? Find out what NRA Members had to say:

  • a76marine

    I’ve held off on buying a .22 pistol and instead added 2 more 9mm pistols instead. I’d actually love to get a .22 but if you can’t find decent ammo then I’ll keep shooting what I already have.

    • WinchesterMan

      The 22 Lr shortage has not affected me at all because I made it a practice over the past 20 or so years to buy 2 bulk boxes of 550 or 525, depending on brand, every time I went to WalMart. The price was usually $9.00 or less per box. I knew a “shortage” would eventually occur as the 22lr is the most popular round ever made. My purchases did not cause the shortage but now with our political leadership scaring the heck out of everyone that they would take away ALL of our guns and ammo if they could, we are experiencing a “run on the ammo bank” of sorts. We are in a liberal leadership depression and obviously the folks would rather have 22 ammo than worthless dollars!

      • Mike Loveall

        who needs money or gold when you have guns and ammo???

    • Larry C Mason

      I heard you can buy a limit at Bass PRO SHOPS

      • john

        Yes if you want to pay 10 to 18 a box of 50 mostly what I’ve seen is match grade they don’t have any 2.34 a box of 50 anymore

    • john

      Yes there is no sense paying the same for 22 as you do 9 mm


    My grandson and I had to stop shooting at tin cans with the .22. It was the favorite thing we did together in the backyard. No more. No ammo

  • Larry C Mason


    • DIgbyamb

      Why are you YELLING we can hear you!

      • Mike Loveall


        • Mike Loveall

          and who the hell wants to pay $60 a brick what you used to pay $9.99 for!!!

          • dsd1

            do you buy gas? are you happy paying nearly $4.00 a gallon of gas for what we used to pay around a dollar a gallon for back when a brick of 22LR was $9.99?

            the reality is, you may be complaining at $60 for 500 rounds of 22LR today, but in another year you may be looking at $120 for that same 22LR (or possibly more!)

            inflation and the massive dollar printing by the US Government is not stopping. so there is not much reason that prices on many things will ever go lower either.

          • dsd1

            not sure if they like links here, but have a look at this


            and if you want more “reality” go to shadowstats(dot)com and be prepared for a harsh slap of reality.

        • Don Buckley

          I work at a small gun shop in Northern California and 22 LR has been coming in regularly for the last month or two. It has been more expensive but we do still get in the 25 dollar 525 bulk packs from time to time.Truly it is a supply and demand problem and we all buy from the same distributors. It will end when EVERYONE buys only what they shoot and stop stockpiling!

          • Mike Loveall

            and lots of guys are buying and then going on local web sites and selling for triple the price, so if the dummies would quit buying for these creeps, things would get better!!!

      • Mike Loveall

        I have some I paid $5 a brick for in a close out 10 years ago!!!

    • Robert Settles

      Its possible that a local unit may be doing that at your local Walmart. But it is most definitely not a nationwide, or company wide issue in regards to the NG purchase. I am an assistant manager at a Walmart in Kentucky. Our problem is just getting it in the door. Supplies are extremely limited.

    • MacTX

      From the information I have, I was under the impression the problem existed between the manufacturer and the retailer (at distribution), basically someone is snatching it from the distributors before it actually makes it to the retail market. I would tend to believe this as spot checks at retailers (ones that will even tell you) will tell you that even though they may be getting them in, it’s only a trickle amount which is ultimately all snatched up very quickly and perpetuation the “hoarding” narrative. The “record” amounts of them being produced doesn’t account for how much of the stuff is actually out there or made available to retailers and consumers.

      • Jack Hollis

        It is going to unscrupulous gun show dealers who are jacking the prices sky high. Just go to the next big gun show and see crates and crates of the stuff.

      • john

        I have tried to buy 22 for awhile my local Walmart says they haven’t received any in months. Went to 1 gun shop that had 22 but as I was going in some guys with dollies were coming out with all the 22 the store had. Followed them to their shop where they were reselling the 22 bulk boxes broken down to 50 round bags for $10.82 a bag. Some places were selling a 333 round box for $45
        My solution is for everyone to stop buying 22 until supplies catch up and all of these greedy €£*###¥*##$$$ lose their hinys and ammo gets back to a normal price. I know this is America and capitalism is a way of life but this is just stealing.

        • MacTX

          There’s a reason Walmart doesn’t get them regularly or in sufficient amounts. Talk to the workers there, if you get to know them, they’re tell you things. Same with at gun shops. It’s not as much of consumers hoarding and buying everything as it is there’s not that much out there so people buy what there is available really fast and that perpetuates the “hoarding” narrative. The manufacturers are saying that they’re maxing out as far as production and spot checks of retailers tell me they’re not getting that much (small outlets to large ones), and I’ve heard zero/nothing from distribution as I don’t know anyone there. I’m left to think that all the manufacturers are lying or conspiring and/or all the individual retailers are doing the same. Neither of which seems very plausible/likely so I’m left with the great unknown, distribution. It’s the only piece of the puzzle that makes any sense.

          Telling everyone to stop buying 22 until supplies catch up isn’t much of a solution as long as supplies are being jacked/diverted elsewhere from distribution. This was happening well before December 2012. I noticed this way back in summer of 2012. It could have happen before then but that was when I started noticing. Some of the stores wasn’t getting as much in as they used to. It was for this very reason that I maxed out my stockpile of 22 during the fall of 2012. Obviously most people wouldn’t have noticed this as retailers still had a healthy supply in their inventory.

          • john

            According to obams latest remark kind of gives a clue to who is buying all the ammo it’s your tax dollars at work. He stated no one should be able to stockpile ammo that’s why we have all these people getting shot up. We should follow Australia and England where they take your guns and you can only have a certain amount of ammo. That’s why their crime rates have gone crazy. Plus the news doesn’t report school shootings in other countries for example Germany has had some that would make ours look trivial

      • AlMax

        This is whats happening

    • chrismalllory

      It isn’t our job to prove you wrong. It is your job to prove your claim. I had a Wal Mart Sales guy tell me that aliens were stealing all the 22LR. I didn’t think he was right either.

      • MYCO


    • Ceapea

      Yeah, the sales lady at Walmart is a “reliable” source.
      Okay, sure, I’ll buy that…NOT!

      • john

        Ok I believe it but since the epa closed our lead smelters down and are requiring bullets be made in another metal which is going to raise ammo prices higher
        So if you want ammo then we really need to put a choke collar on the epa they are doing things outside the lines they were created to do

        • William Walker

          I heard the same thing from the sales rep at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Pa. He said they haven’t received a shipment in months and they don’t expect to receive any in months.

    • Dave Martin

      We have three Walmarts within 10 miles of here. All three say the same 5-7 assholes line up at 7am everyday and buy whatever comes in. They are then in turn re selling it to people who believe stuff like this.

      • john

        You got that right these people need to be put out of business . Besides they are letting them buy over their limit.

        • JBM4229

          Limit? Who imposed a limit, when and why is it not enforced (apparently)?

    • hotsmokinbrass

      One Conspiracy Putz spouting a half baked theory: 2 cents
      Typing everything in CAPS so no salient points are missed:
      Minus 2 cents.
      Citing the “sales lady at Wal Mart” as an intelligence
      source: Freaking Priceless !
      Thanks, Larry for todays best laugh; although I have to admit
      I’m laughing at you instead of with you.

    • talon55101

      Larry: Do you normally mix crack and typing? The National Guard buy’s their ammo from WalMart? WOW!!! Troll much?

    • jman69

      I think you are wrong about this. Go to every Walmart that sells ammo at 7AM. There is a line of the same people there that have been waiting BEFORE 7AM. They buy their limit of 3 boxes each so they bring their spouses and friends. Then they sell the 525 or 550 round ammo boxes they purchased for $23 at gun shows or gun forums for $50-$70 per box. I blame ammo flippers more than hoarders or government purchase orders.

  • Grumpy

    I’ve given up shooting .22’s completely. Picked up an RWS pellet rifle and maybe will get another one that’s a bit more upscale. If this keeps up, I’ll hock my .22’s since they are just paperweights as of now.

  • jamarnkin

    I would have thought that by now the manufacturers would have increased their output to meet the demand. Ammo retailers could help by keeping tabs on customers that have been buying in huge quantities. Eventually the ammo flippers could be squeezed out of the market. I know the ammo flippers will complain, but they can pound sand.

    • Jack Hollis

      It is my understanding that there is only two automated machines in operation in the US. Both are owned by CCI and they make ammo for all the other brand names as well as for their brand.

    • john

      I agree 100% need to find them put them out of business

  • Hank747

    You are dead on for the concern for youth shooters. I am sure that it affects both boys and girls, but I can attest to the hundreds-of-thousands of rounds, if not millions, that are consumed at Boy Scout Summer Camps around the country. Just think about all those boys shooting to earn the Rifle Merit Badge and all of them trying to get it done in the next three months of Summer Camp Season.

    I see your point on Supply and Demand. I would gladly give all mine up to make sure that the Scouts have what they need!

    • John

      All my guns and ammo were lost in a terrible boating accident. I get all choked up just thinking about it.

      • Guest

        Was it a canoe? My canoe tipped over – what a long and horrible story.

  • BikerBill

    I only own one .22LR, a Smith 22a, and I don’t shoot it much any more. My beef is with .22WMR. I have two pistols which handle that round and it’s impossible to find even practice rounds. I carry an NAA Pug around the house and my wife, who isn’t really a shooter and hates recoil, keeps a Ruger LCR in .22mag in her nightstand. Wonder where all that has gone? Visited a Cabela’s last week and they had tons of shotgun shells, loads of rifle ammo, and for the first time in a while, full shelves of centerfire pistol ammo. No .22s at all …. maybe switch to .17, they had a bunch of that …

  • oldbill

    When Mr. Obama was elected the first time, he promised not to infringe 2nd Amendment rights. First term he pretty much kept that agreement. This was liberal speak for “if I am re-elected to a second term, I am a liberal from Chicago.” Being an ignorant grit from the South, I took this to mean that I should “stock up” on reloading supplies, ammunition, and guns, during Mr. Obama’s first term. I was through buying by 2011. I appreciated the heads up. It was time to restock anyway, because I had used up everything purchased prior to the Brady bill going into effect.

    • jman69

      The last two CLOWNS he selected for the Supreme Court both said they respected a person’s right to the Second Ammendment (during their selection hearings) . Both of these clowns then voted against every gun control case that went to the Supreme Court.

  • Rob

    I call bogus. Here is why. I have been to store after store after store and each tells me They can’t get the ammo. So this makes me believe either the manufacturer is making BS claims (I think so) or the distributors are selling to someone else, who? I also know as a former writer for a 22 magazine, that I had issues getting ammo which was supposed to be allotted to me by contract.
    One thing for sure, I rarely see any 22 being shot at the local ranges.
    Myself, I switched completely to using airsoft. No ammo shortage, no issues.

    • Mike Loveall

      ???????has to be liberal!!!

  • NorthWoodsChuck

    If gun store owners would simply limit the amount of .22 LR ammo one person can purchase on any day, rather than allow one person to purchase all they can at one time, then there might be enough to go around. My local gun store does exactly that. Trouble is, there is still not enough coming in and his orders remain unfilled.

  • Gary

    I was talking with a young lady that is the clerk of the firearms counter at my local Walmart. She told me that she has relative in Minnesota that say that there are tons of .22lr there, but they are short of 9mm and .40 S&W.

    • Bob Finkle

      I live in Minnesota 9 months of the year and have not seen any 22lr in over a year. I take that back if you want to pay the gougers $80.00 a 500 I have seen that here.

  • Popz

    I had a drone fly over my property last week and it opened fire on an armadillo. Went to see the damage to my newly planted cedar trees and discovered lbs of .22 casings. Game Wardens have to be behind the .22LR shortage.

    • Jack Hollis

      I think space aliens are buying it up to use on us. Maybe that drone was a flying saucer.

    • john

      Should have scooped the brass up and sold it and found out where the drone came from and filed a lawsuit for damages

  • Leatherstocking

    I’ve always bought a percentage higher than my needs through the years and now have a large stock of the calibers I shoot, sufficient for several years of non-availability. Bought most .22LR at less than $.02 per round when the 5000 rd bricks were popular. When supplies return (and they always do at a higher price), bank them for the future. With .22LR in particular, reloads are out of the question.

    • Don Buckley

      That stock up mentality is exactly the problem we are facing right now, everyone is trying to “get mine” so they don’t run short and it causes problems for everyone. I work in a gun store and believe it or not the ONLY PROBLEM is people trying to buy more than they need to shoot and trying to stick up a little. There are always going to be the jerks who go wait in lines at box stores to buy up all the store has to resell but it truly is a small percentage of the ammo.
      It is simply the fact that most shooters have and shoot 22lrs and want to get all they can while it’s there that is causing the problem!

      • Leatherstocking

        I agree but I stock up in times of plenty and haven’t bought any ammo since the shortage started. That keeps me out of the lines and allows for more for others during this time of shortage. If you think .22LR is short, try buying .30 Carbine. Some 6.3 million are in private hands. What I see is the manufacturers focusing on rounds that sell out quickly and provide highest profit. No surprise there but
        I’d like to see production figures from the US major producers that show that much of this shortage is not in part contrived.

        • Don Buckley

          In fact we have been told from our distributors that rimfire and low base shotgun shells have both been scaled back in production to focus their resourses on the more profitable ammunition “centerfire handgun and rifle ammunition” prices have increased and will continue to until demand drops.

  • tbone

    I have followed the 22 cal ammo “situation” for a few years in my area –
    Fredericksburg VA. What I found is groups of people (the same people) stakeout the local Walmart’s and each person, in the group, buys the allotted 3 boxes of 22 cal ammo until that batch of ammo is all gone, if you are in line behind then…your screwed. I have witnessed this several times at several Walmart’s. Why do they do this you might ask? So they can resell the ammo at gun shows for a huge mark up. What I’ve seen for example is: Federal 550 rounds sells for about $20 at Walmart and $70 -$90 at a gun show. So BOYCOTT overpriced gun show 22 cal ammo.

    • jakespoon

      I agree. The re-sellers and the hoarders are the problem. I have friends that have more 22 than they could shoot if 3 lifetimes and still buy more. It’s ridiculous.

    • AlMax

      Very few people buying at the guns shows, its all on-line here:

    • InYoFace

      The problem is dipshYts like all of you complaining are the ones that go and buy high from those same douchebags. Idiots. The world is full of them. I bought 3 boxes of $23 550 boxes 2 years ago and stashed them away for when I truly need them. Never bought a box since.

  • njguy53

    All, it’s the plan. Over a period of time the govt will slowly make all ammo scarce. Rather than going thru the process of taking our guns they will make them irrelevant. The Govt can print as much money as it takes to buy it all.

    • dsd1

      yup and WE pay for them to do it with OUR tax dollars!

    • ShowMeStater

      Sure makes it hard to train young shooters when you can’t get .22 ammo. Gosh, that sure is convenient, isn’t it?

  • trainman

    Let’s face the fact that everyone is being motivated to stock up out of fear of what that moron in the White House I going to try to do next.
    I recall going to gun shows and seeing shooters paying twice the MSRP for AR’s immediately after obama was elected. Now dealers are virtually giving them away and the market is choked with AR’s.
    Could this happen with the 22lr. situation?
    As far as the 9mm, 40 S&W, and 5.56 shortage goes, I have spoken to a variety of people returning from Federal Law Enforcement Training. And,,,, I have been told that the training centers have so much excess ammo they are giving it away to graduates when they leave. I have seen people with 5 gal. buckets of 5.56 so I know they are being honest with me. And yet,,, the Fed (and ammo producers) deny that the govt. is buying up stuff.
    This whole situation is NOT going to change unless we express our opinions by VOTING the likes of Obama and Nancy Pelosie, out and get rid of that piece of
    s#%t we have for a attorney general.
    Want to see this continue or even get worse, elect the Hildabeast or another radical left wing democrat for President.

    • Jack Hollis

      All demoncrap politicians are radical left wing including the ones everybody likes and votes for. If you are a gun owner and a democrat voter you need psychiatric care.

      • Shayla Striffler

        And the right wing politicians will continue to favor the corporations and the wealthy while funneling our tax dollars to the top 1%. We’re screwed from both sides.

        • jman69

          You do realize there are more liberal billionaires than conservative ones. You must be the type of liberal that focuses ONLY on the Koch brothers while IGNORING Soros, Buffet, Gates, Bloomberg, Katzenberg, Steyer, Zuckerberg, etc. Last time I checked the unions and questionable corporations that were bailed out by TAX DOLLARS donated MORE to liberals running for president in the last two elections. So what was your point again?

          • Shayla Striffler

            You need to stop getting your facts from Fox news. The unions have been on the decline since Reagan was president, as has the middle class. So how can they possibly have unlimited funds to buy politicians when their membership is getting smaller all the time. The GOP for the last 30 years has run on “let’s cut taxes” and it hasn’t worked to help anyone but the rich. What do the rich do with their increased wealth? They don’t create jobs with it, they buy politicians to further game the system to favor the rich. You obviously completely ignored my last sentence, didn’t you? Both sides suck and we don’t have a viable third option.

          • Shawn B

            So you didn’t see when BHO recently had a bunch of young wealthy libs at the white house for a donation shakedo…I mean…contribution conference?

          • enrique jackson

            Do you really work for a living,look at your check and all those deductions,where is it all going!

          • CensoredSpeech

            Only the private sector unions. The public sector unions have grown and are sucking down taxpayers funds a a prodigious rate, thanks to the corrupto-crats. When they are found out they just change their name and continue.

          • Dustin Harper

            If you think it’s only the “corrupto-crats” (democrats), you’re living in a world of fantasy. Should be “Thanks to the politicians”. Sorry, most politicians are corrupt. I don’t lean towards democrat, but I won’t deny that even those that I vote for are not above a bribe or other BS.

          • CensoredSpeech

            Republicrats are corrupt but they don’t fund nor or they recipients of public union support!

          • Shayla Striffler

            If you can’t have an adult conversation, maybe you should turn off the computer and move out of your parents basement. Seriously, try adding something intelligent. No one will take you seriously when you start name calling. What are you, a two year old?

          • Dustin Harper

            Name calling? Are you sure you replied to the correct post? Someone brought up corrupt politics, so I replied to that. What did you bring to the conversation with your reply? About the same as I did, right?

          • Shayla Striffler

            corrupto-crats” (democrats

            This came from you, right?

          • Dustin Harper

            It was in quotes, replying to the original poster who had said it. I was using his words (hence the quotes) to reply. Not my choice of words, but the OP.

          • Albert Nygren

            Corupto-crats is an accurate term for Democrats. Right now they may be the most corrupt political party in the entire history of the USA.

          • donzoni

            Un American, Godless, lying, traitorous, cowardly Marxists is actually a better description of the Democrats and that’s being kind.

          • JackGalt

            Not name calling when truth is spoken…you just got your widdle feewings hurt cause you recognize the veracity in what he was saying. You can’t disprove the message so attack the messenger. Typical lib.

          • Shayla Striffler

            Another troll responding to comments from TWO months ago. GET A LIFE!

          • JackGalt

            oh ouch that smarts…Its new to me sweetness…how bout spending some of that welfare money on clothes?

          • Shayla Striffler

            New to you or not, it’s posted when the comment was made, so either you are a total idiot or a troll with nothing better to do but to stir up shit on old blog postings.
            I have never collected welfare in my life. I am a validations engineer for a pharmaceutical company and own my own house adjacent to a forest where I can be nude all I want. Seeing as how I have been a nudist for thirty years, I’m not going to be changing that anytime soon.
            Now it’s time for you to turn off your computer, get a job, and move out of your parents basement before they find out what you really do in there. LOSER!

          • JackGalt

            LOL you ridiculous caricature of a tree hugging hippy wannabe…shame you won’t change…can see you are not one to be concerned with dignity. Yes as society defines dignity you witless cretin…Losers are typically those who cannot bear to live within societal norms…loser…besides…if age makes it irrelevant just ignore me you loathesome imbecile. Only because I believe you to be an obama supporting democrat.

          • Shayla Striffler

            Another religious hypocrite. I read your other posts. God bless, etc. Why don’t you try being christian instead of merely talking about it? “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” “Let he who casts the first stone be without sin.” Any of those sound familiar? Stop trying to pretend you are holier than thou and then come here attacking me over shit that was posted months ago. HYPOCRITE!
            FYI, I’m an independent who votes for the lesser of two evils. Until the GOP actually runs a viable candidate, they will not get my vote. Romney was mister plastic and McCain selected a dimwit as a running mate.

          • JackGalt

            someone has suggested to you that christians are perfect? I Follow Him. I am not him…liberal twit.

          • Shayla Striffler

            Proof you can’t even read. I’m an independent.
            FYI, Jesus would be a hippie by your standards. Another item that sees to have escaped you. Adam and Eve were nudists!

          • JackGalt

            if you can regain their innocence for humanity I would applaud you. But Even Jesus could not do that…And you, oh fan of Obama, needn’t lecture anyone about standards.

          • Guest

            a nudist is going to define christianity?! lol…talk about out of you depth…

          • JackGalt

            I almosgt fell for it but no…independent my left toe… your idea of a viable candidate is hilary clinton I imagine… But you really must work on your greek… you actually have surprisingly little grasp of what hypocrite means…I am mean and nasty…you are a liberal troll nothing hypocritical there…judging you? sweetheart… read some scripture sometime to find out what I was really doing…your actions judge you…I am just a keen observer of the human condition…winning you to Christ is someone else’s job…not mine…

          • Shayla Striffler

            There is nothing keen about you TROLL. Go bother someone else, I’m done feeding trolls.

          • Shayla Striffler

            Another religious hypocrite. I read your other posts. God bless, etc. Why don’t you try being christian instead of merely talking about it? “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” “Let he who casts the first stone be without sin.” Any of those sound familiar? Stop trying to pretend you are holier than thou and then come here attacking me over shit that was posted months ago. HYPOCRITE!
            FYI, I’m an independent who votes for the lesser of two evils. Until the GOP actually runs a viable candidate, they will not get my vote. Romney was mister plastic and McCain selected a dimwit as a running mate.

          • Albert Nygren

            Kindness. kindness. I just now saw your comment. Why criticize me for nut seeing it sooner?

          • Albert Nygren

            And what do you call it when you say, “What are you, a 2 y/o?” Isn’t that name calling?

          • mark

            LOL, can’t come up with a viable argument so you resort to name calling. Whose the 2 year old now? lol

          • Shayla Striffler

            You reply to comments from a month ago? Get a life Mark.

          • Stan

            Are you adult enough to be frolicking in your nightie on a public forum?
            Or are you just advertising?

          • Shayla Striffler

            If I owned a nightie, I could certainly frolic in it.

          • CensoredSpeech

            It’s a matter of degree. The Democraps are most all corrupt and the Republicraps are most all gutless enablers.

          • Chaplain Jack

            Dustin, I agree. Most politicians end up corrupted in one sense or another. It is very hard for me to believe that most politicians have to be rich in order to run in the first place. Why then would someone worth millions want to run for a position that pays a few hundred thousand dollars? The reason is with all the kickbacks and pay offs they get, they end up making a few million a year before their terms are over. This include, Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party (Independent). With all the stress and all the supposed work they have to do, their hair turns gray in just a few years. Again, why would anyone want to be a politician for the amount of base pay they receive?

          • Shayla Striffler

            So then explain what the hell has happened in Wisconsin since Walker was elected.

          • CensoredSpeech

            Wisconsin is better off than it’s been in decades, what’s your beef?

          • Shayla Striffler
          • CensoredSpeech

            “We rate the statement Mostly False.” You should read your own sources through to the end, just to be thorough. You’re also using union and democrap talking points which do not a fact make but are strictly biased opinion.

          • Shayla Striffler

            All I did was search Google and picked four that are not political news sites. How about providing some sites to support the contrary that are not Fox news or others owned by Newscorp?

          • CensoredSpeech

  … the one I pulled the quote from looked pretty reliable.

          • Peter Pocket

            Read above.

          • Peter Pocket

            Politifact is a lying leftwing propaganda site – every bit as bad as Media Matters but far worse since they lie about being nonpartisan.

            Seattlepi has been PRO-OBAMA since Stanley Ann Dunham lived there.

            But, thanks for outing yourself as a troll.

          • Shayla Striffler

            Okay, where are your non political, non right wing site links to support the contrary? Sounds like you are the troll.

          • mark


          • Stan

            Your online posts suggest that you are the troll and your appearance tell us that you are trolling.
            But no thanks. I’m sure we can do better on almost any street corner

          • MYCO

            I live in Wisconsin,… Walker sucks. The whole damn thing is F**** UP. Its just a chess game and they are making their move on Wisconsin now. Private sector unions are growing huh? LOL wow. Im not really talking to you Censored Speech. I’m more talking at you. I don’t have conversations with people like you because you have it all figured out in your head after FOX tells you what you wanted to hear, then you quickly stick your head back in the sand so your opinions aren’t corrupted by reality. Wipe the sleep from your eyes and look around you.
            I am pro gun, pro choice and pro Jesus.

          • CensoredSpeech

            “None so deaf as those who refuse to hear nor none so blind as those who refuse to see!”

          • Stan

            Wisconsin has improved.

          • Jon Fye

            Shayla you should stop getting your news from MSNBC and CNN(Communist News Network) You’ve drank too much kool-aid already. Personally I don’t watch Fox News but oddly enough Fox News has the highest ratings and is considered to be the most honest news source these days. Also speaking of taxes, kind of funny how our GDP declined by 2.9% last quarter due to obama’s increased taxes huh? The funny thing about rich people is they actually pay more in taxes than you could possibly imagine, plus rich people are highly portable. Look what all the millionaires in france did after france enacted a 75% tax on millionaires, they all left france and moved to britain taking their tax dollars with them! Kind of how american corporations have moved to other countries to avoid paying high taxes here. To be competitive globally we have to reduce the minimum wage and reduce taxes to attract businesses back here, otherwise they will just operate in China where they don’t have the EPA regulating them to death and are not being taxed to death, and in china they really do make people work for crappy pay.

          • Shayla Striffler

            I don’t have cable TV, so I don’t watch either of those networks. Most of my news comes from Google news and Yahoo news and my local paper. I’m still waiting for someone to post links supporting then opposing argument that are not right wing sites. Are there any neutral sources?

          • guest

            There are not any neutral sources any longer. We have been engaged so long in this Democrat Republican Superbowl so long that people align to those ideals of Party. They forget that we differ from them (the parties they belong to and get their news from) and forget you can disagree.
            To reiterate my first statement, you will not find a neutral source since everything has bias. Unions, politics, corporations, power, governments are corrupt. The only seek their own esteem for certain members in them. It is not left versus right. It is individual freedom vs. slavery and control. Not a great point for your support or detriment, but you have to think about it. Follow the money on both sides and who participated. You may find the correct rabbit hole.

          • Chris Ensing

            I disagree with everything you just stated….except the last sentence. Both sides are corrupt & we need other options.

          • Shayla Striffler

            So to you, unions have been on the rise since Reagan? Show me where you got that from. Again, stop getting your facts from Fox. They are not facts, they are opinions.

          • Al metzger

            Hmm, showing your true colors now aren’t you. Just another leftist trying to act moderate. Get a life ding dong!

          • Shayla Striffler

            You’re replying to posts from 4 months ago and think I need to get a life. Try again troll loser. I’m an independant.

          • Al metzger

            Oh, I’m so crushed. LOL You can claim whatever you want but everybody on here knows based on your posts that you are as left as they come!

          • ed

            Inconvenient truths:
            Democrats have been the party of power throughout the 20th century.
            Unions have been in decline since the 70’s.
            Republican control of Congress coincides with economic expansion during the Reagan and Clinton administration.
   for more inconvenient truths.

          • HUNTERVIC


            Would it help any if the GOP stopped nominating unqualified, semi-informed,and incompetent politicians the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney, two multimillionaires who have no clue or cares about the average Guns & Ammo reader? Of course there is Sarah Palin who we can all relate to, that is if we were squirrels looking for nuts.

          • CensoredSpeech

            Looks like we just found one of the nuts! It would help if the democraps would quit nominating completely unqualified candidates and the republicraps would nominate someone conservatives can believe in! No one should be allowed to vote unless they demonstrate knowledge of the candidates and issues.

          • Albert Nygren

            Sarah Palin would make a great President but she is unelectable. O are you saying that Obama is more competrant then Romney would have been? Not!

          • Stan

            The most competent member of Obama’s family is….
            is…… Oh hell, what IS Obama’s dogs name?

          • Lenny Bisutti

            Very well put sir…well said!

        • chazz

          Thats the pure scary truth

        • Roman Hochhalter

          Not if we’re selective and don’t reelect the bastards . That’s what happened. We thought they were doing us a really good job, so we kept them In office. What fools we were. They established themselves a career, gave themselves great retirement packages which when they die, it goes on to the surviving spouce. Free Medical Care, not like ours. DO NOT VOTE FOR A INCUMBENT – EVER. iF THEY RUN UNOPPOSED – DON’T PUT AN X BESIDE THEIR NAME. SUPPORT THE OPPOSITION CANDIDATE.

        • Teddy Tracy Ramos


        • CensoredSpeech

          You are correct in that both sides are BIG Government advocates which doesn’t bode well for most of us. But democraps are the one doing most of the “to big to fail” bail-outs. I say let the chips fall where they may. The incompetent get punished and the assets are sold to someone who hopefully will put them to good use. If not the process repeats itself. Either way the taxpayer should never be on the hook for any kind of business failure. In conclusion, you’re right, we’re screwed!

        • Albert Nygren

          What has this got to do with the subject of the scarcity of 22 caliber cartridges?

        • donzoni

          Corporations gave much more in donations to Obama& the Dems than they gave to the GOP. The Dems are the enemy not the GOP.

          • Shayla Striffler

            Not if you’re a woman, the GOP will never let us have equal pay for equal work or even let us make decisions affecting our own bodies. Their committee on woman’s health had no women on it and none were allowed to even speak to the committee.

          • Shayla Striffler

            Peter, why are you replying to comments from over a month ago? Get a life. I’m tired of getting updates about this blog in my email and I see no way of turning it off.

        • Al metzger

          Hmm, this is an old thread but your facts are skewed. It is obvious that the dems most certainly are favoring the very uber rich and are really only hurting the so called rich, those making over 100,000 a year. Quite frankly, both parties are controlled by the ultra rich.

      • krivka

        Why? I am one. Nobody took my guns. What rights do you want people to stand up for? You have a right to be stupid, your post affirms that you take that right seriously. And you say I need psychiatric care? Look in the mirror Nimrod.

      • dennis

        The Right Wingers are the cause of the price being inflated for 22 cal ammo and you low it. They, they ones who sell the ammo and the hfg are ripping off people right and left.

    • ken hulse

      just FYI more guns and ammo have been purchased under Obama than any other president. NO new federal gun laws have been passed. It’s the paranoia and false rumors that feed the frenzies. I like guns, own guns and believe we should all have the right to them but really it’s not Obama. IT’s the paranoia.

  • frank m

    The last time i went to BassPro,shops which was in Las Vegas Nv.All you could only get is Cali aproved lead free.22 ammo for$13 a box of fifty rounds. It seems that the socalist forces are at work again.

  • Dj

    How hard would it be for someone to start manufacturing .22lr?

    That is a kickstarter campaign I’d give to…

    • dsd1

      you would need government permits, licenses etc to produce ammo.

      how do you think that will work out?

  • Jack Hollis

    I went to the big bi-annual gun show in Tulsa Oklahoma earlier in the year. There must have been a couple of million rounds of .22 held by the dealers there but the prices were criminal. Much of the problems are caused by people who will pay any price to get what they want. The predators will continue to buy up the ammo and sell it for as much as $250.00 per thousand as long as fools will continue to pay that price. When the demand comes down, so will the price. The last brick of 500 I bought was several years ago at WalMart for $20.00. I will not buy again until it returns to that price.

    • veniceneon

      Yeah, I went to a gun show in the OC (Orange County) last weekend and was amazed at people dropping $74.00 a brick and buying several for no name .22LR . Too rich for my blood

    • AlMax

      Our Wal-mart get about 1 or 2 cases (10 per case) of Federal Bulk pack about every 6 to 8 weeks, and when they do it goes in less than 20mins. last price I got was $24.94 as the new Wal-Mart price on it, $22.95 on golden bullets. They already raised the price 15% across the board, but they are not getting ANY from the distributors except a trickle; So where is it going then?

  • Kevin Cunningham

    I have no doubt that it is a supply and demand issue. The issue is there is a HUGE demand and the supply is going to very few who are getting rich of the demand!! Come on….even during the height of the wars 22lr was cheap as dirt. Now people are asking $60 – $120 for 500 round bricks? Those were less than $15 two years ago. Someone has found that they can control the supply and ask pretty much any price they want. This is not supply side economics. It is pure greed by a handful getting rich and the rest of us are impacted. It is getting so that I can’t afford to shoot which may be what some in the government actually want. Gun control by making the sport too expensive for the common man to take part in……just my two cents!

  • Ern

    Yes I used to take my grandchildren plinking almost every weekend. Since Obama has caused problems to everything from ammo too health care we have not been able to have fun and practice safety. They really enjoyed competing with each other and stayed out of trouble. I long for the time I was young and could take off for the woods with my .22 and shoot a few pop cans. Too bad they will only be able to shoot on their video games. I do explain to them that it is the current people in power that do not want us to be able to defend our selves that are the cause. I suggest to them that get an education, understand and be active in politics so they can help shape the future. This is so sad. Some of my fondest memories are of hunting with friends and family. Will they ever know the filling of hunting game to bring home food for the whole family to enjoy. The filling you get when you work hard to bring home the bacon. The satisfaction of feeling that if needed to you could feed those that love you. The next generation will have to learn which paperwork to fill out so they can be fed by the government. Our whole culture is being destroyed by men that grew up in the city and bought everything they needed, They didn’t make things grow or know that somethings have to die for them to live. I regularly discuss the difference between what they are taught in history class and what is the truth. The current government has done everything from harassing law abiding venders to closing down factories to pressure our way of life out of existence.

  • Ern

    What I hate is the smirk on the sales guys face as he tells me I can only buy one box a day. Why does Dicks Sporting goods higher people that don’t like guns to work in the gun department? Are they all power hungry @#$%?

    • ShowMeStater

      Exactly why I will never spend another dime in a Dick’s sporting goods store.

  • Dustin Harper

    From what I’ve found where I live, is that people are buying the .22LR ammo at the retailer, hording it or selling it for a much higher price. Trying to control the supply and jack the prices up. They don’t need or use it, they are just buying as much as they can to resell it… It sucks for those of us that want to go out with the kids and do some shooting. You know, the ones that actually want to use the ammo instead of just looking at it or keeping it from other people…

  • bil

    I visit two Walmarts looking for 22Lr and have been told by both managers that they just aren’t getting much in, and when they do, there’s a line to buy it, because people have apps that let them know when an ammo shipment is coming. Further, I read in Gus and Ammo (I think, I get several magazines) that mfgrs are making less of it, because they make virtually no profit on 22lr. They are not going to use resources to make 22LR when the same sources can used to me .23 or 5.56 ammo. No shortage of those calibers now, is there? The truth is people are hoarding the heck out of 22lr. Including me.

  • dsd1

    i am sick of the “hoarding” excuse. i have been purchasing a box or two every week for many years, pack it in airtight ammo cans and have it for when i or my family want or need it. i am NOT nor ever have been hoarding, but that is what anyone who is now left wanting for 22LR would accuse. i have just been SMART and buying when supply was good and prices were low. we do the same with toilet paper and other shelf stable necessities, are we “hoarding” toilet paper too? nobody cares today when the shelf has toilet paper on it, but wait and see… i am sick and tired of unprepared and ignorant people always blaming others for their own problems. are the super rich “hoarding” dollars? they have a lot and i don’t have very much money at all – why not cry about that?

    it’s all the americans who don’t see what is happening to this country, our steady march towards socialism and government control who always think that supply will be plenty and prices will be low that are the problem… otherwise people would be paying attention more to what is happening.

    wake up and stop thinking you will always be able to just run out to wal-mart at your convienence and grab from the “never ending trough”, look at countries like Venezuela and Argentina where socialists are taking charge (just like the US) and inflation is rising, the progressives and socialists “in charge” are now putting price controls in and everything from toilet paper to water is now rationed or hard to find – the same thing is coming to our country and not just for 22LR. open your eyes and look for yourself.

    do you really think that these people passing $15 minimum wages will help the country? no, they have no clue about business, supply and demand or reality – there will be higher unemployment as a result, more on the government teat (the real desire) and later on less product at higher prices. the reason people are calling for $15 minimum wage is due to inflation eroding the value of our dollar, that is not the business’s fault – it is the government who is printing money like a madman and wages are not keeping up with the dollar deflation result. if the government stopped printing money and stopped the rapid (and lied about) rate of inflation then your dollar would buy more just like it used to and current wages would go further and buy more like they used to.

    gasoline demand is at a 75% reduction from 10 years ago! yet prices are at or near all time highs! supply and demand – i used to pay $25 to fill up my truck now it costs $80! if gas demand was at 100% like 10 years ago our cost per gallon would be closer to $10 to $12.00 just like 8 to 10 years ago 22LR could be had for 2 to 3 cents per round, now it is average 12-14 cents per round – prices may never go back to what it was before, same with gas, same with food, same with electricity…

    wake up, pay attention to what the politicians are doing. otherwise there will be more posts like this but soon about toilet paper, water, food and anything else when supply and demand get out of whack from government intervention – just like 22LR that people always thought would be sitting waiting and available on that shelf for them to purchase.

    • jamarnkin

      I don’t think anybody is critical of people that have been stockpiling ammo when it is cheap and available. Our beef is with the low-lifes that are buying and selling purely for the profit, especially when it is in short supply. The ammo flippers are detrimental to everybody because they limit desire to purchase 22lr firearms, and push people completely out of shooting sports. And the anti-gun crowd could not be happier.

      • JR

        ANd that in turn cuts into Winchesters and Remingtons gun sells.

  • BahiaBob

    Any .22 ammo, being the only popular small game and plinking caliber that you can’t reload, it is bound to be scarce. I can’t blame people for hoarding it. I keep 2,000 rounds minimum as backup. It will also be one of the best rounds for survival purposes if our world gets worse.

  • johnathon1234

    Since the .22 L.R. ammo has disappeared from the shelves there has been a 100% increase in price of this ammo. I’ll clean my pistol and rifle and forget it.

  • Melvin Hoskins

    I have plenty of .22 LR ammo for my own needs, but I have been able to find .22 CB Caps, which are no noisier than cap pistols. I can shoot them at targets or pests in my back yard without neighbors hearing. I bought CB caps at Cabela’s 3 years ago, and haven’t seen them since, not even online.

  • Edward Brown

    I severely doubt the 24/7 manufacturing claims and working to capacity as well. There is no way in hell that everyone is buying up all of the billions of .22 ammunition produced here every year. That doesn’t even include retailers who are now pushing their imported ammunition. The hoarding claim doesn’t fly with me either. Most places limit your availability to purchase anyway, so that being said if a person buying 3 boxes of ammunition is hoarding then we need to update definitions in our dictionaries as well. If you look closely, most retailers are lucky if the get a case of ten boxes at a time anyway. Every retailer and gun store which I deal with state that it just is not there for even them to purchase. Sorry, but someone is full of shit. It’s being bought up before it ever reaches retail outlets, if it is even being manufactured at all. I won’t even comment on the price gouging except when CTD sells a brick of Armscor for $150, it’s time to park the firearm. Anyone stupid enough to pay that amount deserves to get screwed. It’s not even fun to shoot any longer when you are forced to pay ridiculous prices like that. It’s sad when .22LR ammunition is almost the same price as .223. Thank GOD that we only have 2 more years of the horses rectum running the show.

  • txkevin

    Sorry but I absolutely refuse to pay over $20 for a 500 round box of basic plinking ammo. If more people felt this way the price would return to a more reasonable place.

  • skiboat

    It has been well over year since I have seen a brick of 22LR at my local Wal-Mart. I used to be able to get it any time I needed it. I don’t have time to stand inline at 7:00 AM to see if they got any in. There is a problem. I would suspect employees are tipping off their friends when supplies are going to hit the shelves. I have to question where and how the resellers are getting their supplies. Will the State Attorney General investigate the shortage? Hell no. They will investigate shortages, price gouging, and hoarding of gasoline, lumber, generators. Why not bullets?

  • skiboat

    Bottom line, the shortage of 22LR has definitely impacted my shooting habits. I am questioning whether it is worth renewing my gun club membership?

  • Bryan W. Carpenter

    A different slant, in the short term, what will replace money when US currency tanks? Thought two: If you are running from the government or…what ever….how many rounds can you carry? Is a .22 capable of slowing an attacker? Just a thought.

  • A Fan of John Wayne

    John Wayne said BALONEY! I better be wait and be patience that price will be going down to $20.00 per brick next year.

  • Colonial Oak

    Ten years ago, I was buying 25# bags of No 8 lead shot (for 12ga trap shells) for $14/bag . . . now they are $40. The excuse was lead prices skyrocketing, yet we recycle batteries, tire weights, etc. My point is even when supply increases and catches up with demand, the consumer does not benefit by a reduction in cost.

  • Colonial Oak

    Ever since Obama was elected in 2008, gun and ammo sales sky-rocketed. And for good reason – the guy is a knee-jerk wacko. Thankfully, the boy’z power has diminished and guns, more than ammo, are becoming available again. BUT . . . will manufacturers lower prices accordingly? THATS THE QUESTION . . . I don’t see it happening — once prices are up, the stay up.

  • Colonial Oak

    The last article I read, the reason 22 LR ammo is so scarce is because ammo mfg’s were making it at either a loss or even-money (break even) — basically as a courtesy, that there was no profit in it., So a 500/rd brick that used to cost $15 is now $53 . . . so, even if a pro-2nd-A president is elected, will things go back “to normal” . . . I doubt it.

    • ArneK

      There are more profit in filling the demand of centerfire.

    • JR

      But manufacturers like Winchester,Remington sells .22’s. If they want to sell their guns then they might want to make ammo for them.

  • Colonial Oak

    Its ironic . . . the smallest, cheapest, ammo is the one in highest demand and lowest in supply. Sure we shooters suffer, but is the kids — the youth of America – that take the biggest hit.

  • macman

    finally found a 1400 round tub of .22LR at a local Dunhams Sporting goods store. What I can’t find is .22magnums. What’s up with that?


    News Flash

    You racist, right-wing gun nuts who criticize everything and offer no reasonable solutions for anything are really in the vast MINORITY. Learn to live with it until you establish a realistic leadership which does not intend to take the country back to the 19th century in economics, social views, and politics.

    Take your black-stocked kiddie killers and go hide in the mountains of Montana and Idaho. Here’s hoping your children or grandchildren aren’t in attendance when some gun-totting nut decides to shoot up the nearest grade school with their “legally acquired” child busting, large magazine, black stocked, non-sporting semi-automatic long gun.

    Oh, and more crap about second amendment rights. Now there’s real male bovine fecal matter stuff.

    • Colonial Oak

      You’ve got a real liberal chip on your shoulder, boy. You sure you are a US citizen?

    • Gcracker3000

      You are a waste of oxygen…and ammo. I wish you would use one more round for the rest of your life, which I hope is short & painful. I also hope you can infer what I imply. Why are you here?

    • Jimbo

      Your post doesn’t even deserve a reply.

  • Shawn B

    Thanks, Hoarders.
    At least .223, 9mm, and 45ACP is back in good supply where I live.

  • Colonial Oak

    While reloading small cartridges is a PITA, if a supply of primed .22LR brass was opened to the public, likewise with .22 LR projectiles (bullets), and reloading mfg’s would develop an easy-to-use die/press kit, at least the option would be there to crunch your own.

  • Gunner52

    Everyone has a good point….what I would like to know is what effect has the shortage had on sales of new guns chambered in .22lr, and following that, what has this meant to the gun mfg’s bottom line. I would be willing purchase a few new guns but what is the sense if no ammo exist? Maybe the stores and/or mfg’s should begin offering incentatives on the purchase of new guns…such as 1,000 free rounds, or the ability to purchase direct from them for a year, etc….

  • VA Pete

    Yes .22lr has been hard to find but not impossible. I just keep an eye on the various internet retailers. Every once in a while I’ll be able to score a brick or two and stock up. It’s definitely a little expensive but if you look around, some decent stuff can be had.

  • $109045156

    Hey forget the politics I want a solution so we all can get some Dam 22 rounds into the stores and sell them to the average shooter and not let some horder get them all in one swoop.

  • dr

    President Obama entering office is the best thing that ever happened to the gun industry. More guns and ammo have been sold under his watch than at anytime in history. There not coming after your .22 LR firearm. Its the hysteria seen in these comments that is driving the shortage.

  • Duster

    Ok, I may buy the manufacturers story about making all the .22s they can. However, The long and short of it is this, none of that production is going to 99.9 % of the shooting public. I have seen the lines at the local Sportsman’s Warehouse (even got in it a few times just to have something to shoot) They were selling Remington Thunderbolts the days I was there (they sell whatever happens to come in) , for $22.50 a 500 rd brick. They received 60 bricks one time, 90 bricks another time and 0 bricks a couple of times. They only let you buy one brick per person. Of course it was all gone 10 minutes after they opened. Some of the guys in line turned around and put it on line for 50-125
    bucks a brick. It seems like you can find lots of .22 ammo on line (or at gun shows) if you want to pay 2 to 10 times retail.
    These are the people we must stop buying from……… As long as people will pay those ridiculous prices, that part of the problem will only get worse. I hear a good argument for part of problem being the fact that the “Preppers” have decided that .22 is the thing to have and so they are hoarding them..(but where are they buying them? not from any stores that I know about!) Some say we are all to blame a bit because most all of us will buy whatever we can off the shelf when we find it. I will plead guilty to this, except I have not bought any .22 long rifle of the shelf for more than 2 years. (except for the a fore mentioned 2 bricks, but I guess I would if I could) But, buying 2 bricks of .22 in two years hardly makes me a hoarder. I must conclude that it isn’t making it to the retail stores, so I believe most of it is vanishing in the distribution system……………….. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Old Gray Bear

    A lot of posters probably won’t recall the one comment that was made, by Johnny Carson, about the coming extreme shortage of paper towels (or perhaps it was toilet paper) and immediately the market reacted, and there was indeed an extreme shortage of the product…I suspect the same thing has happened to .22’s

  • Lorb

    the politicians may have started the ammo shortage mania, but the ammo gougers who are lining up at walmart at 4 a.m. etc to buy their boxes at regular price and then turning around and selling them for outrageous amounts are what is keeping the shortage going. They are assholes and I hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest their crotches and their arms to short to scratch!

  • DrMorbius

    “The demand is huge, considering millions of guns have been manufactured to chamber the .22LR, and many people own more than one rimfire pistol or rifle.”

    That was true before the supply if .22LR dried up; what changed? Were there suddenly millions more .22LR firearms sold since 2012? That doesn’t seem likely. Nor does the idea that profiteers are buying it all up and selling it all at inflated prices, as I certainly will not pay $80-100 for a 525rd pack of ammo that normally lists at $25, nor will everyone else; some will, of course, but not all of us.

    And I AM on mailing lists, have about 12-15 different loads I want notifications of when in stock, and in the last 12 mos I have received precisely ONE notice… and by the time I saw it and was able to try and order it had been sold out.

    Sorry, but I am skeptical that this is simply a supply & demand situation, and the longer it goes on the more skeptical I become

  • HankB1

    The manufacturers and gun magazines are insisting that record amounts of .22 LR are being manufactured and sold . . . but my question is, SOLD TO WHO? I’ve spoken to clerks at big retailers (Cabela’s, Academy, Dick’s, and yes, WalMart) as well as small gun shops, and the problem is the ammo simply isn’t coming in.

    I’ll say it again:The. Ammo. Simply. Isn’t. Coming. In.

    The biggest retailers once had no problem getting PALLETS in if they were planning a big weekend sale, but now, the best they can hope for is a few bricks. (Again, these are the BIG guys.) Either the manufacturers are lying, ALL the retailers are lying, or someone is intercepting the supply before it hits the retail level. This situation has been going on for what, almost two years? The “hoarders” should be buried under a mountain of product by now – yet .22s are still in desperately short supply when other ammo is available (although prices for common centerfire rounds are up a good 30%.) Something is very fishy here.

  • Guest

    I hav

  • Jimbo

    I don’t believe any of this. .22LR always was a popular chambering, and you could always get ammo.

  • Levi Graf

    luckily me and my family had a lot of 22 lr saved up before they dissipated but know we are starting to get low and while we have many other guns of different calibers that you can find it is now or has always been expensive the 22 lr is cheap enough to buy in bulk so you can have many hours of fun plinking off rounds but thats changed on the few occasions you stumble across 50 lr rounds they are ridiculously priced but you cant turn down because well you just never see it i would really love to see shelves start to fill back up with 22 lr soon before we run out…

  • demogun

    Obama has not taken anyone’s guns or ammo. The laws are more lax now than ever. I think the morons are the ones who are stocking up.

  • Chaplain Jack

    My son lives out west and he said they have had some .22lr available there, down here in the deep south it seems even Walmart is suffering. I understand it is supply and demand has a lot to do with it and should be rationed to two to three boxes per customer. One Walmart store clerk said people were waiting when the truck rolled in and unloaded and after a few customers, they are all gone and just two or three customers were able to purchase any of them and they were allowed to purchase as many as they wanted and that seems unfair to me. What do you say?

    • JR

      Scalpers. No jobs and looking to make a fast buck. We all could drive around and stalk the Walmart trucks if we didn’t work.

  • Retiredguy

    Brother, can’t the girl at least put a shirt on? Where is her decency and common sense. It is difficult to take anyone too serious. If all she wants is freedom, well, I guess she has found it. Really dumb.

  • Plinker in harms way

    There’s plenty of ammo around if people would buy what they use or want to store but, let’s face it, the end-timers are hoarding the ammo. Normally i don’t mind since they go about digging their holes, storing food and listening to a.m. radio which doesn’t bother anyone. But now, because a black president is somehow a sign of their apocalypse, they need to hoard ammo. I can’t tell you how many people at work brag about hoarding 20 to 100 THOUSAND rounds of .22LR. At least the larger calibers are too expensive for them to continue to hoard but the poor, cheap .22LR is in their crosshairs.

    This hoarding of .22LR won’t end until a white man is elected again or the folks on AM radio tell them that the world isn’t going to end anymore.

  • Winchester ’73

    Makes no sense. I can buy all the .223/5.56mm ammo I want at prewar prices, but I cannot find one box of quality .22 LR ammo? They say they can’t keep up with demand? Sounds like total balderdash to me. They’re just looking to skin the American public – and they’re doing it.

  • action

    For all you hoarders out there you are as bad as Obama. You are selfish nuts who are singlehandedly making most Americans want to take our guns away. Hiding a million rounds of .22 under your bed is not helping to keep america safe and free, it is making it so if something does happen the government will be able to disarm us all because only the nuts will have ammo. The only place you can get .22 is on gun broker now and the buy it now prices are 1000% over retail…so thank you for destroying our gun rights you POS hoarders.

  • VayaconMuerte

    Insanity is thinking that this is caused by ‘general hoarding consumption’. You know how I know? Because for the past several weeks, daily checks of Gunbroker show that with over 1500-average open auctions on .22LR alone, less than 100 even have a single bid on them. Ok, so where’s the hoarding? Hoarding would have the board covered – not have most lots sitting at a dime-a-round with no-bids on them. Wallie World still has none on the shelves (you now have to ask for them, as they are a behind-the-counter item, like Playboy – while you can see the 5.56mm in the glass case on the floor still – insane). So, if Fed, Rem, etc. are running ‘all-out’ to produce, and no one is really retail buying (and big box stores are only getting a couple of crates a week, if then), then where is the ammo really going? Have you seen a ‘top-20′ buyers list from ANY major ammo mfg? I still contend that 90-percent of this shortage is ‘Federally caused’ by mass market buying, and they can’t go into the Gunbroker private sellers, because then they’d let the cat out of the bag. They are buying a non-needed round, and either storing it, or destroying it, to effect ‘ammo-shortage-gun-control’ (hey, they destroyed a LOT of farmer’s corn in the ’70’s to control prices, before you think this is ludicrous). The Gunbroker bidder sheet tells you the story. The verification of this will be in 2017, with a Republican President – and suddenly, the national story will be ‘The Ammo Shortage is Finally Over’. No, just the liberal con-game, that’s all.
    By the way, everyone should boycott Wallie’s World anyhow, since they are not only deep in this, but have opted to ‘hide their .22LR stock’ behind counters instead of in the display case with everything else. (like .40’s, 9mm, and 458 Win).

  • John

    First off I want to say
    that I do not have a political axe to grind or believe any of the conspiracy
    theories out there but I just do not understand the issue with 22lr. I realize
    it is/was the cheapest ammo to buy and shoot but it was also the most produced.
    I have several acquaintances that work at the big box stores and they used to
    get 22lr in by the pallet and it was always in stock, if they were running a
    sale they ordered up to 3 pallets and there was never a problem. These were the
    days back when it cost $5-6/brick, now they are lucky to get 5 bricks a month;
    they have not seen large quantities in several years. If the ammo makers are
    running round the clock making it where is it going? People certainly are not
    shooting it. I belong to several local ranges and it used to be a real PITA
    going to the range and having to wade through 3-4″ or 22lr cases on the
    ground. Nowadays I still see 22lr cases but nowhere near the amount I used to.
    If the manufactures were going full tilt making it I would expect to see some
    if it on the range and I just do not see that today. The people who are still
    shooting 22s are the ones that stockpiled it back in the good old days, like
    myself. I also hear the talk of all the new gun and panic buyers buying it all
    up but I do not see many gun buyers especially new gun buyers getting 22s since
    they cannot get the ammo to shoot the gun. Its like buying a new car but not
    being able to buy gas for it. If they were all buying it up why do I not see
    the 22lr ranges jammed with new shooters? In fact the one range I belong to has
    a special range just for 22lr and there is no one ever on it now. I see many dealers
    talking to potential new gun buyers saying this gun is great and easy to shoot
    and blah blah blah but when they ask to buy it an box of ammo for it the dealer
    has to say I do not have any ammo, and they guy changes his mind. In fact there
    is one store by me that does have bricks but will only sell them with the
    purchase of a new 22lr gun, this is the only way he can sell any 22lr
    rifles/handguns. As for the “unscrupulous profiteers” re-selling at
    huge markups, the last gun show I went to I saw several tables that had 22lr
    and most were selling at $50/brick and there were not too many takers. In fact
    I only saw one guy walking around with 22 he bought and he was pissed he paid
    $45/brick. So the good news here is people are getting wise to the bad dealers
    and refusing to pay the high prices. I’ll give the whole thing another year to
    straighten out by then I will have depleted my stockpile and may start looking
    to sell off some of my 22s. I feel bad for the new shooters as it seems they
    got into a great sport at just the wrong time.

  • Marshall Eubanks

    This hoarding and resulting unavailability of .22 is going to do more long-run damage to the 2A than all the democrats in Congress.

  • JR

    They’re wanting to push it to 10 cents a rd. Which is too much for a round that was around 4-5 cents before this mess started. I can reload 380 for 24 cents and thats center fire. 22 Rimfire is becoming more available but I’m seeing the 10cent range on Ammo Bot and Gun Bot with it going upward to 30 cents a rd. I’ve been told Walmart is getting filled last since its being scalped to the rest of the public so why sell massive amounts to them cheaper when the gun stores,sporting goods stores and mom and pop stores have to pay more for it but can’t get any becasue Walmart gets most? Walmart orders a whole lot leaving gun dealers and sporting goods stores without it. They sell more guns than Walmart and people won’t buy the gun if they can’t get the ammo. I’d like to see the small stores get stocked up and then Walmart start filling it up. But let the little business’s have some instead of they having to buy it from scalpers or GunBroker bidding. Cut out the scalpers and manufacturers will make more.

  • Drew Kazee

    Its not the moron in the WH, its the morons spreading rumors and fear

  • Practical Bushcraft

    To be honest, I am disgusted. You go to gunbroker dot com or armslist dot com and you see just where the ammo in .22lr is at. It is being sold by the very people you trust to have it in the store you go to. Places like Gander, Dicks, Bass Pro, Cabelas are plagued by their employees grabbing the stock OF .22LR at their retail or lower PRICE and then posting it online at auction or seller sites at 3-10x’s what it is supposed to go for. I have seen guys take friends and family to stand in line at Wal-mart and each buy their limit, then they hand out business cards showing where the ammo will be sold. I work 60 hours a week and do not have the time to get up at the butt crack of dawn and hangout in lines to get MY SHARE of the .22lr ammop. If you people will stop buying from these over night unlicensed .22lr dealers that run their business from a trunk of a car in the local Dennys parking lot, this will all stop. If they have buyers at thier inflated prices, they will continue to sell this way. Personally, I have stopped buying ammo, guns and accessories and have stopped shooting my .22lr all together until some common sense comes back. STOP BUYING FROM THE AMMO HAWKERS…….also anyone who buys .22lr from Cheaper then Dirt or Sportsmans Guide are just cheating themselves…. an ad in Cheaper Than Dirt for 1 box of 50 rounds of CCI Stingers was at $89.95 per 50 round box….. and…. they were actually selling at this price. Y’all did it to yourselves, nobody else to blame…. greed and the Me, I and My mentality is running rampant for this issue.

  • REOjim

    My troop is active at the range. Rules only allow 22LR. I have spent hours and gallons trying to find 22LR for our program but any stock sells out within minutes of being offloaded from the truck. I can get any other caliber… even 45… in bulk… but can’t buy simple 22. I did find a box of 50 CCI … but at $15.00, I couldn’t justify it when each scout will shoot 50-100 rounds a session.

  • Al metzger

    I think this article and all like it are just propaganda pieces. First, this has not been going on for only 1 year, more like 5! Second, it is not only because people are hoarding, it just plain isn’t arriving at the stores in the same quantity as before Oboyo got in office!

  • Guest

    well guys its like this I hade to set this my comment line up in my wife name sorry about that I as her husband so if you see a comment made under Joyce name I made it not her.

  • Ike Clanton

    I had accumulated about 10k rounds back in the 80’s. I was an avid plinker back then. It seemed like it would last forever. It was inexpensive then and I just kept buying even though I already had so much. As the years went by I noticed that the Remington ammo became more and more unreliable. About half of it just went dead. It was all kept in their sealed packages in ammo cans. I’d hate to spend a lot more of my hard earned money on something that would turn useless in a few years.

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