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First Look: Benelli ETHOS Shotgun

by G&A Staff   |  January 4th, 2014   |   10

The new Benelli ETHOS shotgun combines traditional Benelli craftsmanship with a whole lineup of new advanced features.

Initially available in a 12-gauge, 3-inch magnum version, the semi-auto ETHOS will be available with a matte-black or nickel-plated engraved receiver. The receiver also includes a large ejection port and houses a new mechanical rotating bolt mechanism that enables reliable cycling and automatic return to battery. 


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It’s progressive-control recoil system has been in long-term development with Benelli, which uses plastic inserts embedded in the stock that overlap each other to self-adjust for loads of varying size and weight. The stock also includes a padded buttplate and cheek piece for additional recoil reduction and comfort.

The carbon fiber rib atop the ETHOS’ barrel decreases weight, while also dissipating heat. Optional ribs come in several sizes to fit shooters of varying sizes and shooting objectives. An interchangeable fiber optic front bead comes with three different-colored replacement rods. 


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The new Benelli ETHOS is available in matte-black finish for $1,999, and engraved nickel-plated for $2199.

Take a look out our video of the ETHOS shotgun, where we do some initial testing at the range.

  • Christiano

    Instead of using a traditional blued-steel vent rib soldered on the barrel, the ETHOS incorporates an interchangeable carbon-fiber rib.

  • Christiano

    The best of the lot is the carbon which is far lighter, adding to the overall dainty feel of the gun. Each ETHOS comes with three high-visibility fiber-optic beads (red, green, yellow), so shooters can change out colors to fit the conditions. Plus, no tools are required to make the change.

  • Jimbo

    I own two Benelli Legacy shotguns, 12 and 20 ga., which I purchased for less than $1250 each, NEW, within the last 6 years. Even today, I see new Legacy guns go for $1600. They are nice looking, lightweight rugged, reliable, accurate, and easy to clean. Put on a $30 aftermarket Gel pad, and the recoil is so manageable, I can shoot 500 rounds without discomfort.

    So why does Benelli think I will pony up $2199, for a gun with “updates” of questionable value? I think I will jump ship to another brand. Hear that Benelli?

    • JeffH

      Wow Jimbo…I don’t think Benelli will be to concerned that you will “jump ship”.
      I also don’t believe for one minute that the “updates” are of questionable value.
      The Ethos appears to be the same shotgun as the Raffaello offered in the European market throgh Benelli, It. Its attractive, streamlined and has an innovative recoil system…it’s a Benelli. Form and function justify the increased cost of the gun but when they hit the market look for the prices to run as low as $1799 for the field grade and $1899 for the nickel engraved model.
      Remember, the Legacy was basically a poished engraved Black Eagle(not a SBE) with nothing more than a makeover and they’re still MSRP @ $1799 – $2199 and as low as $1599 – $1799 on the open market.
      No doubt the Ethos offers new innovation to their platform and a lot more bang for the buck…the market will prove that and Benelli is right on the mark.
      I want one!

      • Jimbo

        Wow? So you don’t think Benelli owners are entitled to complain about the cost of newer models? It’s a free country….I’ll make all the statements I want to make. Unlike you, I ‘m not slave to a particular brand. I’ve taken an objective look at all my guns. But if you had actually READ my post, you would see that I never complained about my Benellis. I questioned the cost of the new gun and whether the “improvements” were warranted at that price. When it comes time to replace my Legacy guns, I am unlikely to consider the new gun at that price point.

        The Legacy was not “a plated and polished Black Eagle”. You can polish and engrave a Black Eagle all you like, and it will never look like a Legacy.

        My Benelli Legacy guns ARE Raffaellos. Says so right in the operators manuals. They adopted the name “Legacy” for the American market.

        Benelli may not be concerned about turning away loyal customers with the new prices, but I also don’t think they will care that you buy one.

        • JeffH

          Jimbo starts whining about my comment 3 months later saying “Wow? So you don’t think Benelli owners are entitled to complain about the cost of newer models?”
          I said no such thing! You’re making things up that just aren’t there and taking offense because my opinion didn’t agree with yours. I’m well aware that Benelli manuals often include the cross over models…nothing new or surprising there.
          Why are you so upset that you have to act like a child throwing a temper tantrum?
          Get a clue Jimbo…you’re whining like a liberal now!

    • kimber 2

      Yea im sure they dont care if you go somewhere else they still have guys like me to make up for your arrogance. And by the way i just bought one with engraved reciever for 1799. To add to my sbe2 and my super vinci.

      • Jimbo

        The only arrogance is YOURS.

        • JeffH

          What a crybab you are!
          Want some cheese to go with that whine?

  • UNkaDave

    Bought mine. Love it. Worth every penny.

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