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Drive The Gun: How To Use The Support Hand With AR-Type Rifles

by Jason Teague 0

The good and bad and the ugly in terms of using the support hand on your AR-15.


Unusual Shooting Positions

by G&A Staff 0

Unusual Shooting Positions


Snubnose Revolver Tactics

by Richard Nance 0

With proper training, the snubnose revolver is a viable option for personal defense.


Off Body Carry

by Richard Nance 0

Pros and cons of off-body carry methods.


Vehicular Gunfight

by Richard Nance 0

A Review of Dave Spaulding’s Vehicle Combatives Course.


Firearms Training And Performance Under Pressure

by Kyle Lamb 0

With each and every realistic scenario, we build mind-muscle memory that we will draw on during a confrontation.

The author’s odd, old and strong grip is very stiff against recoil —and very tiring. There are better ways.

How hard should you grip your pistol?

by Patrick Sweeney 0

Ask a slew of instructors, and they’ll tell you everything that works. They just won’t agree on what works.


Real World Training: Intruder in Entryway

by Guns & Ammo TV 0

Eric Poole enters the simulator to experience what happens when an intruder is in the entryway of your home. Patrick Sweeney and Jeff Chudwin offer advice.

Real World Training Home Invasion

Real World Training: Home Invasion

by Guns & Ammo TV 0

Eric Poole is in the simulator where he undergoes a home invasion scenario. Craig Boddington and Jeff Chudwin then discuss… more »


Suppressors 101: Matching Suppressors to Sights

by Guns & Ammo TV 0

David Fortier is with is with John Hollister of SIG’s silencer division where they discuss matching the right sights to… more »


Metrics That Matter – Test Tracking On Scopes

by Tom Beckstrand 0

In an effort to help the hard-working, underfunded sniper, this article is solely about testing scopes.


Rifle Team – Training Plan And Drills

by G&A Staff 0

How to set up a plan that works for your team.


Long Range Shooting – Calling Wind Accurately

by G&A Staff 0

Tips on dealing with the trickiest variable of long-range shooting.


How to Make a Budget Scope Work for You

by Tom Beckstrand 0

This article is dedicated to the serious sniper who doesn’t have a ton of money.

A chair allows the shooter to build a position at a couple of different elevations. This forces us to work on getting stable, which should be the goal of any range session (not shooting groups).

How to Get the Most Out of a Box of Ammo

by Tom Beckstrand 0

I look at my ammo stash like my savings account. Both are valuable commodities, so I try not to spend… more »


What is Mil-Spec?

by Eric R. Poole 0

I still cringe when I see a so-called “expert” on TV put in a position to discuss firearms, how they… more »


Tips to Finding the Right Zero

by Craig Boddington 0

These days, “long-range” shooting — whatever that means — is all the rage. We could discuss at length the ethics… more »


Tips for Simpler Scope Setup

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Simple is Best Manufacturing a scope is an incredibly complex process. There are multiple lenses, tubes within tubes and adjustable… more »

The most effective way to work a pistol’s action is to grasp the slide over the top, just in front of the rear sight, using all of the fingers of the support hand, and to rack it to the rear. At the end of its rearward travel, simply let it go, and let the slide return to battery under the pistol’s own spring tension.

What’s the Best Slide Serration Technique?

by Patrick Sweeney 0

I was asked recently, “Why don’t you like forward cocking serrations?” Part of it is that I’m a curmudgeon, a… more »


Accuracy Testing a Rifle, Part One

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Every month, Guns & Ammo tests rifles for accuracy. The results are a pretty common source of quantifiable information that… more »


Finding the Hunt of a Lifetime

by Craig Boddington 0

I hear it too often: “Gee, I wish I could do that.” Realistically, there are some hunts I could once… more »


How to Be a Gunwriter

by Patrick Sweeney 0

OK, you read every gun article, you watch all the hunting and shooting TV shows, you buy books, and you… more »


Tactical Shooting: Get Ahold of That Carbine

by Kyle Lamb 0

To be a successful shooter, you must have a few things going for you: a good sight picture, a smooth… more »


Garry James’ Rules for Buying Collectible Guns

by Garry James 16

Perhaps a better title for this piece would be “Thoughts on Buying Collectible Guns.” Personally, I hate most rules and… more »


DIY Gunsmith: Diagnosing a Handgun

by Patrick Sweeney 0

A box or two of ammo can tell you a lot about the health of your handgun, and can give… more »


Common Ballistic Terms You Should Know

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Long-range shooting is one of the biggest trends on today’s shooting scene, big enough that it’s driving purpose-designed new rifles… more »


G&A Basics: 5 Tips for New Concealed Carry Holders

by Richard Nance 12

Its often said that carrying a concealed handgun is a lifestyle. Truer words have never been spoken. Adding a concealed… more »


Guide to Air Travel With a Firearm

by Chris Mudgett 26

If you’re like many of us, carrying a firearm doesn’t cease when traveling away from home. The thought of air… more »


tweAK the ’47: Modifying the Century Arms C39 Classic

by Dusty Gibson 5

Given its proven reliability in nearly every environment on Earth, the AK is widely recognized as one of the most dependable firearms… more »

3-Gun Nation champion Rob Romero kneels in the mud to shoot around a barricade.

How 3-Gun Nation Makes it Easy to Get Involved in Competition

by G&A Online Editors 3

Getting involved in competitive shooting just became easier with 3-Gun Nation’s online member’s portal. Even if you’ve never shot in an organized match,… more »

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