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Sneak Peak: New Season of Sons of Guns

by Guns & Ammo News   |  November 18th, 2011 61

You’ve been waiting for the next season of “Sons of Guns” on Discovery Channel and, well, it’s almost here. Take a look at this special sneak preview exclusive to Sons of Guns & Ammo. Enjoy.


  • jd macy

    cant wait for the new show. waiting to hear Kris choice on Stephie or job

    • mike

      For those who watch this show more power to you if you are watching it for the entertainment of the people on the show. But if you truly know anything about firearms and true craftmanship, then you should realize this show is a joke. The fact that they even consider themselves gunsmiths or fabricators is joke. The amount of money they charge for some of the projects they have build is ridiculous. It's an insult to those of us that have true fabrication skill and understand true quality that Discover continues to air this show. Anyone who uses a tape measure when they should be using a dial caliper or mic is a hack. Glen appears to be the only one that has half a clue

    • justabust

      Spoiler alert… They are married!

      • canadianne

        is that really what happened in vegas??? ps….i effin love this show!!

  • Avellana

    If Kris and Steph had a baby, I bet he came out with an AK in his hands. that would make grandpa happy..

  • Greg Bgmc

    it could go either way with wil's remark you're the stupid sob i sure hope he took steph and then they both could be happy. what's to say chris will have a job there for the rest of his life?

  • Brandon

    well if you look closely, you can see and hear kris in the different sneek peeks at the episodes, which kinda makes his choice a little more clear.

  • Brent

    This is a no win situation for all concerned and i hope all concerned come out of it ok.
    I understand both sides to this coin flip and if he takes Steph he shows she is more important than a job and they have a chance.
    If he choses the job he shows the job is more important than her so the fact that he puts everyone in such a position and himself in a no win situation makes Will's comment appropriate.
    Wish them and Kris all the best but you don't go to battle without carefull consideration of all aspects of it first and taking daddys daughter is going to war.

  • angie bolton

    i can't wait for the new season of suns of guns, i love this show it takes me back to my childhood with my dad and i am sure what ever happenes wit kris and steph will be for the best god has a plan for us all…

    • Andre


  • Will_Hayden

    Guy's , and Angie :) , I just wanted to take a moment and say "thank you" . Reading the above ,,,, well , I wish I could fill you in but I guess it'll air soon enough . Jupiter's job is never easy , I'm anxious myself to see how they put all this together . This whole thing with Steph and Kriss just kinda blew up around them , and it's their first foray into our personal lives [somthing which we fight hard to avoid ] . You think you're on pin's and needles ? How ya think we're feeling about it all ? Knowing what happened and knowing how it's put together and presented are two different things . And Angie , I feel the same way about it myself , yes He does . God Bless , Will

    • Mike Spivey

      Thanks for not spilling the "beans"…gotta love a little suspense going into a new season. Would still love a behind the scenes tour of some of your favorite toys. And still want a 410 short barrel.


      Mr Will would like to say your show is awsome cant get enough of it would like to come check out your shop sometime if you would allow it ,Iive in Shreveport LA

    • Roger Howell

      Thanks Will for trying to keep the show from becoming a soap, Love it just the way it is guns and builds. Let me know when you want to trick out a S & W 460 i will be right there.

    • Krystal Van Guilder

      You are a genius of guns Will. I respect how much passion that you have for your work. I agree with you on the whole Kris and Stephanie thing, everybody knows you don't date where you work. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

    • Beverly Day

      Will I think your are one of the most stand up man I've ever seen, good luck with the show(I will be watching) and all the rest..your the best and all those young men could learn from you. God Bless you, Bev Day

    • charles

      I can't even wait for season 3 to start. Will i in shock of what you come out with and i would like to come out to red jacket one of these days i have few guns for the guys to work on. You inspire me so much and what you know is amazing keep it up happy belated bday marine


    • patrick23081977

      Hi Will im from Ireland I watch your show and cant get enough of it ,I have never seen anything like the amount of guns ,over here we are only allowed have shot guns for hunting as it is illegal for any other kind.I look forward to watching your new season and hope there is plenty more seasons to come.

    • rtangri

      Hey Mr. Hayden,

      Hope all is well, always looking forward to the next episode of Sons of Guns. Just wanted to wish you guys down in the States all the best- Although I just started shooting last year, every time I get back from law school in the UK- I end up watching all the previous episodes again- makes me want to go to the range; even in the cold we get up here in Canada!

      Don't stop shooting!


  • john

    Its a GREAT show, and my friends and I like watching. but……………….does it really matter who his daughter dates? I just feel that part was thrown in for ratings and to add suspense. Will, no offense but if he started dating your daughter are you really gonna fire him. you know how hard it is to find good help. thats just my .2 cents. great show and keep doing what your doing. On another note………would love to see something os suppressors for a DPMS SASS rifle since michigan just approved the legal use of suppressors in this state!


    • Will_Hayden

      well…it matters a good bit to me Kris and Steph . I never have gotten the tv peoples fascination with it . oh yeah , I think if I'm going to suppress a AR platform , it'll be a Red Jacket AR , and ah , give it a episode or two ;)

      • lisa Munday

        i thinh kris and steph make a wonderful couple. i know they are n love just by the way they look at each other. i don't think you could find a better son-in-law! love the show. Lisa from cumming,GA.

  • david

    Will Hayden makes a very good point. How it happened versus How it is put together. Will we appreciate you suffering the pins and needles of the cameras foray you mentioned for our enjoyment of all that is truly cool about Red Jacket Firearms. It is just a great show to watch. God Bless.

  • Cristian Kuna

    Can't wait for more fire and fire power this season of sons of guns is going to be great . Keep it up Will and Red jacket team .

  • jerry mcwilliams

    you are forgetting that Step gets to make a choice also. She may not want to go out with him. You mix the two and Kris may lose both his job and a lady he adores. She may not feel the same way. And fix your hair num nuts

  • bjs

    i can't wait !!!!!

  • GAlan Fink

    Personally, I can relate to Will's initial reaction to someone at work getting involved with a relationship… especially with his Daughter !!! I know, from my own personal experience at work, such relationships are destined for failure. If Kris does choose Steph over his job, all well and good but I totally respect Will's ultimatum. I would react the same way with my daughter (thank the gods I don't have one or I'd have killed a few boyfriends by now) .

  • David Duncan

    Kris Remember Will is one of the last guys you want to piss off.. you hurt that Girl all Hell breaks loose.. Oh and Steph pissed can't go well either! lol

  • Patrick Murray

    I hope that the filming of the show has no bearing on what ever choices Kris makes. He always shows Will ultimate respect. Thats a good thing in a person. Wish I lived closer to La. as I hear Red Jacket is hiring……

  • Bo Stone

    Kriss leave the girl alone, your taken with her because you work so much you don't have time to go out and play like a young man should, so don't put it all on Stef it won't work…trust me..

  • MSG Starn

    My perception from what we have seen is that Kris is immature as evidenced by some of his earlier reactions to purely business decisions she has made regarding personnel matters. Steph deserves someone much better than him.

    • Lisa

      your out of your mind. they are in love!

  • Doug

    I Have the same set up with my business and my daughter, she ran my business for years and I had my little girl with me on my own since she was five; she meet a man and now lives somewhere else and is having less and less interest in the business. What I am saying is be careful you don't loss the daughter.

  • david

    i so cant wait for the show- been watching episodes off netflix, loved the tommy gun redone, so wanna get one, to bad that red jacket dont sell that one. can't wait to see the next projects they get done. Keep it up.

  • Larry

    What can you do for a Glock??

  • John Boy

    While it is difficult to judge a person based on a TV show, I am thinking Will is sharp enough to put Kris in a spot to choose and when he chooses Stef, then that answers his question and Kris stays! It's all about priorities, and once Will is satisfied with this, done deal. Good luck on the new season!

    John Boy, Veteran, USAF

  • John Boy

    Oh, and seen a great bumper sticker yesterday.

    God bless our troops,
    especially our snipers!

  • Rick

    Will, as father I understand full well know how you feel about your daughter. I also used to work for my father-in-law. Thats something I dont think Kris understands how hard that all is. None of you are in an easy place. But I also feel at some point you have to let her live her life-even if you dont agree with her decisions or choices. Thats probably one of the hardest things that I have had to come to terms with. I just want you guys to know that I love watching the passion that you all have for the things that you do. How could that ever not be successful!!! May God bless you all!!!

  • bob

    Will, make a suppressed desert eagle!

    • Bob


  • CharlieWatRJF

    Stay tuned, guys. The new season.. definitely some of our best shows yet.

    • Bob

      U someone from the show? And if so… What do you think about a suppressed deagle

  • Tommy

    What if Steph says, I'll take Kris and I QUIT DAD…

    • Will_Hayden

      lol working here is hardly a requirement for being my daughter .

      • Ryan Downey

        i dont think its supposed to be "days of our lives"…. i thought it was a show that gave me inspration… lets try and build some awsome weapons because u do have that other gun show "american guns" and its not a soap opera……..good luck to you guys i m a big fan and not really concerned with kris and steph i would like to see some more red jacket weapons

        • Will_Hayden

          Take it up with Discovery bro . We have ton's of stuff going on here on a daily basis . Jupiter films , edits and airs what they they want . Personally , you're preaching to the choir . Will

  • Less than 3

    Will, could you try a muzzle hiding silencer for a rocket launcher

  • wade spivey

    Will, you and they guys at Red Jacket are the best ever.i am in amazement every time i see an episode.Looking forward to the new season and some new and exciting guns. wish you all well on this thanksgiving day and many more!!!!!!

  • Gauranga Dasa

    Mr. Hayden, I just wanted to let you know that I personally enjoy the show very much, even though we are a few episodes behind here in Thailand. Yes, you have fans living in Thailand. Thais as well as the expats(me).

  • Timothy R. Perren

    Will, you guys should make AR-15 kits. I bet that would be a hot item. I would buy one.

    • Will_Hayden

      we're making AR's , they're doing pretty good . Will

  • sgt.ret

    Will, love the show! Also very much appreciate that you actually respond and chat on your blog. Their are alot of blog authors (we'll keep them nameless) who just throw out a review or comment and let us talking heads go back and forth. You (and Gary James) responses make it seem you really are one of us, and sincerly injoy what you do. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

  • Antonio

    Will, I saw you flinch when you shot that Luger! Yeah, you closed that right eye like you were shooting a .44 Mag in the pitch. No wonder the old man's groups were tighter than yours. I've seen you pull the trigger on some mighty big guns — what happened there, buddy? Scared the thing was going to blow up because Kris didn't put it together it correctly? Oh, boy, that brings up some interesting ramifications.

  • paula walker

    I watch the show every chance and I am a 58 yo female that is not necessarily into guns but love the passion and precision and the anticipation. As far as Stephanie and Kris are concerned. I wish the very very best for them.

  • paula walker

    I think their relationship has added so much to the show. Kris is a damn nice, respectful, thoughtful guy and I think he will adore Stephanie, which is exactly what Will wants for his daughter. Kris is the cutest one on there and is Mr Personality as far as I am concerned. They interview him more than any of the other guys, and why is that? Cuz he has the cutzhpah!!! Can't EVEN imagine any of the other guys with Stephanie from her point of view or from Will's point of view. I think Kris feels about Will exactly as a "son in law" should feel about his "father in law", if that is what it comes to….total respect and admiration. And total loyalty to Stephanie. She couldn't do any better.

  • paula walker

    There will be some rough spots of course, that is called life, but with his attitude and Stephanie's brains, they've got it made. Why all the negativity. It is not written in stone that this will not work out. Kris knows his place……right beside her…….and with that potential, I think things wil go well for them. They are a cute couple. He brings thebest out in Stephanie and she brings the best out in him. And then they have wise Will to ride herd on them, which he WILL do, right or wrong. Will really gained my respect by standing behind them and giving them a chance. It was the right thing to do. He tested Kris and Kris passed the test. Made the right choice.

  • paula walker

    The hardest thing in the world to do is work with someone and they have managed to join up in spite of working with each other. In my opinion things have gone the way they shoud have so far. Stephanie is a lucky lucky girl to have the adoration of these two wonderful men in her life. Hopefully she will be smart enough to respect that and keep her head screwed on straight. The most important thing they ALL need to remember is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". That one thing will get you further than all the other advise in the world. All the best to everyone at Red Jacket, Paula Walker, Inola, Oklahoma

  • Seth

    I absolutely love this show! I started watching the show a few months ago and the whole process of how the gun is made and the behind the scenes is interesting! Can't wait to see what happens in the future and see all the cool stuff you guys do!
    Big Fan,

  • lisa

    did kris and stephanie get married in vegas can somebody tell me??

  • Dannyboy123321

    Will, I have sent a couple of emails to you regaring an AK that im thinking of buying, but I have no reponse from anyone. Is there something I can do to hear from you? Please help. __Thank you _Danny C.

    • Will_Hayden

      E-mail's can take a couple weeks , we can get as many as 2000 in a day . Try calling .

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