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G&A Perspective: Gun Ownership Under President Romney

by Doug Howlett   |  June 14th, 2012 140

Mitt-RomneyWith Mitt Romney wrapping up the Republican nomination for president and the tumultuous primary season slogging to a whimpering but grateful end, American gun owners finally know who their voting alternative to Barack Obama will be come November. And while Romney hasn’t always been regarded as the best friend of gun ownership in this country, as evidenced by some of his choices early in his political career, it seems he and the NRA will go all in on mutual support, as evidenced by his rousing welcome at the association’s annual meetings in April.

Even as Romney spoke in St. Louis as the clear Republican frontrunner, not every gun owner was convinced he’d make the best choice when compared to the lingering field of candidates at the time.

Politically Expedient?
Many still recall Romney’s voiced support of the Brady Bill, waiting periods for handgun purchases and President Bill Clinton’s crime bill during a Senate run in Massachusetts in 1994, as well as his extension of a state “assault weapons ban” (AWB) and implementation of higher gun licensing fees as governor of Massachusetts between 2003 and 2007.

In typical political fashion, however, even the state AWB law extension wasn’t a clear black and white issue. Despite extending a law few gun owners on the surface would find positive, the provisions of the bill were shaped in part by the input of pro-gun forces such as the NRA and the Gun Owners Action League.

As a result, it ultimately gained their support. The bill included provisions that benefited Massachusetts gun owners, including extending the term of the state’s firearms licenses from four to six years, establishing a Firearm License Review Board to review and in some cases restore firearms ownership rights to individuals who had them previously denied, and removed as many as 700 listed firearms from the state AWB that had not been included in the federal ban. The law also reinstated a 90-day grace period for citizens attempting to renew their firearm license in the event the state agency in charge of approving those licenses took too long, ensuring gun owners couldn’t be charged for illegally possessing a firearm or ammunition because their card had expired.

While some gun owners still question Romney’s sincerity when he stands up as a champion of their rights, the devil in the details of the candidate’s record on the issue lend enough credence to his claims that he is, and has, largely been a supporter of hunters and shooters — even if some of his statements regarding his own hunting past have been found to border on the inaccurate.

Romney famously told reporters during his failed presidential bid in 2007, “I’m not a big game hunter. I’ve made it very clear: I’ve always been, if you will, a rodent and rabbit hunter. All right? Small varmints, if you will.” The language of his statement revealed that while Romney may have possibly spent some days with his shoulder to the gun, an avid sportsman he was not. The media at the time confirmed he had really been hunting only a few times and had not purchased a hunting license in any of the four states where he owned homes at the time.

To ardent gun supporters however, that is all moot. The Second Amendment, after all, isn’t about hunting, and Romney’s characterization of modern sporting rifles as “deadly assault weapons (that) have no place in Massachusetts,” and saying the rifles “are not made for recreation or self-defense,” during the AWB extension signing in 2004 will undoubtedly live on in some pro-gun voter’s minds.

Down to Romney and Obama
Despite the lingering concerns, with the race now down to Mitt Romney or President Barak Obama, the question for gun owners is clear: Who will be the better pro-gun president? The answer is a no-brainer, especially if you agree with concerns shared by a growing number of shooters and recently voiced by NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

“What else would a second term for Obama mean for you and me?” LaPierre recently wrote in America’s 1st Freedom, an NRA-published magazine. “… It would mean a White House freed from the control of American voters, and a president free to prosecute his war on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms with impunity.”

LaPierre cited the Justice Department’s botched involvement in “Fast and Furious,” a government-sponsored gun running operation in which firearms were provided to smugglers in order to trace them to Mexican cartels and allegedly prove administration claims that a majority of guns being used by drug runners come from the United States. A number of those guns were found to have been used in crimes on both sides of the border, including the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010. The NRA chief also cited Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s work on and support of United Nation’s efforts to pass an international gun ban treaty that could serve to circumvent our own constitution.

When President Obama was elected in 2008, his victory spawned a rush of buyers to our nation’s gun shops, all of them fearing that new gun laws were on the way that would tighten or even outlaw ownership of many models, particularly tactical rifles such as ARs. Many of those fears, fortunately, have not yet come to pass.

With a persistently languishing economy, continued war and a politically bizarre push for nationalized healthcare, Obama has had his hands full with more pressing matters. His advisers no doubt remember that it was the NRA and its supporters who were credited with snuffing Al Gore’s presidential bid in 2000 and installing a Republican-majority to Congress in 1994. Anger the nation’s gun owners and in an election that is too close to call, and Obama could be looking for a job come the end of this year. Avoid them and lull them into complacency, and he might squeak by. That’s the line of thought LaPierre is convinced Obama strategists are following.

“All that first term lip service to gun owners is just part of a massive Obama conspiracy to deceive voters and hide his true intentions to destroy the Second Amendment during his second term,” LaPierre told a crowd during the Conservative Political Action Conference, the Washington Times reported.

The run on gun shops in 2008 and resulting firearms shortages could look like a mere blip compared to the one that will ensue given the real threat a second-term Obama poses.

Life Under Romney
Whether you believe Romney is a true champion of the Second Amendment or feel he’s saying what he must to get elected, odds are if the NRA helps him win, his gratitude will be such that he won’t do anything to upset that support throughout his term. That means it is doubtful we will see a return to any “assault weapons” bans or other federal legislation that will infringe upon gun rights. Without question, where gun rights are concerned, Romney is the hands down choice.

Despite high-profile cases such as the Trayvon Martin shooting, there appears to be diminishing public support for restrictive gun laws, as well. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll found 75 percent of respondents support right-to-carry laws, a Pew Research survey found the number of Americans who believe the right to own a gun is more important than gun control rose from 34 percent in 1993 to 48 percent in 2011, and Gallup revealed citizens wanting to ban handguns dropped from 60 percent in 2000 to just 26 percent today.

With the economy at the top of every American’s mind and little cry for restrictive gun measures, you can bet Romney will be focused on approving measures that stimulate jobs, not restrict our freedoms. And that can only be good news for all Americans, not just gun owners.

For more on Mitt Romney and other candidates’ stances on shooting, hunting, fishing and conservation, check out Sportsmen Vote.

  • Ross Walters

    "Without question, where gun rights are concerned, Romney is the hands down choice."

    Because he will say anything to get elected?
    Because he supported and signed gun-control laws in the past?
    Because the NRA supports him and he will 'owe' them loyalty in the future that makes him the "hands down choice"?
    Because it's a pretty good bet he's never gone hunting in his entire life and owns no guns himself?
    Because the 'odds are' he will support gun owners?

    Or is it that Obama will 'maybe' propose a ton of gun control laws that the Congress won't approve because he will no longer have 'other pressing matters' after his re-election?
    By the way who signed legislation which eliminated the National Parks gun ban?

    I don't think you've made a very good case for Romney over Obama based on the suppostitions presented.
    Odds are. Maybe. Possibly. Sportsmen fear. LaPierre says. Man, that's what I call 'spin'.

    • George 89

      Look at Obama's record in the Illinois Senate (when he actually voted "yea" or "nay," and not his usual "present" vote. He is definitely a statist who will pull out all the stops the minute he gets reelected. He will shred the entire Constitution, not just the 2nd Amendment, and don't even consider doubting it. Up until now he has left guns alone, lulling people like I suspect you are into believing he will not bother with 2A. He (and Hillary, and other liberals) learned not to talk about guns until after they get elected. Either forget about the National Parks ban or read the whole thing and see why he signed it into law. Remember the "bitter clingers" comments.

      Romney is not Ronald Reagan, but he is worlds better than the one we have now.

      • Gary

        What a load of BS.

      • Kerry woods

        Better how? How is Romney better? This dude will strip all senior citizens of their soc security, destroy student loans, mess up housing, war with Russia, sell America to China, worsen that piece of crap NAFTA Act, and ignore women's right! Better put your money under a mattress I'd mitt becomes prez!

        • Jerry

          You are so misinformed and shoulder deep in Donkey dung, You shouldn't broadcast your total ignorance on this topic or Romney's agenda. If Obama is so great why is the Country in toilet ? He's a liar and his only intention is to strip America of ALL it's Constitutional rights.

          • Lee

            Amen brother u understand!

          • Steve

            The country is is the crapper because of W/Cheney. I don't like either candidate, that is why I am going third party. I know it is a lost cause, but I have to vote for someone, and it won't be a Republican't or aq Dummycrat.

        • matt aronson

          what la-la land are u from, dude? strip seniors of their social security? u've been reading egregious liberal fiction manufactured by obamaland.

        • DTemp

          Ok Mr. Woods.. Lets see. Who was it that just reduced Medicare funds by half?
          Remember it was Bill Clinton who, in 1999 sent the executive order to get more people into housing they could not afford. I don't think war with russia is imminent, but what did Obama promise when he told Russian President Putin to wait until after his election. Perhaps give more oil rich Aleutian islands to Russia?
          Oh yes, Who sent our Oil Platforms to Brazil and then gave PETROBRAS a"TARP" money? Was it because Brazil just elected a Communist president? And neither last nor least what do you think "Fast and Furious" was all about? Mexico had complained about it well before the tragedy to the Boarder Patrol. ATF didn't track the bad guys because the purpose was to demonize American gun dealers.
          Romney was not a perfect choice for the Republicans, but now seems to be the only choice for us. May be an Alan West or Rand Paul vp might help.

          • Alan_T

            Well done DTemp !

    • Erik Olsson

      You're right and neither choice is good. The lesser of 2 evils is still evil.

    • Jeffcamis

      I can name three reasons Romney is better then Obama sotomeyer kagan holder. If you are foolish enough to think that Obama is better then Romney on the 2a then you are stupid or are posting to mislead people. If people like you defended the 2a it would have been gone a long time ago. As for your comment on the NRA I think you have a lot of balls says that they spin stuff but you go and trust Obama with your gun rights fool

    • Rachel

      well,go ahead and vote for obama. You can't fix STUPID!

      • Alan_T

        You CAN fix stupid …….. but you'll end up in prison if you do it ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Joe In CT

      The real point is the difference between a candidate who has a non-pro gun past, and a candidate definitely out to kill the Second Amendment during a second term. Besides, if Romney makes it with the solid backing of the NRA and its 4 million registered members and who knows how many non-registered gun enthusiasts, Romney will know he had better not piss off the Second Amendment supporters, or he himself could be looking into trouble from the NRA during his term, and opposition against a second term for him.

      • Alan_T

        Joe , you have defined the answer , my friend .

    • a w wayne

      He will do it through the Supreme Court.

      How's about a little long term thinking here?

  • Steven Farmer

    I couldn't agree more with Ross. I have supported the NRA because of a history of supporting the incumbent (even a Democrat) unless they were explicitly anti-gun. This article does little to highlight the fact that Romney has a history of anti-gun legislation and has flip-flopped his way into a Republican nomination. Romney changes policy at the whim of the group with the most money. Let's face it, gun owners are a force to be reckoned with and it's obvious Romney changed his stance on guns in an effort to win their support. However, while in office, Obama has done nothing to restrict gun rights…in fact, the only piece of gun legislation he has signed removed the National Parks gun ban. Seems to me that Obama has a better record of favorable gun policies and still doesn't get support. I'm confused by your loyalties.

    • Gary

      I agree with you Steve, Obama has done absolutely nothing to restrict gun ownership and is a hellva better choice than that lying Romney. I listen to Romney talk and all I hear are lies. So we should trust him I Don't Think So. Wake up people!!!!!

      • Guest

        Keep drinking that kool-aid.

    • George O. Briggs

      Dept. of Defense is no longer selling the spent 223 cases to the ammunition comp.'s .They are shreddind the brass to sell to China for scrap. We are going to see the prices raise 500% 0n our ammo. This is howto come around the back to get the gun owners. Obummer will not get blamed for the DoD 's policies…

    • Stephen Lutman

      Obama supports a U.N Gun Ban Treaty and has been blocking the importation of garands. You also can not forget "Fast and Furious". Obama prefers much more insidious methods of banning firearms. To say he has done nothing is a fallacy.

    • Mack Missiletoe

      I'm not crazy for Obama but I respect him as President and as a man. I've got to say I do appreciate the Park laws, and that was a big, "Wow! A smart gun Law!" moment for me. Proud to be American.

      The 'Assault Rifle Ban' left a bad taste in my mouth when I learned of it. Not pro Romney. I hope our next President sees that AR15's and civilian AK47's are standard protection these days. Along with that, I hope they should try to keep them out of the Bad Guy's hands, not the good guys who just want to have fun and be able to protect their property.

      A citizen who passed background checks, is responsible with weapons, and is of proper metal health is a friend not a bad guy!

      I am still upset about the 'Hurricae Katrina' Incident and will never forget it.

      The Hurricane Katrina Incident: It's like having a car and then Police come, bash in the windshields and steal it. These are people that are licensed to drive the car they own. Same for gun owners–we pass background checks and obviously if there was a problem with us owning a gun it would have been taken away a long time ago. Not when we are leaving for safe ground. I like Police–but not these Police.

      America is Gun Country. We are armed. Only our enemies should be fearful. Only a corrupt Police agency would take away guns from good guys. We work hard for our guns, spend money on ammo which is good for economy.

      To take our firearms away no reason but to disarm us is evil. A Revolution could be ignited with such an unconstitutional act, and it should happen according to our forefathers if it were a national act. Our government is to serve us–we are not slaves and I hope no one EVER has to go back to that!


  • Brad

    What an epic fail of an article.

    "Whether you believe Romney is a true champion of the Second Amendment or feel he’s saying what he must to get elected, odds are if the NRA helps him win, his gratitude will be such that he won’t do anything to upset that support throughout his term."

    So basically, even if Romney DOES NOT BELIEVE in the 2nd amendment, you feel as though the piles of cash the NRA gives him will prohibit him from doing what he believes. And you are okay with this.

    Obama has a history of being PRO gun. Romney has a history of being ANTI gun. How much simpler do you need this to be?

    Mitt Romney. the best dam president your special interest money can buy. What a joke.

    • George 89

      Name one time Obama was PRO gun other than the National Parks ban. Of all the things he blows his own horn about, THAT is not one of them. He signed a bill into law ONCE and only because he got something out of it. He has NO history of being pro gun. NONE. Nada. Zip.

      • Brad

        That is the proof you needed that he is pro-gun. When faced with the decision to be pro gun or anti gun, he chose pro gun. Therefore he is pro-gun. I don't know how else I can make this any easier for you to understand George.

        You know damn well if he had decided NOT to allow guys like you & me to carry our firearms in a national park, then you WOULD be calling him ANTI gun, and you'd use that ONE VOTE as proof that he is anti gun.

        How about this: Name one time Obama was ANTI gun. You can't, because he wasn't. Therefore he's pro-gun.

        • Dyspeptic

          Brad, your reasoning here is faulty to put it mildly. He signed the National Parks funding bill despite the gun friendly provision, not because of it. That's how politics works in the real world where compromises get made all the time. You must be joking about naming one time Obama was anti-gun. Both he and his Attorney General have publicly favored an "Assault Weapons" ban, that sounds pretty anti-gun to me. Then there is the nasty little anti-gun gun smuggling scheme called "Operation Fast and Furious" which his administration is currently covering up. Finally, his career as a state legislator in the most gun hostile state in the country shows pretty clearly that he has an anti-gun track record whenever he can get away with it. The truth is that both Obushma and Obamney are anti-gun and can't be trusted on this or any other issue.

        • George 89
        • Jeepers Creepers

          Number 1. Why is there not a federal CCW right to carry.
          Number 2. Why did the current president not join a branch of the military. (becuase he is anti AMERICAN).
          nuber 3. Have you ever seen a photo of him with a long gun or shotgun? Let alone an HANDGUN.
          I just named three things why MR. Obama is Anti-gun.
          I call him Mr. Obama becuase he is not my president.
          Brad name Three things that make him PRO-GUN.

          • Razor Ray

            As a Libertarian, I'm no fan of either, but to support EITHER as pro-2A is a stretch in either direction.

            As to your list:

            1. There's has YET to be a POTUS to make CCW a Federal right.

            2. Romney was granted a pass as a Mormon Missionary? Convenient…
            In 2007 he had this to say about why none of his 5 sons have served: “The good news is that we have a volunteer Army and that’s the way we’re going to keep it,” Romney told some 200 people gathered in an abbey near the Mississippi River that had been converted into a hotel. “My sons are all adults and they’ve made decisions about their careers and they’ve chosen not to serve in the military and active duty and I respect their decision in that regard.” He added: “One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.”

            3. Romney holding a long-gun at a photo op does NOT a pro-2A candidacy make.

            Vote Libertarian, GARY JOHNSON in 2012.

          • pro-American

            Voting Libertarian willonly help re-elect 0bama.

        • Guest

          Brad, you're the proof your mother should have had an abortion

    • nmgene

      Obama has never been pro gun!!! That is an outright lie. Romney is not much better but he will heed the NRA membership or go down as another one term President. We have to have a conservative House and Senate along with Romney to fix our country!!!!!!!!!

      • Alan_T

        Damn straight nmgene !

      • Razor Ray

        Conservative? What we need is term limits and MORE Libertarians in positions of power. Not the Rand Paul/Tea Party variety either.

  • Green Mtn Man

    I live in Vermont, in fact. and while I can appreciate that the NRA has chosen to support Romney because he isn't Obama, I can only point to the onerous laws and regulations in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for NOT supporting his run for the Presidency. I went to training at Smith & Wesson in Springfield, MA. While there I asked a question on gun rights and regulations on gun ownership in Massachusetts. I was informed that I could be arrested if I tried to fly from any MA airport while transporting my rifle or handguns, or while travelling through the state, or even if I was stopped and searched AND a live round was found in my pickup. This from an instructor who trains police officers in the states of MA and CT.
    Support Mitt Romney? Not bloody likely. I like the rights I have up in Vermont. Massachusetts is a scary place where the 2nd Amendment and common sense do not apply.

    • Trevor Chadwick

      I am also a Vermonter. I hear a lot of what Obama MIGHT do. Well I see what Romney HAS done. I don't know if there was a worse candidate the Republican party could have chose. Articles like this that border on almost lying are the only chance that gun grabbing Romney has of winning. I am PRO-GUN and voting for the only candidate to have shown himself to be PRO-GUN. Dem's and Rep's isn't a clear line in the sand anymore. There are no more true liberal or conservatives in politics. Blindly voting for a Rep is a dangerous thing nowadays.

    • Stephen Lutman

      I'm not a Romney Fan either, but it's not like he was King of Massachusetts. He didn't do this stuff by himself. I got the impression that he was a politician that flip flops to appease to who ever can keep him in office. With that in mind, If we can be the majority I think he will do what we want. He comes across as a representative more than a leader too me. This may not be ideal, but it is still much better than Obama who is the antithesis of a leader.

      • Alan_T

        Well said Stephen !

    • JimMacklin

      MA Bartley-Fox law was passed 20 some years ago, maybe 30 years. A governor is not a dictator and is stuck with what laws existed. Also, the spirit of the Minuteman carries little weight with the MA legislators/leadership.
      My first choice would be a person such as myself, a citizen with a strong history background who knows what a septic tank does and how it is constructed and maintained. Some person that knows the Constitution, our laws and history. A plumber, electrician, shooter, history buff who knows how to fly and has one test for every person.
      The test, an explanation of the the foundations of the USA that covers the essential elements.

  • TheRandyGuy

    This election is a rerun of Bush/Gore and Bush/Kerry: I don't like Romney, but I despise Obama, so I'll vote against Obama by pulling Romney's lever. Romney should understand his support is a mile wide and an inch deep.

    • Kerry

      Pretty much like your wife hunh?

      • Outlaw

        You suck for even mentioning someone's spouse that you know absolutely nothing about. You don't agree with his politics OK, keep the personal attacks to yourself. Nobody brought your wife or husband into this.

        • Alan_T

          Damned right Outlaw ,I'd tell Kerry he ( she ? ) should be ashamed of himself ( herself ? ) , but it would be a waste of time . People like Kerry have no shame !

  • Dave

    My fellow commenters have good points, except for those that call Obama pro-gun. Haven't you heard Obama's derisive comments about "bitter clingers" who hold onto their guns and Bibles? Don't you remember Obama blaming American gun owners and sellers for arming Mexican drug cartels? Then there's Fast and Furious…
    Those who condemn Romney's Massachusetts record seem to forget that he was governing Ted Kennedy's personal kingdom. When I lived in MA, people would get angry if you said anything against liberal Democrat policies, including insane levels of gun control. For Massachusetts, Romney was unusually conservative.
    Remember this: In 2012 we've not just voting for gun rights. There are lots of other issues that demand our attention, and I really believe Romney is the better choice by far.

    • Alan_T

      I'm with you Dave …… but you're wasting your time . The people you are talking about are Liberal Trolls , they always come out in force on this site whenever the discussion turns political ….. like they think , they are going to fool anyone .

      • Alan_T

        Oh and by the way I just caught one of the Liberal Trolls commenting on the " Texas Father Kills Molester During Attack; Is it Justified Defense? " blog when he ( John ) thought it was THIS blog !

        • Jamie Santos

          Alan I just went to see about what you said on the child molester blog……. your right buddy !

  • Ohio Shooter

    Any fool who thinks Barack Obama is pro-gun is an idiot or a liar. Mitt Romney certainly isn't perfect but he is infinitely better than Obama.

    • Big Dog

      It is intersesting to note that Bush never signed in one pro-gun piece of legistaltion but Obama has signed into law pro-gun legistation.

      • CWP Holder

        The pro-gun law you are speaking of as reguards to carrying a gun in National Parks was started under Bush and delayed by the Liberals as long as they could until it was pushed through by the Republicans…

        • matt

          You're an idiot

          • Steve D

            matt your a douchbag

          • Jamie Santos

            Then stop looking in the mirror mayy

          • Jamie Santos

            typo it should of been matt

      • Outlaw

        So what does this mean? Bush never had too we all knew that he had our backs, American's as well as Gun owners, if it was necessary. Bush's fault again? Everyting is either Bush's fault or the Republicans in the Senate-House refuse to allow any of Barry's wonderful policys to pass.
        Remember when the Democrats controlled? You think they just rubber stamped all of Bush's policys? Don't think so. It goes both ways, both parties are equally guilty of blocking each other's policies so it's all even in that respect. BTW Barry would never have voted for the NPCL if there hadn't been a carrot in the legislation for him. I know that he thinks he got more than he gave and when he attempts to allow the UN to set American firearm policy that law will become a moot point when no one can own a gun.

    • Alan_T

      Ohio Shooter , you left out a third choice : Political Trolls .
      Hmmmm but now that I reflect on it ….. I guess in a way that falls under both idiot or liar .

  • Steven Farmer

    Wow, 'Ohio Shooter', way to support your argument with facts, avoiding the unnecessary negative tactics that have made political campaigning an embarrassing farce. Please, go on about how Romney has a history of supporting gun owners rights, (which he doesn't), and how bad old Hussein Obama (because I'm sure that's what you call him at home) has stripped away your right to own a gun, or carry it anywhere, even National Parks (which only Obama moved to allow you to do).

    • Alan_T

      Way to be a typical Liberal Troll Steven … insult and talk down to us poor inbred hicks here in Stump Jumper County . We need you and the Leftists to give us our ideas because , golly , we're just to damned dumb to be able to think for ourselves .

      • Steven Farmer

        I am not a troll, I am a gun owner, a CCW carrier, and an avid supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. I will make no apologies for only using arguments that are supported by the facts. Romney has a history of anti-gun legislation and Obama has a history of allowing me to carry my guns in places I was previously unable to. Dislike Obama if you must, but, stop spouting BS that has no factual basis. Stop supporting Romney simply because you dislike Obama so much. If your main concern really is gun ownership, then Obama has a better record, plain and simple.

        • Alan_T

          Steven Farmer , if you're not a Troll , you seriously need your meds adjusted , if you really expect anyone to believe that nonsense you are spouting ! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Bill K

    You have to make the decision, but you know where Obama/Holder and that bunch stand. Romney at least may give the private ownership of firearms a fair and decent run. Only if the person is a felon or has a criminal record should they be not allowed to own or posess. I think he would support the 2nd Ammendment and legal ownership.

  • Gun toten Dem

    I support the president. NRA Wayne may not like him but frankly the NRA radical political stands have for the second time in my life dropped my membership. If anyone said these things about GWB they would cry how you can talk about our Commander and Chief while or troops are in the field. The President also signed a law allowing CC on Amtrak. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own set of facts.

    • Outlaw

      After the election if Barry wins you can change your name to "used to be a guntoten Dem". Thanks for no longer supporting the only association that fights to allow both you and I (even though you detest them) freedom to own any gun that you would like. Just where do you think gun laws would be withoout the NRA? Ddo you truly believe that we would be better off without them fighting for us? If you do then I pity you and you deserve what you get just don't try to take me down with you.

      • ZWH

        Outlaw, you're speaking more from demogogary than objective facts. I think at the end of the day, gun laws are going to stay basically the same under Obama or Romney. I give the NRA credit for what they've accomplished but their highly polarizing rectoric is a going to limit their continued growth. We need to see a more balanced issue-based approach instead of a one-party strategy.

    • Alan_T

      Must be the weekend , the Liberal Trolls are out in force .
      Maybe you can answer a serious question for me , what do you and your leftist pals really hope to accomplish by coming here Gun toten Dem ? ….. and why do you guys always have to make up such absurd names for yourselves , do actually think that anyone believes that you are in fact a " gun toting Democrat " ? Democrat , assuredly , but gun toting ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Jamie Santos

        I believe you Alan about liberal trolls after I seen what you said and went to the texas dad page. Hell half these guys sound like the same guy using diferent names

        • Alan_T

          Thanks Jamie , I've brought that up in the past , that these people all show up at approxamately the same time and they sound like either they are the same person using different names or they are all reading off of the same script .

    • Raymond Beach

      So how do you support AN AMERICAN HATING MUSLIM AND THE FIRST ORARATANG .If he gets a second term he will DESTROY AMERICA.When he makes the ILLEGALS,SPICS LEGAL,it will cost this country BILLIONS

      • Scobie

        Raymond, I think your sheet is showing. Using racists language does nothing to prove anything beyond being an inbred redneck.

    • Roy P.

      The strange thing about democrats is their double standard when it comes to breaking laws and covering it up. I remember them raking Nixon over the coals because his boys broke in to find out campaign strategies (big crime, right?) Yet Obama stonewalls the investigation into Holder giving 2000 guns to the Mexican drug cartels and everybody thinks it's perfectly normal. What about Clinton committing perjury under oath in front of Congress? The democrats claim it was okay because he was lying about personal things. Tell that to the non-presidential folks in prison for perjury. Lying is lying, regardless of the underlying issue. Lying under oath is a crime. Supplying guns to the bad guys is a crime…period. Need more facts? I've got plenty.

  • Steve

    Fast and Furious appears to be nothing but an attempt to create incidents on the Mexican side of the border with US-purchased guns to strengthen the argument for gun control but the Government got caught. The last leaked Trade memo from the White House shows they are relinquishing US sovereignty to international tribunals, courts and the UN.
    Romney as President will be a non-event and will probably not push gun control. Let's invade Canada again and we can make one part of the US/Canada pro-gun and the other ant-gun and let everyone pick their side. In 20 years, we pro-gunners can take back the welfare. crime-ridden anti-gun area…we'll probably be invited in.

  • Paul R. Moore

    One thing that was not mentioned is the fact that the next President may get to appoint one or two new Supreme Court Justices, and that can be very important, After all that last case we all loved was still only a 5 to 4 vote. That is close and one or two librals appointed can mean a big difference.

    • Outlaw

      Yes, and after the two choices that Barry has already made what do they think we are going to get. More Kagan's just what we need to set our Judicial policy.

  • big dog

    There must be a provision in the Book of Morman that says it is ok to lie if you are running for any governmental positition because Romney in nothing but a big fat liar

    • Jay

      Out of all the bs I have seen, you take the cake, using his own religion to do what? Maybe you are the liar. His religion is his business and not yours.

    • CWP Holder

      If you are going to bring up the Book of Morman you better also bring up the Koran which you muslim president thinks is the greatest book ever written. It plainly states that it is ok to lie to anyone who is not a muslim believer if you heart is tru to allah. Obummer bowing to the king of saudia arabia proves he is a muslim as that is required of all muslims when they meet him. Also a muslim does not take his wife to a muslim country when he is on an official visit. That is why she came home from France when obummer was going to saudia arabia and turkey. If he gets to push is muslim agenda and you no longer have a Constitution to protect you they you will be wishing the Book of Morman had won the election…..

      • matt

        Cwp I hope you're sterile

        • Alan_T

          I hope you're sterile matt . See ? that was just as intelligent as what YOU said matt .

    • Alan_T

      Why , yes there is Big Dog , how astute of you to notice !
      It's the same provision that says it's ok for Liberal Trolls like YOU TO LIE . But in your case you're not only a big fat liar , you're a bigot !

  • breamfisher

    Let's see, 18 total paragraphs.
    2 introductory.
    6 rationalizing Romney's prior actions.
    7 talking about Pres. Obama, recapping what's happened under Obama, and pontificating on what might happen.
    1 forecasting what could happen if Romney wins.
    1 talking about the public's perceptions of gun laws.
    1 giving an idea of what Romney should focus on.

    Not a great article. They never develop the idea that is central to the title: Romney is the better choice.

  • Jason Brdges

    Both can be bought and neither wants to piss off the patriot nut cakes like yourselves. I own and love guns and subscribe to Guns and Ammo but this article is garbage. The NRA paid to have this article pander to the "conservative" by being anti-Obama because they know the profile of the average gun loving, Fox New watching type.

    Obama is not anti-gun, he can't be, he already has to deal with all the bigots blocking every pro-America bill and every "don't tread on me" flag waving "American". If he put in place legislation to limit gun ownership, people of all walks of life in America would be pissed, not just the conservatives and "red necks".

    This is another example of corporations and big money making the blue collar, "red neck" folk, think that they are on their side. If you make 30-70K a year, what can a "conservative" politician do for you other than limit your children's education, healthcare and your income? Seriously, answer that. I make a six figure income and they can do nothing for me so what are they doing for Joe critter working in the auto part factory for 19K a year that for some reason votes republican…You guys are nuts…lol

    • Guest

      At least we aren't voting for a commie. Why don't you just move to China?

  • Joe

    I am amazed at the number of sissified twits who want to continue to live under Obama's Marxist dictatorship. Obama is a Constitution trashing freedom hater. Romney is not a great choice but he's not Obama!

    • Roy P.

      By the way, Obama took an oath of office which states "to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic", yet he thwarts the words and the intent of the document at every opportunity. Same for his crony on the Supreme Court, Ginsburg (taker of the same oath). Didn't she say in open forum that Egypt should not pattern their constitution after ours, thus denigrating it, but after South Africa's. BTW, South Africa is now leading all sovereign countries in the per capita gun-related murder rate.

    • Scobie

      Please explain how the United States is a dictatorship?

  • Breeze

    None of them are any good. Both lie, both don't care about the citizens. Both want to be dictators. The Congress critters have no balls. WE THE PEOPLE need to take back OUR Country, and voting isn't working. ARM YOURSELVES!

  • Jason Brdges

    Commie? What are 90yrs old, is this 2012 or not……

    Marxist? This your new buzz word that you learned from Rush or Fox…..

    What a bunch of lemmings….Your what this country needs, easily influenced drones…oh, and I do vote

    @Breeze, I agree and alot of people are armed, from all walks of life…

    • Alan_T

      Geez Jason it must be wonderful to be you ! You're not nearly as illiterate as some Liberal Trolls !
      But , seriously Jason , do you really believe that you are going to win people's hearts and minds coming here , spewing your insults or are you just so full of hate that it doesn't matter ?

  • His Disciple

    I rarely post to comment boards, but this is one article/conversation that I can't bring myself to ignore. I understand why many stand behind Obama and why others support Romney. But looking at the history of both candidates leads me to trust neither of the two. People argue Obama is pro-gun. You obviously haven't paid attention to his position while in the Illinois government. He has approximately the same record as Romney does in Mass. It's foolish to count either as pro-gun. I do believe Obama had some knowledge of Fast and Furious and that he would be less likely to be concerned about the views of gun owners in a second term. But that in no way process Romney to be the better of the pair. I am a proud gun owner and son of a veteran, but I am not going to jeopardize my values to ensure I can buy & keep firearms. I thoroughly believe a disarmed nation is one bound for anarchy, but that is only one topic on a long list that concerns me when determining who I vote for to run our nation. Post all you want. I've said my piece and will not revisit this topic. God bless you all no matter your stance.

  • Alarm!

    Lot of vitriol here, but hey it is politics after all. It is fairly ridiculous to paint either candidate as pro gun but Romney as President is far less likely to endorse gun control than Obama. I am cynical enough to believe that the election will be won by the best liar and that President Obama has, aside from some sneaky end run attempts, been biding his time on Gun control. Obama is the kinda guy who will buy you lunch with your credit card and pretend he is doing you a favor or rob the bank and give the kid by the door a lollipop and a pat on the head on his way out the door.

    I don't know Romney and don't know if he will be a significant improvement, but after 3+ years of Obama's deceptive maneuvering, government takeovers and trillion dollar deficits I'm willing to give him a chance.

    • Albert

      I 'll have to go with you on that !

      Big A

  • worryfree

    The ignorance on display here is phenomenal! You'd think gun manufacturers would want another Obama term- look what the false fear generated did to sell guns in 2008! I am a liberal with a CCW. I have not seen anything happen to restrict my rights- only the price of ammo go up due to false fears generated by the NRA and others.
    So who do we believe? Romney who was anti gun in Mass but now claims to be pro gun or Obama who was anti gun in Illinois but now is pro gun (or at least hasn't restricted any rights)??

  • Jeepers Creepers

    Special interest is why Mr. Obama did not put any new anti gun laws into law. The first 4 years he took alot of money from a billionare that is trying to be Donald Trump of the gun Manufacturing industry. This time Mr. Obama turned down this money. So plan ahead becuase Mr. Obama does.

  • Dan The Man

    Obama has kept a low profile on his anti-gun agenda in his first term because he knows he'd hurt his chance for a second term if he didn't. He does have Hillary Clinton working behind the scenes to attempt to get the UN's small arms treaty passed. If you think that isn't anti-gun you must be on bath salts. He also prevented the importation of surplus M1 Garands that would have gone to the Department of Civilian Marksmanship. He considered them assault weapons. During his time as legislator in Illinois he voted for every anti-gun bill that he could. Romney is not a gun enthusiast, but he'll tow the party line.

    • fotomat1

      obama has virtually no understanding of firearms concerning automatic, semi-automatic, even single shot rifles and pistols; the M1 is a semi-automatic and not an automatic weapon which fires continuously if the shooter keeps the trigger in this firing mold; all true assault weapons have a choice of semi-auto or full auto but the anti-gun crowd considers semi-autos as assault weapons, i.e., colt ar 15 and similar designs.

  • TruthN'Justice76

    The bottom line is both parties are powermad and corrupt. Until people start electing third party candidates, and the republicrats start losing their stranglehold on power, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Both parties will continue to slowly take away our freedom and money.

    • John

      100% right on!

  • Uncle Smoky

    Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that Obama is no fan of the Second Amendment. He chose Eric Holder to be Attorney General, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, and appointed two left-leaning Supreme Court Justices. As for Mitt Romney, he has a long history of anti-gun positions. He is also the biggest liar to come on the political scene since Bill Clinton; evidenced by the fact that he has been on both sides of just about every major political issue there is. Anyone who imagines that voting for a weasel like Mitt Romney is a “No Brainer” clearly has no brains to begin with. You cannot protect the Second Amendment by supporting an anti-gun candidate. There is a better choice: VOTE LIBERTARIAN and send both the Democrats and the Republicans a message. Gary Johnson, a libertarian with a rock solid pro gun record, has secured a place on the ballot in all 50 states.

  • Alan_T

    I am not now , nor have I ever been a politcal fan of Mitt Romney , However , given the fact that he is running against Chairman ….. I MEAN ….. President Obama there's not even a question of me NOT voting for Mr . Romney . I seriously believe that should the current President be re elected and he tries to impliment the " gun cotrol " he promised the " Brady Bunch " ( which he will ) , it will start a civil war that will tear this country apart .

  • Steve.

    Quit drinking that right wing extremist kool aid, the Dems are not goning to take ALL your guns away! The second amendment gives the right to bear arms, so no one will ever take all your guns away. I come from a long line of hunters and shooters and I like guns and I like gun control. Handguns, shotgung, rifles are great but when you get to the "assault rifles" I draw the line. I'm not saying vote for Romney or vote for Obama, To me…. social security, medicare, abortion, jobs, economy are most inportant in and election than "kool aid". Just my opinion.

    • guest

      hey dumbass, how can you like guns and gun control. thats like saying you like drinking alchohol and prohibition. and an assault weapon is a fully automatic weapon that the military uses, not a semi-auto .223. DUMBASS

      • Steve.

        I see your a typical right wing extremist slandering someone who has a different opinion. Keep up the good work!!! LMAO!

    • Alan_T

      Thats because YOU have been drinking the left wing extremist Kool – Aid , Steve .
      If the Second Amendment falls , as shurely as night follows day , the First Amendment will fall right after and THEN the U . S . Constitution won't be worth the match it would take to set it on fire ! And we won't have to worry about Social Security , Medicare , Abortion , Jobs , the Economy OR YOUR OPINION !

    • Walt

      Any treaty approved by the senate & enacted takes precedence over the Constitution, so the 2nd Amendment will be null & void when the Dems push the UN treaty through. If you don't know what you're talking about, don't talk. Or are you just trying to mislead people into believing your twisted logic?

      • Alan_T

        He's a " Troll " Walt , he's not interested in the truth .

    • Charles

      Steve may own guns but knows nothing about ballistics. A rifle of a common hunting caliber is much more pwerful and dangerous than those of the tactical calibers. I've been shot by an AK47 and survived. A big game hunting caliber would have surely delivered a fatal injury.

    • fotomat1

      gun control restricts our 2nd amendment freedom rights and I think obama will try to circumvent it by establishing restrictive laws without the approval of congress or at least tax ammo sales that the average shooter cannot afford.

  • grrg63

    I have no illusions about Obama defending the 2nd Amendment, but I have no illusions about Romney & the money grubbing nra either.

    • ARsrule

      So just what is your point or do you have one? That "money grubbing" pales in comparrasion to the amounts being spent trying to take away our second ammendment rights. If it weren't for those "money grubbers" in the NRA do you think we would still be able to own firearms in the USA? I don't think so. Without their support and the organization that they provide we would all be at the mercy of criminals, elected or otherwise.

      • Razor Ray

        Now, if the voters of America really wanted reform they would vote "None Of The Above" this go around and would instead write in the name of the only individual who is as pro-American freedoms as anything the NRA, the GOP and the Dems could dream up. That would be LIBERTARIAN, GARY JOHNSON.

        • ARsrule

          Like Ron Paul he is good and has good ideals but not enough people have heard of him because the liberal media is scared to death of anyone who would really reform the government. I am no Romney fan don't like a whole lot about him but compared to the other choice….. Well what choice do we have? It has to be Romney if this country is going to be something we can live in in 2013.
          It's a shame that we don't have good choices for elected officials as it seems to be a profession that is going to the dregs of society and no good person would take the job and be subjected to the crap that it entails.

  • pat

    This is only my thought but didn't we get rid of an dictator by the name of HUSSEIN with the loss of some fine military personal and some of the civilian personal from his own country to keep our freedom,amry veteran.

  • John

    From Rommeny website,
    Mitt strongly supports the right of all law-abiding Americans to exercise their constitutionally protected right to own firearms and to use them for lawful purposes, including hunting, recreational shooting, self-defense, and the protection of family and property.
    There is no info from President Obama's website on guns.

    Take you pick!

    • Alan_T

      Thanks for the input John .
      Mmmmmmmmmm lemme think ……… lemme think . This is such a hard decision …… oh what to do , what to do ….. Ummmmmm … uh ….. geeeeeeezz ….. uh …. WAIT ! I know , I know … I PICK ROMNEY !
      Huh ? ……why that wasn't so hard after all ! ! !

      • John

        Well it’s a free Nation I guess so go on and keep tripping balls.

        • Alan_T

          John …….. you really should pay closer attention , son and …….
          It's just not considered good form , old sport .

          • john

            Just that you’re typing says otherwise.

          • Alan_T

            John , I don't understand how you arrived at your conclussion that me picking Romney is somehow at odds with you , but …….. okay , suit yourself .
            Best of luck John .

          • Guest

            His typing says otherwise? That guy was being funny and was agreeing with you

          • John

            Sorry I got Asperger's syndrome

  • Ken B

    This is why the military supports Ron Paul and not Romney or Obama…. because he's the only one that would actually be a true voice for the 2nd Amendment.

    • Charles

      A vote for Ron Paul only splits the anti Mohamed Obozo vote and ensures a Obozo reelection.

    • Razor Ray

      Wrong! He is a Republican with Libertarian leanings. GARY JOHNSON, on the other hand, as a write in candidate would be the ONLY "no compromise" 2A candidate who also believes in ALL THINGS AMERICA…

  • Mark

    Address Gun Violence in Cities: Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.


  • ARsrule

    All you members of the Obama re-election comitee must be getting fearful of the way your candidate continues to plumet in the polls due to his stance on, on….. well everything. If you think getting on a gun magazine web page and promoting your candidate will sway thoose of us who "truly love firearms" with your polution you are more desperate than I first imagined. Go somewhere where your opinions are wanted like, like….. anywhere but here. Those of us "crazies" as you portray us know what Barry's true stance on firearms is, no matter what you all are shoveling. If some of you you call yourselves "true gun lovers" are really blinded by his charm that badly I really feel sorry for you, but mostly I feel sorry for our country if you are conned enough to waste your vote on him due to your ignorance of his true intentions.

  • ZWH

    Since there doesn't seem to be any solid reason to be for Romney (other than because he's not Obama), I'd really like to see G&A do a substantive article on why Obama is such a bad choice for gun owners. I don't buy the NRA's line on Fast & Furious, and other than a few vague, off-hand remarks I simply don't see any evidence supporting the idea that Obama is a threat to Second Amendment liberties.

    • John

      A quote form Mark Address Gun Violence in Cities: Obama and Biden would repeal the Tiahrt Amendment, which restricts the ability of local law enforcement to access important gun trace information, and give police officers across the nation the tools they need to solve gun crimes and fight the illegal arms trade. Obama and Biden also favor commonsense measures that respect the Second Amendment rights of gun owners, while keeping guns away from children and from criminals. They support closing the gun show loophole and making guns in this country childproof. They also support making the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban permanent.

      Sound like a threat on the 2nd Amedndemt

  • Ryan

    its really sad to think that the only choices we have for a president are Obama and Romney, i dont know alot about politics and dont understand very much of it. But this is my 2 cents, I think Ron Paul would have been are best bet for President for more reasons than just the 2nd amendment.

  • Bob Palombo

    Romney is a rich boy who dose not have his hand on the pulse of the middle class , but you can bet he will have his hand in our pockets .His track record speaks volumes of how he promised the people of Mass. Look at the mess he left everyone holding their hands on their asses. He will walk all over the little guy if we let him . I do know that Obama at least is trying his very best, The Romney's of this world will keep the middle class under his thumb,. I was not sure who I would want at the beginning but I am now.

  • Pat Riot

    I cannot believe the ignorance on this board. Obama and Clinton are about to sign our Second Amendment rights away to the UN on July 27th. Google and research….. UN Arms Trade Treaty. Obama has been anti-gun from day one, has never served military, has given military secrets away and is anti-Christian and very Pro-Muslim. George Soros has Obama as his puppet and don't much more evil than that man. Get your heads out of your arses before it is too late. Romney may not be the best choice, but you'd rather not vote, or worse yet give us 4 more years of Obama???? The 10% clinging to Ron Paul are living in a fantasy.

    • fotomat1

      the u.n cannot usurp our sacred constitution no matter if this draconian law is passed by that corrupt anti-american body of boobs, liars and scroundels; hillary and obama ought to be tried as traitors for supporting it.

    • Rob Dalton

      <sarcasim>And don't forget, That "Muslim" has a Jew as his VP.
      And who killed Jesus? THE JEWS.</sarcasim>
      The" Zombie Apocalypse" has already started.
      *disclaimer' I am neither Dem. nor Rep. I'm awake*

  • Jim

    Romney will say and do anything to get elected. No one knows not even Romney what he believes. Gun rights are important but no more than getting a national health care system, or keeping schools open or a number of other important things. Romney under his company outsourced many American jobs. It was legal but was it moral? Romney has been on every side of every issue. He stands for one thing and one thing only and thats Mitt Romney. He was for Gay equality now says he is against it, he was for the national health care law before he was against it, he was for a womans right to choose before he was against it. What Romney is for depends on what Romney wants, if he wants something from China he is Communist, if he wants something form the tea baggers he is pro gun, if he wants to be Gov. of Mass then is is a liberal, as Huntsman said he is a perfectly greased weather vein.

  • C.J.

    Yeah, yeah, both sides are liars and cheats. I'm sick and tired of hearing that. Being an involved American Citizen requires you to make choices after reviewing all the pertinent facts. You have to read between the lines of these letters. When you read something like; 'this(fill in the blank) allows me to do this', those are not the thoughts of a true patriot. The writings of these types(ie;Steven Farmer) should be disregarded.

  • Guest

    What a moron.

  • Alan_T

    So Brad ….. do you enjoy making yourself appear foolish ?
    Or is that in real life you are so impotent you have to come here to vent your rage ? In either case you're just wasting your and our time .

  • guest

    brad, look what obama has done in illinois as a senator. if he gets elected for a second term, just watch what he does.

  • Steve D

    So Brad when your siting in your momma's basement, do you wear one of them Guy Fawkes masks or do you just wear it when you read your Playgirl? LOL

  • i hate brad

    brad you are an idiot. a federal agent, an American, was killed with one of those guns allowed to walk in fast and furious. you want that every day of the week and twice on sunday? idiot.

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