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G&A Man on the Street: What’s Your Ultimate Zombie Gun?

by G&A Online Editors   |  July 10th, 2012 39

Zombie shooters love firepower, and the world’s biggest zombie shoot is the perfect opportunity to showcase your various forms of zombie repellant. While walking between ranges at Outbreak Omega 5, sponsored by DPMS Panther Arms, we were able to get a look at a wide variety of guns, from AKs to 1911s, hunting to tactical.

Of course, the gun we have may not necessarily be the gun we’ve dreamed about owning; if that were the case, we’d all be driving ATVs with mounted Browning machine guns. So we asked some fellow zombie slayers what their ultimate zombie gun might be. Be it practical or completely outlandish, every answer came down to the bottom line: if it hurts, it works.

Check out the video, and be sure to let us in on your favorite brain-splattering tool.

  • Wayne Fincke

    My Springfield XDm .45 w/ my 6-3 round extention mags…that's 17 rounds of .45acp with one in the tube guys!

  • Nutty Ned

    A 610 with .40 zombe

  • SamF1911

    Ruger Model 10/22 .22LR

    • Cory

      You're lunch. My understanding is you have to destroy the brain first shot every time, not just put a little hole in it – IF your .22 doesn't happen to just glance off the skull at the wrong angle.

      • SamF1911

        That's a common misconception some people seem to have about the .22 LR but with a 40gr. bullet pushing 1300fps. and 130 ft-lbs of energy I feel pretty good about my choice in the trusty Ruger 10/22. Thanks for your concern.

    • randybill

      good choice. the lowly 22lr will penetrate (contrary to the other posters opinion) skulls and the ammo is lightweight so you can carry lots of ammo.

      • SamF1911

        Thanks Randybill.

    • Zombie Master

      The 22LR is great round fast and light. It is by far the most common round in the world so it can be found almost anywhere. 22LR is plenty if you can shoot aim small miss small.

      • SamF1911

        That's the best part about the .22 LR. You can shoot all day honing ones marksmanship skills and not break the bank.

        • Brandon

          But will the .22LR prepare you to handle the recoil on other rounds with a higher charge?

          • SamF1911

            The short answer is yes. If one follows the rules/fundamentals of marksmanship the recoil shouldn't matter. That being said if you pick a .458 Lott double rifle as your "zombie gun" of choice and find yourself flinching in anticipation you'll yank the trigger and miss your shot. You just have to learn how to let recoil happen.

  • Ted R. Weaver

    Definitely my 50 Beowolf! No doubt about it. Blow the head clean off!

  • RICK B.


  • Dale

    A good Sig Sauer 1911 .45ACP with plenty of magazines!

  • Texas Proud

    Shoot, I just keep tossing yankees at them, they either get full or start throwing up.

  • G. Geier

    I've yet to see a set standardized definition of what a Zombie is, isn't, and capable of. I seem to remember movies where they kept coming even after decapitated, and severed arms and hands were still animated and capable of grabbing onto a victim. They were supposed to be dead and unstoppable by bullets. Being dead, you wouldn't think they needed sustenance, but they usually seem to have an unquenchable hunger, especially for human flesh. That would make me think they had a working digestive system, as well as functioning organs that needed fuel to keep going, in which case impairing any of those vital organs with a well placed shot should kill them the same as any other human. I guess to be on the safe side, a flame-thrower or something like an M-79 loaded with White Phosphorous grenades would be your best bet, as I don't think I've ever seen a movie where the cremated ever came back to do any mischief..

    • Brandon

      I believe the invincible zombies you speak of are either the Voodoo Zombi, or the corpse mobs from "Return of the Living Dead". They aren't realistic at all, but undeath is an idea of fiction, and thus open for interpretation. So if the zombies do turn out to be impossible to kill, then we should round them up and execute a mass incineration. Local militias should also post a watch troop on the major cemeteries, and handle fresh zombies as you would.

  • Jeff Chan

    Are you kidding?? For me, it's the Remington 887 Nitro Mag Tactical hands down!
    Light weight, low recoil, any weather, any size 12ga shell, high capacity, reliable, low maintenance, room for flashlight, and tactical muzzle breacher to get into locked rooms! ;) They really thought of everything for this one.

  • G. Geier

    Are you kidding? If you start feeding them, they'll never go away!

  • Tim-LV

    M1. Best battlefield implement ever made.

  • Alan_T

    My Winchester ' 97 12 gauge pump ( original ) with it's 20 " barrel . I can hold the trigger back and it fires as fast as I can pump it ( J. M . Browning designed it that way ) it's faster than any auto I've ever seen !
    Of course I haven't seen EVERY AUTO , but Like Curley said , " ….. Day ain't over yet " .

    • Brandon

      Curly couldn't have said it better!

  • jeepers creepers

    A Bolt action 50 BMG would be nice. Nothing like a large fast moving projectile to mess up a dead persons day. There would not be much that they could hide behind. But for close fighting the DESERT EAGLE 50 A.E. would do fine. Or the BFR.

    • Ross

      Zombies don't hide behind things, as they lack the comprehension to attempt to protect themselves. The only place a .50 BMG would prove a good choice is if you were holed up on a rooftop or upper story window. Even then, the ammo is so heavy you wouldn't be able to carry much if you needed to move in a hurry. I'd say a .308, .30-06, or even 7.62 x 39 would be sufficient firepower and you'd be able to carry plenty on your person.

      Which brings me to my choice of firearm, my 1954 Tula SKS. It may not have the mag capacity of an AK, but it is arguably more accurate, easy to carry, insanely durable, and I could use the mounted bayonet in CQ if needed. Not to mention I could find ammunition of every corner of the earth..

      • old vet

        Not a bad choice Ross. Although they look a bit tacky the old Chinese chest pouch full of ten round strippers would not be a bad idea either.

    • BOLO

      jeepers your a cat puke

  • Redman1183

    My favorite gun would be whichever one was available with plenty of ammo. Just like shootin' prairie dogs, whatever you can hit em with is the right caliber.

  • Redman1183

    But, then again, from a practical viewpoint. I'd second the 10/22. I love that little gun. Lightweight, ammo everywhere and you could carry a bunch of it. Find a high defensible position and just throw lead for hours.

  • Chad Ridler

    I'm sticking with my Marlin 39a golden mountie. Lever Action has been100% reliable, with the "Sweet 22" scope it's very easy to go from 25 yards out to 150 if needed, holds 15 + 1 and reloads fairly easy, can carry thousands of rounds with you, and can also be used to get squirrels for food which are one of the few edible "wild game" available to almost everybody in every location. and I'm guessing cory has never seen the numerous "coconut tests" that are floating around. people love shooting coconuts with a 22.

  • Don Bailey

    Probably the Springfield XD 9mm with plenty of back up magazines. The reason being that the ammo is plentiful and reasonably priced. The 9mm XD is very smooth shooting, it easy to transition between magazines, and the ammunition is light enough that you can carry a great deal of it without feeling like you are carrying a rucksack full of bricks.

  • oldmanr

    I am glad to see that G&A made to the shoot!! I hope that my earlier post about it was what got you boys out of your chairs and into action. Favorite Zombie popper…..That is tough… I really like all of my firearms and anyone of them if used correctly would do just fine..Mostly I tend to be moving towards using a Model of 1917 Rem, backed up with my model 28 S&W.Casting my own bullets I can shoot darn near foreverwith a few pounds of powder and several K of primers. Hope to see you next year.

  • David

    My AK47 underfolder with 75 round drum. And, numerous 30 round sticks as back-up.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Mack's Ultimate Zombie Guns (this is always fun)

    Primary: Ruger GSR Bolt Action .308 with 10rd mag, iron sights, and flashlight. Need scope and silencer.
    Secondary: Sig SP2022 in .40S&W with 12rd mag & laser
    Tertiary: Secret for a reason lol

    Dream Gun Primary: CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62×39 with 5rd mag, 3-9×40 scope, flashlight, and silencer
    Dream Gun Secondary: HK MP5 9mm with 32rd mag, red dot sight, flashlight, and silencer
    Dream Gun Tertiary: Beretta M9 9mm with 15rd mag and silencer

  • Matt

    Definitely my Marlin 336 .30-30, simply for the fact that ammo won't be hard to find, it will put a zombie down, and it's quick and easy to reload.

    • Charles

      Finally someone with some common sense, why go hi tech that just means more to go wrong. Have you ever had issues with a lever action jamming. I doubt it

  • Brandon

    It seems that almost all projectile arms will do their job in a zombie apocalypse. Heck, if the corpses don't rise as the rabid cannibals from "28 Days Later" or the 2008 "Dawn of the Dead" remake, I could pass as an exterminator with a 2-shot derringer or a snubnose.

    Yet I must consider that walking up behind some zombie and feeding the brain a lead pea gets boring after a while, and a knife to the old Medulla obloncata will get exhausting. So one may consider: (a) using yourself as a lure to attract zombies into homegrown traps of mass execution; (b) practice using melee weapons (swords, spears, axes, hatchets, halberds, blunt objects, etc.); (c) round up and isolate them in a desolate place where they can starve; or (d) rig up some vehicles and run over the smelly bastards. Muskets would be an entertaining challenge, and a good way to train the reckless or those unfamiliar with firearms (keep idiots from wasting ammo).

    • Chad Ridler

      you might have hit on a million dollar idea there brandon. electronic zombie call.
      * wounded male
      * wounded female
      * children at play
      * fat person trying to catch his breath

      Maybe even a mannequin with realistic movement ???

  • corn_field_sniper

    My great-grandpa's 12 gauge double barrel

  • Jeff

    AK 12, It can switch between 5.45×39, 5.56×45 and 7.62×39. You can find stock piles of 5.45, everyone in the world will be running after ammo, especially .22 5.56 and 7.62×39 and x51. Its good to have a few choices in one weapon. I say hell no to pistols, you are letting them get to close, get some stand off. Some may say "what about weight?" What about it? I've humped a 240B and L and an m4 as a dismount, one rifle with a couple of parts is nothing.

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