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15 Best Guns of the James Bond Films

by Dylan Polk   |  October 27th, 2012 38

Any gun nut who doesn’t readily admit to loving James Bond is either in denial or living under a rock. Every Bond film is a cavalcade of firepower, a plethora of pistols, rifles and shotguns, old and new. Beyond Bond’s witticisms—and of course, his way with the ladies—007’s arsenal is really what keeps us coming back to the theater.

So with his latest film, Skyfall, just around the corner, we here at G&A thought it appropriate to go over our 15 favorite Bond guns. For the sake of practicality, we’ll leave out the more outlandish guns; no lasers, car guns, and no, not even the famous Golden Gun on this list. What follows is a roundup of the coolest real-life guns used by 007 throughout his adventures.

  • J Baldwin

    What no AR-7?

    • old vet

      Good call, if you listen closely Bond's AR7 was in .25, and he used it to bring down a helicopter! Quite a feat.

      • John

        Someone told me Bond brought down a helicoptor with the Henry US Survival 22

        • old vet

          Same gun, many years later, different manufacturerer. Armalite original maker. Since Bonds was "British" it was supposedly .25.

    • mikebike

      I totally agree.

  • DetroitMan

    The Bren was a Czechoslovakian design that was licensed by the British. It's a great gun and deserves its place in the list, but it wasn't a British design.

    • dylan_polk

      Good point, edits made. Thanks for the heads up.

  • thomas

    that weird sniper rifle from license to kill but no p99?

  • J.B fan

    Well he had an update Walther P99 which he used from Tomorrow Never Dies switching from is old PPK. Pervious Bond to the latest he uses 2 Walther PPKs the U.S made PPK/S

    • Dirty Devan

      That the Walther PPK/S is U.S made. Walther guns is always 007 trademark

  • William

    I just picked up a PPQ which is based on the P99. I love the pistol. Chambered in .40 with a light trigger pull. Never thought I would own a DA only handgun, but I am glad I went with the PPQ.

  • TKG

    Okay, some discrepancies in the slideshow:

    The Walther P38 and the Luger are not that similar in design (toggle vs. moving slide).
    The Sterling was never in 7.62 Nato

    • mikebike

      I agree.
      The P08 and the P38 are less similar than the AR-15 and the AK47!

  • Dave Buck

    While I have carried the SMG C1A1 – the licence-produced Canadian version of the Sterling SMG – for many years and fired many thousands of 9 x 19 mm rounds through them, I must confess I have never heard of a Sterling in 7.62 x 51 mm NATO, in British (or anybody else's) service. While there was such a design, as far as I can tell it was never actually put into production.

  • Greybeard

    I guess we've all forgotten that "today's" James Bond, (the actor playing him), stated during the filming of his first Bond film, " I hate guns, it makes me sick to even handle one". I guess the $$ he's getting helped him get over his phobia's.

  • Pete

    The Street Sweeper has been classified as a destructive device, but the Saiga 12 gauge has a 20 round drum available and is considered as of this writing to be merely a shotgun.

    • AvtomatiK

      Youre right, thats cause the rotating drum isnt part of the gun. With those others the rotating drum is an integral part of the gun.

  • Michael Morouney

    they also left out the MBA Gyrojet from "you only live twice"

  • Sam Cristophers

    Does anyone remember "reading" the first Bond book? If you do, or just like to do fun research, you will find that Flemming actually has James bemoaning having to relinquish his "favorite" handgun in the name of international "partnership" after WWII. He did not carry a PPK during the war. His favorite was the 1934 Berretta. I own one, I know how he felt. I prefer it to both the post WWII PPK .32 and the PPK/S .380 that I own. Much better point gun than either.

    • Mark

      I am glad you remember the P-34. There was much made of Bond being forced to give up the Italian pistol for the German piece in a post-war world.

      • Sam Cristophers

        As I said, I completely agree with him. The '34 although a "pocket pistol" is much more on point in a quick situation than the Walther. If it wasn't so old and in such good condition, it would be my "go to town" concealed carry. As it is, I carry an LCP .380 because the '34 is just too special to risk.

        • old vet

          So glad you all mentioned the Beretta. It was originally Bond's go to pistol. Always thought it was much more "pugnatious" than the Walther.

  • TPD

    The AR-7 did not down the villain's helicopter, it merely wounded the arm in which hand he was holding a hand grenade with the pin removed. He dropped the grenade, couldn't find it in time, BOOM!

    • old vet

      Ok, but the end result was the thing came down, due to a well aimed shot.

  • 4n6 Rule

    Even though the PPK is THE classic Bond gun, many of the early movie posters had Bond's silhouette holding up a Walther .177 pellet pistol while dancers gyrated in the background. I can't remember the model, but it was a single shot, break top air pistol with match sights and an optional barrel weight. I believe it was a pellet pistol intended for the 10 meter matches. I had one for a few years but was too young to fully appreciate what I had. That pistol, even though it was never in a movie, will always be the Bond pistol in my mind. The suggestiveness of the long sleek barrel was probably a better promotion than a stubby little PPK.

    • Peter H Mussell

      I think you will find that .177 pellet pistol was a Walther LP53.

  • Chris Brosnahan

    Bond shot the guy in the helicopter (a Hiller), who dropped a grenade in the cabin – the grenade exploded and brought the aircraft down….at the time the AR7 was a new weapon not seen by the public( 1962) and thus 'exotic'…Patrick McGoohan used an AR7 in one of his early 'Danger Man' episodes on Btitish TV to escape a tight situation – it was delivered to him in a loaf of French Bread…shows the imagination of the screen writers at the time (same time frame – early 60s) – remember – no one had yet seen one in public so the scenario was 'plausible'.

  • CallaBond

    Clint Eastwood used a few Walther in some his movies. We all can remember that his Dirty Harry gun S&W 44 was use by his friend Roger Moore in Live & Let Die after his Walther was destroyed. It also appeared in the non official where Sean Connery last final Bond movie Never Say Never Again. Clint Eastwood is friend with 2 early Bonds. I read few year ago that Clint Eastwood turn down James Bond well I find that rubbish. We all glad what he with his career

  • HumbertoD

    Missing are the Beretta .25 auto, the AR-7, the Walther P-5 and P99.

  • USMC0351

    You need to fix your webpages so they display correctly in Mozilla Firefox. It only displays in the far right side of the screen with no ability to scroll to see it.

    • old vet

      Works fine with firefox for me. Do you have something strange with your "screen settings?"

    • Fed up with liberals

      I use Waterfox…the 64 bit version of Firefox and this page displays fine. You may want to check your computer because its not the browser.

  • Sev… – Interview with Stuart Anderson Wheeler about his Anderson Wheeler .500 Nitro Express Double Rifle made for Skyfall.

  • Robert Johnston

    Used a "Charter Arms"-made AR-7 as my "range gun" back in 1985-1986.
    Shot pretty well–but that little bugger loathed un-coated lead bullets worse than Bush Sr, did brocolli!
    Show CCI Mini-Mag V's in it afterwards (I also kept them in my mags when it was in my bedroom, serving as my "apartment-defense" gun.

    That was one sweet weapon!

  • Jim Wargula

    ” The P38 is similar in design to the famous Luger P08″
    …Not even close! Exposed hammer, double-action vs toggle-link single-action. Different companies manufacturing. MAYBE they were both 9mm Luger in caliber, and they could fit in the same holsters.

  • Avi Hyman

    The RCP-90 from the Golden Eye video game is the best Bond gun.

  • Fed up with liberals

    They forgot the gorgeous model 29 44 magnum he used to rescue Solitare in Live and Let Die. One of my personal favorites since I own a model 629 its stainless counterpart.

  • wclardy

    What “battle-rifle version” of the Sterling SMG ever existed? Unless I’m seriously mistaken, the only Sterling-manufactured rifle was a licensed version of the AR-18/AR-180 — a 5.56mm assault rifle (or civilian-legal semi-auto carbine), not a full-size “battle rifle”.
    G&A’s staff should be professionally embarrassed by this piece. Somebody needs to do some more homework on their firearms history.

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