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Three Weapons in One: Apache Centerfire Revolver

by S.P. Fjestad   |  September 27th, 2013 11
Apache Revolver_001

Certainly one of the more interesting and unique revolvers ever manufactured, the Apache centerfire was produced in Belgium approximately around the turn of the 20th century. With folding trigger, bayonet and steel knuckle grips, this gun remains completely unique in its design.

If you’re interested in older and unusual European revolver variations, this Apache centerfire revolver might be exactly what you’re looking for. This single action six-shot is chambered for 7.6 mm cal., and when the bullet leaves the chamber, it passes through a hole on the left side of the upper frame—eliminating the need for a barrel.

This gun’s ability to protect someone isn’t just measured in firepower, however. The retractable knuckle duster grip could come in handy if a hand-to-hand fight ensues, and if that isn’t enough, the folding triangular blade can also be used for cutting and stabbing an adversary.

By folding and unfolding the components, this Apache revolver manufactured in Belgium can easily be configured as a set of steel knuckles, a trench dagger, or a bayonet-equipped revolver. With everything folded up, it will easily go into a jacket or coat pocket.

Apache Revolver_002

If MacGyver had used a gun on his TV series (he didn’t), there’s no doubt he would’ve chosen an older Apache revolver like this one shown here with its various parts folded up to get out of the many jams he always used to find himself in.

Since not a lot of Apache revolvers like this were manufactured in the early 20th century, original Apaches in this condition are both rare and desirable.

So what’s this gun worth? Even though this gun would fall under the “novelty item” classification, its rarity and superior original condition make it more expensive than you might think. Rock Island Auction Company recently sold this gun for $2,850, including the 15-percent auction premium. The collector who bought it probably feels they bought a very well preserved specimen for the amount of money spent.

Regardless of the owner and what he or she might collect, this Apache revolver is guaranteed to be a sensation in any gun room, even if it is surrounded by firearms that are a lot more expensive. And that’s exactly what novelty items like this are designed to do—create excitement and consumer interest!

Some information and images courtesy of Rock Island Auction Company. For more on rare guns like this, check out S.P. Fjestad’s Gun of the Week blog at

  • Phil McMorrow

    Now here is a weapon which was 100 years ahead of its time.

  • C. Lewis

    MacGyver once took the cylinder out of a revolver and used the frame as a pipe wrench.

  • oldironsides

    Am I confused or not. When you insert your fingers in the steel knuckles the barrel of the gun is pointed back at you. The impact of a good knockout punch could discharge the firearm.

    • raazorblade

      No, if the gun is folded up to use the knuckles the gun will be in your palm which give you more stricking power like a roll or quarters or a small bag of shot would. The barrel would be pointed either up or down….

      • oldironsides

        Thanks. Hopefully up or I wouldn’t shoot myself in the foot – again. LOL

    • 4 string troubadour

      I understand they were prone to misfire, so were usually carried with the hammer on an empty cylinder

  • im right

    Its double action so nothing would happen, the trigger folds in

    • Ur not right

      Actually article says single action. Not that it changes the outcome

  • Mazryonh

    Don’t they have rail-mounted handgun bayonets for modern handguns to try and duplicate the stabbing spike of this oddball revolver?

  • Ronin_84

    looks..uh..a bit difficult to wield… just a teeeeny bit ;)

  • ken

    its not novelty they work and are very cool most of them are in french 5mm i know someone who made one shoot 22short. the guns are very inaccurate but at 3-12 feet will kill

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