A young Frank Hamer — the legendary lawman who helped bring down the notorious Bonnie and Clyde — wears a black hat and stands tall with a Winchester Model 1894.

The ‘94 Winchester was developed by John Browning and often chambered the .30-30 cartridge, which ushered in a new era of smokeless-powder firearms.

Hamer was hired into the Ranger Service by Captain John H. Rogers, shown here sitting with a Luger pistol. Though Capt. Rogers reputedly held the semiautomatic Luger in high regard, Hamer was known to have carried a Colt SAA .45 named “Ol’ Lucky” during his career.

In this photo, taken in Del Rio, Texas, circa 1907, the Ranger-turned-Sheriff Robert Marmaduke “Duke” Hudson stands at far right, while the Ranger kneeling at far left is unidentified.

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