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10 Must-Have Handguns You Should Never Sell

by Patrick Sweeney   |  May 29th, 2013 58

Sometimes you have to cull the herd. Maybe you’re on hard times and have to sell your superfluous guns. Or, having finally retired and finding that that Tahiti doesn’t have an IPSC club, you have to settle for someplace else but don’t want to move the entire tonnage. We’ve all bought something because it was a great deal or we thought it would be cool. Heck, on one occasion I almost bought a left-handed Weatherby Mark V in .300 Weatherby Magnum, even though I’m right-handed, see no need for a .300 anything and wasn’t hunting at the time. I almost bought it because it was a beautiful rifle. If you stick in this biz, or just hang around gun clubs enough, you’ll end up with a rack of “When did I last use that?” firearms.

Sometimes you’ve got to lower the inventory. That’s what I’m talking about here. The ones that are left, the ones I’ll keep even if it means I have to walk the roads picking up deposit bottles and cans for cash. Or to put in another way, these are the handguns I want on the boat with me if I opt for a Viking funeral.

  • pkill

    Well, that’s one person’s notion of 10 Guns I would never sell either. Because I would never buy them in the first place.
    I guess this proves that the average gun owner is…of mature years.

  • Lord Skeletor

    You have *got* to be joking me. 4 or 5 “1911-style” pistols and some old-ass revolvers?
    MUST HAVE handguns that you should NEVER SELL? My God…the title of this piece should be “The content of the 70-year old author’s gun safe.” Really? 1911-style pistols which require constant service, tuning, and parts…and 30-40 year old revolvers are “never sell”? Wow. Please. 1965 is calling and they want all of their junky pistols back.
    Never sell? Hell, the average person with the IQ of a houseplant would never, EVER buy these guns.

    Leaving the Sig 226, the HK P7M8/M13, the internally suppressed Ruger Mark II/III, the Glock 17, the Glock 19, the Sig 220, the Beretta 92F/S—they all deserve a place above the crap in this article. Please…for the love of God–let the 1911 die a dignified death. Let it go—the platform in of itself simply isn’t worth (or is reliable enough) to trust your life to. They all break in the same places, the same parts all wear out, they all jam in the same manner–whether or not you paid $300. for the pistol, or $3,000. for the pistol—all for what? A single-action trigger pull? Please…if you’re that in love with a cocked, SA trigger, friggin’ manually cock the trigger on your damn SA/DA and put the safety on (or not) and be done with it. Wow. Rant concluded. Please..shelve this article…it’s THAT bad.

    • canadianfriend

      I think the author forgot about the rest of the world. My favorite is a Tokarev T33. A much maligned little gun with enough power to keep you alive at close range. No matter what or who is attacking you.

  • Felix

    Apparently my strongly worded comment was deleted. So instead of pointing out what a bad piece of writing this is for what used to be a premier publication, I’ll just say that I agree with the other commenters that have pointed out that these guns are ones you’d never sell because they are ones no one would ever own.

  • John C Sell Jr

    Yeah, I wasn’t really impressed or excited by this list. While I think everyone should own a good 1911 (or maybe even a couple), I’ve not sure I would have included that many. Same goes for the revolvers. Now, I am a revolver fan but I’m not sure about the ones listed. I would see the Colts as they are collectable (and yes, so are older S&Ws) but maybe a good Colt Python, a couple of different S&Ws to serve different purposes and then a good solid Ruger that also doubles as a club! (And I happen to love Ruger revolvers.) I can give to the Hi Point but what about a modern service pistol (Glock or M&P) and a modern compact carry gun???


    All 10 consisting of 1911s and revolvers? Like everybody else, I don’t get it either.

    I want those 5 minutes back.

  • tanstaafl2

    To each, his own – my list would be very different from Mr. Sweeney’s (though I’m not as rude about it as some other commenters). Guns are like women – it takes all different kinds to appeal to all different people. NEVER fault a man for loving what or whom he loves!

    • JEH

      BS!!! Guns are not like women. A collection of women is a lot more expensive. A good gun never lets you down. If you decide you’ve had enough fun with a gun it’s easy to eliminate and you might even make money on the exchange.

      • tanstaafl2

        Interesting – now, do you have some comments you DIDN’T get off a T-shirt?

  • Phil Simonson

    Are you kidding me?

    I know we all have are own tastes in guns, but that list is a “Here’s what I am in love with, and you should be too.”.

    How about a realistic list:

    1. 1911 in any form.
    2. Colt DA (e.g. Python or Diamondback)
    3. Beretta 92FS or M9
    4. Smith & Wesson full size DA revolver (e.g. 686 or 29)
    5. Colt SA Army pattern like a Ruger SA (e.g. Blackhawk or Vaquero)
    6. Glock (nuff said)
    7. Walther PP,PPK, PPK/S
    8. Browning High Power
    9. CZ 75
    10. Ruger DA (Speed 6, SP101, GP100)

    I know your mileage may vary, but all of these are GREAT guns and relatively affordable. I am still missing four of these, but if and when I do acquire them, I will not sell them.

    Do an article on these 10 and maybe you wouldn’t get so much crap.

    • Felix

      Nailed it. NAILED IT! Phil, pardon me while I stand up and applaud. My list of 10 would look almost exactly like yours. The only “bumpables” on your list are 9 and 10, and at that I can’t immediately think of better candidates. These are all iconic pistols.

    • BigBore

      Great minds think alike, Phil – I’ve got 7 of your 10 in my safe right now!

    • Kyle Noir

      All Phil had to say was CZ 75 and i knew that he knew his stuff, great list Phil.

    • Bob

      I think you forgot the HK P30 .40

    • Jim

      Good reply. That’s exactly the impression I got from this article – it gave “advice” that very few gun owners could relate to, as the list was somewhat redundant and included guns that were customized to the owner’s tastes. And what’s with a silver model 28???

    • bkmeis

      I’m on Phil’s bandwagon. This article had to be intentionally disputable – I cannot see someone advertising that title to those handguns. Not a well rounded point of view.

    • Mark McElhinney

      The only thing I would change is to ditch the Ruger DA for one of the big magnums (460, 500, etc.)

    • Fish

      you lost me at the Browning HP what a peice of crap better of melted for ammo

    • Rob

      1. Ruger 10/22
      2. Mossberg 500 or Remington 870
      3. 1911 of favorite brand
      4. AR-15 of favorite brand
      5. Glock 17 / M&P / XD / FNX / etc full size
      6. S&W Bodyguard / M&P Shield / Glock 42 / etc compact
      7. Savage 110 BA .308 / Remington 700 / etc 308 bolt gun
      8. Noreen ULR / Barrett / etc 50 BMG
      9. Savage Mark II FV SR 22 / Marlin XT-22 RZ / etc bolt 22lr threaded barrel
      10. Saiga S-12 / VEPR 12 / semi 12ga

      My favorite ten :)

    • all da drops

      Here are my ten custom guns, BTW I have won a lot of medals so I’m super duper cool.

  • MontePR

    A little harsh but spot on

  • ronbwolf

    Well, custom made pistols may well be “never sells,” but not necessarily “must haves.” As for some of the firearms “experts” comments, let me make an observation. Those that defame the “old time” revolvers I refer you to Jerry Mikulek, any challengers? And the Sig afficionado’s, please, nice design, well made, accurate, but an additional manual of arms for decocking that few will ever put enough time into. And the Beretta 92 etc., this is not a fishing article, so no need to mention fishing weights, which is the only use for the 92. I agree that the Glock is an outstanding pistol, and a must have, but “never sell,” there will always be another generation.

  • Felix

    I’m worried about the author’s mental health. Here’s all the articles he’s written for G&A. He has a zombie fetish

  • Pete

    This article was not my favorite, haha. It’s not really informative except about the author. So maybe a title change?

  • Tracy Thorleifson

    Well, Patrick, to each his own.

    I understand the negative comments of some posters, but I also know where Mr. Sweeney is coming from. I become attached to firearms not so much for their modernity, but because of the memories I associate with them, and their inherent aesthetics. I’ve have an old J.C. Higgins Model 88 revolver in .22 LR. It’s no beauty queen, but it was my dad’s gun before it was mine; he taught me how to shoot with it when I was 8 years old, and that little pistol was my kit gun on many a field adventure as a teenager and young man. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Likewise my 3-screw Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Mag. That was the first gun I ever bought with my own money; I’ll never sell it. My Python is simply beautiful. Period. And the action is as smooth as butter. I’ll never sell it, either.

    Now, are any of the above my indispensable daily carry gun? Of course not. A state-of-the-art, highly functional, highly concealable, rock solid reliable Springfield XD-S in .45 ACP equipped with a CT laser sight fills that role. If I’m ever going to fight for my life with a pistol, I want the absolute best technology available. But I’ll probably never love my XD-S like I love the guns of my youth.

  • Mike

    this is just a re-hash of someone’s favorite guns from the magazine. poorly re-titled for the internet. and Lord Skeletor, wtf are you talking about? 1911s don’t need constant tuning, service and parts. Maybe when they were first introduced in 1911, which nullifies your comments about the author’s age. some of those revolvers are classics. Just because you like the latest plastic pistols doesn’t mean everything else is junk.

  • petru sova

    Even the high priest of .45acp writers Guru Jeff Cooper warned people about Colt Commanders breaking their aluminum frames. Also the Colt diamond back was noted for going out of time with very few rounds fired out of it. The Browning High Power with a cast frame is also looked down on by true die in the wool High Power lovers who prefer the more elegant and more finely made older High Powers with the forged steel frame. I personally would never buy a cast frame High Power.


    For all the “plastic fantastic” lovers, take a pill. The Browning designed guns, wether 1911s, Hi-Powers, or rifle & shotguns have never been eqaulled, let alone bettered. The SAA & 1911 are the 2 most copied guns ever & if they were not very good, the design would not have lasted & been copied for 140 yrs, & 102 yrs respectively. I even have the Spiegel grips on my Hi Power! Revolvers almost never fail, contrary to semi autos & are generally safer. My list varies little from the author’s, although I’m a S&W fan. I’ve owned them all & it’s just a preference & I would have 13 in my count, just because after 40+ yrs of trying everything, that’s the number I’m at now. Good Job Patrick.

    • firearmn00b

      I thought the AK47 was the most copied gun ever. (Might be wrong)

  • nospamforme

    Seriously disappointed in this article. This guy just happens to own the 10 guns you should never sell. What a lucky fellow the author is. What about a Luger, Glock, or Beretta 92? This article was a complete waste of time.

  • h87111

    What a last minute, space filler, re-hash of photos from old articles.

  • glenn simpson

    While I don’t think that Sweeney’s picks are the same as mine, he definitely is a most enjoyable read getting to the subject! Zombies, CCW, or “Viking Funeral 10″ pistols, he shows wit, humor, and sound judgement (except for the horde of 1911s he saved). I would love a book of his articles for my fun reading!

    My ten are:

    1.Browning HP

    2.1911 (just one)

    3.Mauser Bolo Broom handle 9mm

    4.Mauser Broom handle with detachable mags (10& 20) 9mm (Couldn’t make up my mind here between the two)

    5.Ruger Vaq. with 7.5 inch in .45LC

    6.Glock 21

    7.Glock 17

    8.S&W Model 29 44 mag

    9. S&W Shield in .40

    10. 1873 Schofield in .45LC

  • BJC

    When I first read the title of this article I thought it might be an interesting one but it’s nothing more than a personal preference story from a mostly Colt lover. My 1911’s are all Kimber’s. Back when I first got out of the military I had intended to buy a Colt 1911 but the guy at Vanlunens showed me a S&W 645 that was $275 cheaper and at least in my opinion twice the gun, it shoots better than any Colt I have ever fired. Don’t get me wrong I like Colt, I have some AR-15’s and a couple revolver’s by Colt. I especially like my detective special in 38Sp, untouched the double action is smoother and better than other revolvers with trigger job’s done on them.

  • Barry

    My list Beretta 92F/S Brigadier -Glock 19/21/36 raging bull454 just in case i have to knock down a bulding LOL SW ultra light 38+p pocket gun sw22a-taurus Judge(45LC&410 shot gun) AR15 and pump shot gun

  • Barry

    My list Beretta 92F/S Brigadier -Glock 17/19/21/36 raging bull454 just in case i have to knock down a bulding LOL SW 357 SW ultra light 38+p pocket gun sw22a-taurus Judge(45LC&410 shot gun) these last 2 are not hand guns but i think it is a good list of must have AR15 and pump shot gun

  • Dermot Begley

    My List.
    1) Wilson Combat Contemporary Classic Centennial

    2) Colt Delta Gold Cup 10mm

    3) Colt Python 357 Nickel 6″

    4) Browning “Sultan of Muscat & Oman” Hi Power


    6) Colt deluxe IPSC with ivory grips

    7) Les Baer Custom 25th Anniversary Model 1911 Pistol

    8) Desert Eagle, .50 AE Titanium Gold w/ Tiger Stripe

    9) Sig P226 Navy

    10) Kimber Eclipse Custom II .10mm

    11) Colt 1903 U.S. Property


  • scott will

    I wouldn’t want any of them. The Indian, not the arrow.

  • scott will

    The only memories I have associated with my firearms are bad ones from our current administration.

    • WinstonCN


  • WinstonCN

    What about the P226? Any good?

  • ARMS

    Well I don’t have 10 firearms never mind 10 handguns but some I have or would like to have as far as handguns go are:
    Sig Sauer P229 .40/.357
    Sig Sauer P220ST .45
    Sig Sauer P938 9mm
    S&W 1911SC E Series .45
    Ruger SR22PS .22

    Since I don’t hunt I would say these 5 pretty much cover all my needs and then some.

  • rimfirejob

    holy sh&t this was the worst titled slideshow deal ever man! Should’ve been called, check out my collection of custom 1911s that I’ll never sell. what the fvck? I agree if I had those guns, i probably wouldn’t sell them. but their CUSTOM and their just YOURS fvcking douchebag didn’t get enough attention at the range from his five different 1911s. “HEY NO SERIOUSLY GUYS… NOW CHECK THIIIIS ONE OUT! IT”S TOTALLY DIFFERENT BUT WORTH EVEN MORE MONEY!!”

  • Charlie

    I have and have had a lots of guns but there are 5 that I’d hang on to and stake my life on: Remington 740 pump in 30.06 with 3X9 Bushnell scope, Remington 870 12 ga with 20″ barrel and mag extension, S&W 686 with 4″ barrel, Charter Bulldog 44 spl with 3″ barrel, and Ruger 10/22.

  • bozo

    Sig 210 and fn 5/7 conspicuously missing

  • bozo

    Sig 210 and fn 5/7 conspicuously missing

  • Jared

    This should be titles “10 guns in my personal collection I will never personally part with. Personally.”

  • mick

    Uh, not my list..My picks: Saiga converted 7.62 & 12ga, sig 556r, sig p239, sig p226, fn 5.7, Tanfoglio elite match, Armalite AR-24, ruger redhawk/gp100, Rem 700 .308

  • Captain Obvious

    How are a bunch of custom pistols you had built up “must haves” for anyone but you?

  • Jee Piatek

    Dam I hope you are not naming the handguns in order and that none of you are agreeing with him Because he is so off target miss 7 out of 10 shot’s down range

  • greg

    colt python, S&W Model 52

  • Kenneth Lawson

    My 10 ‘go to” guns that I’d never want to get rid of include;
    Ruger 10/22 with several mags at least 2 25 rd mags,
    Ruger SR22 Pistol, several Mags,
    Ruger SR9mm
    Ruger SR45
    Henry Lever 357mag
    Molin nagant 7.62×54

    Ruger super single 6
    Bowning BAR
    Springfeild 1903 30-06
    thompson sub machine gun
    AR-15 .223

  • Buck Master

    Ruger single six, Ruger 12gu O/U, Rem700 .270/.30-06, Ruger Tactical 10/22-CZ75B 9mm, Colt 1911 45 ACP -Colt AR 6920 LE 5.56/223,CZ 858 7.62 x 39—Canon Safe.

  • John Knoper

    Not such a fan of the Rugers, but a supportable list. Of course, as I only have nearly 4 decades as a handgun owner, my opinion shouldn’t count. Gee, why am I responding to this article? Sorry, pretend I’m not here.

  • Richard McElrath

    Hey, you forgot the Glock 30.

  • notsocollector

    My list

    1. Sig P210 Swiss Made
    2. HK P7M8
    3. Les Baer or STI 1911 (Ed Brown too expensive for the money)
    4. S&W M29 or 629
    5. IWI Desert Eagle in .50 AE
    6. Glock 19/17/34
    7. Colt 1903 U.S. Property
    8. Ruger Mark II/III 22/45
    9. Beretta Model 93R (comparing Glock 18 and this, 93R gets my vote)

    10. Luger P-08

    There are a lot more but this would be the top 10 I wouldn’t sell if I ever had them!!!

  • David L

    Well, I gots 2 of the handguns listed. But I sold my first Blackhawk ( a .45) only to replace it in the mid 80’s for another one with the shorter 4 5/8 bbl.
    Just like the author picked up my Colt Agent as a police trade-in around the same time with that same hammer shroud. It’s still my primary carry piece. So slick, so handy.
    (DID have a Government 1911a1 with accurizer bbl bushing but sold it.)

  • scott will

    Never sell any guns.

  • dboy4ever

    Patrick has a thing for 1911s and revolvers. That’s all I got from this.

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