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First Look: Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard 380

by Chris Mudgett   |  February 27th, 2014 28

Smith & Wesson hit the jackpot in 2010 by introducing a compact carry pistol in .380 ACP that integrated a visible laser into the frame. It was dubbed the Bodyguard.

The Bodyguard 380 was received as an instant hit for those looking for an all-in-one deep-carry or backup solution.

The incorporated laser is still a great feature, as it does integrate the laser module and switches directly into the frame. What was normally an aftermarket accessory came standard and was already factored in to the cost of the pistol. The laser greatly assists low-light sighting and awkward shooting positions, as well as helps those with aging eyes, as they can fixate on the target instead of sight alignment and sight picture. As long as trigger control is consistent, the bullet is going to strike where the laser is targeting (assuming the gun is properly zeroed).

This year, Smith & Wesson debuted an M&P version of the Bodyguard 380, sans the laser. 
The price also dropped to an 
MSRP of $379.

The M&P Bodyguard boasts an upgraded corrosion-resistant slide with the familiar fish-scale serrations at the rear, as found on other models in the M&P line. The new Bodyguard comes standard with a 2¾-inch barrel and an overall length of 5¼ inches, with an unloaded weight of 11.85 ounces. Additionally, the pistol is now shipping with two six-round magazines.

  • Roy1795

    Have had one on order for over a month now. Sure hope they start shipping soon.

  • Discount FFL

    We just got one of the new Bodyguard 380’s in, manufactured 02/2014 – and it was missing slide serrations! How does that happen? Didn’t someone notice when test firing?

    • DustyG223

      Discount FFL,

      Thanks for letting us know. If you haven’t already, I would suggest contacting Smith & Wesson so they can review it and repair/replace the firearm accordingly.

      Thanks for your readership and inquiry.
      Dusty Gibson
      Online Shooting Editor
      InterMedia Outdoors

  • Randy Adams

    I have the opportunity the buy this for only $330 but after evaluating it and finding a very long trigger pull when compared to my LCP I reluctantly put it down. Owning 2 Shields and anticipating a better .380 than the Ruger, I’ve decided to keep the LCP because S&W didn’t offer anything new except a gun that’s usable in Anti-gun states. I guess if you put a safety on it and keep the magazines small then it will pass muster with a long trigger pull.I’m still a S&W fan and I’m sure this will be a great seller.

    • Richard

      OMG. I longer trigger pull than the LCP and folks are buying the S&W version? I didn’t think anything had a longer trigger pull than the LCP except maybe the LC9. Guess I will be sticking with the Colt .380.

      • Rick

        Good thing is, you can take the pistol to a gunsmith and they can tune the trigger up for you. The trigger kit for the 380 is supposed to be nice. I plan on doing it with mine.

    • WillyWonka248

      I bought a SW M&P 380, and I like it. The long trigger pull can be disappointing for some, but not me, since I have big hands. This is definitely not a .380 for everyone. Ladies may also dislike the trigger pull. It takes some getting used to, but I like it now that I have shot a few rounds. My next .380 will most likely be a colt, but I am keeping my SW 380 also.

  • Terri

    I love mine!

  • MikeW

    Does anyone make a small, easily concealable pistol without a such a long trigger pull? And 9mm would be preferable. Lastly, maybe a slightly longer handle (so using 4 vs. 3 fingers, with a magazine installed, to grip the pistol). Ideally, it would be a small version of my Glock 17 or my wife’s Glock 19, but lighter, slimmer, any maybe with only 5-7 rounds in the full magazine. And with the nice Glock trigger pull (for both the initial and subsequent rounds.

    • ColoradoFree

      I have a Sig Sauer P938 and love it. Single action only and I carry it cocked and locked. I traded in a Shield for the P938 and don’t regret my decision.

      • MikeW

        How is the trigger pull? More like a Glock, or long like the Ruger LC9?

        • PRC

          Trigger pull is amazing on the Sig Sauer P938. It has zero creep and a nice pull weight. Its my favorite pocket pistol.

      • MikeW

        I forgot to ask about the handle length, as compared to the compact LC-9 which only fits with two fingers vs. the normal three.

      • monstersdoexost

        Yes, it is top notch but brick heavy!

    • WillyWonka248

      The Colt Mustang XSP 380 might be what you are looking for.

      • MikeW

        Thanks, I’ll check it out.

    • tyler

      Glock 42 for 389 or the xds 9 for 9mm

    • Mesaguy

      “(so using 4 vs. 3 fingers, with a magazine installed, to grip the pistol)”.. Your 4th finger is on the trigger, not on the grip, unless you are a mutant with 5 long fingers plus a thumb. :-)

    • osg923

      Taurus PT111 G2 or S&W Shield

  • Keith W.

    THE best trigger pull of all is the Sig P238. I’ve owned and shot the LCP, Taurus TCP, Kahr, everything but the Colt Mustang. The TCP, I thought, had the best trigger pull of all except for the single-action Sig.

  • Henry Beach

    M&P shield comes in 9 or 40. its what you are looking for.

  • Chris

    I purchased the S&W .380 Bodyguard about 3 months ago. The laser stopped working after just a few trips to the range. I called S&W customer service and they said that they have been having “Quality Control” issues with their laser supplier. They have apparently had many of these units fail. They asked me to send in the laser unit and they said they would ship me a replacement. After 3 weeks of hearing nothing, I contacted S&W and they advised that it may be more than 6 MONTHS before they can replace it. If I would have known this in advance, I probably would have just gone with the LC9 instead. REALLY poor customer service and I am disappointed in S&W. I would recommend that you look elsewhere for a pocket carry weapon!

  • K Man

    This is my first S&W (380 Bodyguard) . Got it for the wife. Fired 6 rounds with 3 different people. We all hated it. Lazer is useless outside in daylight, and the extremely long trigger pull deletes ANY possibility of rapid fire. Accuracy is negatively affected by the long trigger pull also. I can fire 6 rounds with my Beretta while getting off 2 with the S&W.

    • B Man

      K Man,
      This is a gun to defend yourself against people a few feet away, that’s called concealed carry. Love ya man, but this gun does what it’s designed to do. I love my 40 cal, but I cannot conceal carry with it.

    • Rick

      I can get three rounds off effectively at 25 ft and have a 4″ shot group…consistently.

  • Beck Kevan

    M&P 9 Shield Works for me well. In waist band, outside and in my pocket. Very concealable. Shoots great. Bought mine Dec of 2914

  • Richard Neva

    Don’t like it. I like and bought the Kimber 380 Micro Carry and it has 1911 styling in a tiny package that fits in my pocket!

  • Tmf

    Is there a belt clip for carry like the integrated one for the LCP?

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